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Compilation Fan Creations A section devoted to fan-created Compilation content and projects of all kinds. Artwork, Fanfics, videos, ALL FFVII fan work is welcome here.

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Old 09/27/2017   #1
Default A little crossover I need help naming.

I have no idea what I would name the whole damned thing, but I know the franchises I'm using, aside from Final Fantasy VII and Borderlands. I'm planning on keeping one of those two a mystery, for a little while longer. I could use some help with a third intro, from the Final Fantasy VII side, if anyone would please help.

"As the war against Hyperion and it's leader Handsome Jack raged on, our heroes in the Crimson Raiders grew more and more desperate with every passing day. The power cell for Sacnturary's shield generator had maybe a few weeks, at best, to go before running out. Hyperion was taking more and more territory and that damned jackal, Handsome Jack, was getting closer to opening the second of Pandora's Vaults, an even greater Vault than the first one discovered. The Vault of the Warrior, prison to a grand Eridian beast that Jack planned to unleash upon his enemies. In other words, everyone who didn't want that gigantic egotistical asshole telling them what to do.

"So with heavy hearts the Vault Hunters, both old and new, split into two groups, to scour the galaxy for anything that could conceivably be used to fight Hyperion and its leader Handsome Jack. The first group consisted of Commander Roland, leader of the Crimson Raiders, Dr. Lilith Cashlin, mercenary scientist, Roland's ex-girlfriend and both most beautiful and deadliest Siren in the Galaxy, Krieg, the poor sunuvabitch Handsome Jack had tortured into becoming a psycho, Axton, the ex-Dahl commando with an unhealthy fixation on his auto turrets and Zer0, assassin turned big game/Vault Hunter. I honestly swear that damn bastard's a robot.

“While group number two held Brick, terrifying berserker and Slab King of Thousand Cuts. Mordecai the hunter, chief spy of the Crimson Raiders and heartbroken drunk with a deadly alien bird named Bloodwing. Salvador the Gunzerker, a ridiculously strong and nigh indestructible midget with a body odor almost as bad as his fists and his dual guns. Gaige the Mechromancer, 18 year-old genius high-school drop-out wanted for manslaughter after her school science fair project/pet killer robot detonated her fellow classmate Marcy Holloway. Don't feel too bad kiddos, that bitch had it coming. Last but certainly not least, Maya, the other Siren, and former goddess of the Order of the Impending Storm, an honor she grew to disagree with, very violently.

"As luck, or perhaps even fate, might have it for Pandora's true heroes, their nav systems crapped out on them, causing them to land on two previously uncharted worlds, and changing both them and Pandora forever. This is a tale of romance, magic, myth come true, madmen with god-complexes, annoying piece of shit claptrap units, murder, intrigue and high adventure. Now if you don't care for any of that, too bad, I'm telling
this story, and if you don't like it you can get the hell out of here. So gather around boys and girls, have I got quite a tale for you."
-Marcus Kincaid

“Okay Seeker, correct me if I'm wrong. First things first, we have some strange guy claiming to come from another world, one that he says he died on, at least five years ago. Second, this strange young man, who almost seems to be built like a Qunari, just not as tall, is responsible for evacuating the entire elven serving staff from the Temple of Sacred Ashes before it blew sky high. Not to mention the fact that he managed to save the lives of multiple members of Clan Lavellan's, House Trevelyan's and House Cadash's delegations, as well as a few members of the Valo-kas mercenary company. He's a damned hero Seeker. Third, he has a mark on his wrist that closes rifts! Chuckles is right, a whole lot of weird shit is going to be happening, and that kid over there, is the key to handling it. So, he didn't save the late Divine, but he sure as shit saved a whole lot of other people and did his damnedest to save her too!”
-Varric Tethras

In terms of style the inspiration for the crossover fanfic are Peptuck's sadly now defunct No Gods, Only Guns and Tronmaster5704's Borderlands: Remnant Minds. Mostly first's descriptive text style, possibly some codex entries, wry humor, when appropriate, this is a Borderlands crossover, and the second's soundtrack recommendations. Our heroes, from all three worlds, will brave frozen tundras, arid deserts, rocky storm-battered coasts, the rugged wilderness, deadly junkyards, haunted houses and villas, the concrete jungle, tropical rain forests, dank and dark monster infested ruins and most terrifyingly of all, Orleasian high society at Halamshiral. That's with Claptrap and Cait Sith. Maker help these poor bastards, they'll need it.

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Old 10/02/2017   #2

I'm just starting to type up Chapter 1 of my crossover, but I still need a name for it all. Then I'll be able to focus the story so far.
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Old 10/05/2017   #3

Ah forget it, I have a name for this crossover now. I'll post chapter 1 in a new thread once I finish it.
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