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Old 07/01/2012   #1
Default Attn Authors: The Visual Editor works now

A quick not to anyone writing content for TLS with their WordPress account:

The Visual Editor hasn't been working for some time due to uknown reasons. Yesterday I stumbled upon the reason - a plugin called "Scissors" was messing with the source code.

I asked Yop what we should do and he told me to deactivate it. Which means that as of now, the Scissors plugin is no longer working, and the Visual Editor is now working again.

This means that you don't have to use any HTML when writing posts. This is what we're basing the new site on - you're not supposed to use "local" HTML for design, like <font size="2"> (unless you feel that you absolutely have to, like with Shademp's Unused Text articles) but rather use the buttons, that are kinda similar to when writing posts on this forum.

So if you're writing an article, click the "Visual" tab for great justice.

Why do we want you to use it? Because stuff happens in web technology all the time. We want any upgrade of WordPress to go smoothly, and new upgrade often includes changing the source code - including the style sheet (CSS). Even the smallest changes to this file can make things look different in your articles. When WP make updates, they take those changes into account regarding things that have been made with the visual editor - but maybe not so much with your custom HTML.

Also. Using HTML for design is BAD. The Web God said it. And so we must listen. (No seriously, from fiddling with web content for many years, I've learned that any dynamic solution is almost always the best solution.)

If you have some stuff you simply want to be able to do a lot (like blinking text or whatnot) - ask Yop or me about it and we will create a custom made class for you.
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