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ORPG Original and detailed RPs for the experienced and ambitious RPer.

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Old 12/31/2013   #16

He triggered a Claymore and died. The end.
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Lex (12/31/2013)
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[Only it wasn't the end - psych! Stephen Moffat steps in

Jacob's doctors had been mistaken when they diagnosed the cancer in his brain. What, on the MRI scan, had appeared to be an apricot-sized tumour was in fact an alien life form that had been imprisoned in his brain by its own planet's Ecumenical Justice Council for refusing to divulge a secret that could destroy the universe. The alien EJC believe they could use this secret in a controlled fashion in order to annihilate their age-long enemies, the gelatinous tetrahedron people known as the Hrynyshyn.

When the Doctor (as opposed to Jacob's oncologists) realised this important fact, he jumped into the Tardis with Donna Noble and Mickey and arrived at the empty warehouse moments before Jacob entered, thus....

<img src= border=0 alt= />


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Old 01/20/2014   #18

preventing the claymore from ever going off! When he realised that the person who saved him from certain death was the Doctor, the alien lifeform started talking:

He said, I'm from Mars and I come in peace
I have something to ask and it's not discrete
There's a mutated strain in our DNA helix
And you three kids are the ones who can heal it
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Cabaret (04/20/2014)

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