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Closed Thread
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Old 02/24/2009   #46

I doubt this cracker has done much damage to get a warning, not sure what your going on about there clown.

[quote author=Tetsujin link=topic=579.msg22438#msg22438 date=1235478046]
But you are an supervillain D=

Don't encourage him
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Old 02/24/2009   #47
Super Mario

I'm taking the piss by taking the children down with me

Tetsujin: And don't forget it ;D

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Old 02/24/2009   #48

Close now or later before it turns to spam?
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Old 02/24/2009   #49

How about now?
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Old 02/24/2009   #50

You lot suck, .

I agree with the topic of this post however, as I've indicated in the mod section as well. We're pretty lenient when it comes to spam already, but (I feel) we have to draw a line somewhere. I find a one-to-one conversation of one-liners between people in a thread that's got a completely different topic than the one they're discussing (and no, not the GC thread) a pretty solid place to draw said line.

And no, I'm not in favor of a spam section, it'll draw a lot of activity - that is, compared to other sections - to itself, but without the content. I know, spam can be fun and whatnot, but I think that we've all grown past that by now.

There's also a rule on the subject, which, lucky for us, can be interpreted quite widely, but here's what I believe is the main point:

* Less continuous one-lined (or half-lined) posts
* Less off-topic posts

I don't mind a one-liner or an off-topic post every once in a while, hell, it's fun and shit, I do it all the time (to my own shame, I have to admit), but it becomes shit when it continues for ten posts on end - or ten pages, as is the case with the 'random facts' thread in GC. I've made a verbal note about the one-liners in there twice now, hoping to encourage larger, less spam-game-style posts, and I hope that'll do the trick.

Also, I find it awesome that I can post in closed threads without getting a reply, .

Finally, I'd like to make sure that I support the moderator(s) that have brought this issue up. Whilst I do agree that the People are the ones that run a forum and, as such, should be allowed to determine what is allowed and what isn't, I also believe it's the task of a forum's leaders - mainly me, Mako and X - to find the balance between what a forum's members want, and what would be good for the forum - both for its current users and for people that visit it.

I don't think neither our current users nor potential future users would like to remain active in a forum whose topics quit being about said topics after a few pages, or when they have to scroll through two people's personal conversations / entertainments for half a page or more to get back to a topic's main topic - if ever. It's a bit of quality control, one might say, and whilst I'm sure there's people that would much rather like to spend their time on here socializing with their e-friends, I'm going to go against them and say 'nay, thou'.
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Closed Thread

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