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Sheva Alomar
Default RP Section Rules (Now with Mint Flavor!)

Thread Content

RPing is not measured by maturity rates, but by the quality poured into it. You may have a fantastic RP that is extremely explicit or a phenomenal one that is suitable for all ages. The only requirement for having a more mature RP is that you don’t create it or any aspect of it based purely on wanting lulz. Adult content is only included if it tastefully contributes to the plot or a sub-plot. Also note that it is your choice whether or not you wish to read an RP that has more intense content. If you like to keep things PG-13 in your life, then please don’t go into an RP thread that does detail sex or gore or ultraviolence.

Double Posting

This rule is the same in this section as the rest of the forum. Please avoid posting consecutive times in the same thread. If you are posting in an RP for more than one character, just make the necessary dividers and indications of different characters if you are controlling and writing for more than one at a single time.

If a great amount of time has passed within an RP and no one has posted after you, it is okay at this point to go ahead and make a second post after another of yours.

Contributing to RP Lore and Character (Major and Minor)

When you feel that you want to bring a new piece of history, story or even new characters into an RP that you are in, ALWAYS consult the creator and other RPers of it. It is not alright to just throw in new elements that may or may not jive with what has already been constituted. Like in any novel you read or movie you watch, you want to have one cohesive plot and story that does not have strange and random elements that sound entirely out of place within the context. So please, make sure what you want to add into an RP is approved by all or most of your fellow RPers.

Out of Character Chatting

Any and all out of character chats should be held in discussion threads for their respective RPs. Do not leave “OOC:” messages at any point in your actual RP posts as this is distracting to the flow of the story you wish to tell for yourself and others. If you have a comment on something involving a post you’ve made or wish to address any other aspect of the RP you are working in, discuss it in a separate discussion thread in the appropriate section of the forum.

RP Post Headings

Whenever you make a post in any RP please indicate a location(s) in order to help clarify where you character(s) is during said post. It may be painfully obvious to you as to who you're writing about, but some readers may not grasp it as easily. This tidbit also helps when you wish to go back and refer to a time and place in the story that you may have not read in quite some time.

RP Dialogue

When writing dialogue, please write it with bold formatting and quotations. Some people like to have many colours and bits of formatting that may confuse some readers to where they don’t quite see where something is meant to be said as dialogue, thought or even a flashback (the latter two tending to be italicized). Speaking of ‘thought dialogue’ (which may be telepathy or some sort of monologue or both), please also have that in bold—minus the quotations marks of course as it is not being said aloud.

Post Length

You want to aim for quality. No one is asking you to write a 10,000 word post to fully detail when a character went to the bathroom, how they got there and what they were wearing throughout the day, but you want to give the readers a good idea of what is going on in the bit of the RP that you are covering in any given post. The minimum requirement is 4 paragraphs for ORPGs/URPGs and 1 for a Beginner’s RPG. Also, never just go for quantity. The second sentence of this paragraph pretty much describes what an RP post would result if this were the case. You want the reader to be involved and feel immersed, but not to the point that they know what colour the marker speck on his right sneaker’s laces was.


URPGs are nice to be in if you really don’t want the burden of creating too much original content and getting the headache that usually comes along with it. At the same time, it is not so fun to read about/interact with a character that has already been established of whom you are now controlling in non-canonical work. As such, please refrain from taking said characters and turning them into something they’re not. Instead, at least make original characters within a pre-made world. Although, it can follow the timeline currently being played out in whatever novel/anime/cartoon/comic you are basing the URPG on or somewhere before or after. Referring to established characters is fine, as well. Also, avoid making your new characters related to ones that already exist.

Character Sheets

A character sheet is standard for any sort of RP. It is a means to officially describe and launch a character you are making for any particular role play and it is very useful for references that you or others may make, or any discussions you may have concerning a character at any given time.

A basic sheet may appear as follows:

Physical Appearance:

Other options may be offered for description depending on what sort of RP you join. You are required to fill out each if you are serious about participating in an RP.


Flaming (being rude, incessant and harmful picking on of others) is not desired here, just like the rest of The Lifestream Forums. Please note that there is distinct difference between flaming and constructive criticism, though. It will be the presiding RP Mod’s responsibility to distinguish the two, which tend to have unique “tones”. If you feel that you are being flamed, please submit a report/complaint.

God Modding

God Modding is the act of controlling any character(s) outside of your own or making a character that is irrationally over-powered. This will not be tolerated. Please make sure to consult the people in charge of an RP you are participating in before you do anything involving someone else’s character or creating a new character.


When you join an RP, please respect those who are overseeing/guiding/modding said role play. This means compromising on ideas, following what they say, being patient with them, etc; all to maintain a healthy, fruitful and coherent story in the long run. Consequences of failing to comply are at the discretion of the RP leaders.

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