30 Days of Final Fantasy (2019)


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Smooth Criminal
Can't pick a single Limit Break/Desperation Move in Final Fantasy, but I love attacks that showcase the superhuman qualities of the characters so my top favs are between Omnislash (Version 5 from ACC taking the cake), Army of One (just Holy shit @ seeing Lightning rip into some poor schmuck with close quarter combat and sword slashes) and Armiger Unleashed.

You know, Noctis going Versus XIII ham on Solheim's Omega in the Insomnia Ruins was the pinnacle of the FFXV's battle system for me. That entire optional boss with Noctis going nuts with the Armiger against that monster was gorgeous. A truly amazing battle. I fucking love what they did with FFXV and just. They made Noctis a really unique and badass hero in his own right.

Now in terms of most shocking plot twist of Final Fantasy?

1.) FFVII with
Cloud having a fake identity and false memories of his past.

Wait... Why the fuck did I spoil tag this here?! :closedmonster:

2.) WoFF with
the discovery Reynn and Lann essentially fucked over the entire world in the past by being snot nosed brats who got their parents killed and totally betrayed Hauynn in their ignorant search for power. The revelation that they were pretty awful kids in the past and they take responsibility to fix their mistakes really cemented that game as a favorite of mine. That was. a pretty amazing way to subvert the amnesiac RPG hero trope.

3.) FFX with
the revelation that Tidus is nothing but a dream of the Fayth and that he'll disappear upon the destruction of Sin. That was pretty rough.

So yeah, those were the plot twists that stuck with me the most in FF.
Mr. Ite
Well this one is impossible to answer. But I got a few.
1. FF7 — President Shinra’s death. It was my first non-Mario game, and I don’t think I properly grokked that it was three discs despite them being right there. It felt like I was at the end of the story when we attacked the enemy headquarters. Finding Shinra dead, then the escape, and then reveal of the world map was definitely a you’re-not-in-Kansas-anymore moment for me.
2. FF7 — The first conflict at the northern crater. I was absolutely floored.
3. FF8 — the basketball scene. Definitely an OMG WTF moment.
4. FF6 — Re-arranging the statues and the fallout from that. It was the 5th FF I ever played so I was kind of jaded at that point but it was still an impressively bold story choice and I adored it.
In Final Fantasy VII...

Cloud is a cross-dresser!!! 😮😧😮😱🔙 What?! Mind blown!

No, but seriously,

As shocking, intense, and emotional as Aerith’s death was (I played it when it was still a rather new game so I wasn’t spoiled like most), the real Cloud emerging, and it turning out that basically all of his memories weren’t his, has to be the biggest plot twist. That was the biggest “wtf” moment. Also Cait Sith essentially being controlled by Reeve was pretty crazy.

And as an honorable mention..

Tidus from FFX basically not existing or whatever. What a rollercoaster and emotional ending. I don’t care what anyone says, Final Fantasy X is an amazing game and my second favorite in the series. I know they pretty much wiped out that story in X-2 and I did watch all the endings, but who wants to play that game?! Sorry to all 3 X-2 fans in the world. 😂

Gary Caelum

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Gary Caelum
Q1: Yuna. I love how pure and innocent she is, whilst being so strong-willed and courageous.

Q2: Vincent's Chaos. Loved his Limit Breaks in general.

Q3: Finding out the true goal of Yuna's pilgrimage during the scene at the Al'Bhed Home. I would've gone with the ending for FFX, which was the most emotional. But it technically isn't a twist because you are told about it beforehand.
LOL... Final Fantasy VII. Next question. 😂

I mean, I can’t really say anything I haven’t said before. FF7 not only has the best storyline in the Final Fantasy universe in my opinion, it has the best storyline in all any game of all time. Again, in my opinion. Is it $@&!?#% (😉) perfect? Probably not, but I’ve always said that love is about loving one’s imperfections. Is that an actual quote? If not copyright that shit right here. Castiel Strife 2019.

If it wasn’t for FF7, I probably wouldn’t be playing games right now. I’ve actually told a few people that I might “retire” from gaming when the remake releases, because it’s everything I’ve wanted for a video game for so many years.


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Ergo, V
Toss up between fvii & FFIX
Although my heart belongs to ff7 the plot does go somewhat omnidirectional at points whereas ff9 has a really good plot build up and everything is very linear and engaging.
Day 4: FFVII. Fleshed out interesting characters, uh... and stuff other FFs don't have story-wise, as much as I may prefer other FFs. Sorry, in a hurry :mon:
Mr. Ite
I agree with Ergo, FFIX’s story is so smooth, never drags, is always engaging and has just as much replay value as VII. I may be biased towards VII b/c it was the first long-form story I ever got into (besides I dunno Animorphs?) but my love for it is hardly unwarranted. VII’s story is deep in a way that echoed into my real life (environmental sustainability, runaway capitalism leading inevitably to an authoritarian oligarchy, dealing with mortality and grief, owning your memories, flaws, and failures, and letting go of the stories you tell yourself) and no game, book, or film I’ve dived into comes close to executing those themes with such effortlessness.

Disc II is the only real issue, pacing-wise. The huge materia missions feel like forced side content, and they take up about a third of the disc’s playtime, diluting what are otherwise edge-of-your-seat sequences at Junon, Mideel, and Midgar. It doesn’t topple VII from its throne, but it’s worth mentioning.


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Smooth Criminal
It's really hard to pick a single Final Fantasy that has the single best story. FF games have differing types of stories. Stories about conquering fate, stories about hope and redemption, stories about love and hate, stories about war and politics.... They all have unique narratives that are merely unified by the tropes and lore that ties FF together.

I guess my favorite would be FFVII only because it's the one I played first, have revisted the most, and enjoyed the characters in every iteration I've seen them in. But that hardly means I think VII is the best of FF. I equally enjoyed the stories of XIII, XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. The Lightning saga was a story that I could come back to over and over again and just get lost in too. FFVI was another incredible story that has a world I just wish there was a lot more of cause the story was incredible.

I tend to favor Final Fantasies where the beginning hits hard and fast, throwing me right in the action with an eye catching battle and opening. So FFIV, FFVI, FFVII, FFX, FFXIII... FF Type 0, FF Tactics....Those are the ones where the plots just snatched me and never let me go.

But yeah, it's hard to really just choose 1 plot that was "the best." FFVII is a favorite but when I play other FFs I've never felt wanting and going, "man FFVII sure did this better..." or anything like that. Each FF has mostly brought something unique. A story that separates itself from the others. I choose FFVII since it's my first and all but if I had been born any other time, I probably would be saying FFVI or FFXIII or whatever FF I first grabbed my hands on. Because each FF just fills a specific niche.
Day 3:

Zidane in Pandaemonium. He's been so good at managing his crew and staying calm under stress, and then you find him completely cracked open by Garland. It's so well done too, you never pay attention to never finding Zidane's home unlike everyone else.

Day 4:
Final Fantasy XIII. Everyone is so complicated and nuanced, and the situations they are in are so complicated and nuanced, not a single easy answer for any of them, including the likes of Yaag, Jihl, and Raines.
It's so interesting to hear these positive things regarding FFXIII in terms of story as I've only heard all the bad things regarding gameplay and something about impossibly long dungeons I think :P I took the notion of the story for granted...
Oh, come on Fancy! Until you give me a question like “What’s the worst Final Fantasy?” or “If you could burn one copy of Final Fantasy, which would it be?” I’m going to always have to pick a FF7 answer. 😂

With that being said, Cid from Final Fantasy IX. No. Just kidding!

Of course it’s Cid from FF7! THE Cid Highwind. He had a great character arc and was a hero when Cloud was in his coma. What would have happened to the planet had Cid not been there? I think that’s important to consider. Sure, he was a donkey at the beginning but his dreams were crushed and he became bitter. Still, like Cloud and literally everyone else, he had some great character development and became very likeable.


Listen closely, there is meaning in my words.
Smooth Criminal
Cidolfas Orlandeau from FF Tactics because that muthafucka' lays down the thunder and claps like a boss.

Thunder God Cid is an OG of Ivalice and is like, "Yo Ramza, you need help overthrowing dat corrupt monarchy and some demons? Cool, lemme get my sword, bro. You'll need it."

Man, TG Cid is a legend. FFVII Cid is my second favorite but the Zodiac Brave Legend Cid is a force of nature. This man is literally called a Sword Saint. Because he works miracles with that blade. He's not a knight. A holy knight, or a swordsman.

He's a Sword Saint. His music theme is lit, he kill enemies likety-split.

Oh, and he also looks like Obi Wan Kenobi.

Like...Whaaaat? How much more awesome can this muthafucka get?

So yeah. That's the Cid that's my favorite.

Other notable Cids are FFIV's Cid, and FFXV's Cid. They also are legit.
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^Mako, can I just take a moment to say how much I've been appreciating reading through these thought out poasts of yours throughout this little meme month? You have such a passion for the FF series and that shines right through and I really respect that.

Oh, come on Fancy! Until you give me a question like “What’s the worst Final Fantasy?” or “If you could burn one copy of Final Fantasy, which would it be?” I’m going to always have to pick a FF7 answer. 😂

With that being said, Cid from Final Fantasy IX. No. Just kidding!
LOL I will fight you, fam!! You always got me cracking up with your posts lmao smh.

UGH I guess Cid Highwind is my fave, too!! Bit of a problematic fave though.... but then that tends to be the case with most of my faves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Wide and Slow
Day 3. Not to beat a pretty dead horse at this point but FFVII when
Cloud realises he's not who he thinks he is. Like, putting myself in his shoes and thinking how that would feel ... it must've been so painful man eesh.
the first time I saw FFVII all the way through, my grandad died not long after and so Cloud's speech about Aerith's death really made me face up to the reality of what that meant I guess, so although I've never been hugely fussed over her dying, that raw grief and the absolute finality that Cloud expresses so bluntly struck a bit of a nerve for me.

Day 4. Yeahhhhh, it's gotta be VII or IX I think. I'm going over every one I've played and although I love them all, IX's story is the most coherent by far and VII's is the most interesting.

Day 5. Every Cid so far :monster:. UM UM UMMMM to be honest, Cid Highwind sticks in my mind forever and for always as the epitome of a Cid, but that said, I do enjoy Cid (and Mid) in V, I remember finding their dynamic funny and appreciating their banter, although I might be remembering that wrong :monster:
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