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    Goodbye <3

    I'll make one more post to clarify something, as I see it's being misinterpreted. I'm not leaving because of politics; my blurb at my intro to the political threads being interesting was simply a reflection on a time where I was not very knowledgeable and sort of burst onto the scene without...
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    Goodbye <3

    Hey there everyone. It’s with a lot of thought and deliberation that I’ve decided to leave TLS. I resigned as Community Manager on Saturday and now this is all that I have left to do. I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye! TLS became my first internet home. As people know I lurked for a few...
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    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

    Yeah where tf is Basch? :kermit:
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    HAPPY FUCKIN BIRTHDAY YOP :reptar: I hope it's an awesome day that suits one as awesome as you :awesome: I have fond memories of meeting you in London and enjoyed that moment of walking down the streets with you and hearing you chatter about my last name and Dutch word meanings. XD <3 Please...
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    Interview With The Glaives at The Wee Pom!

    Is there any specific question we can have for Will, since Liam and Adrian both have one? I can't think of any myself since I've still only seen Kingsglaive once, but maybe X, Tres, or Lith can :monster: Tried to think of some good questions but I'm mostly drawing blanks; agree with Carlie's...
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    Is Marche a huge dick?

    I never thought Marche was much of a dick on my 1.5 playthroughs of the game tbh, but this thread puts him in a different perspective. I always thought he was being harsh, but went along with the idea that Ivalice wasn't a real world in that book and it was all a harmful illusion, but then again...
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    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

    I wanna say Black Mage or Time (Battle)mage; I thought of Uhlan as well but, almost entirely restricted to offensive magic sounds like it could be more fun of a challenge. I played this game alongside a couple other friends last year in August/September and I had so much fun, the job system...
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    I'm Back!

    Heya, welcome back! :)
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    The Official TLS Movie Night Thread

    Tron Legacy is the shit, I fuckin' love that movie, though I've not watched it in a while :monster: Arrival is also the shit, excellent film to watch.
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    Who... Am I?

    Whoa welcome back!! :D We've never met either (that I can remember) but I do sort of know you from browsing old forum threads and posts over the last few years XD Nice to meet you! :reptar:
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    TLS Sekrit Santa 2018

    Sure go ahead @Channy :monster:
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    TLS Sekrit Santa 2018

    I got my gift last night! :reptar: it's from @Shub Niggurath! <3 Some chocolates, a bag with "I <3 Brum" on it (and a badass bull :awesome:), and a LoZ fairy necklace! I saw the necklace first and then when I saw the bag with the bull, it made me think of Lon Lon Ranch :D I haven't tried the...
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    Happy Holidays, TLS

    There’s also a few sites that let you play clones of the game for free, like Pretend You’re Xyzzy, I’ve played CAH there a few times before without much trouble. Just in case not many people have Tabletop Simulator and you’re looking for alternatives. :)
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    Legendary Pictures' Godzilla

    He's a thicc boi :monster: I can't say I'm a huge fan of Godzilla, but I would like to see this film when it comes out! Giant monsters and shit, fuck yeah :wacky: <3
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    TLS 2018 AWARDS: REGRETS!!! (Was Pre-Show, but now I want to talk about something else lmfao).

    Hey everyone, bumping this to say if you haven't voted in the awards yet and you've been meaning to, make sure to do so before the 30th! I'll be posting the results on New Years Eve, so these are the last few days you have to do it! :monster:
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