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Old 07/25/2015   #1
Default Final Fantasy locations that left a big impact on you

So, any of you guys ever have a FF location that left a big impact on you, for some reason? Could be any reason, whether you want to live there, it was super mysterious, lots of epic shit happened there, ect.

Mine would be Giruvegan from XII. That place, more than any other FF location, stuck with me profoundly. The mystery of it it is a big part, because it's simply massive, and closed off from the rest of the world. Like I want to know what it looked like when it was inhabited. I want to know how big it is, why it was closed off.

The music sealed the deal, and the Great Crystal slumbering deep within its depths. I remember the first time I played through this part and walked into the city, I was pretty awed. It seemed like another world. Then you go under the water into the city', and it's this huge pit that goes down without a bottom. Then you keep going down and you find this gigantic crystal there, and the whole place is overrun with monsters... I never felt anything quite like the feeling I had when I saw this place.

This location to me seems to be the most mysterious FF locale ever. Hardly anything is explained about it, yet it's pretty important to the plot of XII as a whole.
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Alex Strife (07/28/2015), Howl (07/25/2015), Jason Tandro (07/25/2015), Mr. Ite (07/25/2015), RedFFWolf (07/25/2015)
Old 07/25/2015   #2
Mr. Ite

XII had some great dungeon design, some of the series best.

Pretty much every location in FFVII and IX had me in awe. Even that big brass sphere in the middle of Kalm, and the way Conde Petie rests on those two enormous beams (what are they? Iifa roots?)

Mostly though it is how the characters interact with the space that make the biggest impact. Nanaki's journey to the truth and Cloud's lessons in Spirit Energy make Cosmo Canyon a huge emotional deal with me. Likewise, Lindblum is set deep in the hearts of Zidane, Dagger, and Freya. It's majesty is increased tenfold when you are introduced to it through multiple characters (Vivi has never seen something so spectacular, to Zidane, the cascading city is the closest thing to home he has, to Dagger, the looming castle is a warm childhood memory.)

I love Balamb Garden too. They made me run around it so damn much, but years later, it feels like I actually did live there.
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Alex Strife (07/28/2015), Claymore (07/25/2015), Flare (07/25/2015), ForceStealer (07/26/2015), Ghost X (07/26/2015), Jason Tandro (07/25/2015), RedFFWolf (07/25/2015), Tetsujin (07/25/2015)
Old 07/25/2015   #3

Yusssss, Giruvegan. I loved the...the great crystal I think it's called. I haven't played this game in so long but it's one of the locations I remember very fondly.

I LOVE Ultimecia's castle. She has impeccable taste.
I also really loved the desert palace in FFIX. ^.^

And of course....the place of all places...
Cosmo Canyon. I want to be in it. <3
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Thanked by 6:
Alex Strife (07/28/2015), Flare (07/25/2015), Jason Tandro (07/25/2015), Lex (07/26/2015), Mr. Ite (07/25/2015), RedFFWolf (07/25/2015)
Old 07/25/2015   #4
Jason Tandro

Well I've already mentioned a fondness for Gold Saucer, Costa Del Sol (FF14 Variant) and Treno.

FF8, gotta agree with you guys. Balamb Garden looked like an awesome place to live and study and Ultimecia's Castle is actually my favorite final dungeon of all time. The design is so creepy and gothic and I really really like that.

Lunatic Pandora from FF8 was also one hell of a trip of a dungeon.

Pretty much all the towns in FF8 stuck with me because they felt very real. It was, of course, part of the modern aesthetic, but I felt like I could really visit these places, particularly Dollet and Deling City.

Academia from FFXIII-2 is also an amazing and impressive city and all four of the main landmasses from Lightning Returns are just incredible.

But in terms of the place that just visually blew me away for the level of detail and the natural beauty of the place, I would probably have to give the nod to Lindblum from FF9. Seeing that for the first time and then exploring the city afterwards, was simply mind blowing, even moreso than first seeing Midgar (though to be fair my first time seeing Midgar was AFTER I played FF8).

Also shout out to Daguerreo which had a really cool library + water aesthetic and a cool way to move between levels .
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Thanked by 4:
Alex Strife (07/28/2015), Flare (07/25/2015), Mr. Ite (07/25/2015), RedFFWolf (07/25/2015)
Old 07/25/2015   #5
The Man

Figaro Castle. A castle that can burrow under the sand is pretty badass.

Terra. One of the locations in the series that felt genuinely otherworldly.

Midgar. Again, felt genuinely otherworldly.

Cosmo Canyon. There is something magical about that place.

Plus, really, pretty much every town in FFIX.

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Thanked by 6:
Alex Strife (07/28/2015), Flare (07/25/2015), Jason Tandro (07/25/2015), LicoriceAllsorts (07/25/2015), Mr. Ite (07/25/2015), RedFFWolf (07/25/2015)
Old 07/25/2015   #6

You guys are right about IX too, there's so many locations there that left an impact on me. Like Cleyra, what other game has a gorgeous town in a tree surrounded by a magical sandstorm? I loved visiting that place.
And Lindblum too, hardly a better steampunk-fantasy city out there.

Also, Ipsen's Castle. Such a strange place.
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Thanked by 3:
Alex Strife (07/28/2015), Jason Tandro (07/25/2015), RedFFWolf (07/25/2015)
Old 07/25/2015   #7

While the likes of Cosmo Canyon is a real stand-out location for me, a place like Esthar City, which seems like an almost polar opposite in many ways, has one very special thing going for it: the music. Exploring Esthar City with that music really emphasises how much greater it is in comparison to the rest of the (FFVIII) world (and our own boring rock). It's like a quirky prompt telling you to ready your "wow" faces, that "this is the real deal".

And Balamb Garden - I would happily get up at silly o'clock to walk around a place like that once the sun starts shining through, ready and willing to study my brains out.
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Flare (07/25/2015)
Old 07/25/2015   #8

Midgar goes without saying.

But the more I think about it, the more I feel the locations in FFVII are a bit disappointing in the sense that none of them feel as if they have any history - although I think this was deliberate, and part of the larger theme about memory and forgetting. Rocket Town is strange because it looks as if it has been there for centuries, yet apparently it sprang up in about five years, which means they deliberately built it to make it look old - like a new housing development designed to look like a village.

I agree that the locations in FFIX are the most entrancing. I loved the Black Mage Village; everything about it was so moving.

Of all the locations in FFXII, I think the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea was the weirdest. The Henne ones were lots of fun as well. I love mines and sewers. Both were great locations for grinding.

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Flare (07/26/2015), Minato (01/13/2016), Mr. Ite (07/26/2015)
Old 07/26/2015   #9

Zanarkand probably had the biggest impact for me of the games I'd played. You start off seeing it as this great metropolis, and however brief it is, you feel as if nothing could happen to it. It's huge and magnificent that nothing could tear it do--oh no, what's that big giant whale thing... no.. why.. WHY SIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ZANARKAND.

And then poor Tidus, who is really like average Joe hero, is desperate to get home (despite the whole century time travel thing). But before you know any of that, before anyone tells you much about Zanarkand, you have hope that Tidus is gonna get there. That he'll be able to go home again. And when you do... it's dead. The one magnificent metropolis has been torn down by a monster. Barren and desolate and there's nothing that anyone can do to bring it back.

And then, in X-2, when Yuna goes back to it, it's become this tourist attraction. And you can practically feel her disgust at people for disrespecting this sacred place.

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Alex Strife (07/28/2015), Flare (07/26/2015), LicoriceAllsorts (07/26/2015), OneThousandCuts (07/27/2015)
Old 07/26/2015   #10

Oh wow, I forgot about X locations. Yeah, Zanarkand definitely fits too. It's kind of... heartbreaking in a way. because you see it as a bustling city-that-never-sleeps in the beginning, and even when Tidus is told he's 1,000 years into the future, you and him still have that city alive in your mind... and then you get to it and see the ruins.
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Old 07/26/2015   #11
Ghost X

In FFVII, the Forgotten Capital

I really enjoyed, and wished had more places to explore. I recall spending probably too much time in these areas hoping for hidden secret areas that simply didn't exist. I really like the whole aesthetic of these areas. Not just the physical, but the emotional impact they have (on me at least ). Like ancient enigmatic alien ruins or something.

I find some areas in the Northern Cave evocative of things I liked in other areas of my life. This reminds me of this, for instance.

In FFIX, I think Forgotten Continent areas had a similar effect on me that the Forgotten Capital did in FFVII, specifically Ipsen's Castle and Oeilvert. If an FF could capture this feeling in locations throughout an entire game, I suspect I might be a happy man .
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Alex Strife (07/28/2015), Channy (07/26/2015), Flare (07/27/2015), ForceStealer (07/26/2015), Jason Tandro (07/26/2015), Lex (07/26/2015)
Old 07/27/2015   #12
Clement Rage

Burmecia, realm of eternal rain. You arrive too late to stop a genocide, and actually get to walk in its wake. There are bodies everywhere, damaged bits of masonry, that mournful music. Monsters have overrun the streets, everyone you meet is dead or dying. And it never stops raining. Then you meet Brahne, so secure in her victory that she has no guards, and you meet Beatrix, who effortlessly wipes you out, leaving you lying at her feet in the rain, having completely failed your objective. Let's not forget, this is Freya's home.
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Alex Strife (07/28/2015), Flare (07/28/2015), Ghost X (07/30/2015), Joe (07/29/2015), Lex (07/28/2015), LicoriceAllsorts (08/06/2015)
Old 07/28/2015   #13

^Plus, the music.

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
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Alex Strife (07/28/2015)
Old 07/28/2015   #14
Clement Rage

Mentioned it, didn't I?
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Lex (07/29/2015)
Old 07/29/2015   #15

FFV: The other world

FFVI: Zozo. I fucking hate this place. The encounter rate is forever burned into my memory.

FFVII: Midgar for obvious reasons. Forgotten Capital - what was is the capital of? What are the stones trying to tell us when we touch them? Also, the crystalline underground city is beautiful. I used to fantasise about it being repopulated at some point later in the game. I would totally live there. Nibelheim, again for obvious reasons.

FFVIII: Dollet. It's kind of weird because it's large and there's a lot to do but you never have to explore the actual town. It feels like an easter egg. Same with Winhill, which is so beautiful and kind of hidden. Fisherman's Horizon because the amount of travel involved in getting to it and back initially is ridic. So annoying. Esthar because it's fucking huge and everything is cool and weird.

FFIX: Cleyra most of all. Here is this beautiful protected city in a treehouse covered by a constant twister. Then it's gone. Amazing sequence and a cool place. Also FFIX characters doing like... riverdance XD:

YouTube Video

Terra also, what an amazing place. FFIX is really just an amazingly beautiful game, it's so colourful and diverse. And my favourite place by miles is Daguerro. Omg do I love that place, WATER AND BOOKS AND BEAUTIFUL STONE. Would live there in a heartbeat.

Finally, Alexandria. Particularly in that one scene on Disc 3. You know what I'm talking about . IX needs a PC port right fucking now. It and XII are the only two FF games that are available only in their original format.

FFX: Guadosalam. I'm starting to notice a pattern - I like tree/ water places XD. Macalania Temple was also my favourite temple. Ah chilly <3. Not a fan of Gagazet though.

FFXII: Eruyt (surprise) and Balfonheim. No specific reason but they're my favourite of the bunch in XII and both definitely left an impression. The crystal part of Giruvegan is for sure my fave place in that game though, the music is amazing and the sound the footsteps make on the hologram things are satisfying.

FFXIII: Oerba. I really do love Oerba. Though this is cheating slightly because it's the only real "town" in the game. In XIII-2 I can only really remember scenes from "bad future" New Bodhum. Fang and Vanille <3. Lightning Returns: all of the four major locations have their good and bad points, but I thought I'd hate Yusnaan and I ended up loving the place. The music is great and the fireworks are excellent. I also love everything that happens there.

FFXIV: Dravanian Hinterlands. Fucking amazing beautiful place (especially when you can fly). There's an actual Matoya's Cave here too (with an update to the music from FFI). And Alexander is sitting right in the middle of it XD.

(don't read the text if you don't want spoilers in this vid, it's just music

YouTube Video

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
Serving legendaries with mah Pokécrew.
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Alex Strife (07/30/2015), Flare (07/29/2015), Ghost X (07/30/2015), Jason Tandro (07/29/2015), LicoriceAllsorts (08/06/2015)

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