Write for The Lifestream

The Lifestream wants YOU! Here at The Lifestream, we’ve got an open staff policy – which means that we’d like to invite anyone who’s interested to write for us, in a wide range of subjects – be it ‘just’ news articles, plot analyses, game, movie or other reviews (related to the Compilation in some way, of course), or whatever else – if you think it would contribute to this site, go for it.

If you are interested in writing for this site, whether you have long-term ambitions or just have a particular subject you’d like to write about, feel free to contact us using our contact form. In the contact, you can / should write a bit about what you’d like to contribute to our site, and why you feel it should be on The Lifestream – if that isn’t plainly obvious. Alternatively, you can also get in touch through our forums, which will also allow you to get some feedback from the other members.

If you have any previous experience, both for the long-term writings such as news articles, translations, reviews on various products or whatever, feel free to add a link (or two/three/four/over nine thousand) to your chosen method of contacting us.

The article should be in English and be related to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII in some way. It’s probably best if you send us a suggestion or an early draft of the article before actually writing it in full, so we can give some C&C on the subject and pre-approve it. When pre-approved, your frontpage account will be upgraded to the ‘Contributor’ level, which gives you access to the article writing systems.

In there, you can write your article, add images and other media, etcetera. Once you’re done with your article, proofread it and, to make the editor’s task a bit easier, run it through this checklist on checking an article before posting it, posted on the forums. There’s also another article on the forums about writing an article itself, in specific about adding links and images to your article, and how to format it so it’ll look nice.

Once you think you’re done with the article, inform the editors of The Lifestream, and they’ll do a final check on it. If they approve of it, they’ll publish the article – at a date of your choosing, if you so desire, making it appear on the front page.

If you have more questions about writing for TLS, feel free to post it on the forums.


Some unofficial legal stuff now. The Lifestream.net reserves the right to alter your article by correcting spelling or grammatical errors, adding (relevant) links to related content such as related articles or forum threads (both on this site and others), and related imagery. We won’t make any guarantees about how long your article will be online (due to possible unforseen consequences), nor about how long it will remain on the front page before being pushed down by other articles.  If you no longer want your article to appear on our site, you’re free to contact us and request it, and we’ll take it down if we deem the request acceptable. Finally, no, you’re not allowed to copy someone else’s article or writing and claim it as your own. We’ll allow the reposting of articles hosted elsewhere, but only with the explicit consent of the original author.