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    Can someone change my username?

    crack please
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    Happy Birthday Tets!

    happy (late) birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Meimei!!!

    happy birthday :monster:
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    Happy Boithday Pixel!

    happy (late) birthday!! :monster:
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    Happy Birthday Ghost X!

    happy birthday! :monster:
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    Happy Birthday Audrey

    thanks everyone, appreciate it. :monster: <3
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    Can someone change my username?

    Annie Edison pls
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    happy birthday : )
  9. crack


    happy birthday! :monster:
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    Happy Birthday Konneh//Vegeta!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KONEY. /sits I WON'T REVIVE YOU. but seriously, every chance we get to talk you remind me yet again why you need to STOP LURKING. :monster: ilu <3
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    Hi everyone :)

    welcome :monster:
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    welcome! :monster:
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    Happy Birthday, Tiff!

    FUCK i was going to do this. :( happy birthday, tiff. <3 i love you loads and don't feel too bad about turning old. :awesome:
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    Happy birthday, Force!

    happy birthday mou hitori no boku! : )
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    Happy Birthday Tenny!!

    happy birthday tenny! : )
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