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Old 04/14/2013   #76

It was an informal meeting, as planned, but I feel pleased with what we discussed. Here's a brief run-down:

We commented on how little Final Fantasy news there has been recently, and wondered if we could find someone to review the iOS version of Final Fantasy V.

Yop updated Wordpress and our plugins for it. He then installed a new plugin for creating tables, which will be used in some forthcoming articles. I asked about the social media plugin again, but we still didn't agree on anything (let's just make sure to get it done this summer at the latest, alright?).

Yop said that our visitor numbers had declined slightly since January, but was unsure of the reason. He posted the most popular articles, which continue to be character profiles (and the "LTD is over" article, off course). It was agreed that a project for the summer will be to go through all our profiles, see what the gaps are, and then fill them.

Speaking of summer, we agreed that we'd do some incremental work on the site, but not a complete redesign - time permitting etc.

Finally, I suggested that we could do some audio recordings of articles on TLS to supplement our podcasts. We'd obviously record game reviews and other "highlight" content like that, but I thought we could do weekly roundups too. I'll post in more detail about that somewhere else.
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