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View Poll Results: SUDDEN DEATH!
Tifa awakening after the Northern Crater – everything going to hell! 7 36.84%
Sapphire Weapon’s attack on Junon – specifically when it gets shot in the face 7 36.84%
Bugenhagen’s video of the lifestream – all life being sucked away and the planet turning to a husk 5 26.32%
Voters: 19. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 06/21/2018   #1
Default [Sudden Death] The VII Best ... Moments In Final Fantasy VII

Thank you to everyone in the community who participated in our mini event! As the voting shows, we have achieved seven clear winners to represent the community's VII Best Moments In Final Fantasy VII. Those winners are secure and will go into a video showcase in the coming days. However, there is a final situation which needs clearing up. The three lowest nominated moments within the top 7 all came in with the same number of votes - 11. So, in order to clear up the exact ranking placement, we are going to go to sudden death.

This is how this is going to work. We're simply going to throw those 3 entries into a vote. You can only vote for one entry, and this vote will only last for 24 hours. Hopefully this should give us a clearer view into what placement these entries should be positioned.

Ok. Ready? Set? ... Go!
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Thanked by 7:
Dawnbreaker (06/22/2018), Doom Bunneh (06/21/2018), f a n c y (06/22/2018), Lex (06/21/2018), Minato (06/21/2018), Teioh (06/21/2018), Theozilla (06/21/2018)
Old 06/21/2018   #2

I mean, a giant sea monster getting his head blown off by a giant lazar gun has to be up there, right?
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Thanked by 4:
Claymore (06/22/2018), Dawnbreaker (06/22/2018), f a n c y (06/22/2018), Teioh (06/21/2018)
Old 06/21/2018   #3

I am offended by this glorification of hostilities against giant sea monstrosities.

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Thanked by 5:
BforBrigitta (06/21/2018), Claymore (06/22/2018), Dawnbreaker (06/22/2018), f a n c y (06/22/2018), Mr. Ite (06/21/2018)
Old 06/22/2018   #4
Mr. Ite

This was a super hard pick for me, as the Bugenhagen orrery scene changed my entire worldview and had lasting irl impact. It really was transformative for my young, conservative teenage brain, and set me on the path towards becoming who I am today. When I think of how FFVII changed my life, the concept of being part of nature, as cells are to an organism, is the biggest thing. I owe that scene a great debt.

That said, the opening of FFVII’s third act (aka the other two options) is narratively unparalleled. It’s a story choice that I am still floored by. So I picked that, best represented by Tifa waking up and everything going to hell. Sapphire Weapon is the driving action, but the emotional turbulence is what still grips me.
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Thanked by 6:
BforBrigitta (06/22/2018), Claymore (06/22/2018), Dawnbreaker (06/22/2018), f a n c y (06/22/2018), Interslicery (06/22/2018), LicoriceAllsorts (06/22/2018)
Old 06/22/2018   #5

*Checks in on poll*

*Sees two entries with the exact same votes again*

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Old 06/22/2018   #6

sudden death death match to the death
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Thanked by 2:
BforBrigitta (06/23/2018), Claymore (06/22/2018)
Old 06/22/2018   #7

Right! *rolls up sleeves* Go here:

Vote! Vote! Vote!
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