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Among the 8 roles Square just announced they are hiring for, one of them is Battle Planner, which is stated to involve developing unique elements for boss battles. We already know that Scorpion Guard has some unique battle modes, one of which involves raining down missiles that need to be avoided, and another that seems to require switching to Barret to continue to do accurate damage.

So knowing this, how do you think they'll build the other bosses to be unique, give the new more action oriented system? This can involve the terrain, obstacles for both player and boss, specific attack modes, or weaknesses that need to be exploited. I have some in mind, but I wanna hear what you guy's 'd like to see, if this turns out to be true?

For that matter, how do you see individual, memorable enemies behaving, and what kind of impact the different locations will have on combat?
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Terrain effects please. Imagine fall hazards in the plate. Falling rocks in Cosmo Canyon? Mako poisoning slowly affecting party members in the reactors. Fights on the train with the fast movement of the train moving you along.

I know it's wishful thinking and might even get annoying but I'd love it. Star Ocean: The Second Story had some great terrain effects like rocks that blocked your path and rolling boulders and minecarts that could hit you and deal damage. You could summon balls and boulders that would bounce around the stage and hit enemy and ally alike.
A lot of the original bosses in the game have great set ups for creative action combat if the team bothers to look for it. The robot you fight in the second reactor splitting your party in half, the giant rat thing in the severs, Rufus on top of Shinra building being a gun versus sword fight that could really tie in well with their new cover system.

In fact, thinking about it pretty much every FFVII boss encounter features either an interesting battle arena, or an interesting boss. They're just never fully utilized.
Many boss battles could be pretty interesting.
Imagine if Gi Natak was fought on multiple platforms in a lava pit demanding some clever use of platforming and precission hits to take out his two flame companions before wailing on the main guy.

Or the church encounter - switching between Aerith and Cloud in real time, have Aerith dodge from cover to cover with Cloud providing support from above.

I'm seeing a lot of potential for the cover mechanic to add an interesting component to the melee combat similar to that of The Last Story, with the addition of destructable environments and command materias, and enemies with AoE attacks etc. the battle system could prove to be a lot of fun.


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(Related: I really want to see if/how they implement the Long Range Materia)

Like hian said, there're a ton of cool stages and such for battles. One of the one that stands out the most for me are the Hundred Gunner & Heli Gunner on the elevators of the Shinra Building.

Another interesting one is something like Lost Number, where you have to swap battle tactics between Physical and Magical mid-fight as it adapts itself, which might be even more dynamic in real-time if it's able to change more than once.

There's also Daemon Wall in Temple of the Ancients who could be properly terrifying as your available combat stage keeps shrinking as it closes in on you.

– Not to mention the fights against the Weapons.

The one's I'm most interested in though are the Jenova fights, because those NEED a bit of something to spice them up. Birth, Life, & Death should be more than colour variations, and I want to be able to see behavioural differences with it. However, I still want them to have similarity between each other, especially so that when you finally fight Synthesis, it's still a "holy shit, look at that thing!!!" difference from its previous blobby forms.

On top of all of that, I like the idea that there are tactical OPTIONS that also aren't tactical necessities. Being able to break limbs & disable attacks to make something more vulnerable is neat, but not when they're requirements – which is why I like how that mechanic is used in XV.

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