Site Goals

TheLifestream.Net is based around three objectives;

• Acting as an ever-growing Final Fantasy VII database.
• Providing translations of Japanese-only guide books released by Square.
• Keeping the community alive via LP’s, Live Streaming, quizzes and other events about any media released by Square.

If you want to contribute to the site you can use our Contact form or join the forums.

All of the site’s three main missions are explained more in-detail below.

The FFVII Database

– To be a guide to the FFVII franchise and to catalogue what counts in the main FFVII Compilation canon versus what does not count.

– To be a resource for official FFVII media in the form of script rips, official art, FMV sequences, sound effects and so on, complete with documentation and complementary commentaries to these.

– To present the history of the development of each FFVII title by accumulating magazines, developer interviews, hacking the games and providing in-depth analyses of these.

– To promote fan-made FFVII material, ranging from and to: Game mods, game editing/viewing software, music remixes, art, cosplay, fan-fiction, essays analysing the themes of FFVII, parodies or other tributes.

– To suggest a variety of ways to experience the playable FFVII titles and keep a track of the best speedruns, minigame records and various achievements.

Guide Book Translations

– To provide translations of Japanese guide books which have not been released in English.


– Promote discussions about both FFVII and the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole.

– Organize coordinated playthroughs, commentaries, live streaming, quizzes etc related to any media released by Square.