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Old 09/18/2017   #16

FancySycamoreTree wrote:

I will admit that I was THIS> <CLOSE to volunteering as tribute at the start as the position really appeals to me, but I was a wincy bit intimidated by the whole idea ‘cause I thought, “Surely, I lack the seniority to be seriously considered as a candidate.” Nah what I’m sayin?? New kid on the block slinkin’ in and makin’ demands!

And the Flare Bear is so awesome! <3 I’m certainly not on the same level as Xiao Flare-Chan in terms of, hmmm, community intimacy/involvement/familiarity (I guess those are the words???) and, again, I believe she would make for an awesome-sauce new CM (haha, I’ve told her already that she’s basically staff in my mind). However, because of Flint’s line here:

Flint wrote: Don't just withdraw if you think there's someone better suited to the job – let Lex and the other staff members make that decision!
...I will humbly accept the nomination and would love to be considered for the spot. What I lack in experience (if you will), I will surely try and make up for in enthusiasm, ha.

Also, thanks for the nom, yo, my heart did touched little butterfly jump thingies reading my name! D’awww, happy feels.
Why are you so fucking adorable <3 <3

I'll nominate you too, because I do think you'd be lovely at it if you're willing <3 The other two I had in mind was Joe and Alan (RedFFWolf) but I'd asked Joe in private and knew his answer already, and I already know Alan is busy with KupoCon stuff and I'd feel bad about putting more stuff on him. <3
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Old 09/19/2017   #17

I think any of our existing mods would be great for the task, but the question remains: would they want to take up the extra responsibility? We saw Jas take on quite a bit with the events it would seem unfair to load that onto an existing mod.

If any of them DO feel/want the position, they're all fantastic and make worthy candidates. But the forum also needs flare new blood.

So, why do you come here?
Same as you, I think. I've been here a lot...
You must have a lot going on your mind, I suppose.
Yeah, but I'd rather have nothing for a change. How do you do it?
Well, it comes with practice. I can think of nothing.
I do not feel the need to occupy my mind with nonsense, just to avoid thinking about what really matters.

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Old 09/19/2017   #18

First up, thanks for the nominations. I knew I'd best speak up here at some stage or another, as a few others had brought it up with me elsewhere beyond this thread.

Alas, I've come to the decision it is best to decline - and I really regret doing so. There are only two ways this can go. KupoCon has grown a lot, and I do a lot; there is not a day that goes by without something I'm working on or addressing or responding to etc. [the day I really appreciated this was switching off my internet for one day and the next day having 16 Messenger chats to attend to even though not all were KC-related] - so, I feel I wouldn't be able to give my all to both online communities.

Or, second way, which would be my only intention had I gone forward, I do give my all here, because I know I can and would have the passion to deliver in new ways. However, that would not just fill up practically every spare second I've got but totally override other things I'm trying to do. There are a set of bags under my eyes that have not faded in some time, and I've had a lot more occasions of being rundown health-wise, this year and last. Not having much time (between work, helping out at home, trying to attempt some solo escape time, writing a book and more stuff [already my music has taken a massive hit for a while now :cry: and the dancing's practically dead ]) is half the reason lately I browse TLS for a few minutes throughout different times of the day but only once or twice a week actually post a few bits - unless it's like a birthday thread or similar to that

Once upon a time, I was hoping to give back to TLS in ways such as the time... I was nominated for mod position among others but didn't go beyond the nomination 'cause my dad was on the verge of death back then or similar - the next week I decided to not let stuff like that hold me back and dived into KupoCon and felt really bad about not attempting to go further with the mod stuff back then Dad's still alive and everything, the cheek!).
But what makes me decline here also still serves as giving something in some way to the community, so that alone gives me the strength to decline.

Please know it is an honour to have been mentioned - like, even when people figure it'll be hard for me, I still really appreciate knowing I was on people's minds and that I was mentioned, regardless. Kinda like when your friends still check if you're able to come out with them some night, even though they know you can't - that kind of stuff, like here, actually makes me properly gush <3

In short, thanks, I have to decline for my own sake, but be sure I'll continue giving in my own way.
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Old 09/19/2017   #19

I had a feeling you'd say that but I felt you deserved to be nominated (in public) anyway. And we all understand, of course. Just keep doing what you do.
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Old 09/19/2017   #20
Addy Carver

Pretty sure that I'm not alone in saying I luff Red and that response was beautiful.
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Old 10/01/2017   #21

I'm closing this thread in a couple of days to start discussing the nominees, if anybody wants to nominate anyone else in the meantime now's your chance

Especially for me, by the awesome GLD!
Serving legendaries with mah Pokécrew.
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