Asterix Comics [Goscinny and Uderzo]

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Bout to go on a trip down memory lane here. I found a complete PDF collection of these fantastic french comics. I know I can't be the only one here who's heard of them so to my fellow fans I hope I don't step on toes with my dated knowledge of the series :monster:

I grew up with these because my dad fell in love with them while he was in S.H.A.P.E, Belgium. We had a handful of the books and I read through them all. While I was pretty young at the time and didn't get all the historical references and some of the jokes went over my head, I enjoyed the adventures of the little Gauls and their magic potion.

Here's a place to find a complete, albeit I'm certain misnumbered set of the comics

So it's been a while but some of the adventures that remain freshest in my mind are Asterix and the Great Divide, Asterix at the Olympic Games, and Asterix and the Banquet. Also shout out to Asterix in Britain for a running joke which I thought was hysterical at the time about how early Brits simply drank hot water (sometimes with cream and sugar) before Asterix and Obelix gave them the idea to add tea leaves.

Edit: OH! And I almost forgot my absolute favorite in the entire series is Asterix the Legionary. Some of the best military humor and the running jokes here of the bewildered Centurions are just pure gold.

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One of my primary schools had a fairly large collection. I remember liking them a lot, but don't remember much, given haven't read them for over 21 years :P. Shall surely look at that archive link at some stage.


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As a child, two comics captured my imagination above all else: Tintin and Asterix. As I grew older I found that Tintin was still able to hold my interest – I'm a big fan of the series to this day – but I guess I grew out of Asterix. They're great comics though.
I love both Tintin and Asterix.

As I'm sure you all know, the Francophone world takes "bandes dessinees" much more seriously - as Art - than the Anglophone world. There's a comic book store in my Francophone city in Switzerland and it's like a fine art or high class book shop. They don't seem to be quite as interested in superheroes as Anglophone comics, though I think the translated versions of Marvel and DC are extremely popular.


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Oh man, my parents had at least a couple collections of these. I remember that I really got into them after I went to Germany for the first time when I was 5-6, and enjoyed them for a good long while. I haven't thought about these in AGES but they're SO fantastic.

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We had a lot of these accumulated over time, read the shit out of them. Then there were some of the cartoons and I think quite a large amount of movies, which I guess are entertaining if you're drunk or looking for some daytime movies :monster:

As for Tintin, you should really check out the cgi animated movie if you haven't already - both Spielberg and Jackson were big fans. Then watch the making of, for shits and giggles etc. There's 2d animated movies too iirc. Really not too challenging to do a good translation of the comics to cartoons IMO
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