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Compilation Fan Creations A section devoted to fan-created Compilation content and projects of all kinds. Artwork, Fanfics, videos, ALL FFVII fan work is welcome here.

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Old 10/23/2017   #1
Default Bad Gods Rising

Bad Gods Rising is one of the two crossovers that I'm working on. It's a Borderlands 2/Final Fantasy VII/Dragon Age: Inquisition crossover, featuring characters from Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, Tales From the Borderlands and the previous Dragon Age games. The basic premise behind it is that the Crimson Raiders are looking for off-world assistance in their struggle with Handsome Jack. To that end Mad Moxxi and her two children, Scooter and Ellie, have been commissioned to repair and refurbish two captured Hyperion spacecraft on behalf of the Crimson Raiders. Team One, consisting of Roland, Lilith, Axton, Zer0, Salvador and Claptrap will attempt to meet with Lilith's contacts on her homeworld of Dionysus, while Team Two, made up of Mordecai, Brick, Maya, Krieg, Gaige and Scooter, heading towards Isolus to make contact with the late T.K. Baha's family. Of course they don't reach the planets they're aiming for.

Rough draft of Chapter One and outlines for the first three chapters are below. When I'm finished with Chapter One I'll upload it to Fan and post a link here.
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Old 10/25/2017   #2

I'm still working on Chapter One of Bad Gods Rising before I finally publish it and would appreciate some feedback on it before I do. In fact I'm going to attach a revision/expansion of Chapter One in this post. With that out of the way, what sort of guns do you see the non-Borderlands characters adopting? I'm not talking about said characters discarding their iconic weapons. I mean, what Borderlands guns do you think the non-Borderlands characters might use in addition to their normal weapons and abilities? Not only by gun type but also by manufacturer.

Zack Fair - Hyperion assault rifles.
Cloud Strife - Jakobs or Dahl sniper rifles.
Aerith Gainsborough - Not sure yet.
Tifa Lockheart - Undetermined pistols.
Barret Wallace - Torgue or Vladof assault rifle and rocket launcher gunarm attachments.
Cid Highwind - Dahl assault rifles.
Cait Sith - Not sure yet.
Nankai (Providing that Gaige builds a custom SDU with digistruct arms and a non-invasive cybernetic helmet to read Nankai's brainwaves and translate them into arm controls. Or to put it more succinctly, Gaige builds Nankai a cybernetic headpiece/harness that lets him kill his enemies with his brain.) - Not sure yet.
Yuffie Kisaragi - Probably something stupidly unsubtle like Torgue or Maliwan incendiary pistols, dual wielded.
Vincent Valentine - Not sure he'd trade in his pistols for any other.

The Inquisitor - That depends on the Inquisitor.
Varric Tethras - No thank you, already has Bianca.
Solas - Not sure if he'd feel he needed one or not.
Seeker Cassandra Allegra Portia Calogera Filomena Pentaghast - Dahl assault rifles or SMGs.
Sera - Bandit, Jakobs or Vladof pistols for up close. Long range she'd stick to her bow and arrows.
Vivienne - Nothing Tediore, they explode and worse yet they're cheap.
Blackwall - Dahl and Jakobs assault rifles and sniper rifles.
Cole - He'd probably try talking to one of them.
Dorian Pavus - Might take a Maliwan shock, corrosive or cryo pistol or SMG.
Iron Bull - Torgue shotguns and assault rifles all the way.
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