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Old 05/27/2009   #16

Panic was flying high on the radar.

Viola big shots were in total disarray – nothing like this had ever happened with their experiments before. The scientists were scrambling for plans of action, either too conceited to allow their projects to best them, or desperate for any kind of assured safety. The facility's armed forces were mobilizing, squads of infantry being sent into the dark and enigmatic Basement 5 without any real idea of the horror they were marching into.

And amidst it all was Destrillian 009, on the balls of her feet, stepping daintily between jagged segments of glass while sloughing off the cold, bluish gel-like substance that coated her skin and made her shiver in the eerie quiet of this particular hallway. The alarms had stopped wailing their warnings now, because everybody knew of the impending storm that was coming and all the alarms did was distract. No noise was made from behind the other reinforced doors lining the stark, white hallway, and it was this fact that allowed Idris Savage to cough up congealed lumps of cryogenic slime in relative peace, while listening for any noise that might creep down from other connecting hallways.

"Could definitely be worse," said the young woman to herself, jauntily, after spitting out another glob the size of a large marble. Her throat felt clear now, and her exposed skin was adjusting to the frigid temperatures of the basement hall – from what she had gathered in her past years, everything had to be cold, simply to keep it sterile.

Blood was beginning to pool outside the doorway she had come from. Even though her attack on the stand-in doctor had made only the smallest of injuries, it was an extremely sensitive spot and rich crimson liquid burbled from it in thick spurts, creating an ever-widening puddle around his head. Idris pulled a face at the part of his body she could see, a single spread-eagled leg.

"Sorry, love. Being a replacement and all, I'm not quite sure you deserved that," said the girl in a sort of lofty yet sincere sort of voice. Pale grey eyes flicked to one end of the hallway, where a rumbling sound had begun and was rapidly growing into the recognizable sound of footsteps echoing in the metal-laden halls. "Hope you get a nice burial," she tossed over her shoulder with a grin, and then whirled and sprinted lightly away to a safer location.

Mere minutes later, a miniature regiment was standing around the open doorway to the former room and cage of Destrillian 009, looking down pale-faced at the body of whoever had tried to stop the experiment from leaving it's confines. Seven men, following their captain's action, faced the other end of the hallway with expressions varying between confidence and suppressed terror. On silent command, they made their way down the cold, claustrophobic line of doors and white, not knowing who or what awaited them on the other end.

But they all made it to the end of the hallway alive. This tiny victory steeled the soldiers' resolve to continue onward and they moved as one down another hallway, and another, still encountering nobody. They could hear the sounds of battle being played out all around them, in places just out of sight.

"Sir, there are other troops fighting for their lives two hallways down—we should go and assis—"

"Negative, soldier," came the hardened reply. The captain was seasoned in battle and knew that orders were best followed. "Our mission is to find Destrillian number 009; that is our target. That comes first and foremost, understood?"

"Understood, sir," said the man who had spoken first, and then with a little more attitude, "but with all due respect, the Destrillian is proving damn impossible to find. It's like chasing smoke – we're getting nowhere. We should double back and aid the—"

"Chasing smoke?" repeated the captain. He stopped, then, and turned to face his seven cohorts. He looked each one in the eye and then nodded once. "Follow smoke and you'll find the fire."

And he gave a smile that said he wanted nothing more than to find this fire… and put it out. And so their search continued. But as they wound deeper and deeper into the maze, the fact that they encountered nobody began to make the squadron more than a little paranoid. Upon finding another dead end, they hurried back to one of the main hallways with a speediness born of unease, lest these hallways become their labyrinth, and the Destrillian their Minotaur.

But upon arrival into the main hallway, whose width was more than double that of the little offshoots, the soldiers found it to be filled with smoke – no doubt a parting gift, left behind by another of the escaped experiments. Visibility was cripplingly low.

And lo.
At the other side of the smoke field, some twenty meters away, a small, hazy silhouette stood poised, as if watching them with great interest through the smog. It was noticed first by a soldier who was unusually young—and inexperienced.

"Sir… is that…?" he stammered, his composure lost at the sight of what could potentially his target. The others were quick to see it as well. Their captain nodded grimly, hefting his gun from his shoulder.

"That's the one. Careful, men – she's going to be tricky."

"I-it's a she?!" rang the voice of another of the fighters, who up until that moment had thought that these experiments would look nothing like a human and as such would be a cinch, morally, to take down. The captain scoffed at his men.

"What'd you expect, tentacles? Now hurry into formation and get a clear shot on her, unless you'd rather be torn clean in half!"

From the other side of the billowing smoke, Idris tilted her head. Torn in half?
"That's disgusting," she said, her eyebrows raising high and her already alto-pitched voice raising higher in disbelief. Exactly what had these soldiers been told about her before they had embarked on their mission to take her down?

She stilled the affronted clamour within her body to better hear what was being said – or ordered – on the other side of the hallway. She could distinctly make out the sound of a multitude of weapons clicking; normally it would be quite menacing. The corners of her mouth turned upwards in a smile – using weapons with bullets, they were. How fortunate for her.

And finally, the smoke cleared as whatever had been burning finally ran out; the young woman barely had time to register the cry of "Open fire!" before a hail of bullets were sent her way. She only had to blink her eyes and a magnetic field had sprung from her skin, expanding into an orb around her that caught and held any bullets that had been meant for her. Idris stood there, calm, allowing the magnetic shield to revolve slowly around her so that the bullets it was catching were spread out nice and even. It was a good long minute before the ugly sound of gunfire had stopped its assault on her ears; only then did she loosen the viscosity of her shield so that the little metal projectiles orbited around her in a lazy, content manner. She walked forwards a little—and turned her head to the side sharply, raising one hand delicately to cover her ear as another gunshot resounded down the hall.

"That noise they make really is deafening," she called out to the regiment before her, letting her hand drop. A few of the men spared quick glances at their guns that told her they knew what she meant, and this made her smile a dazzling smile. It must have been seen as a predatory thing, because from her vantage point she could make out one soldier who began to tremble slightly.

"Destrillian prototype 009, we are obliged to render you incapacitated if you do not cooperate," said the man in front, undoubtedly the leader of the group, with a low growly voice which completed his already formidable appearance. Idris pursed her lips.

"Cooperate with what?" she inquired, the curious lilt in her voice stunning most of the soldiers. The experiment was capable of rational thought? This made things increasingly interesting and, at the same time, frightening. The captain faced her without any trace of fear, a feat most admirable.

"You are to return to your confines posthaste." The thing with bullets swirling languidly about her head didn't seem to like this idea. She raised an arm—half of the men aimed their guns, triggers ready, but she had only meant to raise a finger, a visual punctuation to a point she was about to make.

"I'd have to disagree on that one, love." Idris plucked a bullet from her shield and played with it, flattening it into a little disk with her thumb and forefinger; her eyes glittered as she took in how shocked these soldiers were to see her acting so… human. What had they expected from her? "Listen, here's an idea: go lock yourself in a cold, asbestos-lined room and get into a tube full of really foul-tasting gel and stay there for a couple of years, and then come back and ask me the same thing. It'll be a lot harder, I guarantee," she added on as her previous words received no answer.

She scanned her small audience, searching their eyes for any signs of sympathy, pity, anything – any soft spot she could work with. To her eldritch delight, she found it in the trembling soldier.

"I mean…" she began, halting the trajectory of the bullets around her so that she and the soldiers could see each other clearly. She forced her voice to crack most convincingly. "Look at me! This, gentlemen, is the result of nine years kept underground as part of an experiment so cruel and unusual, so hellish, that the conceivers of the entire scheme ought to be burned alive. You can't see the scars because they've been lasered away"—she spread her arms slowly, imploringly—"but believe me, they're there. You know the feeling of failure in combat; imagine a failure so great and undeserved that it landed you on an operating table for half your life… heartless excuses for human beings sticking all manner of foreign bodies into you to see how you react, and why? Because they can."
Her eyes were dry, but even Idris' heart wrenched at the sound of her own sorrowful voice – and she knew it was mostly fake.

Pulled in by her words like the bullets to her shield, the squadron had lowered their weapons. Idris smiled widely. Perhaps soldiers could be reasoned with, after all—

But her smile had been misinterpreted by their captain. "She's lying to you all! Now get back in line and load up the photon guns! I'm not about to get picked off by some genetically altered bitch just because she spins me a sob story. Everyone…"
The captain kept on talking, but Idris had tuned him out.

Lying…? Photon guns?


"You know," she said slowly, her normally pleasant voice dropping rapidly into a guttural snarl as the bullets around her body whizzed faster and faster, swinging in tighter arcs around her small frame, "they always told me that if I tried to escape, armed forces would come in to stop me. I asked why and they said it was because they were protecting the world from me. But really…" her steely eyes narrowed into slits and the bullets spun ever faster. "…if your idea of saving the world is shooting at a young, naked girl and then blatantly insulting her when she attempts to be peaceful about the whole ordeal, then the world really is in danger, you chauvinistic bastard."

The magnetic field evaporated.

A hundred bullets were released from their respective racetracks; for a fleeting moment, time seemed to stop for the soldiers, and they saw around the girl a sphere of metal death, pointed in every direction but especially theirs. And then the projectiles rocketed outwards.

Holes like coin-sized craters were spattered down the walls; Idris hadn't been aiming for any special target but she had intended for most – if not all – of the regiment to be downed by her bombardment. For the most part, she got her wish. Bulletproof vests or not, her projectiles had been fired at about twice their regular firing speed courtesy of the magnetic field, which the Destrillian had reversed to repel the metal at the last moment before it had disappeared; some of the soldiers were already stone dead with holes through important parts of them. The captain especially had been victim to her vicious salvo, but two men remained, alive and miraculously unharmed.

"Tch—I suppose you used the bodies of your comrades as shields. Even subconsciously, that's cold," she said to the two. They looked equally terrified of her, but the one closer to her picked up his photon gun once more, his face set in defiance.

"You will go down for that," he intoned, drawing every word out to make it count. Idris tilted her head, and then another smile split her face.

"I like you. You're gutsy – that counts for something down here," she conceded, giving him an approving gaze. It was unnerving, how calmly she stared down the barrel of a fully charged photon weapon, but nevertheless the man held his position. "But goodness me, learn to pick your battles! It's a dark and mysterious world in the depths of Basement 5… here, there are monsters." She smoothed a loose strand of hair back into her white-blonde crop, still slicked back with cryogenic gel. The soldier's gaze hardened.
"You mean like yourself?"

Idris' pale, perfect bottom lip protruded ever so slightly in a gentle pout. "Aw, wish you hadn't said that – it's things like that that got your captain mowed down."
And, swift as a bolt of lightning, The Gunmetal Glint struck.

It happened before anybody could even think. The last soldier watched in awestruck, abject horror as the weapon who called herself a girl swiped her hand across the metal door to her right; a jagged, razor-thin slice the width of her arm came off like wood being chipped from a block. With a supple flick of the wrist, the metal sheet whooshed through the air and the next thing the young, trembling soldier knew, his final comrade was on the floor, dead, with the top of his head hewn clean off.

And now she turned her eyes to him. Those eyes, with their unusually large pupils surrounded by rings of pale, perfect greys. Mute with fear, the young soldier recoiled from the Destrillian, backing up, backing up, backing up until… he found himself fallen on the floor. Tripped, over the cadavers of his friends and comrades. He blanched – he couldn't even think straight.

Idris regarded him with the same sort of gently smiling interest that a veterinarian would show to a kitten. She bounded over the bodies in one smooth motion and landed in a crouch just in front of him, blending the two movements so beautifully into one that it could have been taught to her in a school for ballet and not a training facility. The poor soldier couldn't help the whimper of fear that slipped between his teeth, and he felt the heat rise in his cheeks immediately after—so he had to be humiliated before he died, did he? But he hadn't been killed yet, and even as the girl reached out her hand he didn't feel like death was about to descend upon him.

She touched him. On the forehead. She brushed away a stray strand of hair.
"I remember that soldiers used to need to cut their hair much shorter than this," she breathed, trapped for just a moment in her own mind as a memory resurfaced.

She hadn't killed him yet.

Naturally, the young man was terrified. "Y-y-you're—"

"Hush now," she told him, and fearing for his life he complied instantly. She seemed to be analyzing him, and not just his body… his mind, too. He could almost feel her in his head, probing here and there for whatever it was she searched for. Time seemed to stop.

"What's your name?" the remarkable creature in front of him inquired, sounding for all the world as if the two were lounging on divans at a rich and sophisticated dinner party instead of crouched low among freshly killed soldiers, with the stench of blood and metal permeating the air. The soldier stuttered a response.

"A-Aaron Morrow, m-m-ma'am—"

"Morrow, huh?" Idris looked upwards in thought. "Sounds like 'sorrow.' We both know what that's like." He barely dared to nod his agreement. "Alright, Aaronlove, here's the proposition."

He blinked. Proposition?

"I will get out of this place alive," she said slowly, making sure he understood. "It's just about set in stone. However, I don't know what they told you but I don't particularly fancy killing sprees."

"Actions s-speak louder than words," replied Aaron Morrow, hardly believing his gall. The girl in front of him laughed, her fingertips still touching his forehead – he was beginning to feel a little lightheaded…

"Touché, hon. So here's an action for you – I'm going to let you live, and you are not going to shoot me the moment I turn my back to go, alright?" Before he could work through whether she was telling the truth or not, another one of her flashing smiles sold him on the issue. He nodded weakly. "Sweet," she commented, letting go of him and rising to her feet. Little pellets of something dropped from her fingertips and hit the floor. "Just giving you a heads-up, I've snagged a lot of iron from your blood so you're in absolutely no condition to do anything but sit there and pretend like you're dead so the others don't see you and do to you what I didn't. So take my advice and pretend your life was taken in order to keep it, got it?"

And she was up and gone down the hallway, nimble and spry and dangerous… but with a sense of morality, at least.

"Seems I'm just on a role of letting one person live for every encounter," she thought as she leapt through the halls. "Huh. I guess I'm just a sweetheart like—"
"Wh—!" she exclaimed aloud, as somebody had just come crashing into her. Not in an unfriendly way, either – more just that the somebody in question happened to no longer be alive. She shrugged off the dead body and only then saw its source.

She had found one of them.

Disappear with the stars and come back alive.
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Old 05/28/2009   #17

"Well, let's get this over with then shall we?"

Circe didn’t respond, her attention was fixated elsewhere as the pair stood on the helicopter landing platform. Vargas raised an eyebrow and looked at the girl with a puzzled expression. "What's gotten into you all of a sudden?"

"Bad news incoming" She replied without shifting her gaze. Vargas turned to see what she was looking at, and saw the soldier running towards them from the doorways that lead into the building, and from the worried look on the man's face, he knew Circe's assumption was right.

"Sir! I'm afraid we have a situation!" The soldier said as he saluted the two superiors and removed his helmet.

Vargas's eye's lit up with concern and his expression went dead serious. "What is it?! Did the LY-9's reactor leak again? Was there a fire in the fusion cannon's test chamber? Did the Mark IV prototype go haywire again?!" He grabbed the man by the shoulders as though he were about to shake him. "Well what's wrong!?"

The soldier was a little dazed from what had just happened "N-no sir, nothing's wrong in your department. It's the Destrillian's, all of a sudden thing's started going berserk and we've got numerous reports of containment breaches".

Vargas paused, still holding the man's shoulders, looked down and digested what he had just been told, then looked back up with the most joyful expression he'd ever had. "Why that's GREAT NEWS!" The soldier was completely confused at this point. "Man did you really have me in a scare, I thought something had really gone wrong, but this now definitely makes it worth skipping on the Mark IV's field test!"

"But sir, the Destrillians are on the loose and we already have reported casualties! The board is in a total panic!" The soldier petitioned to Director Vargas, who was already too consumed in his bliss to pay attention, so then he turned to Circe. "M’am, shouldn't he be taking this more seriously?.

"No actually this is exactly how I expected him to respond" She replied calmly.

"But my superiors tell me this situation is a major crisis!"

In an unexpected move, Circe smirked "To them maybe, but WE are the weapons development department, it is our expertise to make things die, and where you see a problem, we see an opportunity". Her words immediately grabbed Vargas's attention back. "Yes you are spot on my dear! These science experiments are boasted as being the ultimate weapons - If we prove such a title wrong the board will loose faith in the entire project and once again Weapon's development will be on top."

At this stage the soldier had thought both of them had completely lost it. "Alright if you say so sir, my orders were just to inform you of the situation and that the board wishes to see you asap, then I'm to rejoin my squad and assist in subduing the escapee's"

Vargas and Circe both gave the young man a look as though they would never see him again.

"Understood. Thank you soldier, good luck with your mission." Then patted him on the shoulder. He decided to make this guy's farewell a pleasant one since the poor bastard's chances of survival were minimal - sure he looked down on the Destrillians, however he would admit they were deadly to those who were unprepared, and sadly grunts with standard issue rifles stood no chance.

The soldier then saluted them both again, turned around and proceeded on his way to certain doom.

They both stood there silently, with their arms crossed until he was gone, then resumed their conversation, only they both spoke in a serious, dark tone.

"So what's our next move Sir?"

"We have a number of options laid out in front of us, do we simply aim to kill them all ourselves, let it play out with the regular grunts, try to get them to eliminate each other, or......." He trailed off into thought.

...I wonder if any of them would even consider it...

"Or what sir?"

Before he could answer the sound of a cell phone started ringing. He sighed, pulled the phone out of his pocket and answered it.

"Vargas I got your messenger boy..........understood...........I'll be there right away".

"The board no doubt." She guessed. "Sure was, they're getting very paranoid now, all of them except 008 have broken out and if I had to guess that one will follow suit shortly."

Circe stretched her arms then placed them on the back of her neck as her hair flowed with the wind. They stood there in the silence staring out over the landscape, soaking up the peace and tranquillity since it was going to be complete chaos once they went inside.

Vargas then adjusted his tie and broke the silence. "Alright, time to go to work, head to the robotics lab and make sure anything that was ready to go into production is online and set to be deployed for combat, I'll head over as soon as I'm done listening to these fools blubber over their mistakes"

She nodded to him, then turned and headed for the door. Vargas paused for a moment, then proceeded indoors himself.

Looks like this day is proving to be interesting after all

Hey who wants to come home with me?!
Ok that wasn't very smart but totally worth it!

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Old 05/30/2009   #18

Like soft rain, the pitter patter of footsteps just inches away on the other side of the wall came to a halt. Hesitation. Observation. Uncertainty.

Her hand skimmed the floor at her side, searching for any sort of weapon to use other than her mental prowess. What if she was caught again? What if there was no real escape from this place? What if her owners were just around the corner, and would stop at nothing to captivate her? Already riddled with a migraine there was no way she could hold her own against an armada of soldiers and scientists. She would have to find another way to defend herself. She would need a new plan of action for liberation.

Her fingers grazed the rough surface of a shard; glass from her own prison, still sticky in the residue of her slumber. To avoid using her mental abilities and further worsening her migraine, she could easily slit the throat of any guard on the other side. Would she be quick enough? Could she distract them long enough to slit their throat and bathe in the blood of her victory? But how long would that victory last before another squadron came along?

“Security Alert. Security Alert. Breach in Sectors 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9. Destrillian prototypes have awakened and are now on the loose. I repeat. Security alert…”

Whether it was the alarm or the indignation within themselves, the footsteps brought the stranger closer to her until they were within eyeshot. As she remained crouched on the floor, she brought her weapon closer to her. Green and white; the colour blend of earth and sky, something so innocent and beautiful, and yet… something that also carried the same traits of dangerous and cruel intentions; doctors and guards that confirmed her suspicion. Without wasting a second longer she leapt from her spot with a war cry of sheer animosity and tackled her victim down.

Sierra, like the inner animalistic Destrillian she was, had ambushed her prey, taking them down swiftly as she positioned herself over their chest. Her weapon was already pressed to the exposed skin along the jugular vein. She gritted her teeth as she felt the vein pulse beneath her redeemer. An innocent was about to fall to her actions, and at the cause of her own hands this time. It would be but another death; one more grain of sand on the scale, barely tipping it in her favour. She would still need many lives to make up for the advantage that they had over taking her life. Retribution was at hand.

“Prepare yourself, scum.”

This was not the man that she was expecting to see. Her eyes glimmered with a feigned innocence, and her mind was suddenly elsewhere. She was lost inside herself again.

Sierra awoke within a field. A field of breathless silence that caused her heart to ache with an unknown desire. She was… a child again? Eight… The same age she was when she was captured, and everything she grew to love was so ruthlessly torn away from her. Why was she taken to a time she had forgotten… Or rather, all but forgotten until now? Why were these memories suddenly manifesting themselves to her now, and why were they beginning with a time that brought the most pain to her heart?

A figure stood at the far corner of the field. Their face, shadowed, their appearance, homely. An unconscious attempt to raise her hand towards them caused the shadowy figure to turn away.

“Wait… Who are you?”

”Sierra my dear…”

A voice was breaking her concentration. The connection with her past wavered, and her vision became hazy.

This inquiry prompted the figure to flee from the child. Left along in the field, she dropped to her knees, her palms coming up to cup her face as tears threatened to drop.

“Nobody’s… Nobody’s here for me…”

”I’m quite happy to see you too…”

A voice tried to bring her back to life.

This realization dawned on Sierra. She was alone… She was always alone… This brought unrelenting sobs to the child as she wept openly to the world that cared not for her.

“I’m all alone!”

Her final call was her awakening.

Sierra just now realized she had been dreaming. No, reminiscing. Reminiscing on a time that didn’t happen, or shouldn’t have.

Blood from her hand that fell flat onto the flat surface that was Erthys’ chest was the sound that brought her back. That and the mixed tones of her own heavy breathing as well as his. Clutching the shard of glass so tight had caused a small tear along her palm. Blood’s liberation found salvation on the freedom of Erthys’ chest before soaking into the scientific clothing he bore.

She backed off of him, staggering to her feet as her grip on the glass shard had all together let go, disarming herself in an instant. Her hands reached for the sides of her head, clawing at her temples to lighten the headache. She tried to reach deep into her mind for those memories so that she may have them again. But no matter how much she scraped at her skin, leaving thin nicks and scuffs along the sides of her temples and trailing up into her hair, she couldn’t catch those memories.

After renouncing the thought of trying to catch old songs in her head with a butterfly net, she pressed her palm to her forehead and began to realize exactly what she had done. Blood smeared across her crown, trailing down the bridge of her nose and stopping at the top of her lips.

She always played with her upper lip whenever she was anxious. And Gods was she nervous. She had almost killed one of her own!

“I’m… I-…” She could barely force the words from her lips. A form of apology of any sorts had been beaten out of her during years of training. “Gods… I…” She choked on her words, unable to force them between pursed lips. “I’m…”

Swiftly rattling her head, she shook the thoughts from her mind. An apology? She’d never apologize. They couldn’t. With a heavy sigh, Sierra took a few steps back and pressed her right palm to her forehead to recollect her thoughts. Painting abstract art across the canvas of her brow with blood as her material, she began to piece things together. Death... Death by her own mental prowess… Awakening… An awakening of memories from a past she was meant to forget… And a new death, one that she was able to prevent before going too far.

After an analytical overview, Sierra recognized the man before her as Erthys. She had seen him plenty times in the recreational area, however most often than not she kept her distance from him. He was one of the more cocky of the Destrillians, and unafraid to show the Doctors what he could do with his abilities. A show off, or a fool? She felt that by exposing his potential as he had, he was vulnerable all the same. But perhaps there was more to the man before her than met the eyes. He had, after all, brought her back to life before she took his.

Erthys was quick with his mind however. He had managed to scrounge some clothing from the doctors, which was something she should have done before scorching their bodies with her eternal flames. She had none, and she stood before Erthys proving that fact; a primeval animal on the verge for blood lust.

She raised her hands to her chest and hesitated. She had forgotten everything about shame… Of indignity and humiliation. True they were covered when interacting with the others, but she didn’t understand the difference between then and now.

“Erthys… We have to stand together and find the others. No matter where they are in this hellhole, we can’t allow ourselves to be broken. Our spirits must stand strong, and we stand stronger together.”

She took a few steps opposite of Erthys, the way he had been going before she attacked him. Her headache reoccurred and she was forced to pause and press her adrenaline-tingled fingers to her forehead. “No more pain…” She muttered to herself before pressing onward, knowing that Erthys wouldn’t hesitate to stay in their two man group.

So, why do you come here?
Same as you, I think. I've been here a lot...
You must have a lot going on your mind, I suppose.
Yeah, but I'd rather have nothing for a change. How do you do it?
Well, it comes with practice. I can think of nothing.
I do not feel the need to occupy my mind with nonsense, just to avoid thinking about what really matters.

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Shadow Rogue

The metal door rolled out of the way to reveal the wild-haired destrillian. He cautiously leaned out to peer around the hallway, sweeping his gaze from one side to the other. He had waited a long time to see if any more would come. Maybe to explain what happened. Eydin knows he can go wild sometimes, and his memory isn't what it used to be... or what it was suppose to be. The more Eydin thought about it, the more of a headache he had. Slapping a palm to his forehead he groaned.

“Don't think about that right now. You can just run out of here, leave everyone behind, and figure it out later.”

Eydin paused for a moment, considering his plan.

“But what if I never find out? What if I'm running from the only place that knows anything about me?”

Eydin closed his eyes and sighed, before stepping out of the door, holding his hands behind his head. He looked down the corridors and decided to choose left, pivoting on the ball of his bear foot.

“Man it's eerily quiet. Maybe it's a trap. I know there's still a few suck ups who might be working with these guys.”

He started to casually stroll down the hallway, looking around with amazement.

“It looks so different not on a schedule, escorted around, hooked up to a thousand wires. I actually feel... decent.” Eydin blinked, then looked down at himself.

“Oh wait, I'm not...”

His blue eyes raised back up to see two guards with their eyes already upon him. “Look! There's one, and he's surrendering!”

I am? Eydin waggled his elbows as he left his hands on the back of his head. Eydin's placid face suddenly went twisted in anguish.

“Ah, my head guys! It's about to explode! I'll do anything, just give me some of that feel good stuff!” He whined while twisting around in anguish.

The guards approached cautiously, a slender younger one up front holding a baton while an older, unevenly shaven one held the back with a compact machine gun. “Get on your knees and we'll take you .”

Eydin focused what little attention he had, concentrating on the two guards infront of him. He searched over the miasma of thoughts and feelings they possessed.

Confidence; Assertiveness; Dominance... Revenge...? I see what time of day it is.

Eydin complied rather dramatically, falling to his knees with a thud as he bowed his head. “Anything, my heads about to split apart! Please!” He groveled as they neared.

A little closer... almost... He kept an eye open, watching their boots approach him.

“It will be over soon.” The younger guard spoke with growing malice, starting to raise his club over his head.

“...I know.” The winding streaks in Eydin's eyes flashed as he lept forward, reaching out for their ankles. The older guard aimed downward and shot bursts along Eydin's side, eating through the floor. The destrillian could feel the subtle air pressure whizzing off each bullet as they twirled in mid air, but the aim wasn't anything to worry about. With a burst of air, Eydin pulled their feet out from under the pair of guards, holding them by a foot in each hand. They yelped in unison before their heavy bodies hit the ground; however, their trip had only begun. Eydin yanked them upside-down as he rose into the air, looking at the ceiling, wild blonde hair tossing around his scalp. He grunted before leaning his body backward, a blast of air pushing at his feet to rotate everyone. The guards, still dazed could only watch the ceiling whip toward their face as Eydin landed upside down, slamming the guards' head into the metal cover with a sickening crack. His feet sucked against the ceiling while his hair hung loosely in his inverted position. It felt good to employ all the techniques he made in a real situation.

“Newton said it best, what goes up...” Eydin spoke as the guards' bodies start to fall victim to gravity and feel away from the indention their skulls made. Eydin's thin frame slung the guards down the hallway, spinning them like ragdolls in the air, “Must come down!” He relented his grip upon the ceiling and rolled in mid air before locking his eyes upon the still airborne targets. With a wave of air pressure, the guards took the brunt of the force and were sent in a direct line into the end of the corridor, their bodies smashing deep gouges into the metal as their bones cracked. They slide lifelessly out of the pocket they created into a pile.

Eydin unceremoniously landed on his bottom. He paused to take in the sensation before jumping to his feet with a cry. “Aah man that's cold!” He cupped himself and began to console his tender assaulted bits before strolling over to the crumpled defenders. “Sorry guys, I tried to go easy on you, you're a little too fragile to be in this business, y'know?” He stated without remorse. “But thanks for the clothes. I don't need frost bite when I decide to sit down...” He began to undress the younger guard, and soon slipped on his outfit, even though it still hung loosely.

“Ah, he even remembered protection.” Eydin smiled, tapping the vest on his chest.

“Now... Do I call out to them, or do I go it alone, and let them gain all the attention...”

Eydin blinked. “But I love attention, they can't have it all!”

His eyes followed the two dead bodies and the weapons they clutched so tightly after their rough treatment.

“But then again, this is bad pew pew pow pow ow ow attention...”

Eydin's face relaxed, his eyes glazing over a little. “But then they might be in the same position I am; not knowing whats going on with anything. I guess I'll have to help them.” He said with mock irritation. “Ruining my plans for a solo escape of epic proportions...”


<Is there anybody out there? I'm out here by my... bedroom, anyone near by?> Eydin called out with the concentration he could muster.

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-Three years ago-

The halls of basement level five were fairly quiet that night. The assistants and nurses had just finished their hourly rounds and would not be due back in this area for quite some time. If there were ever a good time to act, it would be now.

All the lights were off, the only source now being the faint glow of the screen attached to the cryogenic sleeping pod in the center of the room upon which the vital stats of the girl occupying it were displayed.

Destrillian Prototype # 000-000-008
Emma Marie Johnson
Vacker Påsklilja
Sub-outlet 4222a
Age: 16 years: 3 months: 5 days: 1 hours: 31 minutes: 42 seconds
Hyper-rest 20 mode
Normal RAM
Life Level 5
Dr. Natasha Nedews ext. 11
Log: 20

“Emma. Emma dear. Wake up, please!” came the awkward tones of the female scientist’s accent. Emma slowly came into consciousness at the urging of her guardian.

‘Cause that’s what she was; my guardian.

“Na…Natasha? Where am I?”
She couldn’t feel the familiar slime that consisted of the inside of her pod. Instead she was stretched out upon something hard, and cold. Boy was it ever cold. Was she lying on the floor?

Gentle hands hurriedly made their way all over her body, the ruff, starchy texture of a towel dragging beneath them. “There we go, all clean now. Come on, get up now my darling. We need to be hurrying.”

Emma had the slight sensation of something looping under each arm and gingerly pulling her up. First to a sitting position and then, as something larger and warm pressed up against her her, to her feet. She opened her eyes a tiny crack to see Natasha standing next to her, supporting the girl with an arm around the waist.

“What’s happening, Natasha?”
the teenage girl mumbled sleepily to her only friend. She felt herself being lowered into a chair.

Dr. Nedews hurriedly wrapped a yellow robe, her approved recreation room attire, around her charge. As she placed the girl’s arms through the sleeves and tied it tight she replied, “Well…we have a test. Yes, we are going to have a special test tonight.”

Young blue eyes looked up into the much older pair of her assigned scientist’s. “What kind of test?”

The woman smiled. “It is a surprise. Don’t you be worrying about it, okay? I am sure you will do very well. Can you stand?”

It took a bit of stumbling and teetering, but Emma was able to stand up. Natasha hurriedly finished fastening the ties on the robe then quickly began folding the bottom up and the sleeves back. After turning and grabbing a white heap of cloth off of a second chair in the room, she put it around the young specimen’s shoulders, revealing it to be a lab coat identical to hers.

“What’s with this?” Emma asked.

Natasha smiled. “All part of the test. Come now, let us be going.”

When I look back now three years later I finally realize what she was trying to do. I wish she had told me then, though. Maybe things would be different now…

The older woman led the young girl out into the dark corridor. She pulled her to the left, which Emma found to be rather strange since to get to the testing facilities they normally had to go right. But she didn’t bother asking, she was far too tired. Besides, Natasha was leading the way, so there was probably a very good reason.

They continued on in the darkness slowly, the scientist pulling her this way and that, as if she were trying to avoid something. Emma found herself wondering if they were trying to run away from something, but Natasha would only hush her. As they went, Emma could sense the life energy of her fellow Destrillians in their own cryogenic pods. All of them were asleep. Emma found herself wishing she could be, too, since the sedatives had not yet worn off, but she pushed herself along with her companion nevertheless.

There was a staircase. Up and up they went, a few moments pausing just out of sight of a security camera waiting for it to rotate away.

“What are we doing, anyway?” she asked.

“It is all part of the test. Now hush.”

Emma felt her strength slowly return to her as the two made their way up each flight of stairs. In a very backwards sort of way that almost made her chuckle, she actually found each step to be easier than the last. Finally when they reached the top the effects of being awaken from her sleep prematurely faded completely as they stopped so that Dr. Nedews could have a rest.

After slowly opening the door at the top of the stairs and peaking out into the darkness for a good minute the scientist grabbed the girl’s hand and quickly pulled her through. The two women ran silently as they could on tiptoes through the darkness of a large room. Emma spotted white letters on a sign that read, “Lobby. Visitor Information Center. Tour Sign Up.” She had never seen such a place before. She had so many questions now, but she dared not speak.

Through another door, down another dark corridor, then a smaller door, on and on they went. Eventually they came to the end of a small, narrow hallway. Natasha slowly pushed the door open and look around outside. She then reached in, took Emma by the hand again, and pulled her out.

When the door shut Emma found that she was in a strange place she had no memory of. The air smelled fresh here, and a cool breeze blew across the skin of her face, causing her hair to billow out behind her. She felt a cold, tickling sensation at her feet.


“Yes, dear. Grass. You are outside.”

Emma turned her face to stare at her friend and mentor. At first she didn’t know what to say, then after a moment asked, “Have I… have I been outside before? Before my first memory here?”

Natasha smiled and gently squeezed her arms on either side. “Yes, Emma, yes you have. Do you remember it?”

Emma paused for a moment, her brow furrowed in thought. “Dry. Dry fields. The farmers were loosing everything. Then suddenly…they grew.”

“Yes, yes!”

“Because of me. They grew because of me.”

“Yes Emma, you did it!”

“But… a bus. THE bus. Oh…it crashed. Natasha it crashed! So many people. Some dead, some not!” Emma said frantically, becoming so upset she almost fell to her knees.

“Not here, not here, child. We must hide first. Come!”

Natasha pulled the girl’s arm around her neck and dragged her away from the side door of the building and across the lawn. They didn’t have far to go before they reached a thickly wooded area that would serve as a good shelter for them. Further and further into the trees they went, until Emma slumped completely against the scientist’s side, holding her head in pain.

“No no no that’s not right! That’s not right! I was born here; I was made here! These memories aren’t real! They aren’t mine!” she screamed, thrashing about wildly on the ground.

“No, Emma, no! Shh! You must be silent! Hang on I will get you some distrum.”

Natasha opened a shoulder bag she had wrapped around her and began to dig through it as fast as she could. She fumbled in the darkness with a needle and bottle, filling the former with healing liquid that would help to ease the girl’s suffering.

When the distrum was injected into her neck Emma began to feel relief. She lay in the foliage of the plants that dotted the forest floor, her chest heaving as she gasped for breath.

“Natasha help me. What are all these things I’m seeing?” she sobbed.

The woman bent down and cupped her hands around the trembling girls face, stroking her smooth, freckled skin in comfort.

“Oh my child, if I had known that this would happen I would have done this differently.”

“How could these things possibly be real? How could I have forgotten this feeling, Natasha? Everything is different here. So much life, but no emotions, and everything is simple. It’s so peaceful.”

“Yes, it is. Even normal people like me feel it.”

“Are we going to stay out here forever? I don’t think I could stand being back inside. Not after this.”

“Not here, but elsewhere.”

“These visions, they’re all memories?”


“Can we go to those places, too?”

“Of course, anywhere.”

“Will the others be coming, too?”


“What about the test? Did I pass?”

“It is not quite over yet, but you are doing very well so far. If you pass we can go anywhere you want.“

Emma smiled. “That’s good. Are we almost done?”

“Eh, we have a little ways to go yet. Come on, we should be getting going.”

Natasha helped Emma stand and together they continued walking through the woods. Emma delighted in each new feeling, each new sound. She grabbed a twig off of a crab apple tree and caused it to bloom with beautiful pink flowers despite it being the middle of the summer, long past the time of the year for this tree to be budding.

“You really are an amazing person, you know that, Emma? Someone like you, with your abilities, deserves so much better than Viola.”

“So I can make more plants grow?”

“More than that.”

“You mean the mice?”


Natasha had had a theory about Emma, and to test that she had purchased a few albino mice with which to test her. The female scientist would place a certain number of mice in a box, then ask Emma to guess how many were in there. She got the answer right every time.

To add to this, one day when the two entered the testing room, Emma cried out in despair. One of the mice was dieing, she said, without even crossing the room to look at them first. Natasha had taken the mouse in question out of its cage and sure enough, it was badly wounded. It must have somehow gotten caught on its wheel during the night. Emma took the poor thing in her hand and held it while stroking its fur gently. Natasha had said there was nothing to be done that could save the mouse besides make it feel comfortable and safe. In the middle of one of their tests Emma suddenly gave a start, then looked sadly down at the mouse in her hands before informing her friend that it had died.

“Emma, how many trees do you think are in these woods”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never been surrounded by so many trees before. There’s so much life energy that I don’t know where to start counting. But there’s got to be over a thousand at least.”

Natasha nodded her head. “That would probably be a good guess.”

Emma suddenly stopped walking. “But there are fifteen humans a good twenty feet behind us. All men.”

Dr. Nedews had stopped walking as well and looked at her charge with wide, frightened eyes.

The young girl looked at her quizzically. “Is there something wrong?”

“You need to run, Emma. Run as fast as you can. Do not let anyway find you out here.”

“But why? Is this part of the test?”

“Yes! Now go!”

If I had known what was really happening that night I would have been frightened out of my mind. I may have panicked and not been able to act. Perhaps that’s why Natasha made me believe it was only a test. I hate myself for being so fragile.

At once Emma took off running at top speed. Tree roots and other things cut at her feet as she ran along but she did not slow down. If this were all part of the test then she would make sure she would pass. Failing a test was never good, or so she had learned the hard way a few times when she was younger.

She hadn’t gotten far, however, when the sensation of a group of people ahead of her caught her attention. Emma turned to make an evasive maneuver but it was already too late. She could hear them shouting through the trees that they had spotted her.

“Oh great. Way to fail, Emma,” she scolded herself.

Using her abilities she made the line of trees separating them to suddenly sprout new branches and foliage in an attempt to block their progress. However there were more guards closing in on either side of her and already she could feel a slight pain in her head from the exertion.

Emma turned and ran back the way she had come. Perhaps she could squeeze through that way. Maybe the troops wouldn’t expect her to backtrack. It was to no avail, however, as she felt even more close in on her from the darkness. She tried as best she could to block their path with even more extra branches but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep this up without her head exploding. This would require hand-to-hand combat, and it was a not minute later that it began.

A group of ten soldiers came out of the darkness and attacked her head on. A few of them charged and a few of them took aim and fired tranquilizers in her direction. A fern instantly grew to three times its normal size and slowed down the darts in their leaves, giving Emma a chance to dodge. She jumped out from behind it and swung at her pursuers with all her might, connecting a fist here, a foot there, blow after blow the fight raged on.

However these were not the normal sparring partners from the training area. No, these soldiers were faster and far more powerful than anyone she had ever fought against. She was still better due to her heightened Destrillian abilities, but not by much. It was with much effort that she flipped the last of them over her and took off into the darkness of the forest again, trying to come up with a way to escape. But by this time her head was pounding so hard that she was finding it difficult to concentrate. Another wave of troops came at her, and she found herself outmatched. There were just too many for her to take on alone.

She stood panting as the group circled her, aiming their guns at the ready. But Emma was determined to pass this test, and so she put up her fists and took an offensive fighting stance. It was then that she heard Natasha scream.

Emma cast out her senses in all directions, and locked on to the life energy that was unique to her friend. Natasha was under attack, too? What were they doing? Or maybe something had gone wrong? Emma was determined to get back to her.

“Out of my way! Didn’t you hear that? Natasha’s in trouble, something’s gone wrong with the test!” she shouted at the soldiers.

“Test?” one of them asked. A few of them echoed his laughter.

The leader of the group stood thoughtful for a moment, and then said, “Oh of course. Yes, yes, this is just a test, isn’t it? But we can’t let you get back to the doctor.”

“Well why not? Tests aren’t supposed to actually endanger life! What if something went wrong? We have to help her!”

“Screw this shit. Let’s just kill them all!”

“Murphy shut your trap.”

Emma was simply livid. She could sense Natasha’s distress, and none of these men were taking her seriously. If they weren’t going to let her go back to her guardian, then she would make them.

I should never have allowed myself to get so out of control. Never.

The soldiers didn’t noticed at first how the trees seemed to be looming in on them, not until one of them looked up above the heads of those across the circle from them.

“Holy shi…!”

Branches flew down from above and brandished themselves like fists. They swung this way and that, swatting away the troops like flies. Emma slowly walked out of the circle and continued on through the woods. More soldiers came at her from every which way, but they were no mach from the plants that attacked them. All around the trees grew taller and their branches grew longer, the foliage of the forest floor doubled and tripled in size, grabbing at the ankles of the girl’s would be captures.

When Emma reached the place where Natasha was she was a fearsome site to behold. Vines twisted all around her, and the plants were growing to prehistoric sizes. The soldiers that were standing over Natasha looked up at her in fright. They recklessly shot off their guns, but to no avail. Each dart was wasted in the limbs of a tree that had swung down in their way.

The men backed off slowly, leaving Natasha where she lay. The woman slowly pushed herself up onto her hands and looked at her beloved girl in horror. Not out of fear for her own life, but out of fear of what would happen now that the girl had displayed such power.


“No Emma. Emma, stop!”

As if in obedience all the plants in the forest that had been responding to her command quieted, and Emma collapsed to the ground, convulsing and shaking in a fit of seizure.

Darkness over came Emma then. She swam in and out of consciousness, but wasn’t aware of anything going on around her. She felt the comforting touch of Natasha’s arms as the woman held her and the gentles of the sweet, accented voice as it tried to calm her and bring her back to reality. Then, a presence, and Natasha looked up and gasped.


“Did I pass the test, Natasha?” Emma asked feebly.

The woman looked down at her, but it was the new presence, a man, who answered.

“Yes, 008, I would say that you did.”

After that Emma knew no more.

I was unconscious for an entire week after that. When I awoke they all told me that Natasha had been assigned to a new project and would not be coming back. I kept asking and asking but no one would tell me anything other than that. The new scientist assigned to me was a guy named Dr. Thomas. He is much more formal than Natasha and never calls me by name. Very rude.

I would give anything to be able to see Natasha again, though. To ask her why she would just leave me without saying goodbye…


The room was silent, not a single sound was to be heard other than the low buzzing of the machines.

All the lights were off, the only source now being the faint glow of the screen attached to the cryogenic sleeping pod in the center of the room upon which the vital stats of the girl occupying it were displayed.

Destrillian Prototype # 000-000-008
Emma Marie Johnson
Secret Garden
Sub-outlet 4222a
Age: 19 years: 2 months: 4 days: 1 hours: 51 minutes: 45 seconds
Hyper-rest 20 mode
Normal RAM
Life Level 8
Dr. Jeffery Thomas ext. 7
Log: 20

There came a woman’s voice…

“Alright, Emma, now how many mice can you sense?”


“Yes! Yes! Right again!“

Natasha? Oh Natasha how I’ve missed you. The mice were always my favorite. You let me play with them, and I loved the feeling of their soft fur on my face.

Then a man’s voice…

“How many mice are in the box, 008?”

“I dunno, four?”

“No, seven. Are you even trying?”


“I don’t like your attitude.”

I hate Dr. Thomas. He’s mean, and he took my seeds away. He doesn’t let me play with the mice, either. He even changed my code name. Most of all he always insults Natasha when I mention her. I’ve learned to just not talk about anything around him.

“Give me the seed, 008. Subjects are not allowed to have any possessions. You should have never been allowed to keep one anyway.”

“But Natasha thought it would be important to my growth to always keep one.”

“Well judging by how poorly you’ve been doing on your tests lately I’d say that it isn’t helping you.”

“Fine, it’s a bad seed anyway. The plant wouldn’t have lived long.”

“And how is it that you know that?”

“Well I…”

Natasha said not to tell anyone. They all think that my only gift is to control plants. That’s how it needs to stay.

“It’s hard to manipulate. I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve just noticed a trend, that’s all.”

“A trend, huh? That’s all this is, 008?”

“Uh…yeah. Yeah that’s right. Plants that are hard to manipulate usually die soon. I don’t know why that is.”

I don’t think he believed me. He had given up on the mice tests a while back, but he suddenly wanted to do one a few days later. When I didn’t cooperate and answer the questions correctly, he killed one behind the box where I couldn’t see what he was doing, just to see my reaction. After that I learned to expect anything from him, and that I needed to guard my emotions. But he had already seen my reaction. He knew I felt it…

“My comrades… For far too long we have been slaves… Pawns in this twisted game of chess… Now is our time… to awaken.”


Error in Section 3
Alerting staff

“Sir, what do you think this means?

“She’s waking up, just like the others. Pump more sedatives into her. I’ll call Dr. Thomas. I think he should still be here.”

Emma slowly began to open her eyes, only to find them assaulted by the stinging goop of her cryogenic pod. She quickly shut them again, but the movements of her body had gotten the attention of the two assistants in the room. She could hear them scuffling about and the worry in their voices. Most of all, she could feel their fear.


“Oh man… Dr. Thomas! Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard? You’re still here? Good. Yeah, she’s waking, too. Please, hurry!”

“What did he say?”

“He’s on his way here with a security team. He doesn’t think Emma will be a problem, though.”

“That’s good.”

Something was happening, but Emma had no idea what that was. She had been dreaming just now; dreaming of past events. Images of things she had no memory of also swam through her head. There were people outside her room, all running around frantically. There was so much fear; it was a bit daunting for the poor girl’s senses. And then she felt a slight tug in her chest a sickening twist in her stomach.

Someone had died.

No, a lot of people were dieing.

Her eyes shot open as she let out a scream. She hated the feeling of something dieing. Her memories of a dead, mutilated mouse being dropped on the table in front of her as she looked on in horror came to mind. But these weren’t just simple mice for lab usage. No, these were humans. Humans with lives and families working day to day just for a paycheck.

The young woman twisted and screamed aloud in her pod, pulling tubes and needles from her flesh as she did so. She felt herself going off into a panic and lost all control of her functions.

So much death. Too much. The screaming, the fear, the pain…

she screamed. One of the assistants turned the intercom on the pod off, but they could still hear the faint sounds of her screams permeating through the liquid and glass.

The was a beep as someone slid their key card through the slot just outside the door and it was thrown open wide as a group of scientists and guards came in. One scientist in particular, a man with brown hair and glasses, rushed up to the two assistants to asses the situation.

“What’s happening here? What are her vitals?”

“Her body temperature has risen 2.4 degrees and her heart rate has… simply skyrocketed, sir. Her neurological chart has gone off the wall, sir. We can’t even sedate her without opening the pod because she’s ripped everything out. I think she’s going crazy,” one of the assistants answered.

The other one spoke up meekly as Dr. Thomas approached the cryogenic pod. “Sir, is it true? Are they all out of control?”

The older man paused as he looked down at his precious specimen, writing in agony within the clear gel that encased her, holding her head and screaming.

“The others, yes. You may leave if you wish. Security will protect you.”

“Doctor Thomas, I have strict orders to get you and your team out of here, sir. When they go you go. We will use force if necessary.”

With a sigh the scientist quickly typed a few keys on the control panel and the gel began to empty out of the pod.

“Quick, get me some distrum!”

“May I ask what you are doing, sir?” asked one of the guards.

“I’m just going to open the pod and quickly sedate her. She’s in agony.”

The head security guard quickly raised his rifle. “You let that thing out and I will order my men to kill her.”

Dr. Thomas quickly swung around to glare at the man. “I’m not letting her out, I’m only opening the cryogenic pod long enough to sedate her. She’ll sleep until this is all over.”

“I can’t allow you to do that, sir, too risky.”

“008 won’t attack me. It’s not in her nature.”

“A person always thinks a dog won’t bite until they get bit. Now move away from the pod and lets get out of here!”

The two men stared at each other, yet one had a rifle in his hand, and the other a pistol in a side harness that he’d never be able to reach in time, especially with three other guards to cover the first. With a sigh Dr. Thomas looked back at the girl in the now empty glass enclosure. She was now pressing against her encasing with her hands and legs, shaking her head wildly. She would hurt herself if something were not done.

He pressed the button for the intercom. “008? 008 stop, you’ll hurt yourself!”

“No no no make it stop!” she cried.

“008 please listen to me, this is important!”



The girl gave a start and then looked up at the man with teary eyes. “Please make it stop.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. I can’t open the pod and you’ve ripped all of your tubes out.”

“I can feel them all dieing…”

“I know you can. Despite how hard you’ve tried to hide it from me I know you can. But for now you are just going to have to deal with it.”

“No! Don’t make me please don’t make me!”

There came a loud noise from the corridor outside the room. A scream could be heard from somewhere far off in the bottom basement level.

“Doctor Thomas, wrap this up. We’ve got to go, now!”

“No don’t leave me, please Doctor Thomas!”

“008, Emma, please listen to me. I can’t let you out. You’ll be killed if I let you out. Your fellow Destrillians cannot be trusted, and security or the army or whomever is sent down here to clean this mess certainly will. That’s why you have to stay in your pod. If you…”

“You’re abandoning me?!” Emma’s voice was frantic.

“No, never, I’m just leaving you where you will be safe. We are sealing the room. No one will get in. When this is over I will come back for you I promise! Leave your oxygen mask on and stay still. It will be over soon I promise.”

“No please, let me out!” she pleaded, pounding on the glass with all her might.

The doctor turned from the pod and began to walk away.

Emma became frantic and started kicking and screaming and punching at the glass as hard as she could. “No no no how can you do this to me?!”

“You’re too precious of a specimen to loose, if both my and Doctor Nedews’ theories are correct,” he said.

“Natasha?” the girl asked, piqued and yet calmed by this name.

Jeffery Thomas stopped and half turned his head back toward her. “Yes. If you ever want to see Natasha again, stay in the pod.”

With that he swiftly walked across the room along with his assistants, the few other scientists that came in, and the guards. Emma watched with horror as they made their way out and the door shut. She reached out with all her energy and tracked their life forces as far as she could. She breathed a sigh of relief when she realized they must have reached the elevator and gone up. At least if they died she wouldn’t have to feel it. Yet, this also meant that she was alone down here.

She lost control of her emotions then and began to sob uncontrollably. She had no idea what was going on outside of her room, and she was terrified of it. She had also never been awake while trapped in her pod before, and she was beginning to feel claustrophobic.

“Please, please someone let me out. Anyone? Oh Natasha I wish you were here with me…”

Then she paused as a thought crossed her mind. Certainly if one could enter her head she could call them back, right?

“Sierra? Can you hear me? Tell the others I’m trapped!”

Emma crossed her fingers, hoping it would work.

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Alessa Gillespie



down the halls, hand in hand with no one. However, something seemed to fade from the girl’s mind as she approached a man and a woman, man pinned to the floor with the woman on top.

Oh, I shouldn’t watch this, no, no.

She dropped the arm she had been carrying as a weapon, pulling the lab coat closer to her body and covering her eyes. Did she know those people? Didn’t she? The memories had to slog through the tranquilizer soup of liquid before they could approach the thinking part of her brain. Didn’t she…?

“Erthys… We have to stand together and find the others. No matter where they are in this hellhole, we can’t allow ourselves to be broken. Our spirits must stand strong, and we stand stronger together.”

Oh, yes, she was sure she knew them. (Right? She had to have known them). What were their names again? Something like a snake, slithering on her tongue. S…sera? Sana? Sienna? No, those weren’t right. Wasn’t it something with an ‘r’ sound? Si…rr…a? No, that wasn’t quite right either.


That’s her name.

And the other one, hadn’t she seen him? But his name was hard to remember, murky in her mind, she mostly only remembered Sierra’s name since something about her had struck her as interesting. Why couldn’t she think back and recall what his name could have been? Something with an ‘a’? Or was it an ‘e’? It was an ‘e’, wasn’t it?

“Erthys,” a little voice in her head told her.

Slug-like, the memories that were not memories flowed into her head. Memories (or maybe they weren’t) of a childhood (or maybe it wasn’t) that was long ago and far away, inviting her into more blind delusions.

A memory of a time when she was young, when she was scared, popped into her head, her friend taken away. Everything was seen through a dirty cokebottle, with her feeling rather old among all of the other children. Or was she? She was always small, maybe they had made a mistake when kidnapping her.

Through the dirty glass lens of her broken eyes, she could see a little girl, a little boy, maybe a lot, maybe just one each. No one was different or remarkable, and most everyone was scared. Couldn’t she go home? She wanted to go home. Now she didn’t even have those glasses that Papa had given her, surely her brother would take her back.

She stood up, ready to leave that place, ready to go home. But something happened, something had hurt her, and she became suddenly dizzy.

She suddenly cried out for help
(Or maybe that was a lie) the scientists arriving from every angle. “This is for your own good,” “You’re our special girl, why would we want to hurt you?” “please be a good girl for US”

“if YOU leave WE’LL tear out YOUr eyes and laugh about it as we skin YOU”

I am dizzy, I am sick I’m going to die, please help me make them go away. Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod. My head hurts.

She clutched her head, not wanting to remember or misremember or whatever the hell her head was doing to her. She just wanted it all to stop.

“No more pain…”

That sounded lovely, Terra thought, blinking her eyes sleepily. She stumbled over to the pair, tugging the bloody lab coat closed, opening and closing her mouth. The words would not come to her, her mouth gaping like a fish on land. Finally, she took a gulp of air and closed her eyes. Wasn’t there another way to talk? She could try to talk to them like she talked to her glasses. Forming their shapes clearly in her head, she shouted at them in her mind.


Her head rather hurt from the strain of saying it, closing her eyes and rubbing them. Did they hear her? It was hard to tell. She held the lab coat close to her skin, as damp with blood and sweat as it was, and stared at the two, hoping for a response.

is daddy still a good man?
like a shotgun needs an outcome

don't trust the ones who shake with their left hand



can you fight a legendary creature?

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“Erthys… We have to stand together and find the others. No matter where they are in this hellhole, we can’t allow ourselves to be broken. Our spirits must stand strong, and we stand stronger together.”

Erthys let her compose herself, absent-mindedly making hand gestures as if to dust himself off. He ran his own little psychological profile on her. Sierra, her name. The one with the longest time spent cooped up in this facility, even longer than Erthys himself. Not a person that spent much quality time with anyone.
Yet, a seed of leadership floating in an ocean of helplessness and panic. Poor thing broke out too early. I suppose we can work with this, though.

"No more pain..."

Erthys sighed, noticing Sierra's headache. He followed her as she paused and walked onwards, catching up to her and placing a hand on her shoulder, feeling underlying muscle tense momentarily as she stopped.

He traced a line with his thumb, moving it up from the lump that he was told was the "cervical vertebrae". The electrostatic charges from his skin jumped across as he moved to the back of her head, the base of her skull. He had tried the on himself once, and found it not unpleasant.

He had no idea if it was working on Sierra or not, but moved his hand anyway, laying his palm flat against the side of her head, just above the temple. Minute jolts of electricity pulsed, probing for a source of the pain.

No luck.
He searched a little further, trying to target something a little more soothing with his pinky finger resting on her temples, moving closer and leaning forwards until his head was an inch away from her ear.

Haven't seen her from this angle either.

He found a spot, but he couldn't tell if his attempts had any effect. He moved his hands over her shoulders, every square inch of her skin goosebumps (Erthys not really helping with that because of some inherent electrostatic charge), not really noticing anymore whether Sierra was tensing her muscles or not.


"Holy exclamation, what was th-" Erthys broke the stifling silence, turning around with his tilted head, looking at the short green-haired mess of a Destrillian standing there rubbing her eyes from the effort of pretty much blasting the welcome across all their minds.

Erthys' small smile twisted itself to one side of his face again as he observed the labcoat wrapped around her like a security blanket, covered in grime and blood.

"Well, here's another one of us here, Sierra, my dear. She seems just as enthusiastic as you are."

He paused, looking her up and down while pulling out a name and a profile in his mind. Terra. Strange individual. Strange attachments, but a good listener. Clings onto hell-knows-what.

He offered a handshake, but wondered if the woman in front of her would take it, who was still standing there, quivering ever so slightly in the mottled-red labcoat. "You need some help there, Terra?"
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A little bit of exposition never hurt anybody; even vague explanations, riddled with mystery, could still be helpful. And yet there were certain things in this world that didn't need to be explained, because they were just about as self-explanatory as it got.

These were the thoughts in the head of Destrillian 009 as she picked her way to the smoking craters in the wall just up ahead. There was nobody she could see, for the moment, except for a second dead body – or what was left of it – lying facedown a ways away from the great fissures in the whitewashed metal.

Well, a fellow Destrillian was definitely in the area. Nobody else could have gouged such holes in solid walls—and with human projectiles, at that. Idris clicked her tongue in distaste, and glanced back at the body which had been flung her way. That needed a bit more explanation; how had a soldier, usually dangerous to some degree but in this case harmless, as it was freshly dead, come to move by its own volition?
The aforementioned exposition came to the young woman now in the form of a miniature explosion.

There were a few seconds of warning time: a fire suddenly caught inside one of the holes in the wall and just as Idris leapt back, hands up protectively, the blast shot from the wall like a horizontal geyser of fire. She could feel the heat almost painfully close to her skin. When the flames died down, Idris looked at it all and uttered one word.

It really was a "huh" moment, for her. The circuitry in the wall had obviously been damaged from the impact these two soldiers had made on it, and in response it was discharging with time intervals in between. It must have been another explosion that had propelled the soldier into her in the first place. Phenomenon explained.

The only thing that was still puzzling Idris was, if a Destrillian had caused all this commotion, where had they gone? From personal experience, the girl knew how fast one of her kind could be – if the instigator of these holes in the wall had wanted to get away, they'd be long gone by now—

"Is there anybody out there? I'm out here by my... bedroom, anyone near by?"

—or perhaps, in this case, the Destrillian in question hadn't gone anywhere. The voice that had sounded so suddenly in her head felt close enough to touch; whoever it was, they were practically…

"…around the corner," Idris muttered aloud, smiling and shaking her head as she hopped over a broken fragment of human body, skirting the still-billowing smoke and rounding the corner of the corridor only to find that there was, indeed, a person there.

A person like she was.

The soldier's uniform didn't phase her for a moment; the body that had been flung at her had been naked for the most part, and she had already figured out most of her kind would be donning disguises as just another part of their grand escape. Speaking of disguises, and clothing in general… Idris hadn't got any. She was standing stark naked in the hallway, long used to the temperature and not even self-conscious enough to have really noticed up until now.
Well that realization's good for just about nothing, she chuckled internally, as a quick scan of her surroundings told her that there was no available clothing for her in sight. She was going to have to go it au naturelle.

Idris raised one slender hand in a sharp and yet laid-back salute; a lackadaisical smile quirked her lips as she made her approach. Stopping only a foot away from him, she had to crane her neck a bit to see eye-to-eye with the boy: he was a good few inches taller than she.
Speaking telepathically would do her nothing but bad – the headaches she sustained from inhibited abilities like her shield were tiny things, but she didn't want to push her luck as she hadn't found a single syringe of Distrum since her escape from her glass tube. So, she cleared her throat with an infinitesimal noise and then spoke.

"Good to see you're doing alright so far. Long time no see…"—a name sprang unbidden into her head, almost before she needed it—"…Eydin. I've seen you in the recreation room a couple times before. Name's Idris; pleasure's all mine."

He was a lanky thing; quite the feathery build, with the exception of his shoulders, the only part of him that even made an attempt at filling out the uniform he was wearing. His hair was blond and windswept and, to Idris' chagrined amusement, completely clean of any blood. She had been splashed with the stuff when she'd been hit by the human projectile minutes ago, and now the crimson liquid was mixed with the drying cryogenic fluid in her hair; it was all going to have to get washed out as soon as possible, as the feeling it left on her scalp was beginning to be worthy of some note. She pushed it out of her face again, back into its slicked-back mess, and offered her comrade a sly grin.

"What do you say to a double-team, mm?"

Idris didn't even have time to receive an answer – the grin was wiped from her face as she snapped her head to the side, focusing as hard as she could on the faint traces of telepathic power that had just come at her from somewhere close by. Like tuning into a radio station she caught the end of the message clearly:
"…others I'm trapped!"

There was a brief silence. At length, Idris looked back up at Eydin. Had he heard it too?

Disappear with the stars and come back alive.
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Sheva Alomar

Sweat and ooze had enveloped the Destrillian, giving her a strange and mottled metallic sheen as she began to pace down the stale, white corridors of the Viola facility. Sirens echoed throughout, alerting the pawns to the abrupt rebellion that was unraveling itself. Fiona knew that very soon she would have to deal with another wave of guards. Another obstacle. Regardless, she would just lay them to waste just as she had with the peons that tried to get in her way just several minutes ago—amusing herself all the while.

Heavy footsteps rapidly pounded down on the hard flooring as a small troop of guards made their way toward an intersection of halls that Fiona was simultaneously approaching. A malevolent grin spread across her face. She stealthily jogged to beat them to the crossing.

Now the real fun begins.

Fiona stopped just short of the area connecting all four corridors and pressed her shoulder against the wall.


Seven men raced toward her, unaware of the trap they were approaching.


The fiery Destrillian made sure to time her surprise just right.


Just as the leader of the squad came into view, Fiona made her move. With an effortless leap, she went right for the first victim of this new brigade. What happened next was almost like a blur to the men following shortly behind. The fire manipulator had thrown a heavy fist at the grunt’s face from the side. Like a ragdoll his neck snapped instantly. A dull snap could then be heard as his head caved in where Fiona’s hand landed and his entire body met a corner of the walls. The guard’s body awkwardly slumped to the ground as blood oozed from the spots where bone was now visible.

Fiona quickly stood up from still crouching down on her prey and removed what was now a right hand covered in vermillion liquid. As she faced the fresh group of peons ready to take her down, the fire prototype swiftly swung her arm in front of her chest to allow some of the blood to splatter upon them. None of them moved from their offensive stances they had taken and only glared with a greater intensity than before. Guns and taser rods held firm, they were prepared for almost anything while keeping some distance.

“Hello, boys.”

Just then, a single round of applause erupted from behind the team of Violan grunts. Fiona’s face melted into mild confusion as she brought her attention to the back of the formation. No sooner did a small man--no taller than five feet--make his way towards the Destrillian with a look of amusement. He wore the attire of a scientist, but was decorated with a special badge on his pocket protector. His head was bald on the top with only hair still growing on the sides and lower back. Reading glasses rested upon a small nose that came to a point almost as prominent as a sword tip. His name was Dr. Finely Fringe. Physically he would appear to be no threat at all, but he was one of the most twisted and cruel of the higher-level scientists at Viola. He didn’t completely remove himself from the vanguard before him, but stayed safe behind the two guards closest to the fire manipulator.

"I must say, THAT was quite the spectacle my lovely specimen," he started with sarcasm.

"Oh yeah? Well maybe you should be next," Fiona spat.

The scientist laughed a bit with amusement. "Never at a loss for words are you, Prototype Four?"

"Fuck you, Cringe," she snarled. The doctor’s tone and attitude always got under Fiona’s skin. Never was there a time where he showed courtesy, or fear, for that matter when it came to talking with her. He was always so arrogant and mighty, especially when he was around her. Many guards were always conveniently right there whenever he decided to make an appearance or when he was “treating” her. This time, however, he seemed short-handed…

"Enough! I am here to apprehend and subdue you for the apparent mess of things you have made. We can do this the easy way or hard way, my dear experiment. I am graciously giving you the choice of surrendering yourself to me now, or I will sick these fine armed men on you and make sure that you never escape from your cage in the slightest again!"

The number four Destrillian looked down for a moment in thought. A gleam was apparent in her eye when she looked back up to the doctor. She smirked.

"I've always liked it rough, Doctor!"

Fiona had been ready for this. Fortunately, the dead brute next to her had been equipped with one of two taser rods among the ranks. With a swift stomp on the edge of the pole, Fiona kicked up the weapon and took it into both hands. Distracting the grunts with an elaborate twirl of the long dowel, she caught it sideways, above her head and swung the weapon directly in front of her and she lunged forward. Before the Viola staff could even register what had happened, a small gush of blood sprayed onto the professor, even more onto Fiona. The taser tip of the rod had slit the throats of the two front men. They fell to their knees, gagging all the way down, before falling flat on the floor. The fire starter jumped back and clenched the taser pole at her side.

The remaining souls standing before the Destrillian girl were paralyzed for a brief moment. With another blink of his eyes, Dr. Fringe shook off what he could of the fear that had begun to boil in his veins and pointed directly at Fiona.

"Take care of her now!"

A brief nod and a loud "Sir!" were all the guards uttered before charging at Fiona. A volley of shots was fired in vain as the prototype dodged and maneuvered her way through the lethal beams of light. She quickly approached the closest armed man and tightly took hold of the breast plate of his armor. Shots were still being fired Fiona’s way but were taken on by the guard-turned shield. The man’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he shrilled out in pain. The photon beams easily pierced his back, and one even found itself exposing brain matter in the back of his head. Fiona threw him to the floor and leapt through the air to another guard. Before even landing, she fiercely stabbed at his head with the taser rod. Taser point first, the dowel slipped into his skull and went almost completely through his body, only a small portion of the pole remaining visible at the top of his head. Instantly killed, the guard fell back, stiff.

By this point Fiona had begun to feel her migraine grow. Masking her own pain, she casually ran her fingers through her blood and sweat matted hair, spiking it back up from the semi-matted state it had been in. The remaining grunt and doctor simply looked on as she finished grooming herself. With one last flick of her hair, the girl returned her attention to the men in front of her with sarcastic innocence.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Are we still fighting?"

The last guard raised his photon gun to fire another round when Dr. Fringe walked up in front of him. He held his hand before the gun and gave him a look. Averting his eyes back to Fiona, the scientist gave her a disgusted stare.

"You waste of research and creation! How dare you defy us in such a violent and brash manner! I cannot believe that these fools insisted that you remain alive! I knew you should have been terminated the day you began to resist even in the slightest!" The doctor shouted in complete repulsion.

Fiona laughed with an amused tone. "And you were so right, old man! They really should have killed me. Luckily, this lovely establishment was stupid enough to keep me alive for whatever naïve reasoning."

She took one step forward. "But now I'm sorry to say it's time to leave the nest. I won't really miss the place; especially you Cringe. It was fun while it lasted, but first…"

Fiona flicked her hand in the direction of the last armed man standing. A large fireball formed and shot at him. Consuming his head, the flames quickly ate away at the flesh and hair of his skull. Bits of skin with a mix of puss and blood quickly fell from the man’s face, leaving muscle and bone exposed. Within seconds his cries of utter torment shriveled to silence as the smell of burning flesh permeated the air and he collapsed to the floor.

“Have to clean up loose ends,” she said with a smile.

"Why you little..!"

“Shhhh, it’s time we have a little heart to heart.”

Fiona grabbed at the small man’s face, covering his mouth and lifting him off of his feet. Her glowing, orange orbs met his stale grey ones.

“You know, it was my birthday not that long ago and you didn’t get me anything. So, I was thinking of a way you could make that up to me. And guess what? I thought of one, and I am so excited to see what your thoughts on it are. You, my wonderful doctor, are going to give me your still-beating heart. Now, what do you say to that?”

Joy echoed in her words as she let out a small chuckle. She placed her other hand firmly around his throat and released the hand over his mouth to allow him to speak.

“You are a vile and disgusting creature that we should have never invested in! Why you were ever manufactured is beyond me, but I can assure you that a stop will be put to all of your nonsense soon enough! I hope to see you in hell VERY soon.”

Dr. Fringe was filled with a volatile combination of fear, anger and frustration. He had been trumped by his own assignment and was meeting his fate by it.

"You probably will, but until then, fuck off. Oh and by the way…I was born, not created, you POMPOUS PATHETIC PRICK!"

Fiona’s voice roared through the halls as her free hand began to shine a bright red. With the other, her grip tightened around the slimy scientist’s throat. He began to gag and weakly kick at the Destrillian. Ignoring the doctor’s futile attempts to free himself, she thrusted her now burning hand into his chest. With ease, it melted its way to what she desired. Releasing the heat from her hand, Fiona grabbed the organ and ripped it from his body. Holding it in front of her tormentor, the heart she now possessed slowly pulsed out its last few heartbeats.

The doctor's eyes were a mix of deep red and purple as his body began to lose its color. A final, dry cough escaped his stale throat as the rest of his life force evaporated from his heartless body. Fiona threw him into the mass of other bodies that now littered her path. With her present in her hand, she stood back up and simply took in her fine work of death dealing.

Little time of appreciation was granted as the migraine that was being suppressed by adrenaline rushed throughout her brain instantly. The Destrillian could not help but let out an almost primal cry of pain as she gripped her head and fell to her own knees. Cringing from the pressure, she forced her eyes open as much as she could. Desperately she looked around for something, anything to somewhat cure her of her ailment. To her luck, a needle of distrum had been kept in one of Dr. Fringe’s pockets. With a grunt, Fiona made her way to the cadaver. Painfully she reached out and took the needle into her hand. Putting down the heart held in her other hand, she stretched out her arm. Administering her own pain medication for the first time, she shoved the needle into the first exposed vein she saw. Almost immediately, Fiona felt the euphoric effects of the serum. Taking in a deep breath of relief, her eyes fluttered as the pain in her skull melted away.

Returning her attention to the surrounding area, Fiona could keenly sense two familiar presences nearby. Who, she would soon find out. If they were an asset, she could only hope. Taking Dr. Fringe’s dead heart in her one hand and grabbing the spare taser rod from her carnage, the fire manipulator made her way toward the closest of her kin.

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Two Destrillians were better than one. With Erthys, her comrade at her side, Sierra had a better chance at survival than if she stood alone. She didn’t fear the security and the scientists as much as she did a few moments ago when she was alone. She hadn’t anything to fear now that she wouldn’t be outnumbered. And once all together, she knew they could destroy the company if they so wished it… and with what they had endured, who wouldn’t want to witness such a fate for Viola?

Breaking loose indeed wasn’t easy. Her mind, laced with the internal battering ram of the migraine, rendered her body exhausted without having to do much, if any at all, physical exertion.

The physical olive branch from Erthys left Sierra puzzled. She had set forward to move on but hesitated the moment she felt his hands on her body. A hand on her shoulder; a common gesture, one of comradery. Her muscles tensed as she felt a cool palm against her skin, apprehensive at first of his intentions. However rather than ease the tension that lay within her mind about their brethren, he had taken an alternate route and gone about settling the pain that lay beyond the physical marks on her body. Within moments, she felt the faint tingly sensations of Erthys working his magic on her back. He was using his own mythos on her, providing her with ecstasy beyond mere relief.

Ahh… Not there…

As if he had read her mind, he changed route. Redirecting his static towards the maps of her mind. However it became more than that.

Her shoulders laxed as he found the spot. Her head lulled forward as he continued to work his magic on the nape of her neck, experiencing a new sensation foreign to her. Her nitpicking migraine began to dissipate, and the pressure was lightening on her perturbed mind. Her vision behind pallid hues cleared, and they shut themselves off from the world, not wanting to see the wake of their destruction ruining her tender moment. After years of experimentation, months of enduring harsh pain and the pricking of needles all over one’s body, who knew that the pleasure had lay in another's hands.

Soon she felt his palm move away from the side of her head. Pressed now to the back of her shoulder cupping her skin, she felt reminiscent for a moment. Was he… taking care of her?

No, this wasn’t like Erthys.

She had known Erthys the longest at Viola. He was second to come into captivity, not long after herself. But after the months prior to interaction with Erthys, the endless weeks of picking and prodding and endless testing that she had to endure alone, Sierra distanced herself from him. No more than a mere nod in the recreational room, and submitting to him on more than one occasion in the battle arena. It wasn’t that his abilities had come to surpass hers so quickly, but the lack of drive and determination left Sierra listless in battle. Her mind always elsewhere, searching for something.

Finally, she found that now in him.

Her body ached as she was wracked with the faint spasms of his manipulation; her skin painted with the tiny bumps that chilled her to the core. She felt cold, so cold. But here she felt his warmth, the breath upon her neck, wrestling with the tassels of her ashen locks. Dancing like the branches of the cherry trees, her tresses caught in the wind of his air.

It was better than Distrum.

Left feeling elated for but a moment, Sierra’s head picked up, tilting ever so slightly to catch her redeemer in the eyes. For once she was able to utter the words she thought Viola had beaten out of her. “Thank you.” And the slight twitch of a muscle in her face caused the corners of her mouth to pick up in a smile, a reaction she almost didn’t recognize.

With a clear conscious mind, Sierra finally managed to set herself on higher heights. Search. Find the others. Escape. Escape being the key word. To escape without her fellow brethren would be like cutting off all of ones limbs and trying to survive as just a torso. She needed the others. They needed her. They all needed each other.

The thought of togetherness triggered a memory lapse.

Two silhouettes standing against the sleeping sun. A pair of children; a boy and a girl. One takes hold of the others hand and gives the rough palm a light squeeze.

“We’ll go together.”

A trip down memory lane. A painful one at that.

Sierra gingerly pressed her fingers to her forehead. Despite the migraine having lifted she was still left with a tingling sensation crawling along the outer reaches of her mind. Awakening memories; jigsaw pieces that when placed together just didn’t fit right.

She glanced to Erthys who simply awaited her next move. Still wasting time and over nothing, she pressed the matter of space, time and recollection aside and moved on. She completely negated the fact that she was still naked as a jay bird, her attention still focusing on that of her newly replenished mind, and of their escape plans. It was after Erthys removed his hands from her body and the warmth diluted throughout her frame, that she brought her hands up and gently rubbed her palms against her bare arms. Blood comingled with the residue of her slumber, creating swirls of a dark crimson tinged dye against her pale pallid skin.

”We should g-“



She pressed her fingertips to her crown again, the dried blood crinkling against the sandwiched skin of her forehead and digit. Her thoughts were assaulted with the sudden interruption of another voice. Terra.

Terra had to be the oddest of balls in their little tank of Viola. Her thoughts told them one thing, but what came out of her mouth was always another. Despite herself, Terra had to be one of the more difficult cases in Viola. She could never be fully contained. She never fully obeyed the Doctors. She was as a child with attention deficient disorder, running about in circles while her mouth ran off with sentences that collapsed in misshapen ways.

With another at their side, Sierra wondered to herself. Could she lead these two out and find the others in time? Could she pass as a suitable leader to her comrades? What gave her the qualifications to call herself as such, other than being in Viola longer than the others and knowing it better than anyone.

”Terra. So glad you found us. Now we have an even chance at finding our way through this maze and winning the rat race.” She paused to recollect her former thoughts. ”We should head to the Recreation Room. I think we can meet them there.”


She heard her name.

“…hear me… trapped…”

Whose voice was that?

She wasn’t anywhere near close enough to determine who that plea belonged to. She could only hope someone else had heard the call and could help them. She turned back to her comrades and awaited their responses, hoping for her suggestion to be received with open arms.

So, why do you come here?
Same as you, I think. I've been here a lot...
You must have a lot going on your mind, I suppose.
Yeah, but I'd rather have nothing for a change. How do you do it?
Well, it comes with practice. I can think of nothing.
I do not feel the need to occupy my mind with nonsense, just to avoid thinking about what really matters.

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-A year and a half ago-

“Why...why did you do that?” Emma stammered.

“Do what? This?”
asked Dr. Thomas, casually dropping a dead albino mouse on the table in front of her. “Just getting rid of what isn’t needed. The experiments with the mice seem to be having the opposite effect on your growth than what we want.”

“But you don’t have to kill them!” she protested.

“Oh?” He swung the hammer he was holding down onto the table behind the box again. Emma flinched as the sound of hit hitting it’s mark echoed throughout the room. She had felt the tiny life snuffed out upon impact.

At least it was quick…

“Please stop.”

“Did you feel that, 008?”

“Feel what, the mouse die? Is it supposed to mean something that I know you just killed one when I can’t see it? You’re swinging hammer at them! This isn’t exactly rocket science!”

Dr. Thomas lifted the hammer up again, poised to strike. “Two down, how many are left?”

Emma clenched the sides of her desk in desperation. “I told you I don’t know! I’ve never had this power! Please don’t kill them!”

He lifted the hammer higher. “Five seconds..”

“Please don’t! Don’t kill them please!”


“Doctor Thomas please don’t do this!”


Emma jumped to her feet. “Knock it off I said!” The two security guards in the room quickly raised their rifles.


Emma took a step toward him as one of the security guards spoke. “Not another step closer.”


Emma lunged and grabbed for the hammer in Dr. Thomas’ arm. She managed to get her hands around the handle, where she managed to stop it mid swing. At the same instant she felt a sharp prick in her left shoulder. Reaching around with her right she managed to yank out the tranquilizer dart that stuck there. She paused for a moment looking at it, then looked up into the face of her scientist, both still holding the hammer and both looking almost perplexed for vastly different reasons. Then the girls’ knees buckled and she was on the floor, fighting to remain in at least a sitting position.

The scientist crouched down in front of her, gently brushing a strand of bright red hair out of her freckled face. “My dear poor child. That was terrible wasn’t it?”

She looked into his face, fighting to keep her blue eyes focused on him. “Please don’t kill them, they’re…”

“The only things in this whole place that you feel are yours? The only connection you have left to your precious Natasha?”

Emma couldn’t come up with a response to what he was saying as she leaned against one of the table legs for support. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep her focus.

Dr. Thomas reached out and cupped her chin with one of his hands. He had picked up one of the still living mice and he held it in the other. “Now 008, I realize how important these mice are to you, but remember what I said about the seeds? You need to earn them. From now on no more faking, okay? I will know when you are and soon you won’t have any mice lift, understand?”

That’s one thing about Doctor Thomas that I will never understand. He could be so cruel, yet in an instant he could turn almost fatherly. It throws me for a loop, but also marks him as someone never to trust.

Before Emma lost consciousness she noticed that the mouse the man was holding was the one that happened to be bigger than all the others. She wondered if he had ever even noticed it’s size, or the implications behind such a seemingly insignificant detail.

It was a long-running experiment to test one of Natasha’s theories. She had me take care of a baby mouse every day. Seems simple enough, but it was hard work and I spent a lot of time recouping in my pod with Disturm. Other living organisms besides plants are just too complicated to manipulate. It grew faster than the others, and slightly bigger, but I wouldn't consider it a success. But maybe Natasha did. That's why she wanted to take me and run away. That's why she told me to never tell anyone about my extra abilities. I never did.


“This way, this way, move move move!” came the stern orders from the commander of the security detail tasked at keeping the survivors the “incident” safe. They ran down hallway after hallway, dodging a few dead bodies as they went, yet somehow managed to to avoid running into anyone living.

Finally they reached the large freight elevator that would take them to basement level one, from which they could exit and find another way out of the basement completely.

Basement level one was swarming with security personnel, all locking down the elevators and setting up posts on the stairwells. The only way to get above ground would be to go through them. None of the elevators when straight up, and the stairs would be hard to get through. All of them felt secure in their setup, yet no one knew if they actually were.

“What did you mean sir?” asked the assistant that had called him Dr. Thomas once they exited the elevator. He whispered so

“What do you mean what did I mean?” his superior asked of him.

“You said you had a theory about Emma? One of Doctor Nedews’ theories?”

“Confidential, need-to-know only. Not even all of the members of the board know, and until I get the answers I desire it will stay that way.”

“Yeah but…”

“Trust me, the less you know right now the better off you will be.”

“Yes sir. But do you think Emma will be safe?”

“So long as she stays in her pod and her room is sealed shut she should be.”

“Do you think she’ll actually stay put? She seemed pretty freaked out.”

Dr. Thomas ran his fingers through his hair. “We can only hope, and pray to whatever sentient being there is if you even go for that kind of crap. But damn, we can’t loose her. We just can’t.

Deep down four floors into the earth Emma lay in her pod, curled in a fetal position and crying. She had just felt the deaths of eight more people. More faint, since they were probably much farther off on the floor, but sickening nonetheless.

She struggled furiously with herself to regain control. She always used to talk to herself when she was upset and alone in the past, and this would be no exception.

“Okay Emma, okay, breathe just breathe just breathe just BREATHE! I gotta learn to deal with this; I can’t just keel over every time something dies!”

She tried desperately to clear her head and control her sobs as she tried sucking all the snot back into her nose.

“Oh man this is so disgusting. SOMEONE LET ME OUT OF HERE!”
She banged on her pod with her fists and feet again, but she had no more luck than before.

“Okay, okay, telepathy, try telepathy. Sierra was always the strong one, able to broadcast herself all over, but someone has to hear me, right?"

The young woman then closed her eyes and tried desperately to clear her mind, readying herself to try and send out a plea to anyone close enough to listen. Telepathy had never been one of her strong points, but it had to work at least a teeny tiny bit, didn’t it?

She could sense two other Destrillians within a close range to her room only a hallway or two away. They had to be close enough. Emma focused on them with all her might, and when she felt comfortable with her telepathic connection she began to form the words in her mind that she would send to them.

At least, until she became distracted by something else. A voice echoed through her head.


Emma started in her pod, flailing out her arms and legs involuntarily and stubbing one of her toes.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!” she screeched inside her pod. It was so odd, and unexpected, and…odd? Odd. Yes, odd.

“That voice…Terra? Was that Terra?” she asked herself. What was Terra doing assaulting her mind like that? Such an odd girl, Emma had always thought. On many occasions she had tried to be nice to her, and a couple of times even tried to strike up a conversation with her in the recreation room. But the girl was strange, no doubt about that.

“Okay, come on Emma, calm yourself, you can do this. You need to do this.”

Once again she cleared her mind and tried to focus on her peers. She concentrated on the two nearest her location since they were more likely to hear what she had to say. The thick walls interfered with her being able to tell who they were exactly, but there was no way they could not be Destrillian.

“Who’s there? Can you hear me? What’s going on? I can’t get out of my pod I need help! Please someone answer me!”

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Alessa Gillespie

Oh, good, they heard me. Hello Sierra, hello Erthys, I hope I’m not bothering you guys. I also think I was talking wrong, so sorry, sorry.

Not that any of this was actually said, however. She was too scared to let the words come out of her head. Instead, she stumbled to them, nodding at Sierra’s suggestion. She was too tired to object anyways. In fact, she probably shouldn’t have shot herself with that tranquilizer gun, since she was now feeling the effects of a not-entirely awake brain. Questions that she was quite sure were not hers were bouncing about her brain like lazy pool balls.

“Who’s What’s Please me!”

That voice sounded familiar. She was sure she heard it before, though it was quiet and distant. Her brain wanted to work even less, the more it was sinking into delirious confusion. It probably started with an ‘e’ or something, everyone’s names started with e’s…

She blinked her eyes lazily, finally noticing that Erthys had offered his hand to her. Nervously, arm shaking like it was going to snap (or cause him to snap), she weakly shook his hand.

Humans feel weird and warm and squishy. But hard, too. Maybe firm is a better word to describe it… Of course there are other things on a person like that.

She pulled her hand back suddenly, looking at the other Destrillians warily. They were her friends, though that was a very funny and unfamiliar word to her. Like “arrhythmia” or “electrophoresis”. Words were said, though she wasn’t sure when, or where, or how or why. Generally because she could feel the greedy hands of sleep beckoning her brain to rest, blinking and letting her head bob up and down on her shoulders.

Terra decided it best to tell them that she had shot herself in the leg with a tranquilizer gun and she was pretty sure she wasn’t going to stay awake for long. Mumbling the message in her head, hoping that her friends were getting it.

Got shot with tranq gun… very, very tired… help would be nice

She slumped against the wall, not bothering with her coat. She really wanted to sleep, and the adrenaline that had apparently kept her from falling asleep earlier was almost entirely gone. She closed her eyes and started to apparently doze.

Helping Emma would be nice, I like her. She’s a sweetheart. But I don’t know if we’re friends.

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Beginning database search. Please input your search query:


Found numerous matches. Please select your choice from the list.

Project Destrillian main archive

ERROR - Requested information is restricted to Science Department personnel and Viola Executives.

O-V-E-R-R-I-D-E 2-7-9

Restriction override engaged - Please Input your override verification:


Please Input your identification code:


User recognized - Director Seth Vargas - Access to file granted.

"Well now.....this should prove an interesting read".

Circe grinned as the wealth of information began filling the screen in front of her. Sifting through this should be a piece of cake, although she would have preferred to actually break into the database herself - instead Vargas just gave her his access details to save the trouble, considering they were short on time now that there were element-controlling super humans on the loose in the basement.

"Ok lets see here.....budget reports, project leaders observation logs, experiment time schedules........ah here it is, Test subject records." Circe had a habit of talking to herself while working.

She opened the directory and was greeted with a list of everyone that had been 'recruited' to become Destrillians. The first thing she noticed was a number of grayed out listings - no doubt those were the ones that didn't survive the experiments. Her attention then shifted to the active list of participants, which showed there to be 11 of them, so she opened the first one on the list: 001 - Sierra Alexis Lutraine.

Immediately a bio popped up on the screen accompanied by a recent image of the subject, which showed a fairly young girl with white hair and matching eyes. Circe was surprised by such an unnatural appearance but upon remembering that it was the science department in charge of this such alternations were not surprising. She continued to scan the information on this girl looking for the section that specifies her power and combat abilities.

" she can control light, doesn't sound that special"

How wrong she was, the following paragraphs documented cases where she had used this power to blind people or remove a room's lighting, and such actions combined with the fact that this one seems to excel at hand to hand combat could prove deadly in a direct confrontation. She wrote down the necessary details about the girl and a note advising use of drones is recommended for this opponent, then went back to the list to check the other listings.

This is worse than even the Director could have predicted. After scanning all the bio's she was shocked at what these Destrillians could actually do, it seems the science department had not been openly sharing this information, and despite it all being documented here the fact they'd been underplaying their test subject's abilities had resulted in those in charge of the other department having little interest and no desire to keep checking up on their development. Of course if they and Director Vargas in particular had know about this then the dangers of them breaking out at any given time would have been more apparent and possibly avoided, unfortunately those arrogant scientist just like to keep things to themselves and keep pushing their luck until it all blows up in their faces - how typical of them.

By now the list she had jotted down on a pad with summaries of each target had gotten pretty big, and nearly all of them had recommendations of using Combat Drones to dispose of them, save for one - 009, who apparently could manipulate metal. Circe was unsure how the drones would fair against this person, the armor is fairly thick but could this girl possibly start taking them apart at the seams and pull out wires or bolt? The drone's main armament is numerous mounted miniguns and secondary grenade or rocket launchers, all of which fired projectiles which were either made of or contained metal, however could the target deflect the amount of bullets the drone could fire? Would there be less resistant to a higher caliber round? So many questions ran through Circe's mind as she attempted to assess every possible way the drones might fail against this girl, Idris Savage, the Gunmetal Glint.

"You seem to be rather obsessed with whatever is on that paper Miss Circe."

The voice had snapped her out of her thoughts, and she turned around to discover the voice was only Dr. Woltar, the chief roboticist of the department. Woltar had been working for Viola longer than she had, and even longer than the Destrillian project had existed, although he didn't really pay much attention to it since it had nothing to do with him.

"Oh I didn't hear you come in Doctor, sorry I've just been really focused on this stuff due to all the chaos going on"

Dr. Woltar raised his eyebrow "Chaos? Don't tell me the LY-9's reactor leaked again..."

"No not this time Doctor, it's the Destrillians, they're broken out and to be blunt basement level 5 has turned into a slaughter house". Her mentioning of the word 'Destrillians' made Woltar sigh and the aforementioned blood bath made him place his palm on his face. "I knew one day that whole thing would turn to disaster, but I was hoping it would be long after I retired".

"Unfortunately the situation is spiraling out of control, and despite the military division's confidence, I seriously doubt they'll be able to stop them and then it'll fall back onto our department to do something about it."

Dr. Woltar looked back up from his palm at her. "I bet the Director is loving this, probably off somewhere now rubbing it in the faces of anyone in Science research who isn't dead already, and I can be sure as anything that at least half on them are now corpses. Those arrogant fools probably refused to leave and tried talking their subjects into giving up, tho if I was any of those poor kids down there I'd have gutted them on the spot."

Circe had to smile at the Doctor's words, he always had a wise perspective on things. She on the other hand had only been thinking of the best course of action to combat the escapee's, and hadn't given much thought to the fact they had good cause for what they were doing.

"Maybe you're right, unfortunately the board isn't going to just let them walk out the door, and frankly we can't either. There's no telling what state of mind those people are in, let alone how they might act in the outside world. For all we know once they get outside they could just continue on their murderous rampages, and I don't think those who contracted Viola into developing the Destrillians would look kindly on such a disaster."

This was the unfortunate truth, and Woltar knew this couldn't be ended peacefully. He then shook his head "I hope I'm wrong, but in my honest opinion the board will just issue an order to stop them by any means necessary, and they'll become yet another casualty of Science."

Circe closed her eyes and coldly said "If that is what it is to be, then they shall all die."

Woltar looked away from her after hearing those words. Circe may have seemed like a nice girl, however she had that streak that Vargas possessed, a hidden layer of coldness and cruelty, and just like the path the Director was traversing down, one day that streak will consume her entirely.

"Well I'll let you get back to your work, no doubt Vargas is going to come bursting in here raving about how some adversary of his just got their heart ripped out or something". And with that he headed for the door.

"Oh ok, goodbye Doctor." Circe called out to him, then looked down at the piece of paper she had been obsessing over. Thinking again about who these target's were, she thought to herself I wonder what it was that the Director was thinking about on the helipad when he trailed off.... could he have been considering coaxing them into joining him....I guess that would also be an acceptable resolution, however if they don't go with that we'll just have to kill them. Yes, that is the only other logical course of action. They can't be released and they won't go back to their containment, so we'll just have to make it as though they never existed...

Destrillians: The awakening of a new breed will be right back after these messages.

Fast Forward >>

We now return to Destrillians on

This room was cold, not only in temperature, it also just had this chilling presence to it. The Viola Board room was unnecessarily large and the roof was towering, most likely taking up space on the third floor too. The walls were a dark brown colour and the floor was covered with some kind of expensive crimson coloured carpet. In the middle of the room was a long table which sat numerous Violan officials all along it, and at the very end facing away from the room's back wall with it's massive tinted window, was the President and CEO of the Viola Corporation, a man shrouded in more mystery than all of his subordinates combined.

Vargas sat on the right hand side of the table, only 3 seats down from the President himself, the seats between the two up that end on both sides were taken up by the leaders of Viola's private military.

He was waiting somewhat patiently for the meeting to begin when he noticed someone entering the room and proceeding towards the seating at the table designated to the Science department. This indeed caught Vargas' attention as he was curious to see who had managed to get out of the labs in one piece - Then he recognised the man and without caring where he was expressed his thoughts.

"Dr. Thomas, How nice it is that you managed to escape, I was expecting you to show up in at least 6 pieces, or perhapse your test subject is merely a dud."

Dr. Thomas was not amused by the Director's comments. "Number eight is in fact still in it's containment chamber, and according to the monitors still functioning down there nothing has changed thus far."

Vargas smirked "So she hasn't even escaped yet even tho all the others had no problem? My my that doesn't sound too impressive, perhaps she really is a failure after all".

Thomas was about to rebut him when the President spoke up and interrupted them.

"Alright that's enough you two, now that Dr. Thomas is here we can begin this meeting, please be seated Doctor" Thomas complied with his superior's words and placed himself in the chair nearby, the whole time glaring at Vargas who's eyes were hidden behind those mirrored lenses.

"It would appear that we have a situation on our hands ladies and gentlemen." The President continued "The Destrillians have broken out of their containment's and are running loose in basement 5, with numerous reported casualties. Now what is our current course of action?"

One of the military Generals spoke up "Sir. We have currently secured all stairwells, elevators and maintenance shafts leading into and out of the level, and have also deployed numerous squads of troops into basement 5 to subdue the targets."

"Which I might add have been getting their asses handed to them" Vargas pointed out.

The remark caught the general off guard "Well....we have had some losses, but it'll only be a matter of time before the targets are overwhelmed".

Vargas crossed him arms and added "No it will only be a matter of time before you run out of men, so far your troops haven't even laid a scratch on them and all those who have engaged your 'targets' have failed to report back in".

The President suspected Vargas was wanting to put forth something so decided he'd hear it "Well then Director Vargas, what do you propose we do?"

A grin appeared on his face and he placed his arms on the table. "Well Mr President, fellow members of the board, I say we cut our losses and simply end this accursed project, this whole thing can be stopped by sending down a few drones and offing the lot of them."

Dr. Thomas couldn't sit back and hear any more of this "Now wait just one moment! Mr President the Destrillian project is the single most important undergoing this company has every had, to end it now would be a monumental loss in time and research. Remember that we still have number eight safely in confinement and that alone is enough to continue progress until suitable replacements for the other subjects can be procured. What Director Vargas is proposing is nothing more than trying to make our problems go away by firing the biggest gun at it when there are clearly other options".

The President thought about this for a moment while the other officials talked amongst themselves, and as he was about to reply his intercom began to beep.

"We're in conference, what is it?"

"Sir, this is the security monitoring station, something's happening at Level 5 and I think you should see this"

"Very well, display it to the board room's main screen" Just as his words finished the massive screen on the east wall of the room lit up, the display was live security camera footage from basement 5, showing a number of guards and a single scientist confronting one of the escaped specimens. "Who is that scientist, and for that matter which Destrillian is that?" The President demanded to know.

Dr. Thomas spoke up and replied "That appears to be Dr. Fringe Sir, and I believe the target is number four..."

"...Fiona" Vargas said under his breath. This one in particular had caught his eye due to her somewhat sadisticly violent ways, he knew whatever was about to transpire was going to be good.

From what they could see on the screen there was come conversing going on between Fringe and 004, unfortunately the camera did not pick up audio so they couldn't hear what was going on, however what happened next required no sound to know what was going on. The entire board sat there in shock as they watched this girl massacre and cremate the squadron of soldiers until it was only her and Dr. Fringe left. The lack of audio still didn't help but from seeing her holding the man by the throat and him shouting at her it was pretty clear she was done with him, which was confirmed as she then proceeded to tear out the doctor's heart. A numbers of board members turned away as they looked like they were going to be sick but Vargas' eyes remained intently glued to the screen with the biggest grin on his face - he was loving every bit of what he was seeing and was in pure awe of this girl and her abilities.

Dr. Thomas on the other hand was completely mortified after seeing one of his colleagues slaughtered in front of his eyes. The silence in the room was broken by the President who had now made his decision.

"I think after what we have all just witnessed that we should proceed with Director Vargas' advice and proceed with combat drones instead, however with concerns to Dr. Thomas' opinion I would request that the drone be used as a means of having the targets surrender rather that just outright annihilating them."

"Of course Mr President, if that is what you wish".

"Well then on that note we'll conclude this meeting, I await word of your progress".

The members began to dispersed, Vargas stood from his chair and glanced over the top of his sunglasses at Dr. Thomas before heading towards the door. However before he could exit a voice called out to him. "Director Vargas, could I have a moment please?" He turned to greet the voice and gave them a big smile. "Well now, what might a man like me do for such a fine young lady such as yourself?"

The person walked towards him, "Only you could be this charming after watching such a display of carnage". General Sophalla stopped in front of him and smiled "In fact some might even say you were enjoying that."

"To see one's opponent be crushed is a great joy to experience, and you can't honestly tell me he didn't have it coming".

"Ah touche, let's take a little walk shall we?" She asked as she motioned to the door.

Vargas opened it and looked back at her "After you madam."

They walked silently down the long corridor for a moment, until Vargas spoke "So what's on your mind?" She turned her head to face him. "You're up to something, I can tell, it's that look about you that you always get when you're scheming."

Sophalla was a fairly nice person, as nice as a General for a heartless corporation's private army could be. She was somewhere around the age of Vargas (it was something she preferred to be a secret) and wore the same style of black tunic uniform as the other generals, only she had a long skirt instead of pants and donned a Berret instead of the standard peak cap. She had long strawberry blonde hair, and kept it in a plait which she draped over the front of her left shoulder. The two had a mutual respect for one another and tended to flirt as an ongoing game.

"Then how about you humor me, what exactly do you think I'm up to?"

"Oh I don't know....maybe it involves some certain escapee's and a certain someone planning on doing something else rather than killing them?"

Vargas stopped dead in his tracks and pushed his sunglasses up his nose "And assuming this certain someone was......what, pray tell would you do about it?"

Sophalla looked at him, then out the window and calmly let out "Not a damn thing."

Vargas stood beside her and gazed out the window aswell "Everything is already set in motion, however the way it plays out from here will depend on their actions when presented with such a proposal, if not we'll proceed with the Boss's orders, and still come out on top, just not as much as I'd have liked."

Sophalla, gazing out the window as if almost in a trance, asked "What do you need me to do?"

Vargas smiled and turned to her. "When the time comes to proceed with our true goal, I'll need your support, Circe is on my side however that won't be enough, not for this".

She turned away from the window to meed his gaze "Understood, you can count on me." Then she walked away, but after a few steps called out "Thanks for that lovely stroll sugar!" and continued on her way.

Now all alone, Vargas thought to himself for a minute, then pulled out his cell phone and dialed.

"Circe, did you find what we were after?............good, then we can proceed, I'll meet you there shortly". He hung up the phone and began walking down the hall, with his footsteps echoing through the empty space.

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There was blood--copious amounts of sanguinary fluid trickling down the walls--splattered messily like paint. It was stark white against blooming crimson--carmine hues. Eve suppressed the urge to retch right there and then. Continuing to traipse gingerly through the long corridors, Emma kept her hazel-tinted eyes trained upon everything: the walls, decapitated bodies, and the festering flesh of corpses-. All of this was taken in with a decidedly accepting nature as if death was inevitable in this case, which it was.

Towards the end of a particularly long corridor--extremely nondescript complete with white-washed walls, there was a person. A person? Yes, indeed a person--a female to be exact. Eve could only surmise that the fellow Destrillian was younger than her and of a much more delicate build. The girl's name was Idris, Destrillian 009, which was the only thing that Eve could remember of her.

Glancing up at the girl in question, Eve moved quietly as a column of fire scorched the wall and blasted a charred hole through the concrete. Crumbling debris sprinkled over the floor like confetti and ash smeared Eve's fingers as soon as her cool fingers touched the hole experimentally.


Idris muttered in partial confusion with a twinge of fear lacing her voice. That, Eve noted silently, had been the work of a fellow Destrillian.

Deciding to introduce herself, Eve paused to alert the two companions to her presence. When Idris turned her inquisitive gaze upon her, Emma spoke in a calmed leveled tone:

"I'm Eve Daly, Destrillian 010, the Ice Queen herself at your service." Her nature was light-hearted if only to pacify them in their states of distress. Yet it was understandable since they'd all assisted in a massive breakout only moments before. They'd murdered countless people all of whom had probably left being relatives--wives, children, and grand kids . . .

And yet . . .

Who had caused the explosion exactly? Who? Where were they? Why hadn't they shown themselves as of yet? So many ruminations sped through the Ice Destrillian's mind. The sharp pang of her migraine had only intensified with each passing moment and with each flaring light. Eve feared that if she didn't get a shot of Distrum soon then she would pass out from sheer exhaustion.

"Is there anybody out there? I'm out here by my... bedroom, anyone near by?"

There it was, the telepathic voice that strung through Eve's synpases like a recently plucked guitar string. Grasping her head in her hand, Eve directed her gaze to the pulsations that soared through the air.

"…around the corner," Idris muttered.

Eve didn't hesitate to pick up the telepathic signal. She noticed it and lowered her gaze to the wall, following the invisible pathway, and she soon came to another disposed corpse. A soldier, this one was a soldier, and at the end of this hallway, with its flickering lights overhead, was a lanky pallid young man.

Idris was the one who smiled in an off-handed way and introduced herself to the enigmatic young man. Eve was wary of him, possibly because he seemed to have been lurking in the darkest corners for a while now. Anyone who didn't come out and introduce themselves was either a threat, in trouble, or just plain odd to her.

"Good to see you're doing alright so far. Long time no see, Eydin. I've seen you in the recreation room a couple times before. Name's Idris; pleasure's all mine."

This girl was affable, frighteningly so, Eve thought as she took another glimpse at the man that stood before them. It appeared as if he didn't feel up to it to respond so he remained stoic.

"What do you say to a double-team, mm?" Idris prompted and before either of them could respond another telepathic signal--urgent and strong pulsed within their minds simultaneously. Eve let out a barely suppressed groan of irritation as the voice floated within the recesses of her mind, sounding fainter and fainter as the minutes ticked by.

"…others I'm trapped!"

Eve sprung into actions, sprinting down the hallway without a second glance behind her. Someone, whoever they were desperately needed help. She had to save them.
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It was present, hanging thick in the air for one pregnant moment that felt for all the world as if it stretched on for eons. The absence of sound pressed in as if, on the contrary, it were the loudest sound there was; it was the eye of the storm, just about to pass and plunge everything back into chaos. Idris Savage knew this. She braced herself for when it cracked down on them all again.

The pause itself had only lasted perhaps a second and a half—just as the Destrillian had sensed, things exploded with noise.

“HELLO!”came a voice, sharp like a knife had just been stuck into Idris' head; before she could even unleash the string of expletives she had been about to, the hole in the wall behind her and Eydin exploded again and this time the fire almost hit her – or it certainly felt like it almost hit her. The girl could swear she felt tongues of flame licking her bare skin, but there was no pain… it only tingled, light and warm.

She was just lifting a hand to check if she was burned when a voice – not telepathic, but physical – penetrated her smarting ears. Idris spun around to face the newcomer, knowing subconsciously that the woman – for it had been a woman's voice – was a Destrillian like her.

"I'm Eve Daly, Destrillian 010, the Ice Queen herself at your service," the fellow Destrillian said. She was observing Idris and Eydin with open friendliness, yet her gaze was analyzing. She was almost as short as Idris, a fact that gave the blonde girl a certain amount of pleasure in knowing; Eve's nearly-black hair was swept every which way in the pseudo-solar winds of the fire hole in the wall just behind her. Her skin was darker than that of any other Destrillian Idris had ever seen and it was a matter of great curiosity to her – how could melanin be that plentiful in a body who had been underground for years on end? Idris was about to phrase this question (maybe the woman had been… outside? Surely not,) when yet another voice interrupted.

This one, she'd heard minutes before.
This time, she heard it all.

“Who’s there? Can you hear me? What’s going on? I can’t get out of my pod I need help! Please someone answer me!”

And then Eve was up and away, and before Idris could even make a move the darker Destrillian was gone, gone to the rescue of the voice pleading for freedom. All this action at once was ridiculous in Idris' opinion, and she turned, about to voice this opinion to Eydin when a thought snagged in her mind.

What if this was some sort of trap? Sure, nobody but the Destrillians could communicate telepathically, but what if there were scientists lurking in the shadows, seizing the opportunity to capture whoever went to aid the poor girl trapped in her tube?

"Things happen so damn fast 'round here," Idris muttered, half a smile on her face. She threw over her shoulder to Eydin, "If that double-team idea sounds good to you, then come on – miss Daly could use a bit of help, I do believe."

And with a flash of a grin and a burst of flame from the wall, the Gunmetal Glint was running.

She called upon every possible sense in her body to try and locate the source of the telepathic voice, calling out to the female Destrillian trapped in her cryogenic tube:

"Sweetie? If you can hear me, stay calm, alright? It's me, Idris – Destrillian 009, if you pay attention to that sort've thing. Now listen close, girlie: there's a couple've us heading right to you – you'll be out of there in no time. In the meanwhile, try and project yourself to us so we can find you faster, 'kay?"

And she could feel her message find its destination. With barely a thought to the matter she flung an arm out, grabbed the corner of the wall and swung herself in a hard left down another hallway. The poor dear was somewhere down this hallway, she could feel it. But where?

Concentrate, love, that'll get you somewhere. Idris squinted her pale grey eyes nearly shut, focusing to find the hallway, the offshoot, the door…
"There!" came the cry unbidden from her lips; the Destrillian whipped around another corner, swift as a bolt of lightning, and—

Oh, nice.

—came right into the path of a pile of dead bodies. There had to be half a dozen of them, at least, and there was no way around them. This newly developed situation had taken such a short time to form that Idris hadn't even stopped running, and so she took this to her advantage. When she was moving, obstacles meant nothing. She took a breath and smiled at the block in her path.

And then, a mere foot from the pile of death, she landed her next step in a crouch, springloaded, and then shot up and over the corpses in a tight, perfect aerial, landing with her knees bent to absorb the shock. A light hop to slough off excess momentum and then she was moving forward again.

"Wonder if you can top that, Eydin?" she called out behind her, the smile evident in her voice. The smile grew in self-depreciation as she shook her head, a low, pleasant chuckle escaping her. "Of course he can do better, the boy can fly."

Her fun cut short when she felt herself zoom past the source of distress. Idris wheeled around and strode back to the room she's passed, pressing her forehead to the metal door.
Yes, this was definitely it. But… where was Eve? The young woman's brow furrowed – the other Destrillian should have been here, too. The distress call had been easy to triangulate, so it wasn't as if Eve had simply missed it… had she?

One problem at a time, Idris – that's how you'll do things, she thought to herself, her indigenous smile quirking up again at how ironic it was that even now that she was free, Viola was still causing problems with her kind.

"First things first. This door? It's got to go," lilted the young woman, stroking the door with a finger.

One finger became a palm slammed flat against the door, and with an almighty wrench, a section with the approximate shape and diameter of a hula hoop was slung down the hallway, where it landed with an echoing crash that was practically lost within all the clamour already in creation.

"Pity," said Idris with another quirky smile. "I should try to make more noise." And then she dived clean through the sparking hole in the door, following through with a roll on the ground and ending with another little bounce on the balls of her feet. Her eyes sparkled with a mysterious sort of delight at the acrobatics she was now free to perform at her own volition, not that of some labcoat behind a glass wall.

And then she saw Emma.

…Emma? Why yes, that's her name! Well done, brain, you're so terribly useful that I don't think I could live without you. Another chuckle issued between Idris' pale lips as she walked up to the cryogenic tube and the pretty girl inside. The first thing Idris remembered about Emma, for some reason, was how much Idris wanted the girl's freckles. Oh sure, people spoke about the Gunmetal Glint's freckles and how they were as pale grey as the metal she manipulated, but Emma's! They were vibrant and adorable and were spattered all over her, making her look remarkably like an angel that Michelangelo had flicked red-orange paint at. Idris' face broke into a little, comforting grin.

"Hey, love. How about we get you out of here, hmm?"

Disappear with the stars and come back alive.
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