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Old 06/01/2010   #31

Vashyron wrote: eat dicks
It's just a dick in your mouth. Come on.
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Bex (06/01/2010), Cat Rage Room (06/01/2010), Celes Chere (06/02/2010), Dark and Divine (06/01/2010), Dashell (06/01/2010), Mama Dragon (06/02/2010), null (06/03/2010), Omega (06/01/2010), Sheva Alomar (06/01/2010), Super Mario (06/01/2010), Tetsujin (06/02/2010), Tifaeria (06/05/2010)
Old 06/01/2010   #32

Vashyron wrote: Too busy having your sense of humor shanghaied?
Boy you just can't live shit down here

Dr. Heiter wrote: Go call Aaron, or some random member an asshole. Things will get interesting
Yeah we haven't had any drama lately
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Celes Chere (06/02/2010), Cloudskye (06/02/2010)
Old 06/02/2010   #33

Huh, it's sad to see you leave staff, Tetsujin. You were actually one of the better ones around here.
Moonflight from Warriors Wiki wrote: I think your chararts are lovely. You give great criticism, which is more than what most users do. Being a warrior [is] different than being a senior warrior. Your chararts don't have to be great. It's more important that you comment on chararts. You're far too modest. You deserve this.
WW // WSW // FB
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Old 06/02/2010   #34

I disagree.
Reason I left is that I didn't really do much in the first place.
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