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Cheeky Fangu does updates while the boss is on vacation :monster:
Unrelated: I've found a way to set custom intros for articles on the front page. They're called excerpts, but they're hidden by default in the new post interface. If you click "screen options" in the top-right corner, then select "excerpt" and close the screen options, the box will appear. Neat. I'm not sure if we still need to fiddle with something on the front page. Perhaps not, if I understand this page correctly:

"In both cases, if you have set anything in the Excerpt meta box on the post editor screen, that text will be used. Otherwise, the excerpt will be automatically trimmed."
I made the changes Flint talks about here. I have activated the "Excerpt" box. You can see it when you're writing and editing posts now, it's located right below the post text input box (see picture below). (I tried moving it to right under the title but it can't be done.)


Basically, when you're writing a post now, you need to fill in an Excerpt. If you don't fill in an Excerpt, the front page will simply output "Continue reading this story". (It will not output the first x characters from the post itself, as Flint's post suggests, and as we did before - this because the Social Media plugin Flare adds some odd stuff to the first part of the post content, and to get rid of that I'll have to rewrite the old function first. Using manual excerpts is simply a very neat workaround.)

If you put in too much in the Excerpt field - the character limit is 160 characters - WP will add an "..." at the end after 160 characters.

The character limit is up for debate, let me know if it should be less or more.

For the current article I made up something and put it in. Feel free to butcher it :monster:

This is what it looks like now (printscreened for archive reasons):


Q & A

Q: Does this mean I'll have to go back and fill in Excerpts for my old posts?
A: No. For now, it is only the first article on the front page that outputs the excerpt.

Q: So it won't be output in the post itself?
A: No, but it can be done if we at some point want it to.

Q: Can I put HTML tags in my excerpt?
A: Yes. But keep it simple, like links, colors, or font weight bold, if you must. Also beware that the HTML will count as a character count, thus affecting the 160 character limit. I don't believe you'll want to put a link in your excerpt anyway, so we'll cross that bridge (not having HTML count in the character count) if we ever get there.

Q: Can I edit the excerpt with the visual editor?
A: No. It has to be HTML.


Hahahaha, maybe this should have been one of those board announcements we never do.

Anyway, I like it. Thank you.
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