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A Labor of Love


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So I hope this is the best place to post this. First time and all. This is a project I started a little over a year ago while helping @Odysseus dig up Snow Fields related material. I came across so many lost and broken sites that I used to frequent in my early internet days (1997 and on) and just became saddened with the lack of any FF7 related fan sites today. There used to be so many! I would argue one of the largest fan bases something ever had. (Although, Buffy sites were pretty rampant too.)

Having worked on and run Nibelheim: The Shinra Mansion as well as the Unofficial I Know What's Beneath the Snow Fields site, I felt it my duty to bring back to life one place where the old glory of these fan sites of yore could be seen once more. Putting more of a modern spin but sticking to some very old graphics and code, I have put together what I feel like could be called a love letter to a game that has meant so much to me over theses last 26+ years. Hopefully you'll find it as entertaining as I did to put together. :) Without further adieu, I give you my contribution:

The Final Fantasy VII Archives

Erotic Materia

Holy shit this is an A U T H E N T I C FF7 fan site experience. Whipped me back into my childhood like

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