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2012 TLS Awards Results


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I missed Mage but the great god Cookie Monster brought her back, but now I can't spend much time online. Fate is cruel! :rage:
1. Would you prefer it if I fuck off again? My personal life is sod all to do with you, but has plenty of bearing on my activity.

2. Awards are based on the past twelve months, not the last twenty minutes of the year.

3. I've been posting a reasonable amount in the past month, my activity before that was very little.

4. Why am I explaining myself to you? Quit whining, it's not like the awards are your call.
Lol, Minch got mama spanked.
He also said Mage had been posting plenty, amongst other things, implying that she didn't deserve the "Most Missed" award.
That was not what I was implying, that after winning the award she started poasting moar. Or at least that's when she seems to have started poasting moar. It was sometime between Me leaving for vacation and 2 days ago when I started getting active again. I noticed she had been poasting a lot recently. I was basically saying that everyone else has come back and/or started poasting moar since the award so Dacon needs to as well.

Srsly, come back Dacon, it's been nearly 2 months since you last poasted.:sadpanda:


How about just saying 'Dacon come back pl0x me miss you long tiem'?

Just a suggestion there sweetie, I can't abide excessive wordiness.


alex is dead
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I am going to relay this post to him don't worry k? I'll make sure you get his full and honest answer. Hang tight, son.
Dacon said:
I don't even know who the fuck that is. The fuck y'all want with me?
Not gonna lie, when I read Matthew's post saying he wants Dacon to come back, all I could think was "be careful what you wish for", as I don't think they've really had any...quality interaction yet, just the two of them :desu:

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I apparently forgot to archive this section. I'll leave the section open a few more days so people can get their final comments in and then boot it I guess.

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The results were announced ages ago (the first of the year, I think). Gabe bumped it just now, as I had forgotten to archive the section.
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