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Best Staffer

Best Staffer

  • Aaron (Rory Williams)

    Votes: 3 15.8%
  • Cthulhu (YopY)

    Votes: 3 15.8%
  • Mog (DAT BOY FROG)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Road (Joel/Thor)

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • Ryushikaze

    Votes: 2 10.5%
  • Tennyo

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Tifabelle (Kripey)

    Votes: 1 5.3%
  • TresDias (Hawkeye)

    Votes: 5 26.3%

    Votes: 1 5.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

The Man

Great Old One
Vote for the staff member who has made the best posts/provided the most positive impact to TLS/shown the best leadership/whatever other criteria you think makes for the best staff.


I can't really decide on anyone to be honest, think I'm going to have to abstain. At least for the time being.
Gym Leader Devil, Death, Everybody's Grudge, Spike, Azathoth
Voting for Tres because Tres. Everyone else is awesome too though, I understand the difficulty expressed above :monster:
Can't decide between Tres, MOG and Road, why are you boys so awesome at being staffers?
Pretty much this. I have admired the level headedness of each of these mods and the unbiased way they can diffuse situations, but in the end, I went with Tres, because he's been around quite a lot lately. I'd absolutely love to see more Road, though.


~Heiress of Her Will~
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Like people have said, this is a tough category, but in the end I went with Aaron. Why? He's not the most level-headed of staff, and certainly not the cheeriest. xD But I feel he has that kind of leadership quality that you know will keep the forum surviving at its worst and thriving at its best. He doesn't shine in any particular area because he's so busy covering all the major bases, which keep this site moving ever onwards.

Tres and Tenny were next on my list. Both show incredible diplomacy and friendliness.


Great Old One
All of you guys are good staffers.

In the end I went with Thor/Joel/Road, because I've been impressed by his levelheadedness, his genuine want to solve conflicts, and for his ability to get along with (almost?) everyone on the forums. He seems to like people and wants them to be happy and get along. Good leaders are people persons who get people's respect naturally by listening and caring.

Honorable mentions to Tennyo, who were the one striving to make the team better, and to Tifabelle, who came in with a genuine desire to really make things better. Unfortunately people outside the mod section didn't see how hard Tenny worked and she took some undeserved dirt, and unfortunately Tifabelle came in a moment too late to help save things when shit hit the fan.

It's been a rough year and you guys don't really have much to do at the moment. But you will at some point. Stay cool people.


Pro Adventurer
I'm voting for Yop. His cba-ness in the first half of the year was frustrating, but I was impressed with how he handled the summer drama and then took an active role in developing the new front page. The rest of us just have to keep prodding him to make sure he keeps it up :)
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