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Bit random, but I've been thinking of making a comic sometime. I've dabbled in it before for a class, but I figured I'd try it again and better.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend an art style. I tried looking around a comic shop a few days ago to find something I'd like to try to replicate, but nothing really jumped out at me.

I'm looking for something with quite a realistic drawing style, with clean lineart. Interesting uses of layout, not just box after box. And a sort of minimal colouring style, not all OTT gradients.

The comic I'm thinking of making is very low-key, no big action set pieces or anything. Almost like a silent movie.

If anyone has any ideas of comics that match any of those criteria, let me know.


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How about an art style similar to that of Saga comics? Not as clean as, say, anything in the New 52, but Fiona Staples' art really animates the personalities of the worlds and characters she illustrates through a fantastically dynamic art style. Her character design is incredible. You could always emulate with cleaner lines and more layered shading detail, though I could argue that the rougher linework is what gives it its edge.

All the best with creating that comic! It's such gruelling, rewarding work. Would love to see your progress on here when you get the chance :-)


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Andrea Sorrentino describes what you are looking for pretty well other then that she's definitely pretty setpiece heavy.

Greg Capullo and J.H. Williams III's work on New 52 Batman and Batwoman respectively are also worth a look.
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