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Old 05/26/2009   #31

mog wrote: I remember when this community was still in the earliest stages over at FCF, nothing more than some discussion on a topic that people tosses around in their heads. Soon after, some serious plans were laid out, and before we knew it, TLS opened up for the first time.
I'd just like to add that the idea and initial setup and such was done at FFOF, not FCF, fyi . Also, so far, it's far exceeded all expectations I've ever had, and I'm happy to see that it's still active after half a year, and hasn't dived into heaps of drama, shit-flinging, and the other ailments that wreaked havoc on ACF for all those years. Yes, I said ACF again, sue me, .

Also, I only consider my own part in this site a very, very small one, compared to the effort others have put into it in terms of writing news, slaving on translations, drawing up the layout, managing and moderating the forum, and of course posting like you don't have a life, . For that, I thank y'all.

Also, you may start chanting FOUR MORE YEARS now.
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X-SOLDIER (06/07/2009)
Old 05/26/2009   #32
Cookie Monster

Aye @ all of you.
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Old 05/27/2009   #33


Au milieu de mes semblables
Je vois des monstres
J'entends des hurlements
La gorge comprimée
Dans un étau austère
Les yeux bandés
Je me sens étranger
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Old 05/27/2009   #34
Ravynne Nevyrmore

It's Shake N' Bake...and I helped!
"There are some things we cannot let disappear."

Also on deviantART.

also find me on tumblr here.
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Old 05/27/2009   #35

Your welcome.
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Old 05/27/2009   #36

Blast, I'm late to the ego-masturbation...

I wholeheartedly agree though. I had only just found my way to FFOF as plans for this site were just starting to come together. Yop can be modest, but my contribution was literally nothing more than moral support. But I'm happy to have been a part of it, this place is a lot of fun, and far more intelligible than certain other sites I may or may not have belonged to.

hitoshura wrote: Don't belittle my peoples, bitch. We work hard and we do what we're told. And might possibly be Scottish.
ultima espio wrote: I'm not sure if it was a BOMB, it could have been MAKO, KING, BEST, or ORBS.
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Old 06/02/2009   #37
I Am Not Me

I know it's late but...

You're welcome.

I luvs teh TLS.
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Old 06/02/2009   #38
Death Sin

This is truly an awesome site with a spectacular community. It's a pleasure (and I do mean it when I say it) to be here.

Keep it up with the incredible dedication and hard work, everyone!
"Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would just die...?"

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Old 06/02/2009   #39

Valerious wrote: im glad i found TLS!

thank you MOG for your wonderful message!
Yeah same, I love the great community we have here, there are so many nice people here and the mods do an amazing job.

A big thanks to all of our awesome mods and admins!!!!

And thanks MOG, It was a really nice message. ^o^

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Old 06/05/2009   #40

omg How is it that I've never seen this thread before? I think I was still in LA when this was posted.

That said, AWWWWWWWWW I HAVE WARM FUZZIES!!!!! ^__________^

And you're welcome, even though I doubt I really have the right to say that. I've done nothing.
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Old 06/07/2009   #41
The Doctor

i always thought that FFOF and the people there would birth something of immense win. it has. this place is awesome and the current re-release of FFVII on PSN means i'm actually using an FF forum to post about FF for the first time in 5 years! hahaha!

good on you guys!

What I did, I did without choice - in the name of peace and sanity.
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Makoeyes987 (06/07/2009), Pixel (06/08/2009), X-SOLDIER (06/07/2009)

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