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View Poll Results: Are you partaking in the BL2 Community Playthrough?
EXXXXXPLOSI- I mean, yes, yes I am. 8 47.06%
I'm not sure. I hope so! 2 11.76%
I'm not sure. Probably not. :/ 0 0%
Nope. I will be observing though. 3 17.65%
I'm just passing through. Lost. Frightened. Trying to find my way back home. You may never see me again. 4 23.53%
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Old 07/27/2018   #76
f a n c y

The last bit! Thanks everyone who has played along and thanks for bearing with me! <3
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BforBrigitta (07/27/2018)
Old 08/05/2018   #77
Clement Rage

Given that the last TLS playthrough I participated in I finished seven months late, I'm glad I'm on time this time.

pt 10

1.How effective was the game in conveying the gravity of your final battle with Jack in Sanctuary? Were you getting emotional/riled up as the personalities of Sanctuary were bidding you good luck?
Some of them. Tannis had an impact, because it's normally so difficult for her to express herself. Tina as well for similar reason. Marcus, Zed and Scooter I don't care for as much.

Final thoughts on Claptrap? Do you kinda wish the developers hadn’t prevented Claptrap from partaking in the final battle?
Sort of, but he'd probably be destroyed if he had. I was half expecting him to reveal some hidden depths through the game, but the joke basically is that he doesn't have any.

How did you manage getting through Hero’s Pass? Did it feel like Brick and Mordecai made a difference?
My super cowardly approach of blindly running past opponents worked for the most part. Sniping is much easier when the others were occupying the loaders. The Super Badass Loader and the final constructor couldn't be run past, so I went to my plan B -Shoot, hide, wait for shield to refill, repeat. Mostly worked, although one lucky hit from a missile did kill me once.

Describe the moment you finally put the Warrior to rest.
I basically cheated during this fight. After a few mishaps, I just put my back to the gate to the Eridium Blight where he couldn't reach me and just kept whittling away. Took me a while to figure out the weakspots, so the whole fight was just me shooting from where I couldn't be reached and making occasional supply runs. Eventually he retreats to the far side of the arena, so I just blindly unloaded all my remaining ammunition.

You’ve completed the game!! How do you feel? What are your thoughts on this game overall? Are you going to run through it again in a different mode?
It's a good game, but not really one for me. I think I'll do at least one more run in the hope of being at least semi competent this time.

Three best things:
Old Vault Hunters.
Combat System.
Well built world.

Three criticisms:

Jack talks too much.
When they don't have a mission, there's no conversations, the mission dispensers just say 'I don't have work for you, now go away!' Makes the world feel a bit hollower.
When Echos get interrupted by plot, there's no way to replay them.

One big question I'm left with is why Vault Hunters automatically get so much respect. Is there an entrance exam or something? What distinguishes a Vault Hunter from any bandit with a gun that is looking for the vault? Why did Jack employ them just to blow them up?

Reminds me a lot of Bioshock.

Have you caught onto any more pop culture references? What's been your favourite?
I catch them at the time, but they don't stick in my memory. I really liked the side mission that is the three way shootout in the graveyard, wish there was some kind of quickdraw minigame for it. Also shooting the sheriff (but not the deputy) of Lynchwood -I was forced to shoot him too, unfortunately.

Favourite bit of bandit dialogue that you’ve heard?
I'm generally too busy shooting to pay attention, but all the Hyperion people going 'Ugh, my shift was nearly over' stands out a bit.

What have been your least favourite enemies to deal overall and why?
Badass Psychos caused me the most trouble overall. I found they were the most difficult standard enemy to get clean crits on.

Most Loaders are easy enough with a corrosive weapon.

Favourite bit of loot that you’ve picked up and/or been given?
Any Corrosive Spiked Shield.

What was your favourite mission to do? Your least favourite? Why?
Bloodshot Stronghold, except the first bit where you're getting vehicle parts. So much plot, your first glimpse of Hyperion in action, so much is happening. Can't think of a least favourite offhand.

What was your gear going into the final fight with Jack?
Energizing Bane, Twin Teapot, Maliwan Corrosive Sniper Rifle, Tediore Shotgun. Mod: Increased Sniper Rifle Damage. Grenade Mod: Eight child grenades.

I just blasted away his Shield with Energising Bane and switched to sniping.

What are your hopes, thoughts, speculations of what’s going to go into Borderlands 3?
Didn't know it was happening til now. I think I'd want it to leave Pandora, this place had suffered enough. More than one hub town. any stories for the community?
Many embarrassing failures, but none that stand out.
Octo, and possibly some other people wrote: You should be able to build your side without tearing another down
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BforBrigitta (08/05/2018), f a n c y (08/05/2018)
Old 08/05/2018   #78
f a n c y

^i appreciate you participating!

Believe it or not, I plan on answering everything here, too, dammit
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BforBrigitta (08/05/2018)

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