30 Days of Final Fantasy (2019)

Gary Caelum

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Gary Caelum
29. Tidus' design always looked very silly to me. Looks exactly like someone who plays a water sport, but forgot to change after the match.

30. FF7Remake reveal completely slayed me. I literally fell out of my chair cos I fist pumped too vigorously whilst leaning backwards.
Day 30. I have trouble remembering the good times :p. I was pretty ecstatic reaching Safer Sephiroth for the first time thougb, but more so due to the atmosphere of One-winged Angel beginning after a pause which came after fiery sound effects. Then the pan out from Seph's face with the fancy gestures and everything.

If we're talking other things besides games. Seeing the first trailer or test footage (?) to AC was exciting. Kadaj and Cloud fighting on a highway, etc.

The intro to FFVIII, available on demo before the game's release, had me excited for the game. There was also a point when I was excited for FFXV due to a trailer :P. Particularly elements of the TGS 2013 and 2014 trailers. Hahaha... haha... haaa :mon:.
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Mr. Ite
Day 29: Seymour’s design is just atrocious. I’m not even talking about the blue hair antlers (although wtf) it’s more the Hugh Hefner open shirt, clown sleeves and FFX’s overall colour scheme in regards to costume design.

I also don’t like AC Cloud. I think the half skirt thing is dumb, @ me.

Day 30: the most jazzed I ever got was maybe when Barret throws the rope at Tifa, and she almost falls, but catches it! And then, everybody’s there on the ship! It’s ours! The music kicks in. Tifa takes the helm, and suddenly I’m flying an airship. Nothing can quite compare to that joy.

Another time, fandom related, was when I read the epic treatise on Time/Ultimecia by Sir Bahamut, TheOnionKnight and Squall_of_SeeD aka @The Twilight Mexican . It honestly blew me away and encouraged me to think really critically about the media I consume which has changed my life for the better. Fun side note: while it debunked the Rinoa=Ulti theory it also introduced that theory to me, so ya kinda shot yourself in the foot there, Tres.

To fancy and everyone who participated in this month’s madness, thank you so much. This was an awesome thing. 😻😻😻
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Day 30: Definitely when I learned about the lifestream and the planet in FF7. It is such a beautiful and romantic way to imagine afterlife and spiritual energy
It made me feel bad to see we fuck up earth this much imaging that earth could be alive. I also had this ridiculous fantasy that some of us are Ancients who traveled to earth and lost the ability to communicate to the planet because we are so polluted:mon: it is stupid but I was 13
Mr. Ite
Day 30: Definitely when I learned about the lifestream and the planet in FF7. It is such a beautiful and romantic way to imagine afterlife and spiritual energy
It made me feel bad to see we fuck up earth this much imaging that earth could be alive.
^ This. Excellent answer. 😭


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Day 01 - your favourite? best character in general?
Vincent is my fave :desucait: Best character...FFVII Cloud maybe?

Day 03 - the biggest OMG WTF moment
Zidane covered the tree branches for the dead Kuja with his own body???? I was just like ?????[ noooo pleaseee are you going to die for Kuja's corpse and have Dagger moan for you???????

Day 04 - the best storyline?

Day 05 - favourite Cid?
Yellow condom Cid. "Grandpa! Tee-hee":desucait:

Day 06 - Which FF universe would you live in and why?
I will be a spoiled kid on Midgar's upper plate. Whichever sector that doesnt get blown up. :mon:

Day 08 - the funniest FF moment for you?
When my team found Cyan in the World of Ruins, and found his books. One of the books is "Bushido in the bedroom":desucait:

Day 09 - Which character sparks the most rage
Rosa from FFIV. I don't even know why but this kinda "I just love my brooding, nice, blue childhood boyfriend so much and I am so worried about him and I will follow him anywhere" just gives me rage. And she dies too easily too, with that HP
Seifer at the beginning of FF8. I just hate...cocky people

Day 13 - favourite mini-game
Triple Triad. That game is poisonous

Day 14 - favourite quote
From OTWTAS case of shinra, when Rufus' dad said, "L ... for losers":mon:

Day 15 - Which game has disappointed you
FFXIII - Versus being replaced by FFXV. The removal of Stella

Day 17 - favourite theme/song
Cyan's theme. So mysterious and solemn!

Day 20 - Which relationship is your favourite
Probably the relationship between the Turks and Cloud's team...There is something subtle about where the Turks stand between good and...evil? Between their conscience and loyalty to Shinra/Turks/their boss

Day 21 - If you had the chance to fill the role of any character
I will be Lucrecia and just marry Vincent, murder Hojo, and dump Jenova in the trash so all the twisted shit in FFVII won't happen:monster: Seriously, I can believe how terrible someone's life choice can be. And that past was the beginning of all nightmares
But then we won't have the game, so probably not.

Day 24 - fave class
and dark knight, but not Cecil's dark knight

Day 25 - my rage-quit
It is not a boss or a dungeon. It is Setzer's Joker doom. I set my party to auto attack when I was leveling on the mobile version. And Setzer wiped my party twice with that goddamn slot combination

Day 27 - best haircut? And who's hair do you personally think you'd look good in?
Cloud and Sephiroth have the best haircut:desucait: I used to have Yuffie and Tifa's hair styles they both work fine

Day 28 - favourite reoccuring trope/motif throughout the FFs?
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