30 days of FF meme (Spoilers)

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First FF Obsession: VII. Big surprise. The first time I tried it out I played on my big brother's system. I would put up with just about anything from him so he'd let me play for a little while. I even cleaned his room a few times. Haw haw.

Current FF Obsession: XII. I love that motha fucken game. Sometimes I just just load it up to read the bestiary. Or just to chain a bunch of enemies or even just go to someplace gorgeous like the Salikawood or Giza Plains(Rains especially) and stand there rotating the camera. *-* (i luv u, XII)

Saddest FF Death: Well, the first few times I saw Aerith's death scene, I cried. So I guess that means it was the saddest for me.

The only other time I remember actually tearing up was with Kuja.

I was sad when I thought Tseng died, too. And before I found out you could choose whether it's Luzzu or Gatta who dies in X, I mourned for Luzzu because he was hotter than Gatta and therefore deserved to live more. :awesome:

I just posted my final entry in the meme:


That was a fun ride. =)

Twas. I only responded to like four of 'em but it was fun reading everyone else's replies. :D

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The saddest death for me was Vivi's. Because I loved his character and because it was a "silent" death, nothing epic, just a letter that was as beautiful and poetic as it was sad. And then you realize that one of the best characters ever to grace a FF game is simply dead.

But Aerith's death was the most shocking death. It caught me completely by surprise. Even after the impalement, i thought she would be out for a bit of the game, but she would survive. I never expected her to really die, so I was kinda shocked by that.

And Zack's was the most brutal, the guy was pratically dead and those guys kept shooting at him. Yikes.
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I didn't even realize Vivi died when I first beat FFIX. I learned it later on and I think that broke my heart even more :'(
^ Same. I was wondering where he was the whole time. :sadpanda:
I feel weird because I never cried when I first saw Aeris die. I was just shocked and it made me want to play more.

The only death I cried to was when Tidus left to join his father. He was so happy to meet him again and yet everybody was depressed that he was going. I thought that whole scene (and the one afterwards) was wonderful and it will always be my favorite "death"


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This is genuinely a hard question. Aeris, Tidus, and Drace were all sad. Even though I hated Tidus, I agree with what TresDias said about wanting that kind of dignity.

I tend to like my deaths a little understated though, so deaths like Zalbag and Leo might strike a better chord for me. But they are meant to be scary and shocking, not sad, per se, which is what the question is about.

As much as the game goes out of its way to make it sad (music, speeches etc.) Aeris' death was still probably the saddest. It's just been mentioned, but Tifa's goodbye scene is absolutely devastating.

Huh! What a weird last question! It's been fun, guys!


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I was annoyed Leo died cause I'm kinda into Terra x Leo. Anyone else? Just me?

I like Leo x Terra Tifabelle ! :joy:

Saddest death for me was Joseph in Final Fantasy II. Strange huh ? Well, it was because of his daughter Molly. It reminded me of that episode of Full Metal Alchemist where Hughes dies, and his daughter doesn't understand where her daddy has gone, and she doesn't understand why there's a funeral and why everybody around her is crying....

It was just like that, Molly didn't understand where her father was, and why he didn't come back with Firion and the others, and it was really heartbreaking, because she's too young to understand the concept of death, and why she won't see her daddy Joseph again...

so sad...;____;';

Also, I don't want this thing to end....


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Saddest character death for me was probably Vivi. I didn't even realise he died the first time I played the game; the fact that he was so young made it seem a lot sadder.

After that I'd say probably Galuf or Leo. I never got to experience Aerith's death the way I should have; I was spoiled for it years before I played the game. Otherwise I probably would've ranked it up amongst the other character deaths. From a technical standpoint it certainly was one of the most effectively executed in the series.

And I already mentioned that I liked Terra/Leo above :monster:

And yeah, it sucks this is over :(
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