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TLS Awards 2013 The Annual TLS Awards, 2013. Users must be registered and logged in, with at least ten posts, to view content.

View Poll Results: Member of the Year
Cthulhu (Yop) 1 5.26%
Donna Noble (Carlie) 2 10.53%
Fangu 1 5.26%
Flintlock 4 21.05%
Martha Jones (TresDias) 2 10.53%
Prince Lex 1 5.26%
Rory Williams (Aaron) 2 10.53%
Shub-Niggurath (Mage) 6 31.58%
Voters: 19. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12/26/2013   #1
The Man
Default Member of the Year

This year's cream of the crop.

You’re better off not dreaming of the things to come
Dreams are always ending far too soon

“When I was twelve, I milked my eel into a pot of turtle stew.
I flogged the one-eyed snake, I skinned my sausage, I made
the bald man cry into the turtle stew, which I do believe my
sister ate. At least, I hope she did.” -Tyrion Lannister
“The management is very bad. In fact, let’s not mince words: The management is terrible!
We’ve had a string of embezzlers, frauds, liars, and lunatics making a string of catastrophic
decisions. This is a plain fact. But who elected them? It was you! You who appointed these
people! You who gave them the power to make your decisions for you! While I’ll admit that
anyone can make a mistake once, to go on making the same lethal errors century after
century seems to me nothing short of deliberate. You have encouraged these malicious
incompetents, who have made your working life a shambles. You have accepted without
question their senseless orders. You have allowed them to fill your workspace with dangerous
and unproven machines. You could have stopped them. All you had to say was, ‘No.’” -V
“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” -Thomas Pynchon
“All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.” -Adam Smith
“Why throw money at problems? That's what money is for. Should the nation's wealth be redistributed? It has been and continues to be redistributed to a few people in a manner strikingly unhelpful.” -Kurt Vonnegut
“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” -John Steinbeck
“If you took the most ardent revolutionary, vested him in absolute power, within a year he would be worse than the Tsar himself.” -Mikhail Bakunin
“In all history, there is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.” -Sun Tzu
“...pero Capitán, obedecer por obedecer, así, sin pensarlo... sólo lo hacen gentes como usted, Capitán.” -Dr Ferreiro, Pan’s Labyrinth
“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.” -William Blake
“Yeah, you really got my act down good, guys. That'll be great. ‘You know, when I’m done ranting about elite power that rules the planet under a totalitarian government that uses the media in order to keep people stupid, my throat gets parched! That’s why I drink Orange Drink.’” -Bill Hicks (note: album artwork may sometimes be nsfw) · Fool's Gold · FFOF · FF
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Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/27/2013), The Twilight Mexican (12/27/2013)
Old 12/26/2013   #2

It was a hard decision to make, but Mage is MY member of the year. She's funny, kind, caring and her posts are brilliant to read. Plus, she's my Northern home girl.
Now the world is only white noise
Frequences that I can't understand

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Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/27/2013), The Twilight Mexican (12/27/2013)
Old 12/26/2013   #3

As I wrote in the nom thread:

Without Flintlock, there wouldn't be the gloriousness of the Weekly Roundups, starting up in November 12 going on until August this year, when work and uni ate his time. The weeks he hasn't done them, he's encouraged and helped out other members with writing them, providing templates and stuff. (Other people has done an amazing job on them too, not to be forgotten, but it was Flint who introduced them.)

He's also worked on the next suggestion for design for the front page, and I also heard he's just upgraded Sephibot*, waiting for a chance to bring him out. He's also a funny, well meaning and brave individual not afraid to say what's on his mind, without asking for loyalty or favours in return.

So yeah, Flint, all the way. Too bad you haven't been able to hang around much since August dude

* Our IRC bot, offering games such as "kiss, marry or kill" and the drinking game, written solely by Flintlock.
Quotes and shit
Pixel wrote: Someone say Pixel Porn?
Joe wrote: How does Tidus make Yuna feel better?

Shademp wrote: #Fangustyle
Ghost X wrote: As long as Fangu delivers the pizza, I will not particularly mind what is on it. Even if it is hot fiery death in plant form.

Member of the Year, Best Site Contributor (2nd), Best Newcomer, Hottest Female, Bounciest Boobies (3rd), Member You’d Most Like to Meet in Real Life, Most Improved (3rd), Best Drunk/Stoner, “Needs to Spend Less Time on TLS” Award (3rd), Best Ship (1st, Avengu) (3rd, Sprexanghululock), Most Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse (3rd), Most Likely to Save the World, Most Suited to Be on Cosmos’ Side (2nd)

TLS Lifetime Achievement Award (3rd), Best Site Contributor (3rd), Hottest Female, Biggest Non-FF Geek (3rd), Most in Need of Daylight (2nd), Member You'd Most Like to Meet in Real Life, Member You'd Most Like to Bone (2nd), Horniest Member (2nd), Best Drunk/Stoner (3rd), The TLS Literature Prize, Most Talented (Art, Writing, Music, Etc.) (3rd), Best Ass (3rd), Most Fervent TLSer, Most Likely to Go the Extra Mile (3rd)

Member of the Year (2nd), Best Site Contributor (3rd), Hottest Female (2nd), Nicest Smile, Member You'd Most Like to Meet in Real Life, Member You'd Most Like to Bone (2nd), The Lifestream Literature Prize, Best Ass (2nd), Sexiest Voice, Best Ship/TLS OTP (3rd, Sprexanghululock), Most Fervent TLSer (3rd), Most Likely to Make the Best-Tasting Food (2nd), Most Likely to Go the Extra Mile (2nd)

Member you'd most like to bone (2nd), Best Drunk/Stoner (3rd), Hottest female (3rd), Sexiest voice (3rd)

Best Drunk (2nd), Most Likely To Suggest An Award They'll Never Win
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Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/27/2013), The Twilight Mexican (12/27/2013)
Old 12/28/2013   #4


I'm voting for Mage. She had something of a meteoric rise this year. In 2012, she made just three threads, while in 2013, she made a whopping 37, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that figure rise further before the end of the year. I barely knew her a year ago, and now she's a keystone of the community, not to mention a member of staff (who recently made her first ban - congratulations ). She's already picked up a couple of awards, and would not be an undeserving winner of this one.
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Thanked by 3:
Cthulhu (01/01/2014), Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/31/2013), The Twilight Mexican (12/29/2013)
Old 12/29/2013   #5
Cookie Monster

The righteous infliction of retribution manifested by a woman named Mage.
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Kermitu Kleric Katie (12/31/2013), The Twilight Mexican (12/29/2013)

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