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The Final Fantasy VII Love Triangle Debate Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate. This forum operates under stricter rules than the remainder of the forum, so make sure you read them.

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Old 11/04/2017   #1171

It's a really nice consistent quote from one of the dev's pov in my opinion. I believe it's one of the main source that inspired a lot of interpretations/theories in regards to Cloud and Aerith post death imo. I think both sides tend to miss this one particular line in that quote however:

but in Advent Children, rather than focusing on memories we wanted to show that consciousness is what lives on. We took the ending of the game and expanded on that idea.
One side feels the need to focus on the memory part of that line while the other side wants to focus solely on the second part of that line which is the consciousness. Thus, you have this big needless argument about two facts that really goes hand in hand with each other. Most people just refuse to see that as a whole imho.

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Old 11/04/2017   #1172
The Twilight Mexican

I don't think any part of that sentence was ever the issue. It was more these last few sentences (the last in particular): "As for Cloud, he sees Aerith several times throughout the film. It’s not that he sees her because he feels her presence. He sees her because her consciousness lives on inside him."

The localization folks went with that for whatever reason, which gave some fans the idea that this long-winded way of saying "the dead live on through the living" was not only literal but also something specific to Cloud and Aerith (rather than the generalized sentiment for which Nomura was using Cloud and Aerith as an example).
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I don't think it was ever specific to Cloud and Aerith only, it was however something nice for Cloud and Aerith to have and be confirmed by Nomura. I mean this was even explained by Bugenhagen and Ifalna herself in the first game. So whoever is saying that this was exclusive only to Cloud and Aerith, I simply don't agree with that. First time I've heard of that to be honest.

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