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Old 12/23/2015   #1
Default Playstation Button Smilies

I made smilies as seen in the music thrad:

Lex wrote: ^Now with buttons

, , , + , + , , , , + , , , ,
They're shit and need to be re-done and reuploaded, the reason they're shit is because I used photoshop and forgot to remove the feather radius when I was making the square white background they came on transparent.

Anyway they'll be good for when you need to describe what buttons to press etc. to someone if you ever have to do that.

The codes are:

Will produce:

Can do some for other buttons, like PS, Pad and Directions if need be, and I'll fix these properly later because with proper background transparency they'll look quite nice IMO.

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
Serving legendaries with mah Pokécrew.
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Claymore (12/23/2015), Cthulhu (12/23/2015), Flare (12/26/2015), Ghost X (12/23/2015), Kuja9001 (12/27/2015), Mr. Ite (12/26/2015), Octo (12/23/2015), Shademp (12/23/2015), Starling (12/23/2015), Teioh (12/23/2015), Tennyo (12/23/2015), The Pyro (12/23/2015)
Old 12/23/2015   #2

What's next? N64 buttons?
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Old 12/23/2015   #3

I actually have a personal need to upload two emoji's from facebook that I use constantly XD.

I went with Playstation obviously because we're a VII forum first and foremost, but every other console can easily be described with just the letters that are on the buttons (because every other console is just A B X Y Z or ABC, but I haven't seen "C" since Sega Mega Drive).

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
Serving legendaries with mah Pokécrew.
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Old 12/23/2015   #4

The "C" buttons for the N64 are similarly iconic, particularly if anyone ever feels like referencing the songs in Legend of Zelda. I get that TLS is mainly FF7 and that FF games are mostly on playstation but I couldn't help but think of Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask as well when it came to referencing iconic button combinations. Of course, I'm not sure how much mileage those buttons would get on this forum so it's mostly just a nice thought.
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Old 12/25/2015   #5

Why not NES? I need some sort of reason to use Up up, down down, left right, left right, B, A, select start

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Same as you, I think. I've been here a lot...
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