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Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah
Yay, I can finally join this party-, everyone's gone. :(

Game's been fairly fun so far but I'm only like, four hours in or something. =P
English voice acting is a mixed bag in my opinion...


Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah
Dropped this game some time ago. Was fun initially but after over twenty hours of blandness I think I'll have to give up on this game. =/
If the story gets good at some point after that it's certainly taking way too long. Also agree with the characters being snoozefests.
I think you're missing out on a really great game that recaptures some of the earlier essence which made Final Fantasy, but if you're just not getting into it ... *shrugs*
Which chapter were you in, Tets?

Because twenty hours sounds like you're nearing the point where things actually get repetitive. So if you haven't liked the game now, it's actually only getting a bit less interesting, story-wise, for a while.

Except for specific plot points and the very end, that is.


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I'm seriously waiting for the english release of Bravely Second since last year when it game came out in Japan. I can't even read or understand other langauges despite speaking a bit a french.

But personally, despite both games were good and had really nice storylines, I doubt there'll be a third one. The ending of the Bravely Second, despite not understanding Japanese, and I'll try not to spoil it, made me feel that it doesn't need a sequel and I liked the ending.
I'm quite looking forward to it. I enjoyed the first game a lot.

So much so that I actually mastered all the classes with all four characters :lol: . There was literally nothing left for me to do!!
Have clocked in around 9 hours of the prelude / demo available from the 3DS store. It's mostly a teaser of what is to come, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Gotten to know the new characters really well, and I love that Agnes
(or Pope Agnes - as she is known now)
still has a significant role within events so far.

The improvements to the battle system are really awesome. I love the 'One More Fight' feature that will throw you into another battle if you defeat all your opponents in the first turn - allowing for an increase in EXP and AP. It has made grinding actually fun as you try to plan your attacks to kill everything in one turn whilst Defaulting with some other characters to allow you to continue the streak for as long as possible.

I absolutely loved the job system in the first game and this one doesn't disappoint. Lots of things to play around with and to tailor your characters. The new Wizard job is pretty damn awesome once you unlock its full potential and pair it with a Red Mage sub set. Being able to cast an Aspir 'Mist' every turn over your opponents, or a Cure 'Mist' on your allies, or an immediate stat enhancement is pretty cool. I can't wait to try it out with other variations in the full game.

But that is nothing in comparison to the Exorcist role I've just unlocked. Undo HP is ... ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous and godly. I'm hoping that is a secret or end game job class because otherwise that game is going to be a breeze!

Think I've got one last event to do and the demo will come to an end. Can't wait to jump into the main game!


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I've watched someone play the second game in Japanese last year, and while I couldn't understand what everyone was saying, I found it better than the first one.

Can't wait for it to come out this week(on the 26th in Europe, and on the 27th here in Australia).
Having completed the demo... the game plays virtually the same as the first one. Which is a good thing, although I admit I'm not used to playing a sequel with the exact same system, graphics, etc. By not doing something new, they end up getting something new!

I have a really busy week so I'll be happy to get a break on the 26th to play it.


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Bad news. Looks like Nintendo's gonna butcher the localization almost as bad as FE: Fates for Bravely Second. (Source.)

They're removing the multiple outcomes on non neutral sidequests so everyone comes out okay (ie Nobody important dies during the quest, no bad ending), the Tomahawk class has been replaced with a cowboy like class. And multiple costume changes to cover up anything that could be seen as "suggestive". (That doesn't bother me as much as some of the other things do.)
Agreed about not caring about the costume changes - this is something that the culture is still quite behind on - but the sidequest change is rather odd. Has there been verification of the quest change though? I can't see this verified anywhere - everyone is just repeating the rumours. I also say this because I've done the initial two sidequests so far and
Red definitely died and hasn't been seen again, and neither has Master Kamiizumi
due to my choices.

Anyway, cracking game so far.


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It's gonna be kinda hard to get a verified source as far as to the sidequest changes. The mainstream game journalists won't cover it because they don't see it as a problem. Like Kotaku or polygon for instance. I know they're just rumors at the moment but given how Treehouse f'ed the localization for FE: Fates, it's something I feel at least is worth looking into.
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Personally, I have no issues in the costume problems. The game is amazing either way. Rumors say that the guy who left Square Enix wants to continue the Bravely games, making it into a series.

But I think Bravely Third will have a different storyline compared to the first two with new characters, because I think Tiz and Anges's storyline has ended with Bravely Second.
Gotten quite far into the game, and I understand all the criticism labelled at Magnolia now. The way she just randomly jumps from English to French to an American accent is rather odd and jarring - sometimes all in the same segment! She's definitely the weaker of the two new characters, though that's not saying much as Yew is utterly boring.

Thank god for the return of Tiz and Edea. I've loved getting to know the two again, and Edea's expanded storylines with the side quests.

Now for some major spoilers because that epic event just happened:

Really disappointed. I was expecting some FFVIII type levels of reality warping there, but everything just went grey. I wanted to see reality crumbling, towns and locations changing places, things changing to the Kaiser's will ... but it was just boring and anti-climatic. Such a shame. I know the emphasis was to get you to New Game+ but they should have the consequences of events happening.

Speaking of which - again, so anti-climatic. I expected at least a cutscene with them smashing their hourglass and unlocking the energies in order to Bravely Second right to the start ... but it just restarted. I'm really disappointed in the story so far. It's like they've spent so much energy on 'fun and laughs' - with them breaking into funtime every other moment that something serious happens - and there is just no sense of urgency or seriousness in this game, unlike the first. The battles are awesome though, and the game is worth it on that alone.

I knew something was up when absolutely nothing changed in the New Game +, and I was wracking my brain to work it out. All the NPC's shouting 'the courage to try again!' finally got through and I realised what I could have done when Yew managed to survive the initial barrage by the Kaiser (I thought that was the same as the beginning, didn't spot that change!). Thank God I didn't replay a heck of a lot of the game pointlessly before realising this, lol.

So, get to play through the game and pick up those Jobs that I couldn't last time before heading for the Kaiser.
I'm not bothered with Magnolia. But then again, I'm playing with Japanese voices. There she mixes Japanese with English. And her English is actually quite decent!!

It took me a while to warm to her but I did, in the end. Yew... is a bit different from your usual hero archetype while still keeping enough to be typical. I'm okay with him.

But yes to Tiz and Edea!! I loved Edea a bit more in the first game, though. They simplified her character a bit too much here, I feel. But she's still same old good Edea.
So, I've just finished Bravely Second and, continuing the sentiments that I expressed two weeks back, I can now safely say that overall, the game was quite disappointing on several fronts.

The tone felt seriously 'juniored' from the previous installment. At some points in the game there were some serious discussions and events going on, but we have the characters breaking the tension every 5 minutes in order to launch into a joke or a slapstick piece. It was like the director was saying "don't worry, it's not really serious, here, have some more jokes! The next one is coming in a second! Edea likes to eat! Yew is scared of everything! More jokes!" It was just quite sad really, because this happens constantly, right to the end of the game.

Speaking of which, that was another massive disappointment -
The whole scenario of Altair and Vega was bland and boring, along with his stupid (and constant) vegetable jokes. At the beginning, I kinda liked how the game tried to tie SP and Bravely Second into it's lore, but then it went completely overboard and quite literally broke the fourth wall! Again and again and again. It was horrible. And to have the characters stand there talking to you (the player) about love and dreams and everything will be sugar and rainbows it was ... puke city. I just couldn't believe what I was witnessing.

The straw that broke the camel's back was Yew stealing the letters S and P from the titles in order to Bravely Second. The game just lost all hope and sanity at that point. I just can't believe they thought the whole fourth wall thing was a great idea, or that the whole spirit thing was a great idea either.
It was all just rather silly.

And don't get me started on the oh so expected ending. Blah. Yawn. Move on.

The one area of the game that was outstanding was the job system and combat. The sheer wealth of combinations and abilities and variety made battles always an exciting prospect, but unfortunately, the problems with the story, the characters, and the overall tone, just really weighed this sequel down. The first was superior by far.

And I haven't even gotten yet to all the important story threads that haven't been addressed. The last end segment hints at one of those with the prospect of a third installment, but at this point, if the story and tone is treated like Bravely Second, I'm uncertain whether I could stomach playing it for the battle system alone.

I'm so disappointed right now. I might revisit these thoughts once I've cooled down, but yeah, what a disappointment.

Well ... that was a surprise.

Bravely Default II has been announced for the Switch. That's right. Bravely Default II. Not to be confused with Bravely Second.

With me still? Ok.

Bravely Default II will be set a new world and with new characters, so it won't be chained to the events of the previous games (and after some of the things they did, this is a godsend).

I was very iffy about a third installment after playing Bravely Second, but this fresh slate is tempting as long as they go back to the writing standards of the first game.
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