1 Summon, 1 Sidequest, 1 Superboss... Who and What Do You Add?


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So, the one thing I've been fretting and thinking about, more so than if the writers would stay true to the source material, if they would include all memorable moments of FFVII or if they'll add any Compilation-esque plot points is...

What new sidequest/post-game content will they add to the remake of FFVII? :mon:

And that got me thinking of an interesting topic.

If you had a choie to add 1 new Summon, 1 new Sidequest (can be a dungeon/location or event) and 1 new Superboss to FFVII's remake, who/what would you add?

For me, I'm simple.

The new summon I'd like to see included would be Ultros. :desu:

It's pretty hilarious and telling that they added FFVI's Typhon. Considering there's actually quite a bit of callbacks to FFVI that go unmentioned in FFVII. And if Mr. Typhon can be brought back as a summon materia, then his best friend should be included too, damnit! It's only natural!

Next... In terms of optional sidequest... Well. This kinda ties into the Compilation but I think it'd be quite fitting nonetheless. So. One of the things from Crisis Core that I thought was cool, was the Battle Training Simulators Hojo created for SOLDIER to use. You know, the one that Sephiroth, Genesis and Angeal fought in, and that Zack utilized in that cool intro for Crisis Core.

It'd be really awesome if Cloud and the others could fight previous bosses from the game except at higher levels and with augmented stats via Shinra's Holographic Training Room. And not only that, but then... Cloud could fight various other enemies. And it could culminate... With Cloud getting to fight Zack's battle data as a SOLDIER 1st Class. So Zack could be an optional boss for the game and maybe have that become some awesome, touching character growth and a sort of reunion for Cloud.

And finally, a superboss I'd like to see added to FFVII... Is quite simply. Gilgamesh.

I want to see a Techno-Dystopian designed Gilgamesh for FFVII. Now, I don't want it to be a Gilgamesh so different that it's like the Gilgamesh from FFXV or FF Type-0. No no no. I want it to be the true Gilgamesh. With an updated design to match the world, like FFXII's Gilgamesh, or FFXIII-2's Gilgamesh. I would just love to see how FFVII's character designers would make him look to match the aesthetic of FFVII. It'd be cool if he like, wanted to rob Cloud of his Buster Sword or something :mon:

So yeah. Those are my ideas. What are yours?


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Summon - Diablos, always loved the character design of Diablos in the FF series. I know ff7 has Hades as it's dark type summon but nothing beats having a demon appear and slam you with a big ass ball of darkness XD

Sidequest - I would have had a sidequest revolving around Zack after cloud regained his memories. Would have been good if you could go back to his parents to tell them about their son then maybe create a grave for him as a sign of respect.

Superboss - I always thought Lucretia would make a cool ass super boss. After telling her about sephiroth she wigs out and her jenova cells start mutating and she becomes a being like jenova that's running off maternal rage.


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Summon - Atomos or Carbuncle.
Superboss - Sapphire Weapon. Generic and most people say this but it was the only one shown in the Original English release that we never got to fight, so it’d be nice to have all of them fightable. Fighting it headless might be awesome, it’d really show off the strength and might of the weapons or the party could weaken it before the sister ray blows its head off and finishes it off.
Sidequest - ‘Piece together memories of Zack’. A side quest that allows you to go to places associated with both Cloud and Zack, piecing together their journey together.

Granted this would mean implementing compilation material, which I don’t think they’ll do.

Or a side quest on collecting ribbons in memory of Aerith which gives access to strong materia such as maybe a holy or a light elemental materia (that isn’t actually Holy). The only way to deal holy elemental damage was through Alexander, materia with this property would be handy.

The original also had the hidden element so that could also be extended here
Summon: Alexander (ff8 or 9 version.)

Sidequest: Visit Zack's grave, where they meet the last MP that shot him, mourning all their dead friends. The object of the quest is some kind of joint memorial, where they swap stories and don't part friends, but don't fight out of respect for the dead.

Superboss: Whoever the current most prominent SOLDIER is.
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Sapphire Weapon as a secret super boss if you recruit Yuffie before the Junon Attack. Instead of whatever fake news lady she’s pretending to be, you join her on the path and distract Weapon before the canon blow! If it’s just Barret and Cait Sith, you run right by.
Hmmm although there’s two issues:
1. You would have to focus on levelling Yuffie Barret and Cait Sith to challenge the secret boss, or else grind on the Junon path forever. Forcing three likely backbenchers to fight a boss is kind of cool, but most people wouldn’t appreciate it.
2. There’s already a major set piece Weapon boss that gets offed by the cannon before you can finish it off — Diamond. Makes the Weapon story very same-y.
I’m fine with Emerald and Ruby — I still have never beaten either.

Sylph. There is no healing or buff summon and the game would benefit from it, especially after losing most of the healer/buff limit breaks.

I would like to see Fort Condor become more of a side quest hub. As it is now, there’s the mini-game rewards, capped with a Phoenix materia, but the only NPC I cared about there was the bird and it died. I’d like to help the townsfolk, do some rat catching and get to know the folks. Also I would love an expansion to the tower defense game (which oh man I’m so stoked for that to get a makeover). Maybe you could send your troops on the offensive and attack Shinra camps in the area, maybe have a war map like Soul Calibur III, with campaign goals!


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Midgardsormr. I think that it'd be really neat if the Midgar Zolom was implemented as a "you can't beat him at this level" avoid-at-all-costs boss initially that you could return to for a proper boss fight challenge. Since Enemy Skill is a bit odd for an ARPG, I think that it'd be really interesting to be able to beat the Midgar Zolom in order to get into an area of the swamp where there's an overgrown Materia fountain that holds a Summon Materia responsible for continually spawning it/them in the Chocobo Marsh (even after Sephiroth murders it on the tree), letting it keep its feel as an iconic and functionally un-killable beast. Taking the Summon Materia from there prevents the snake from respawning (some Chocobo-related benefit from that), and that Materia gives you access to summon the properly mythologically named version of the beast who's the full-blown ENORMOUS world serpent that rears up and does an apocalyptic Ragnarök version of the Beta Enemy Skill Attack.


I'm still very much on board for letting Deepground be the full on End Game dungeon of FFVII-R. Start off as a hunt for the missing Turks from BC and get misc data that they have as a way to get into various secret locations in ShinRa HQ (places that don't make sense to go to in the main game, and maybe things like a CC-specific area from Cissnei where you learn more about Zack, etc). Then once everything's unlocked, you get access to the lowest level to incorporate the stuff from DoC in a way that's a bit more focused on the unresolved Wutai War & horrible Hojo things, and not solely Vincent-centered. Taking place in Midgar helps wrap the start and end of the game into that most iconic location. Additionally, it'd give a way to toss in a lot of fun higher level post-game bosses with the Tsviets and such, and give a lot of avenues to look into more of the really darker parts of Hojo's mad science. There's also plenty of ways to incorporate the assistance of the Turks and help to get a better sense of where everyone comes together in the end.


This is the natural build off of the Sidequest, but Omega Weapon. You'd have to split and run a mini Reactor Destruction mission with six individual characters (Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Cid, Sait Sith, & Yuffie). Red XIII would be something involving the Lifestream, possibly making a connection with Minerva to tie up those loose ends with Genisis from Crisis Core, and making all of that poetry and the legends about the Planet more connected to him following in his grandfather Bugenhagen's footsteps. Then Vincent gets to initiate the attack as Chaos, and you actually get to run it all as a multi-team Seraph Sephiroth-type battle on an even bigger scale, that wraps up with a proper finale for DoC's lore, rather than a cliffhanger.

That gives you the "secret ending" cutscene of Nanaki & his kids, tying into his focus more on the planet, and the look at Midgar (since it gets even further damaged during Omega's emergence), it'd make the most sense to have that be a way of delivering that "what became of the world so much later" maybe even with something small and new we've never seen before.


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Sidequest- Anything that involves more backstory for one of the main characters. Tifa didn't get enough side-story in the original game. Her stuff was bundled together with Cloud's for the most part. So maybe something for her. Maybe set in Kalm. I loved Kalm as a location but you spend so little time there in the main story. Ignoring long flashbacks that is.

Summon- Don't care, there are frankly loads in the game already. We'll be lucky if they don't ditch quite a few of those for budgetary reasons.

Boss Fight- You should have to beat Knights of the Round before getting them as a summon!
Lots of good ideas in this thread. I liked the KotR idea. They better not take out that 30 minute summon in the game! That's always when I would go make a sandwich, eat it, come back and just be in time for the final knight. 😂 I don't have much to contribute, but I'll give it a shot.

Side quest - More Aerithssssss. I really would love some more time with Aerith. Maybe an end-game side quest that would really pull at the heart strings, ya know?

Summon - KotR 2!!! Nah, just kidding. I don't know honestly. There's already so many great summons. Maybe a bahamut summon that combines all three into one, similar to the way KotR works? Not that we need another ridiculously OP summon, lol.

Boss fight - How about another Rufus fight? One where we can finish him off once and for all. Not sure how that could work with Advent Children, but still. It would be a cool fight. In general, one last attack on Shinra would be cool. On a side note, I hope in the remake the final fight against Sephiroth (after you've won and you just have to omnislash him to infinity) turns into a final one on one bout between him and Cloud. That would be awesome on the remake where we have full control of Cloud.
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