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About 1,300 Amiga games, but I couldn't get them to work (those I tried anyway, except Nebulous :P). When people upload these kinds of things, they should at least make sure to put in some kind of instructions. Some games went to this kind of screen, and said to type such and such, but when I did just that, it'd crash or not do anything :P. Others actually went to the game's title screen, but I couldn't find a way to get the games to start, pressing every single button on my keyboard and mouse :P (granted, there is always the possibility I may have pressed something counter-productive in doing so). Even with Nebulous the controls were weird.


Emulating the Amiga is fairly complex, so I was going to suggest fiddling with the settings. Remember there were loads of different systems with different capabilities, and games would only run on certain combinations of systems and peripherals and such. It's likely that's the cause of the issue, their emulator was probably trying to emulate a system the game didn't support. But there's not much you can do about that.

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I'm in a nostalgic Amiga music listening mood. Not in order of brilliance or anything, just the order of scraping my brain trying to remember stuff :P. Would be pretty shitty if a lot of this music is forgotten in the dust bin of history.


Also, been looking for this game for ages, but had forgotten the name of it. Don't think I ever finished it, much to my disappointment.

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What i had in the 80s was atari and commmodore c64 and never had an amiga. A friend had it several years later.
My big time back then was on c64 as teeny. I luvved rpgs, action games, sports games then with friends to play.
Defender of the crown was a great interactive movie game and pool of radiance the starter game into series of ad&d forgotten realms and dragonlance games. Elite was the space opera shooter game in space and there were also text/graphic adventures like dallas quest. 7 cities of gold was the epic discovery game and pirates! from legenday Sid Meier the action adventure. With friends playing like summer/wintergames, yie ar kung fu or international karate.
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