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Final Fantasy XV lore (SPOILERS for all FFXV Universe material) Temporary section intended for organizing lore collected from and about FFXV; will be used as the basis for upcoming articles

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The Twilight Mexican
Default Miscellaneous lore (Cosmogony entries, Oric's Culinary Chronicles, in-game documents, equipment and item menu descriptions, etc.)

For radio broadcasts and newspaper articles, go here. For loading screen info, go here.


Official timeline of the FFXV universe presented at GDC 2017



Lunafreya's opening narration from "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV"
For centuries, the sacred magic of the divine Crystal blessed our world and its people. But in time, the promise of its power brought war to our lands. Lucis, a peaceful kingdom of great magic kept safe by the power of the Crystal. And Niflheim, a military empire of vast machinery made strong by the might of its magitek. Long has war raged between the two. As the years passed, Niflheim marched on nearby nations, driven by its unsurpassed technology. To defend itself, Lucis raised a magical wall, the strength of which comes from the Crystal itself. Insomnia alone, the Crown City and last bastion of Lucian defense, remained beyond Niflheim reach for many years. Amid the escalating war, Prince Noctis of Lucis had come to Tenebrae to seek healing for a grievous injury. He made the long journey together with his father, King Regis. Mother, brother, and I, the royalty of Tenebrae, had all welcomed their visit. It was then that the fires came, everywhere and all at once. In a mere instant, the whole of Tenebrae was ablaze. The Niflheim attack was an attempt on the lives of the visiting Lucian royalty. From that day until this day, Tenebrae has been gripped in the iron fist of Niflheim, sworn enemy of Lucis. King Regis assembles a force of mighty warriors to combat the imperial menace. Dubbed the Kingsglaive, they fight relentlessly against Niflheim, empowered by the magic of their sovereign.


Dialogue about the Ring of the Lucii and Ravus from "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV"
Nyx: What's so special about this ring? Don't tell me the future's riding on it.
Lunafreya: He who wears the ring communes with the Lucii and commands great power.
Nyx: What kind of power?
Lunafreya: A forbidden one. Sealed within the ring, long ago.
Nyx: The old wall. I thought that was just a bedtime story.
Lunafreya: I can assure you it is not. But the Lucii grant their power only to those they deem worthy.
Nyx: So that guy who tried it on back there, I guess he wasn't deemed worthy.
Lunafreya: That was my brother. These 12 years have changed Ravus. He is bound by the past, and lost in his lust for power.


In-game Lore Guide from the opening tutorial
The Land of Eos
Our story takes place in the land of Eos. At present, the world is divided between two warring states. Controlling a majority of the world’s lands is the militarily mighty Niflheim, an aggressively expanding imperial war machine. The Kingdom of Lucis continues to resist the empire’s advance with magic. The Crown City of Insomnia stands proud as the kingdom’s last bastion, but the empire has already made inroads on the outlying territories, including the primary regions of Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne.

The Six and the Oracle
Old tales tell of six gods who have stood watch over Eos since antiquity. It is said they now slumber, conserving their strength, waiting to awaken upon the coming of a plague known as the Starscourge. She most pure of faith is the Oracle, a daughter in the line of those said to commune with the Six. Blessed by the astral gods, she calls forth the power of Eos to heal those who are suffering and afflicted. Her devotion to helping all those in need has inspired reverence for her among people from all over the world.
[Note by TheTwilightMexican: In the Japanese version of FFXV, this segment ends with an additional line that says ちなみに、これらの話題でいう「星」は「世界」の意です -- "By the way, 'star' in these topics means 'world.'" Click here for a screenshot or here for a video showing this in the Japanese version.]

The Magic of the Lucii
The Crystal is the divine cornerstone of the Kingdom of Lucis. The Stone has a will of its own, and channels its sacred power through the Ring of the Lucii to the monarch who bears it. Monarchs in the line of Lucis have the innate ability to conjure magical weapons. A handful of close attendants are also afforded access to this selfsame power. The magical barrier known as the Wall has long kept the empire at bay, and thereby maintained the peace, yet not entirely without struggle. Sustaining the Wall imposes an immense physical burden upon the king, but to let it fall for even a moment would be to invite destruction.

Daemons and Night
Eos is plagued by hordes of daemons, vicious nocturnal creatures of various forms that strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned hunters. Daemons are denizens of the night, and the more predatory among them are drawn to the roads after dark. People now dread the setting of the sun for fear of what monsters might be lurking in the shadows. In recent years, the daemons have grown in number while the nights have grown longer. The correlation between the two phenomena is yet unproven, but scientists persist in their search for a link.


The Hexatheon
Titan, the Archaean, steadfast as stone.
Ramuh, the Fulgurian, sharp as lightning.
Shiva, the Glacian, gentle as snow.
Leviathan, the Hydraean, relentless as tides.
Bahamut, the Draconian, unbending as iron.
Ifrit, the Infernian, fickle as fire.
Since time immemorial, they have watched over Eos.

The Oracle
In the distant past, Bahamut, the Draconian, descended to the mortal realm and graced the people of Tenebrae. From among them, he handpicked a pious maiden and bestowed upon her the power of the Stars and his trident. Using these gifts for the good of all, she became the first Oracle—she who joins heaven and earth.

The Hexatheon and Their Divine Host
It is said that, in the beginning, the Six fought side by side with mankind. Even so, the deities themselves seldom appeared before mortals, and instead sent loyal servants to convey their divine will to the Oracle. These servants are known as the Messengers, and they number twenty-four.

The Covenant
The earliest accounts of covenants are found in ancient tomes dating back to the time of the Cosmogony, some two millennia ago. According to such tomes, the rites are a means by which the Oracle summoned forth the gods, that she might make the will of mortals known unto the divine.

The Revelation
Trials by which the Six grant their blessing are first mentioned in ancient tomes dating back to the time of the Cosmogony, some two millennia ago. Revelations left great devastation in their wake, with entire cities being laid to ruin, and people saw them as tests of their faith.

O’er rotted Soil, under the blighted Sky, A dread Plague the Wicked has wrought In the Light of the Gods, Sword-Sworn at his side, 'Gainst the Dark the King’s Battle is fought From the Heavens high, to the Blessed below, Shines the Beam of a Peace long besought "Long live thy Line and this Stone divine, For the Night when All comes to Naught." 15:2, "Nadir"

The Crystal
There once lived a man, born a mortal but blessed with powers divine. Conjuring a collection of glaives, he dispelled the darkness plaguing our star. As a reward for his efforts, the gods granted him a holy Stone—the Crystal, which he was to guard at all costs, for it would one day choose a King to see us through the coming disaster and lead us to salvation.

The Ring
Before falling into eternal slumber, the Six bequeathed unto man one last treasure: a ring. Yet who among us was fit to possess this gift of the gods? After some time, the ring was transferred to the hands of a man blessed with powers divine, ultimately developing the mark identifying one fit to rule.


Oric's Culinary Chronicles
Oric's Culinary Chronicle I Entry 1: My First Mission
Some first assignment. I've looked up, down, and all around, but I'm loster than lost. (Nothing I ain't used to.) Walking down a road to nowhere while it's coming down cats and dogs. Stomach started growling something fierce, so I fed it a frog. That shut it up good—and the croaker didn't taste too bad going down, either. Fine dining aside, the hunter life ain't all it's cracked up to be.

Oric's Culinary Chronicle I Entry 2: An Egg Can Dream
Made it back to HQ hat in hand. Got a pat on the back, and boss bought dinner to celebrate my success. Said the fried egg represented me—"a hatchling hunter," he said. Here I was, feeling down and out, thinking I didn't bag my bounty, when it turns out I ate the critter. Maybe I'm cut out for this hunting gig after all. Hell, I could be the next big thing to come out of Keycatrich since the Wise King! (Or at least his tomb, that is.)

Oric's Culinary Chronicle I Entry 3: New Friends
Just as I think I'm getting the hang of hunting, they send me up here to some mountain in Cleigne to find some lost fella from Lestallum, and I got half-lost myself. No ordinary mountain, neither—this here's a fire-spewing volcano! Climbed up and crawled through every inch of this rocky hell to finally find what I came for, a little fella curled up next to a big pool of liquid-hot magma. Said he's been up here for two whole days. Doesn't look like he'll be making it down the mountain under his own power...

Oric's Culinary Chronicle I Entry 4: Partners
The fella I helped down the mountain and I are on our way back to Lestallum—least I think that's where we're headed. Should only be a little further, but I feel like we're just going around in circles. Fella said we oughta take the road less traveled and follow the river, that the fish'll keep our stomachs filled. Sharp as a tack, this one. Said he wants to be a journalist, but I reckon I oughta make him my partner.

Oric's Culinary Chronicle I Entry 5: Homeward Bound
Been ten days since this fella and I set out for Lestallum, and we still ain't made it back. Cooked up that river crawler he and I cracked open. We won't be starving any time soon, but we won't be stuffing ourselves, neither. Fella looks gaunt as a sabertusk; just lucky he don't eat like one. Still, it's slim pickings out here, so I'm looking forward to feasting at the food stalls once we get back.

Oric's Culinary Chronicle I Entry 6: Moving Out
Got back to base camp, and first thing they tell me is I'm being reassigned to patrolling some outpost in Duscae. Probably better I stay in one place—can't get lost that way. And who knows? If I make good use of the land, I might go down in the books as a pioneer in my own right. My partner cooked me up some local Cleigne grub as a send-off. Now that's a meal I won't soon forget.

Oric's Culinary Chronicle I Entry 7: Fishing and Foraging
Another fella left the outpost today. Can't blame him, what with all the daemons roaming around. Feels pretty lonely, though. I've been fishing down by the reservoir when I get the chance, but there's nothing to catch but carp. Makes a man miss the taste of that Wennath Salmon. HQ said I could leave my post whenever I'd like, but ain't much point in leaving now. Far as I'm concerned, this is home—for better or worse.

Oric's Culinary Chronicle I Entry 8: The Hero of Saxham
Sounds like my ex-partner's doing pretty well for himself. Don't even need to subscribe to his magazine since he keeps sending me copies. Ain't so bad, though. The missus loves his recipes, and the little sprat keeps begging me to read him one of those fairy tales at bed time. Can't say why, but all those stories remind me of Leide. Oughta take the family back home and show them old Longwythe. It'll have to wait 'til tomorrow, though: still got a few bussemands to bust up before dawn.


Equipment and item menu descriptions
• Weapons of the Lucii
Sword of the Wise
A king built a mighty wall and protected the realm. This was his sword. It devastates foes with preemptive warp-strikes.

Axe of the Conquerer
A king performed great feats of arms, expanded his realm, and made his people prosper. This was his halberd. It wreaks havoc with slow but mighty blows.

Bow of the Clever
A king was versed in various arts both martial and intellectual. This was his crossbow. The bearer skewers foes while flitting across the battlefield.

Swords of the Wanderer
A king was quick like the wind and went where no man had gone before. These were his blades. Apart they rain fury—together they deliver thundering blows.

Blade of the Mystic
A king rose to protect the world with the Oracle. This was his sword. When swung, it increases the wielder's prowess.

Star of the Rogue
A queen spurned the public eye and took to the shadows. This was her shuriken. From near and far, it traces deadly arcs to the left and right.

Sword of the Tall
A king was built like a mountain, towering over all others. This was his greatsword. Its resonating blade rips and tears through foes.

Shield of the Just
A queen devoted herself to peace and was loved by all. This was her shield. It deflects blows and bolsters recovery when raised in defense.

Mace of the Fierce
A king was gentle before his people but an ogre on the battlefield. This was his mace. It deals crippling blows to mighty foes.

Scepter of the Pious
A king ruled the realm according to divine law and worked hand in hand with the Oracle. This was his staff. It smites foes with a blade of light.

Trident of the Oracle
A strong and noble woman was loved by the world. She granted succor to the star and brought man and god together. This was the trident of her line. It makes allies of the wielder's holograms.

Katana of the Warrior
A king was changed forever when his beloved queen was taken from him prematurely. This was his katana. It is drawn and strikes in a single heartbeat.

Sword of the Father
A king was father to the Chosen One, and nurtured the Light that would shine upon all creation. This was his mighty sword. It makes the great greater.

Ring of the Lucii
A mystical ring Lunafreya kept safe for Noctis. Handed down through the Lucian line for generations, only those of royal blood may wear it.

A brilliant glaive that amplifies the power of kings, allowing the wielder to deliver devastating warp-strikes.

Engine Blade
A sword Noctis received from Regis for his sixteenth birthday. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.

(description for the Engine Blade in "NieR: Automata")
A magical blade used by a royal family.
A small prince rests alone in a vast, vast bedroom. He wishes his father knew how much he hates sleeping alone, but he doesn't dare to tell him. For the king is very busy man and must not be disturbed.
A king sits alone in his vast, vast office, drowning in affairs of state. All he wants is to see his family and hug his son, but he cannot. For his every waking moment must be spent in service of the people.
One day, while eating dinner, the king asks his son what he most desires in the world. He hopes he will say that he wants them to spend more time together, but instead the boy simply points at a sword hanging on the wall.
The ancient sword is considered the sign that one is ready to rule. "Someday" the king chuckles. His son faintly smiles back at him. All he really wanted was for his father to read him a bedtime story...


• Other equipment
Genji Blade
A young man dueled with the Blademaster and suffered defeat. This was his katana. Forged in a foreign land, this glaive ends a flurry of attacks with a deadly coup de grâce.

Ulric's Kukris
A pair of blades wielded by a hero who fought for the future of his homeland. One was forged in the Crown City, and the other in Galahd.

Moogle Plushie
Doll of protection made by Iris. Not even the sweetest sycophant could could claim the grotesque little toy was cute.

Hunter's Medal
A badge engraved with the emblem of the Hunters, bestowed upon their founder by one of the Lucian rulers of yore.

Mighty Guard
A crest bearing the effigies of the six Astrals. Reduces fire, ice, lightning, and darkness damage significantly.

A one-handed sword infused with holy light. It is deadly when used against daemons, who fear all that is sacred.

Ultima Blade
The ultimate sword crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.


• Auto Parts
A custom decal set received from Cindy. With a Hammerhead theme, the decals double as advertising for her garage.

A custom decal set featuring Lucis's most talented mechanic, also known as Lucian men's favorite pinup girl.

Fan Service
A custom decal set featuring Lucis's favorite semi-fast food mascot and anime superstar, Kenny Crow, and his dark angel sidekick, Kelly. A must-have for CAW-llectors!

Ebony Sticker
A decal printed with the logo of Ebony, the famous coffee maker. These stickers are handed out around town to promote the brand.

Regalia Crest
A decal featuring the Regalia crest, picked up at the Caem hideaway.

A custom decal set designed as an homage to the ever-vigilant Crownsguard, picked up at the Caem hideaway.

Lucian King's Crest
A decal featuring the royal crest of Lucis, picked up at the Caem hideaway.

A custom decal set with a mythological theme. Brings the legends of Eos to life.

Big Bang
A custom decal set earned through determination and little bit of luck at the colosseum. Stellar artwork celebrates the birth of the universe.

A custom decal set featuring the Astrals. The legends live again...on your car.

A custom decal set featuring the Tidemother herself. Sadly, the design provides no additional water resistance.

Carbuncle Sticker Set
A custom decal set featuring everyone's favorite Messenger. Guaranteed to make your car 150% more adorable!

A Little Friend Sticker
A decal featuring Noctis's childhood friend. A fixture in Lucian fairy tales, this fluffy fox will add an air of fancy to your car.


• Key items
Casual Outfit
Simple, casual Crown City-made clothes. Perfectly suited for spending time outdoors.

Prince's Fatigues
The battle garb of the Lucian prince. Every piece of the ensemble was made to order, from the sleeves down to the socks.

Royal Raiment
The formal attire once worn by the king of Lucis. Stepping into these garments might ease a restless soul.

Kingly Raiment
The clothing of the Chosen King, crafted by his subjects and instilled with the hopes that he might restore the dawn.

Crownsguard Fatigues
The battle garb of the Crownsguard, issued at the induction ceremony. The all-black design is all-business.

Kingsglaive Garb
The battle garb worn by the personal army of the Lucian king, embroidered with its slogan: "For Hearth and Home."

Scribbled Note
A handwritten note penned in a familiar script. It reads: "Be waiting at Hammerhead."

Magic Flask
Spherical container used to store magic crafted from elemental energy.

Crown City Smartphone
Smartphone belonging to Noctis. Official Crownsguard issue. Not available commercially.

Ignis's Cane
A cane provided by the government of Accordo for the blind Ignis. It is decorated with the most elaborate carvings.

An oldstyle camera Prompto has been carrying with him at all times since he left Insomnia.

The latest model of Prompto's beloved camera, packed with features for the consummate professional.

World Map
An enormous map received from Cindy. It covers the continents encompassing Lucis and Niflheim.

Intricate Coin
A curious coin received from a man encountered in Galdin Quay, it is stamped with exquisite designs.

Oracle Ascension Coin
A coin issued to commemorate Lunafreya's ascension as the Oracle. It is a limited-run minting.

756-V-17th Morning Edition
A newspaper picked up at the Galdin Quay hotel. The dramatic headline reads, "INSOMNIA FALLS."

Tombkeep's Key
A magical key safeguarded by the rulers of Lucis. It has the power to open the seals to all the royal tombs.

Sealbreakers' Key
A mystical key used to seal away a great evil, forged by a Lucian king and an Oracle of yore.

Messengers' Amulet
A mystical charm marked with an adorable paw print. Grants its holder the protection of the Hexatheon's Heavenly Host of Twenty-Four.

Mark of the Archaean
Proof that Noctis has received Titan's blessing. The Archaean may come to his aid in a moment of true peril.

Mark of the Fulgurian
Proof that Noctis has received Ramuh's blessing. The Fulgurian may come to his aid in a moment of true peril.

Mark of the Hydraean
Proof that Noctis has received Leviathan's blessing. The Hydraean may come to his aid in a moment of true peril.

Mark of the Glacian
Proof that Noctis has received Shiva's blessing. The Glacian may come to his aid in a moment of true peril.

Mark of the Draconian
Proof that Noctis has received Bahamut's blessing. The Draconian may come to his aid in a moment of true peril.

Infernian's Shard
Proof of Noctis's victory over Ifrit. It appears to be a fragment of the Infernian's horn.

Red Tusk
A tusk taken from the carcass of a wild beast. A rare find even among dedicated hunters.

Luxury Cat Food
Gourmet cat cuisine that is more expensive than people food. Bound to please the most finicky of felines.

Red Frog
A brilliant crimson frog found only in Alstor Slough. Also known by its scientific name, Rana geminalstorus, it was discovered recently.

Cactuar Model
A figurine modeled after a famous floral creature. Molded out of plaster, the statuette is far heavier than its muse but popular as a paperweight.

Mythril Ore
A piece of ore found in the heart of Steyliff Grove. The stone is of greater purity and size compared to specimens found elsewhere.

Mythril Component
An extremely sturdy boat part, specially forged from mythril by a capable engineer in Lestallum.

Security Card
A Zegnautus Keep security card. The security level imprinted on the card can be overwritten as necessary.

Broken Dog Tag
The name reads "Jim Melmond." A grizzled battlefield veteran who faced death many times.

Bent Dog Tag
The name reads "Paul Deist." The lone spearman, they called him. He was at his best on solitary hunts.

Rusted Dog Tag
The name reads "Sherko Tozus." The bigger the quarry, the better for this audacious hunter.

Scorched Dog Tag
The name reads "Norman Mist." A kindhearted man who only killed when it was strictly necessary.

Twisted Dog Tag
The name reads "Latz Quello." A fleet-footed martial arts master who liked to toy with his prey.

Scratched Dog Tag
The name reads "Lyrio Jidoor." He hailed from Altissia, and sought virtue in battle.

Crushed Dog Tag
The name reads "Tom Corel." He was a rookie who had just quit his old job to become a hunter.

Polished Dog Tag
The name reads "Mowdat Esthar." A scientist-turned-hunter who employed mechanics and machinery on his raids.

Sullied Dog Tag
The name reads "Harry Madain." He risked his life to save countless fellow hunters from the brink of death.

Cid's Old Hammer
An old hammer received from Cid. On the handle is carved, "Property of Mr. Hammerproof Thickskull."

Lovers' Notebook (Chapters 10 through 14)
A notebook once used to keep in touch with Lunafreya. The last page is stained with tears.

Lovers' Notebook (Chapter 15 or while traveling to past memories via Umbra during earlier chapters)
A notebook once used to keep in touch with Lunafreya. It is filled with twelve years' worth of memories.


Chapter 1
(an advertisement near some kitchenware in the Mini Mart at Hammerhead)
The perfect pots and pans for your next camping trip!
Can't find what you need? Ask our staff!

Noctis: Hey, let's see what they've got for sale.
Ignis: We've already brought everything we need.

(advertisement on the front window of Takka's Pit Stop)
Takka's Pit Stop
Our spicy jambalay'll have you jumpin' for joy
and scamperin' for seconds! Give it a taste!


Chapter 2
(sign along the road to the Keycatrich Trench area)
Vicious Varmints and
Dangerous Daemons!


Chapter 6
(notice nailed to a signboard along the path to the Malmalam Thicket)
Malmalam Thicket

(notice nailed to a signboard right outside the entrance to the Malmalam Thicket)
Malmalam Thicket


Chapter 9
(advertisement at the harbor in Altissia, near the customs cue)
Maagho: Your Hidden Café
Even among the many fine dining establishments of Altissia, Maagho stands out. While offering a familiar menu of old favorites, the Lucian-born proprietor is not afraid to dabble with new flavors to match you favorite Altissian red or white. Only accessible by gondola, the cozy café popular with the locals.

(notification at the harbor's information kiosk)
The gondolas of Altissia run along the city's many waterways. With stops located near major attractions such as Listro Park and Arena Galviano, they are a great choice for tourists. Plus, the elevated waterways offer spectacular views of the city that should not be missed!

(information kiosk at the harbor)
The Leville - Altissia
Conveniently located near a gondola stop, our hotel is the perfect base for exploring Altissia. Luxuriate in the comfort of our spacious and well-appointed suites!

(advertisement at the harbor)
Leide League
"The scorched earth comes to Altissia!"

Dual Horns, Sabertusks, Anaks, and more!

Prompto: Whoa! Pretty cool, huh?

(sign beside a gondola)
Touring the town? Then use our famous gondolas!
Experience the City on the Sea the way it was meant to be!

Altissia Waterways Transit Authority

(a sign near the Vivienne Westwood store)
We serve a full selection of
popular Accordo wines.
Ask one of our certified sommeliers
to help you choose.

Gladiolus: I wanna get me a glass of this.
Noct: Then why don't you?
Gladiolus: Yeah. Let's hit up Maagho later.

(the plaque on the monument in the small fountain plaza below Port West Station)
A goddess as merciful as the sea is wide.
May Leviathan long protect this land.
Peace be unto the Province of Accordo.

Iedolas Aldercapt, Emperor of Niflheim

Ignis: "Peace be unto the province"...

(notification on another information kiosk)
Arena Galviano
The towering Arena Galviano dominates the city center, and the convenient gondola service stops right in front of the colosseum. Try your hand at Totomostro by picking the winners in epic monster-versus-monster clashes—but remember to purchase Galviano Medals before you play!

(another notification at the information kiosk)
Leviathan Statue
A statue of the Tidemother, depicted with a long horn bristling from the body of a fish. According to custom, you can write a wish on a paper bird, and throw it at the statue. If your "wish bird" flies into the sea goddess's mouth, your wish will come true.

(sign in front of the statue of Leviathan)
Wish Birds
Write a wish on the paper bird.
Throw the wish bird toward the mouth of the Tidemother.
If the wish bird flies into the sea goddess's mouth, she will grant you your wish.

Prompto: Makin' wishes? Throwin' stuff? Count me in!


Chapter 10
(a sign at Cartanica Station)
Current Stop: Cartanica
Calcano << Tenebrae >> Gralea
(This train does not stop at Pagla or Halhaux Armory.)


Chapter 12

(a sign on Tenebrae's train platform)
Current Stop: Fenestala Manor
Tenebrae << Ghorovas >> Gralea
(This train does not stop at Halhaux Armory.)


Chapter 13
• Letters from Ravus to Lunafreya found near his body
I shall send an escort. You and Gentiana will return to the manor. It is dangerous to remain in Lucis—the empire fears the covenant with the Archaean, and ere long they will come for you.

(another letter from Ravus to Lunafreya found near his body)
Noctis may have the Storm's blessing, but his powers remain as feeble as a breeze. Open your eyes, Lunafreya, and see the futility of your toils. He is unworthy of your sacrifice, and of King Regis's sword.

(another letter from Ravus to Lunafreya found near his body)
Rely upon the Altissians if you must, and cease all contact with the empire. If you seek a covenant, you know full well the cost. Should Noctis succeed in claiming the power, I shall gladly restore his father's sword to him.


• Research documents in Zegnautus Keep's labs
Military Applications of Mutative Plasmodia
In light of the large sample size, the test results can be considered conclusive: commonly occurring parasitic protozoa are the agents of daemonification. These findings pave the way for the weaponization of daemons, and the first step involves finding a way to control mutated organisms. This report recommends Minister of Research Verstael Besithia submit a detailed budget request for the Deathless Project.

Photosensitivity in Magitek Troopers
Plasmodia-based biological weapons exhibit an acute aversion to light, their cellular structure breaking down within moments of exposure. As the cells are converted to benign molecules, there is no inherent danger even should such a reaction occur. Lightproof armor presents a simple yet effective solution to the problem.

National Defense Policy
With the mass production of magitek troopers having commenced in earnest, the Imperial Defense Council approves the following reforms:
- The replacement of human infantry with magitek units.
- The augmenting of biological materials through cloning.

Mass Disappearance Report
Nine days on from the mysterious disappearances, and nary a lead. It beggars belief that 812 people—an entire village—could simply vanish into thin air. In more tangible developments, of the daemons that emerged in West Gralea at the same juncture, 60% are confirmed escaped from military facilities. Details of the remaining 40%, however, remain inconclusive.

West Gralea Quarantine Report
Including cases around the village, the number of missing now stands at 1,657. Early reports from the MRF attribute the disappearance to an infectious disease, and investigations continue as regards a potential connection to the daemon outbreak. At the time of writing, the quarantining of West Gralea is complete, and other sections remain infection free.

North Gralea Quarantine Report
The infection has since manifested in five adjacent sectors, and threatens to reach epidemic proportions. Its spread is invariably accompanied by the appearance of daemons, and the likelihood cannot be ignored that the pathogens are daemon borne. Quarantine has been expanded to encompass all areas in which the creatures are found.

Magitek Research Facility Damage Report
Following their outbreak in the north and west, daemons have swept through the MRF, causing extensive damage to equipment. Control was subsequently lost over unprogrammed MTs, and strategies are being deliberated on the collection of rogue units. 125 patients undergoing testing at the facility have vanished in a manner reminiscent of the first disappearances.

16th - V
The infected aren't disappearing—they're turning into daemons. That we failed to see this defies belief. Yet dwelling on it avails us naught in the face of the daemon threat. Though of human origin, they're unlike the specimens bred for MTs. They cannot be controlled.

28th - VI
More than half the keep's inhabitants are now daemons. There's no hope of neutralizing them, not with control lost over the MTs. Outside, the city swarms with yet more daemons—former citizens. There's no escape.

Wallbreaker Wave Test Report
The wave produced exceptional results in real-world conditions, effectively inhibiting the Kingsglaive's warping and spellcasting abilities—powers that operate on the selfsame principle as the Wall of Lucis.

Wallbreaker Wave Test Report
The report concludes that the wave can neutralize not only the Wall, but all magical phenomena exhibited by Lucian royalty. Moreover, based on the data acquired from the encounter with Shiva, an enfeebling effect on the Six can also be anticipated.


Chapter 14
(research document on the counter in Takka's Pit Stop)
Geophysical Survey of Atmospheric Conditions
The presence of soot-like photophilic particles was confirmed in samples of air taken at varying elevations, with notably higher concentrations at higher altitudes. Photophilic particles have begun to subsume the ozone layer, and the observed reduction of daylight on Eos can be attributed primarily to their light-absorbing properties.

(research document on a storage shelf in Takka's Pit Stop)
Study on the Nature of Photophilic Particles
On examining multiple correlations between the photophilic particles responsible for the blight and the mutant strand of plasmodium associated with the daemons, we have discovered a clear causal relationship. Furthermore, given the mass dispersal of photophilic particles upon death, the daemon presence is likely accountable for the violent ecological shifts of late.


Episode Prompto
• Research Logs
Research Log: 722-VII-8th
Research log: Year 722, Day 189. I received a proposal regarding a way to improve the infantry's performance by leaps and bounds: outfit the troopers with magitek cores. Preliminary tests suggest sublimating daemons for fuel will result in an unstable infantry unfit for the field. If the calculations he provided are correct, though, this could solve all our problems. The Deathless Project marks the advent of a new age. No longer will our soldiers fall on the field of battle. The empire shall rise, and soon, all the world shall bask in our glory!

Research Log: 722-X-21st
Research log: Year 722, Day 294. I acted on the proposal mentioned in my log of Day 189. My attempts to infuse the troopers' magitek cores with daemonic energy proved successful. Only in the most basic sense, however. While the soldiers are indeed deathless, they are far from fit for fighting. Thus, I've decided to take a different approach: rather than relying on daemons to power the magitek infantry, why not use humans instead? Frankly, I had never considered employing my fellow man in any magitek related experiments. But countless men and women succumb to the plasmodia each day. Rather than let them die victims of an ignominious disease, why not help them ascend to nobler heights? I've lost many a comrade on the field of battle, and I've no intention of allowing any more of their deaths to go in vain.

Prompto: How could he even think of using those innocent people for his twisted experiments?

Research Log: 722-XII-5th
Research log: Year 722, Day 339. Another day, another mental breakdown. All my tests so far have resulted in the former soldiers suffering ego deaths. Today, however, I developed a new hypothesis: I will continue to sublimate daemonified humans to harvest the miasma, but, if a sense of self is the source of these snags, why not inject infants with the plasmodia instead? We've little time. If we are to combat the Lucian threat, we must explore new options. I, too, will set aside my personal misgivings and do what I must for the empire.

Prompto: What kind of a maniac experiments on kids?

Research Log: 723-III-11th
Research log: Year 723, Day 70. I pondered how I might find the necessary number of infants, and then it dawned on me: why not make them myself? If I clone them from my own genes, I can eliminate the pesky process of breeding them. Mass production remains a pipe dream for now, but I'm confident I can creative a massive infantry once the process picks up. If everything goes according to plan, the empire will boast a million-man army in no time at all.

Prompto: All this time, those things I've been fighting have been...

Research Log: 736-V-3rd
Research log: Year 736, Day 123. It seems my laboratory is not nearly as secure as I once believed. Some thief―likely a Lucian―made off with one of my experiments. Absconding with a single infant will do nothing to enlighten them of the grandeur of my research. That said, I will see to it such an incident never arises again. I've posted magitek troopers around the facility and instructed them to keep a vigilant watch. It is their home, after all.

Prompto: The kingdom kidnapped one of those infants? Does that mean, I...? No, it couldn't be. There's no way.

Research Log: 756-IV-8th
Research log: Year 756, Day 98. Finally, my daemon-infused magitek armor is complete. I have christened my creation "Diamond Weapon." It has exhibited an extremely unstable psyche, immediately unleashing unmitigated horrors upon activation. Its destructive capabilities, however, are indeed beyond compare. Not even the "impenetrable" Insomnia could withstand its onslaught. Why, the Crown City would fall in a mere matter of minutes. The Stone of legend will soon be mine. To think that, in less than a month's time, the Crystal will be mine to play with as I please!

Prompto: So he's the one behind the attack on Insomnia... He planned the whole thing. Everything we lost that day is gone because of him.

Research Log: 745-XI-21st
Research log: Year 745, Day 325. Today marks a momentous triumph for our great nation. The Glacian herself graced us with her presence in the Ghorovas Rift, and, through the combined efforts of the magitek infantry and my precious daemons, we killed her. The resulting casualties were great, but these sacrifices afforded us something far more valuable than a few units. With the data I collected, I intend to begin developing a new magitek weapon codenamed "Godslayer." Soon, all the Astrals shall bow before me and the might of my magitek. Soon, they shall know my wrath.

Prompto: What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Research Log: 724-X-24th
Research log: Year 724, Day 297. Mass production of the magitek infantry was a success. We've overwhelmed the Lucians with our numbers and surrounded Insomnia. But to rest on our laurels now would be unthinkable. On occasion, harvesting the plasmodic miasma produces some "side effects." The daemons born of this process have been disposed of on sight—until now. How foolish I was to let these sublime creatures go to waste! What they lack in adaptability, they make up for in sheer power. I realize now that I ought to channel my efforts into exploring the true potential of these daemons for the sake of the empire. Perhaps this has been my true calling all along.

Prompto: He's mad. This guy has completely lost his mind.

Research Log: 756-VII-9th
Research log: Year 756, Day 190. At long last, my life's work is complete. Not only have I found a way to preserve the ego, I've also managed to sustain that consciousness through the sublimation process and transfer it into my magitek troopers. The prototype has proven slightly less powerful than the Diamond Weapon, but this presents no real problem. After all, one's consciousness can be transmuted again and again and again. All that remains is to fully surrender myself to my research and become my own final test subject. I will conclude my mortal life by offering a word of thanks. Chancellor Ardyn Izunia, your assistance has proved invaluable. You have my eternal gratitude. It is through your aid that I have completed my work and begun my ascension to an existence beyond divinity.

Prompto: Of course it was Ardyn... Everywhere we go, his name just keeps coming up. Everything that's happened to us, it's all his fault.


• Research documents in the magitek facility
Prototype Numbering Instructions
M.E. 746-VI-3rd

In order to better monitor the large number of new magitek models entering production, the Imperial Defense Council motions to reform the coding system as follows:

- Troopers: 5-digit model number + 8-digit production code
- Infants: 4-digit production year + 8-digit production code

Prompto: We... We've all got the same barcodes.

Termination Report
M.E. 755-VII-25th
ATTN: Research Chief Verstael Besithia

The following specimens have been eradicated:

0755-06000326 0755-06000327 0755-06000328
0755-06000329 0755-06000330 0755-06000331
0755-06000332 0755-06000334 0755-06000334
0755-06000335 0755-06000336 0755-06000337

0755-06000338 0755-06000339 0755-06000340
0755-06000341 0755-06000342 0755-06000343
0755-06000344 0755-06000345 0755-06000346
0755-06000347 0755-06000348

All 23 samples listed have been incinerated to avoid potential daemonification of personnel.

Diamond Weapon Report
M.E. 756-IV-8th

ATTN: His Imperial Majesty Iedolas Aldercapt

It is with great pride I inform Your Radiance that development has finished on the new daemon armor, Codename: Diamond Weapon. I encourage Your Radiance to visit the First Production Facility at Your Radiance's earliest convenience. I am most confident the final product will prove to Your Radiance's liking.

Verstael Besithia
Chief of Magitek Research


So thanks to yesterday's fiasco, my boss made
me throw all the remaining plasmodium samples into
the incinerator. What a waste of resources!
My boss told the chief we used them in a
series of experiments, but the thought of lying
about what happened doesn't sit well with me
at all. The whole thing is eating me up inside.


So I ended up telling Chief Besithia the truth
about the other day. Here I was, ready for him to
tear me a new oneand he ended up praising my
loyalty instead!
Everyone made it sound like the chief was
some kind of hardass, but he seems to be a really
reasonable guy if you actually take the time to
sit down and talk with him.


Another one of the plasmodium samples started
leaking today. How does this keep happening!?
Clearly someone isn't doing their job. The worst
part is that some of the researchers seem to have
been infected. I need to get out of here ASAP.


There's a rumor going around the lab that
those "leaks" from before weren't accidents at
all. My buddy says he thinks the chief is actually
trying to expose us all to the virus. I don't
want to believe it, but...


The whole compound is crawling with daemons
these days... I shiver every time I turn the corner.
What the hell am I doing here? When can I go home?


We are all...
Together, we...Insomnia.
As the ultimate...we...
Thank you... Farewell...

M.E. 745-XI-22nd
ATTN: Research Chief Verstael Besithia
It has come to my attention that the Glacian's recent assault was quelled by your magitek infantry. As commendation for your service to our great nation, I have approved your petition to increase funding for your research.
Your work is the centrifugal force that will propel the empire beyond our borders to greatness on the world stage. I eagerly await further reports of your progress.

Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt


I've been assigned to Chief Besithia's lab!
Not many people can say they've worked under the
supervision of a living legend. I mean, this
the guy who saved the empire from eternal winter.
He's practically our savior!


My boss pulled me aside today to issue me
a "special task." Said it's "highly confidential"
and that I'm the only one qualified for the job.
But how? I barely even know my way around the
compound. Well, whatever this "task" is, I'll
deal with it in the morning.


I found out what my "special task" is
today—and frankly I wish I hadn't. If only I
could unsee the things I saw today... I really
ought eat something before I go to bed, but
that shit totally killed my appetite.


I had the honor of seeing His Imperial Majesty
in person today. To think His Radiance would travel
all that way through the ice and snow just to observe
our progress... If the emperor is putting all his
faith in magitek, then so should I!


Just my luck. One of the plasmodium samples
started leaking, and yours truly was the one
blessed with the "privilege" of cleaning it up.
And then my boss had the nerve to yell at me—as if
the whole thing were my fault! If he wants to criticize
the real culprit, he oughta look in a mirror!

Proposal for Operation: Countersign
M.E. 755-IX-18th

As Deputy High Commander, I hereby propose a large-scale assault on the Lucian capital of Insomnia. Preparations are to begin next month.

Our future is far too precious to entrust to our enemy. We must retrieve the Crystal and Ring of legend; only then shall our world know true peace.

Deputy High Commander Ravus Nox Fleuret

Report on Unit SAS-0822
M.E. 756-V-21st

After several years of experimentation, we have finally succeeded in fusing mammal and magitek. Although we are still conducting various tests on Codename: Barbarus, the unit should be functional enough to fend off would-be intruders until development finishes on Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis.

Quexinos wrote: I wish I had been there when Cloud realized he had geostigma. I bet he cried.
hito wrote: man i miss flip phones, they were cool and now everything is a boring slab

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