Chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development (mandatory and optional conversations)

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
What this archive isn't:
A complete script of the game. It isn't intended to be.

As such, the beginning and ending sequences -- neither of which especially expand upon the lore of the FFXV universe so much as the personal story at the heart of the game, nor require a special archive highlighting them -- are left out here. They are easily referenced elsewhere even to me: someone who doesn't yet own the game.

Which brings me to ...

What this archive is:
An attempt to document all the bits and pieces of the game (and two or three things outside of it) that introduce or expand upon the lore of the FFXV universe.

Some of these elements are inexorably tied to the overall plot of the game and franchise while others may simply speak to customs in one area or another of the setting; elaborate on the sentiments of the common citizen during troubling developments; or resolve loose ends found early in the game or even elsewhere in the franchise (e.g. the special dessert from Tenebrae that Ignis kept trying to recreate for Noctis in "Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV").

Much of -- perhaps even most of -- the lore is not even found in mandatory exposition, which this archive is formatted to highlight by calling the reader's attention to the material that is optional (exception given to Chapter 15, where everything is already optional). This is a unique approach for a Final Fantasy game, and while I'm not sure whether I actually want to see it become normal for the series, I have gained an appreciation for how the game was put together in going on my personal journey to create this archive.

It's a rather fascinating and bold choice in game design, especially for this series, to have created so much content for the setting -- even going to the trouble of conducting voice recordings for said content -- that many players will never see or hear.

I can definitely say, though, that I'm not fond of there being lore hidden by what essentially amounts to an RNG. There are far too many conversations that may not trigger even if a player is going out of their way to try hearing them all -- which now brings me to ...

- Some dialogue that isn't, strictly speaking, optional may not play when it should, and for no obvious reasons. For example, you may play through Chapter 4 just as many times yet only once hear a particular line from Gentiana and the subsequent dialogue it initiates among the Chocobros -- or you may not hear it at all during those four occasions

- Along similar lines and similar frustrations, what I refer to as the "walking away" conversations associated with quests (i.e. when beginning or completing them) don't always trigger -- and if they do, they don't always trigger when they're supposed to. For example, a player doing a second quest for Cindy or Wiz might get two "walking away" conversations in a row because they're only now hearing one they should have gotten before in addition to getting the one that should actually be playing right now. An example of this can be seen at 1:01:56 in this video, where the first "walking away" conversation to play is that belonging to completing Holly's first quest, "Steam Valve Inspection," yet it is then immediately followed by the "walking away" conversation associated with beginning Holly's next quest, "Power to the Pylons."

In whole point of fact, one may even hear two such conversations out of order, as at 16:53 in this video, where the "walking away" conversation belonging to beginning Holly's "Holding Back the Dark" quest plays, and is then immediately followed by the "walking away" conversation that goes with completing Holly's previous quest, "Power to the Pylons."

- I have quest dialogue (i.e. optional content) appear in the section for the chapter where it first becomes available. In other words, rather than having an archive for Holly's quests, they will simply appear under the section for Chapter 8

- I've personally verified the spelling, punctuation and formatting of everything said below -- including occasions where italics were used -- for consistency with the game. As such, I feel confident that it's all accurate to the extent I intended -- though I realize just the act of typing this may as well serve as an Enochian invocation ensuring errors will be present where there may have been none before.

There is one really obvious exception here on consistency with the game where formatting is concerned: for ease of reading and conservation of space, I'm using a "[character's name or credited title]: [dialogue spoken]" format rather than trying to recreate it as it's formatted on screen.

There are also times where text may have been a color other than the default (e.g. for tutorial purposes). I have neither made notes of those occasions nor made an attempt at replication.

One other important note on the matter of consistency: chapter numbers and titles are unavoidably in italics here when they shouldn't be because I've placed the content from these chapters behind spoiler tags. Everything else should be rendered here as it appears in the game

- Related to the last point made above, the capitalization of "hunters" and "Hunters" isn't consistent throughout the English script, and so it won't appear to be within this archive. Neither are "blood of the Oracle"/"Blood of the Oracle," nor -- when taking Episode Gladiolus into account along with the main game -- "marshal"/"Marshal" and "king's shield"/"King's Shield"

- I have gone to a lot of care to ensure that NPCs are credited within this resource precisely as they were credited on screen. I have taken some liberties with Noctis and Gladiolus, though, often crediting them simply as "Noct" and "Gladio."

It also bears mentioning that the only NPCs I'm unsure of the in-game credit for are the old man with his adult grandson on the train platform in Tenebrae (they're beside of the Cosmogony book that can be found on a bench). I have found only a single video in which their exchange can be heard, and this particular player didn't keep the name/credit captions on.

Due to this, I have credited them simply as "Old Man" and "Man." When I can eventually play the game myself, I will confirm the credits here. I don't expect to find another video to clarify the matter in the meantime for two simple reasons: 1) I've tried; 2) the conversation between the old man and his grandson only seems to occur if the player has spent a lot of time in Tenebrae walking back and forth down the train platform trying to get more people to talk, which most players do not seem to do.


A FINAL FANTASY for Fans and First-Timers

[Beginning a new game at the title screen]

In a time unknown, only a prophecy keeps hope alive in people's hearts: "When darkness veils the world, the King of Light shall come."

Now, four brave warriors begin their journey, prepared to fight. What awaits the four, however, they do not know.

The Tale of the Chosen King,
Savior to the Star

[Opening sequence of Noctis, Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus fighting Ifrit; the screen fades out to white]

Before the Fall...

[Cutscene plays of Regis seeing Noct and his retinue off]

A Sworn Promise


Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum sets forth from his homeland with his three-man retinue in tow. His destination: Altissia, capital of Accordo, where he will formalize the union of states through his marriage to Lady Lunafreya of the imperial province of Tenebrae.

[Cutscene plays of Noct and his retinue pushing the broken-down Regalia toward Hammerhead; afterward, the Final Fantasy XV title card appears]

(once the Chocobros get the car to Hammerhead)
[Prompto is laying on the ground exhausted; the legs of a young woman come into view as she approaches the Regalia; taking notice of her, Prompto quickly gets back up]
Cindy: Hey there, y'all kept a girl waitin'!

[She looks around]
Cindy: Now, which one's the prince?

[Noctis stands up into view from the other side of the Regalia]
Cindy: Aha! Hello, Your Highness. Congrats on your wedding!
Noctis: Not hitched just yet.
Cindy: Lady Lunafreya's groom-to-be, here in Hammerhead.
Ignis: Apologies for taking so long.
Cindy: You'd best save your apologies for Paw-paw.
Gladiolus: Well, that makes you...
Cindy: Cindy—Cid's grease-monkey granddaughter.

[Cid suddenly shouts out to her]
Cid: Roll 'er in while I'm still young!

[Cindy's grandfather comes walking up to the Regalia now]
Cid: Didn't yer daddy tell ya? She's a custom classic, not some beat-up ol' clunker.

[Cid looks the car over, then looks at Noctis]
Cid: Prince Noctis.
Noctis: Uh, yeah.
Cid: "Prince." Like they took your old man and kicked the dignity out of him.
Noctis: What?

[Cid resumes inspecting the Regalia]
Cid: You got a long way to go, son. And that slack jaw's gettin' you nowhere fast. She's gonna take a while. Y'all get her in and run along.

[Cid walks off; Cindy looks after him and sighs before turning back to the others]
Cindy: Y'all heard him! Let's get movin'. Right this way.

[Cindy motions for the others to follow her and walks off; the scene now transitions to the Chocobros standing outside the garage at Hammerhead, the Regalia inside being fixed; Cindy stands a few feet away]
Ignis: And now we play the waiting game.
Prompto: Never liked that game.
Noctis: Never any good at it, either.

(speaking with Cindy)
Y'all ain't never been out this way before, have ya? Go on, have a look around! This'll make sure y'all don't get lost.

[Cindy hands Noctis a map]

World Map x 1

Visit the local tipster to gather information.

Gladiolus: Well, might as well make good use of the extra time.

[Gladio walks off toward the Culless Munitions stall while Prompto goes inside the Mini Mart]
Prompto: Whoa! They got Ebony out here! Ignis is gonna flip! Wait... Uh, what's a "gil"?

(speaking with Cindy again)
Cindy: Rushin' Paw-paw won't do you no good.

(speaking with Cindy once more)
Cindy: He'll take his time, but he'll get 'er done.

(examining an advertisement near some kitchenware in the Mini Mart at Hammerhead)
The perfect pots and pans for your next camping trip!
Can't find what you need? Ask our staff!

Noctis: Hey, let's see what they've got for sale.
Ignis: We've already brought everything we need.

(advertisement on the front window of Takka's Pit Stop)
Takka's Pit Stop
Our spicy jambalay'll have you jumpin' for joy
and scamperin' for seconds! Give it a taste!

(overhearing a conversation in Takka's Pit Stop)
Man (1): Fifty gil says that there's a city car in the garage.
Man (2): Hmm. How you reckon?
Man (1): Ol' coot wouldn't come outta hidin' for anythin' less!

(overhearing a conversation in Takka's Pit Stop)
Woman (1): So Lady Lunafreya would be a Lucian?
Woman (2): I can't imagine it either!
Woman (1): Well, what does Tenebrae think about all this?
Woman (2): They'll still claim the Oracle's theirs.

(overhearing a conversation in Takka's Pit Stop)
Man (1): After his son's accident, I never imagined the old man'd keep the place runnin'.
Man (2): Me neither. But he did, now Cindy's all grown up.
Man (1): Yep. Hammerhead's in good hands.
Man (2): All Cid needs now is a good grandons-in-law.

(overhearing a conversation in Takka's Pit Stop)
Woman: Some folks come all the way here chocoboback?
Man: Hunters—they go off the beaten track.
Woman: Ahhh, I get it. Car won't make it far in the woods.

(speaking with Takka and beginning the "A Pauper Prince" quest)
Takka: Y'all hungry for info?

[Nearby havens, parking spots, outposts and procurement points become marked on the map]

(after speaking with Takka)
Ignis: A moment, Noct? We've expended the last of our funds on the repairs. I suggest we confer with Cindy.
Prompto: Broken down and flat broke.
Ignis: Adding insult to injury.
Gladiolus: Old man's in for both after charging us that much.
Noctis: Yeah, let's pay him a visit.

Prince Noctis and his royal retinue set out to set sail for the neighboring land of Accordo, where the prince is to wed his betrothed. Having channeled all their funds into repairs for the Regalia, however, the four friends must now find a way to earn some gil, the currency of choice outside Insomnia.

(speaking with Cindy once again)
Cindy: She ain't gon' be ready for a while. Y'all need somethin'?

[A prompt appears to select either "Ask for a discount," "Ask for a loan" or "Ask my friends"]

Ask for a discount
Noctis: Bit steep for a simple tune-up, don't ya think?
Cindy: Oh, now I get it. This must be what Paw-paw meant when he said he was gonna "teach them boys a lesson." Told me he oughta have y'all take care of some ornery varmints that've been causin' a ruckus 'round here. I'd be happy to pay y'all for your services if you're up for the challenge. How 'bout it?
Prompto: So much for finding an easy way out... Thanks a lot, "Paw-paw."
Ask for a loan
Noctis: Hate to ask, but could we borrow some cash?
Cindy: Oh, now I get it. This must be what Paw-paw meant when he said he was gonna "teach them boys a lesson." Told me he oughta have y'all take care of some ornery varmints that've been causin' a ruckus 'round here. I'd be happy to pay y'all for your services if you're up for the challenge. How 'bout it?
Ignis: All according to Cid's plan. I say we play along and teach him not to underestimate us.
Ask my friends
Gladiolus: We're strapped for cash. Any way we could earn a little?
Cindy: Oh, now I get it. This must be what Paw-paw meant when he said he was gonna "teach them boys a lesson." Told me he oughta have y'all take care of some ornery varmints that've been causin' a ruckus 'round here. I'd be happy to pay y'all for your services if you're up for the challenge. How 'bout it?
Gladiolus: Old man's got his eye on you, Noct. Show him what you got!

Earned 10 AP.

Spend Ability Points (AP) to power up Noctis and his friends. Acquire new abilities on the Astralsphere from the Ascension menu.

(following a tutorial on the Astralsphere)
Cindy: But don't go runnin' 'round after dark. The daemons're liable to rip y'all to shreds.

Bronze Bangle x 1

Cindy: Here—this oughta be enough for a place to stay. Just between us, though. Don't tell, Paw-paw!

(upon locating the first of the reapertails Cindy asked the Chocobros to dispose of)
Ignis: Looks like we've located our first targets. Ready, Noct?

(examining the tilted, broken tower nearby after eliminating the first grouping of reapertails)
Prompto: What happened here?
Ignis: The telegraph pole's been split in two. And not just this one, either.
Gladiolus: The hell do you think did this?
Ignis: Hard to say. A natural disaster, perhaps.
Gladiolus: You sure? Hammerhead doesn't have a scratch on it.
Prompto: Maybe a huuuge monster came and knocked 'em down!
Gladiolus: Better not be the "varmint" Cindy was talking about.

(beginning the "Hunter Becomes the Hunted" quest upon completing the "The Pauper Prince" quest)
[Noctis's phone rings]
Noctis: Who could this be?

[He answers]
Noctis: Hello?
Cindy: Hey, it's Cindy. How goes the huntin'?
Noctis: Actually, we just finished.
Cindy: That's great, 'cause I got one more hunt for ya'll—only this time it's for a person. Fella named Dave went off, and we ain't heard from him since. Reckon he staked out a spot in an old shack nearby.
Noctis: "Old shack"...

[Noctis notices an old barn-like structure not far away]
Noctis: Got it. We'll take a look.

(as Noctis begins making for the structure)
Prompto: So, what'd Cindy say?
Noctis: Needs us to find some "Dave" guy.
Gladiolus: He went missing?
Noctis: Not "missing." Said he's holed up in that shack.

[Upon investigating the structure, Noctis finds an envelope and letter laying on a cart]
Noctis: What's this?

[Noctis reads the letter]

Mutant Dualhorn Sighting
Codename: Bloodhorn
Characteristics: Red tusks, extremely violent
Outstanding bounty on sabertusks in the area

[Ignis suddenly shouts]
Ignis: Noct!

[Noctis turns to see sabertusks running into the barn, one of which is heading for him]
Prompto: Get outta here!

[The sabertusk heading for Noct leaps at him; Noctis falls backward onto the ground as the sabertusk descends upon him; Prompto takes aim and shoots the animal down before it can reach Noct; across the room, Gladio is holding off another sabertusk with his sword; Prompto shoots it too; Ignis bodyslams a third sabertusk; Prompto reaches down to help Noctis up]
Prompto: You okay?
Gladio: We are now.

[More sabertusks come running in]
Ignis: Spoke too soon!

(after disposing of the sabertusks)
[Gladio takes notice of another shack nearby; it's being circled by ]
Gladiolus: Hey, what about that shack over there?

[The camera focuses on a smaller structure nearby; it's being circled by five more sabertusks]

(as Noctis and his friends come near the other shack)
[Ignis grabs Noctis's arm and turns him around]
Ignis: Not yet! I've got a plan.

[The four briefly huddle on the ground]

Warp to the windmill

Noctis: What are we looking at?
Ignis: This creature is known as a "sabertusk." It skewers prey with its tusks, extracting game from the safety and comfort of burrows.
Prompto: That's...a bit heartless.
Gladio: Yeah, don't think we'll be befriending any.

Friends propose strategies to gain an advantage in combat. Follow their strategies to earn AP.

Blue markers indicate points you can warp to instantaneously. Locate the blue marker on the windmill and point-warp to it.

(upon warping to the windmill)
Noctis will quickly recover HP and MP while hanging from high ground. Warp-strike a distant enemy from this position to receive a damage boost.

R1 → ○ Warp-strike

(beginning the "The Mutant Marauder" quest upon completing the "Hunter Becomes the Hunted" quest by disposing of the remaining sabertusks and locating Dave)
Dave: Hey, who's out there?

[Dave opens the door to the shack he's taken refuge in and steps into the doorway, which he proceeds to lean against]
Gladiolus: And look who's in here—the man of the hour. Dave, right? Been looking for you.
Dave: Didn't mean to cause y'all any trouble. Been stuck here on account of my sprained ankle. Somethin' funny 'bout them varmints. I gave 'em hell, but couldn't finish the job. Still one mean mutt about. Y'all don't look much like hunters, but whaddaya say? Put that puppy to rest for me?

[A prompt appears to select either "Do it for free," "Do it for a price," or "Ask my friends"]

Do it for free
Noctis: Oh, yeah. We'll take care of it.
Dave: Y'all got guts, that's for sure. Lemme tell ya where I last saw him.

Magic Flask x 1

Gladiolus: Way to show some spunk. Now let's get ready to kick some tail.

Earned 30 EXP.
Do it for a price
Noctis: Sure, we'll do it. Well, for the right price.
Dave: Y'all got guts, that's for sure. Lemme tell ya where I last saw him.

Magic Flask x 1

Prompto: Whew! For a second I thought you were gonna forget to ask for cash!

Earned 2 AP.
Ask my friends
Ignis: Sounds too dangerous to be let alone. Tell us where to go.
Dave: Y'all got guts, that's for sure. Lemme tell ya where I last saw him.

Magic Flask x 1

Ignis: The people are at risk, Noct. You have a royal duty to ensure their safety.

Ignis earned 150 EXP.

(speaking to Dave again)
Dave: I've been huntin' for years, but I ain't never seen dualhorns with blood-red tusks like those.

(speaking to Dave yet again)
Dave: Wonder if the nights growin' longer's got anything to do with 'em showin' up outta the blue...

(speaking to Dave once more)
Dave: Well, whatever it is, we oughta take it out before it can spawn any more like it.

(as Noct begins to walk away from the shack, Ignis taps him on the shoulder)
Ignis: It would be wise to rest up before we set out.

A formidable foe awaits.
Prepare for this encounter by resting at the nearby haven.
Ignis will cook a status-boosting meal for the party.

[A prompt appears to select either "Yeah, good idea." or "Nah, I'm good."]

Yeah, good idea.
Ignis: In that case, let's find a spot to make camp.
Nah, I'm good.
Ignis: Just remember confidence will only take you so far.

Gladiolus: The Hunters are really out in full force around here, huh?
Prompto: So, they're the new Crownsguard or something?
Ignis: Similar, though technically a civilian outfit.
Gladio: They've definitely seen a lot more action than we have.
Prompto: Uh... Is it cool that we rock Crownsguard outfits?
Noctis: Be worse not to. They made 'em especially for us.
Gladio: Even got a sweet insignia on 'em.
Ignis: In the Crownsguard, your attire identifies you. So wear it with pride.

(as Noct and his friends approach the bloodhorn)
Prompto: Over there! That's it, right?
Gladio: That's a dualhorn?
Ignis: Yes, but not your run-of-the-mill breed. We'd best make quick work of it.

(as they get closer)
[A smoke-like energy can now be observed emanating from the dualhorn's horns; the creature paws the ground as though preparing to charge like a bull; Noctis is rushing it head on, but Gladio and Ignis grab him)
Gladio: Wait a sec!
Prompto: What—scared, big guy?
Gladio: You oughta be, too. Thing's vicious.

[Gladio gets between the dualhorn and the others, then stabs his sword into the ground]
Prompto: You sure? Looks tame to me.
Noctis: Yeah.

[The dualhorn begins charging toward them]
Ignis: Look out!

[Gladio pulls his sword out of the ground and cuts into one of the large beast's front legs as it nears him; it falls down]
Prompto: Yeah! Show him who's boss!
Noctis: Nice one.

[The dualhorn gets back up]
Ignis: It's not over yet!
Gladio: Ready for round two? Bring it!

(upon defeating the bloodhorn)
[Noctis's phone rings]
Prompto: Ring ring!

[Noctis answers his phone]
Noctis: Hello?
Cindy: Hey! Dave just called an' said he's safe. Thanks for findin' him.
Noctis: 'Kay.
Cindy: Nice work, y'all. By the way, the old girl's looking good as new. She'll be waiting at the garage.
Noctis: Gotcha.

(on the way back to Hammerhead)
Noctis: There's only so far a man can walk.
Prompto: Our Crown City upbringing didn't prepare us for this.
Ignis: Pretend you're walking to the car.

(beginning the "The Errand Prince" quest upon completing the "The Mutant Marauder" quest when speaking to Cindy again)
Cindy: Sorry 'bout the wait. Ain't she purdy?
Gladiolus: She's almost too pretty for the road.
Prompto: She's back! We should all get a picture with her!

[Prompto hands his camera to Cindy; the others all assemble in front of the Regalia and Cindy takes their picture; the scene fades to black, then fades in on Cindy finishing up a conversation with Noctis]
Cindy: All the more reason to ride with care. Oh, and before I forget— Would y'all mind makin' a little delivery for me?

[A prompt appears to select either "Accept," "Refuse" or "Ask my friends"]

Noctis: No, not at all.
Cindy: Perfect!

Earned 50 EXP.

Cindy: Thought you'd say yes, so I already put it in the trunk. There should be a motel on your way to Galdin. If y'all wouldn't mind giving that to the owner, that'd be swell.
Noctis: Grandpa, like grandkid.
Noctis: We're a little busy.
Prompto: How could you say no to Cindy!?

Earned 2 AP.

Cindy: Thought you'd say yes, so I already put it in the trunk. There should be a motel on your way to Galdin. If y'all wouldn't mind giving that to the owner, that'd be swell.
Noctis: Grandpa, like grandkid.
Ask my friends
Prompto: Ooh, me! I'll do it!
Noctis: Someone's eager.

Earned 200 EXP.

Cindy: Thought you'd say yes, so I already put it in the trunk. There should be a motel on your way to Galdin. If y'all wouldn't mind giving that to the owner, that'd be swell.
Noctis: Grandpa, like grandkid.

(while perusing Prompto's photos at camp and passing one of Noctis warping)
Noctis: Heh, nailed it.
Prompto: Why can't I warp, too? So unfair.

[Note: The Chocobros' ability to conjure weapons comes directly from Noctis sharing this power with them, just as the Kingsglaive members' ability to warp in their eponymous movie came from King Regis sharing his power to do so with them. That being the case, Noct's companions should be able to warp as well -- and, in point of fact, they are.

All four Chocobros are shown warping during the special parry move that can be performed during the Adamantoise battle, as seen in this video. All of them also warp when Armiger Chain is activated, as seen here. Finally, Prompto specifically is seen warping during the Final Fantasy XV VR Experience reveal trailer from E3 2016.

It very well may be that Prompto's dissatisfied sentiment relating to warping was only meant to apply to the beginning of the bros' journey, when the comment can first be heard. Perhaps he (as well as Ignis and Gladio?) had little (or no) experience with warping at that point, and so he said "can't" not because he was absolutely incapable but instead because warping is a grueling technique requiring training to use effectively.

Obviously, the main reason Noct and his companions aren't all constantly warping about the battlefield is due to gameplay considerations rather than game lore -- the screen would simply be too busy and battles too confusing if there were four sources of spectral trails and after images]

(taking the "Stirred, Not Shaken" tour with Ignis, which is triggered by camping at Cotisse Haven)
[At camp, Noct is asleep in his chair by the fire; Ignis takes a seat in the chair next to him, and Noctis comes out of his sleep, rubbing his eyes]
Ignis: Trouble you a moment, Noct?
Noctis: Yeah?
Ignis: I could use your help in the morning.
Noctis: Me and mornings don't usually get along.
Ignis: Might if you help me make breakfast.

[A prompt appears to select either "Sure" or "No way"]

Noctis: Most important meal.
Ignis: Well then, tomorrow it is.

Your friend has invited you on a tour.
Join him at dawn tomorrow to undertake a special task.
You must remain in the vicinity of your destination.

[In the morning, Ignis is offering some instruction to Noctis]
Ignis: The key is to let the pot simmer without ever letting it burn.
Noctis: How do I do that?
Ignis: A few stirs here and there should suffice.

[Noctis begins stirring; the two talk while Ignis goes about setting bowls]
Ignis: When's the last time you cooked anything?
Noctis: Um, too long ago to remember.
Ignis: Back when you were a part-time cook?
Noctis: Sounds right. But even back then I was pretty much just winging it.
Ignis: Hardly what I'd call "cooking," I imagine.
Noctis: Just what normal people would.

[Ignis comes over to check on Noct's progress]
Ignis: Well, let's see how things are stewing. Hmmm... Could use just a touch longer to thicken, if you don't mind stirring.

[The two continue to talk while Noctis resumes stirring and Ignis resumes setting everything else up]
Noctis: Not at all, if you don't mind telling me what this cooking class is all about.
Ignis: Oh, I was only hoping to have a fireside chat, see what's got you stewing.
Noctis: So you cooked up this little pretense. All these years, you've never stopped worrying about me.
Ignis: My royal duty, per His Majesty.
Noctis: Your hobby.

[Ignis is now watching Noct stir while he drinks a cup of coffee]
Ignis: Now then, time for the taste test. Mmm. Looks done to a turn, excellent work. Taste for yourself?

[Noct tastes it with a spoon and makes a pleased sound]
Ignis: Sweet are the fruits of one's own labor.
Noct: Not half bad.
Ignis: You must be eager to learn more of the culinary arts.
Noct: Actually, I'm eager to leave the cooking to you.
Ignis: My half-baked scheme, up in smoke.

[After they've finished]
Ignis: How did you fancy returning to the stove?
Noct: Can't complain. It's not so bad every once in a while. Just not first thing in the morning.
Ignis: Now, now. The world at dawn is full of wonders.
Noct: Yeah, can't wait to marvel at them all.
Ignis: Dawn tomorrow?
Noct: I'll marvel at my own pace.

[The generic scene that plays after completing any tour with Ignis follows]
Ignis: You were a big help.
Noct: Yeah, I'm good like that.
Ignis: Right.

(after camping)
Noctis: ..."Like a father to her"?
Gladiolus: Ever since they got back, Cid's been the only one looking after her.
Ignis: Rather more than a middling mechanic can handle.
Prompto: All things considered, I'd say she turned out okay.
Gladiolus: Like any girl, you just need to treat her right.
Prompto: Treat her wrong and Cid'll stuff his wrench where the sun don't shine!
Ignis: Take care of the car, and it will take care of us.
Noctis: Yeah, the car...

(after camping)
Prompto: Not big on camping out. But can't complain about the food.
Ignis: You flatter me.
Prompto: Hey, I'm serious. Can you imagine what we'd eat without Iggy to cook for us?
Gladiolus: Well, you can always count on Cup Noodles.
Noctis: You just can't get enough.
Gladiolus: You telling me you don't 'em?
Noctis: Didn't say that.
Prompto: Road food will be a thing of the past once you're settled down.
Ignis: As will all this picky eating nonsense.
Gladiolus: No skipping dinner to whip up an instant snack in the middle of the night.
Noctis: I think I can handle it.

(after camping)
Noctis: Peaceful out here.
Ignis: Dark and quiet reveal so much hidden by loud city lights.
Prompto: That's all well and good, but I'm more concerned about the things hiding in the dark.
Gladiolus: Well it's definitely no place for a moonlight stroll, but it's not all bad.
Noctis: Yeah, I kinda like it.
Prompto: Never would've guessed.
Noctis: Why not?
Prompto: Because you're a prince?
Noctis: What, princes can't enjoy the outdoors?

(after camping)
Gladiolus: Just like my father's stories about the big road trip.
Noctis: Even the car's the same.
Prompto: Think the king and his men knew how to party like we do?
Ignis: Hard to imagine. It's always so much fun.
Gladiolus: And don't forget they were in the middle of a war. Not my kind of party.
Prompto: Yeah, war'll put a damper on things.
Noct: They had the time of their lives on the road. My dad never would've set this up otherwise.
Prompto: So they DID know how to party!

(after camping)
Prompto: Would hate to try and pull off a road trip like this in some old jalopy.
Gladiolus: Oh yeah. That would definitely cramp my style.
Ignis: We can't live like kings, but we can travel like them.
Noctis: I'd have been cool with a plain old car.
Prompto: Why's that?
Noctis: Not into the "prince's procession" thing.
Prompto: Oh. You want to lay low.
Ignis: Don't see why the car would be an issue. You manage to keep a low profile in the back seat.
Gladiolus: Isn't it about time you made some headlines?
Noctis: Rather be in the obituaries.

(after camping)
Ignis: Ever take in a view like this?
Prompto: From the Crown City? No, but there weren't beasts and daemons either.
Gladiolus: Nature's beauty comes with danger. That's how it works in the wild.
Prompto: Well, the Crystal and the Wall work for me.
Ignis: Ah, but not without the king to uphold them.
Gladiolus: That job will fall to you someday Noct. Hmph. Think you'll be up to it?
Noct: I'll see what I can do.

(while driving at night for the first time)
Prompto: Was that what I think it was?
Ignis: Looked daemonic to me.
Prompto: Why here? Why now?
Gladiolus: I dunno, and I don't want to find out.
Noctis: Same here. I say we step on it.

(when parking at a lit-up gas station during the night)
Prompto: Look at all these lights! What a relief.
Ignis: Indeed. They ought to keep the daemons at bay.

(arriving at the Longwythe Rest Area)
[Ignis parks the car in front of the motel]
Ignis: Well, I'd say that's enough for today. Might be wise to leave the driving to me until we've found our bearings out here.

Select a destination from the list of locations, and Ignis will drive there using the shortest route.

However, Ignis will not drive while daemons are out. At night, Noctis takes the wheel.

(upon speaking to the proprietor of the motel)
Proprietor: Y'all came all the way out here to deliver the goods? Well, thank ya kindly. We'll take it outta the trunk, so y'all just sit tight.

[A soot-colored dog suddenly walks up to the royal retinue]
Noctis: Hmm? Umbra.

[Noct kneels beside Umbra and scratches the dog's head]
Prompto: Bringin' us stuff, atta boy!
Gladiolus: That dog can really track a scent.
Ignis: Certainly "nose" how to find us.
Prompto: How do you always know, boy?
Noctis: Just a sec.

[Noctis is flipping through a notebook that had come in a bag Umbra was carrying; Noct has a flashback]
Tenebrae (12 Years Earlier)
Noctis and Lunafreya

[Noctis as a much younger boy is looking at the same notebook with Lunafreya; he opens it to the first page, which has a flower with blue petals pressed onto it]
Noctis: Nice flower.
Lunafreya: It's the same kind we sewed our crowns from.
Noctis: Oh yeah, "sylleblossoms."

[The dog, Umbra, is laying on the floor near them along with a similar white dog named Pryna]
Lunafreya: So... I have a favor to ask. Take the notebook with you when you go.
Noctis: Sure.
Lunafreya: That's not all. I want you to put something in the book and send it back.

[Noctis's mind returns to the present; he reads Lunafreya's message to him: "It's come time for me to leave Tenebrae." After writing a response, he puts the notebook back in Umbra's bag and scratches his head again]
Noctis: All set. Take care out there.

[Umbra walks away]
Prompto: I know. You're not gonna tell me.
Noctis: Then don't ask.
Prompto: What was that about?

[Noctis doesn't respond]
Prompto: Ya don't say?

[The four begin to walk about]
Ignis: Now that our work's done, let's see ourselves to Galdin.

(beginning the "Gone Hunting" quest when speaking with the motel receptionist in the parking lot)
Receptionist: Hold on a sec, sir. I found an envelope addressed to Meldacio inside the package.
Gladiolus: Meldacio? The Hunter HQ?
Receptionist: Yessir. The Head Hunter oughta be around here somewhere. Mind makin' one more delivery?
Prompto: Whaddaya say, Noct? Might as well while we're in the neighborhood.

Sidequests are separate adventures that do not progress the story. Check sidequest destinations and objectives from the Quest menu.

Sealed Envelope x 1

(quest description for the "Gone Hunting" quest)
Hunting is hazardous business, and many men and women fall in the line of duty. The Head Hunter is tasked with keeping tabs on those in the field and searching for those who go missing. Now, however, Noctis must track down the Head Hunter himself to make a special delivery.

(completing the "Gone Hunting" quest)
Dave: Well, look who it is. I really owe you boys one.

(selecting "Yes" when the prompt appears to hand the envelope to Dave)
Noctis: Make that two.
Dave: Can't seem to catch a break.

[The scene briefly fades to black, then fades in to Dave shaking his head]
Dave: Looks like they found another one.
Prompto: Wait, uh—found another what?
Dave: Tag. Us hunters keep 'em on our person at all times as identification.
Prompto: What—in case you forgot who you are?
Gladiolus: More like so no one else forgets who they were.
Dave: Hunters lead a life of danger, and sometimes these tags are the only thing that makes it back in one piece. It's our job to deliver 'em to the families of the fallen. As it were, I came out here to do just that. If y'all happen to find any tags lyin' around out there, could ya do me a favor and send 'em my way?
Noctis: Yeah, sure.
Dave: Word is somebody spotted a tag 'round these parts. Try askin' the local tipster; he'll point ya in the right direction.

(as Noct and his retinue walk away)
Gladiolus: Those tags are heavy stuff.
Ignis: They certainly carry emotional weight. We'd best find and return them.
Prompto: And give the families peace of mind.
Noctis: Let's start by following up on that hot tip.

(overhearing a conversation in the Longwythe Rest Area Crow's Nest)
Man (1): Man, is this good or what!?
Man (2): It is! Not too salty—just right.
Man (1): Yeah! None of those fancy-schmancy spices that those snobs in Galdin like.

(overhearing an NPC at the Longwythe Rest Area Crow's Nest)
Man: Saw a magitek trooper the other day. Those things are downright unsettling.

(overhearing a conversation in the Longwythe Rest Area Crow's Nest)
Man (1): What d'you reckon that rig's for?
Man (2): They say it saw a lot of use at the old quarry, but ain't nobody ventured inside since the daemons took over.
Man (1): Ah, the Balouve Mines. Is it really as bad as they say it is?

(overhearing a conversation in the Longwythe Rest Area Crow's Nest)
Man (1): Y'think that motel makes any money? I never seen anyone in there!
Man (2): Yeah. They make their money off tour groups headed for Longwythe.

(encountering Sania outside the Balouve Mines)
Sania: Curiosity may bring you to the door—but no further.

(speaking with Sania again)
Sania: It would be a downright shame to go all that way, only to find yourself locked out of the last door.

(speaking with Sania once more)
Sania: Believe me—opportunity doesn't knock when the door is locked. Be sure to bring the key in with you.

(while exploring before finishing Chapter 1)
Prompto: thinking to fairy tale Lady Lunafreya back to the Crown City?
Noctis: Nah, no need to rush to happily ever after.
Prompto: Wow. Still can't believe you're actually tying the knot, dude! How does it feel now that it's finally happening?
Noctis: Fine, I guess?
Prompto: C'mon, you can't fool me. Any guy would be over the moon to marry her!
Noctis: No big deal.
Prompto: Yeah, whatever.

(on approach to Galdin Quay)
Prompto: Hey! I see the sea!
Noctis: I "sea" it too.
Ignis: That's Galdin Quay.
Gladiolus: Kinda wanna go for a dip.
Noctis: That a big mountain behind it?
Ignis: No, it's an island.
Prompto: Nobody goes to Galdin for an island, though. They go to kick back and get massages!
Ignis: And savor the seafood. It's famously delicious.
Noctis: Sounds great.
Gladiolus: Somethin' to look forward to.

(newspaper on a suitcase in the parking lot at Galdin Quay)
House Fleuret Goes High Fashion:
Lady Lunafreya's Wedding Dress
Designed by Vivienne Westwood!

Ignis: A feature on the wedding.
Prompto: Get a load of Lady Lunafreya's dress!
Gladiolus: That's some fancy fabric work. Bet the groom can't wait to see it on his bride-to-be.
Prompto: He's not the only one. She's gonna be an absolute knockout!
Ignis: The dress is bespoke, of course, and comes courtesy of one of Altissia's most foremost fashion designers.
Gladiolus: Bet the food's gonna be pretty damn fancy, too.
Noctis: Meh, as long as it's something I can eat.
Ignis: As opposed to dissect.
Prompto: Royally embarrassing. I can't wait to taste some Altissian seafood!
Gladiolus: Galdin's famous for fish, too.
Noctis: Fish sounds good.
Ignis: So does a balanced meal.
Prompto: How 'bout we try some local surf?
Noctis: How 'bout we catch some ourselves?
Gladiolus: We got bigger fish to fry.
Ignis: He's right. In case you forgot, we came here to cast off, not cast a line.

(upon reaching the main venue at Galdin Quay)
Staff: Welcome to Galdin Quay.

[A man with unkempt hair and clad in multiple layers of dark clothing -- attire that could oddly be described as both fancy and disheveled -- approaches the four friends as they walk in]
Suspcious Stranger: I'm afraid you're out of luck.
Noctis: Are we?
Suspicious Stranger: The boats bring you here.
Prompto: What about 'em.
Suspicious Stranger: Well, they'll not take you forth.
Gladiolus: And what's your story?
Suspicious Stranger: I'm an impatient traveler, ready to turn ship. The ceasefire's getting us nowhere.

[The stranger turns and tosses a coin at Noctis; Gladiolus snatches it out of the air before it can get to the prince]
Gladiolus: What's this? Some sort of souvenir?
Prompto: They make those?
Noctis: What? No.
Suspicious Stranger: Consider it your allowance.
Gladio: Yeah, and who's allowing us?
Suspicious Stranger: A man of no consequence.

[The stranger leaves]
Noctis: Yeah, right.

Intricate Coin x 1

Prompto: You believe what that guy said about the port being closed?
Ignis: I'm skeptical, though I won't discount the possibility.
Gladio: I say we go check it out for ourselves.

(overhearing a conversation when the royal retinue reaches the docks)
Woman: What's all this about the port closing?
Man: Some kind of holdup in Altissia. Guess we have to stay another night.

(examining a sign at the docks)
-Today's Ferry Schedule-
(Out of Service)

Ignis: Out of service indeed.

(beginning the "A Gentleman's Agreement" quest)
Prompto: Aw, man. Not a ship in sight. What gives?

[A young man in a fine suit sits on a bench nearby and addresses them]
Dino: According to my sources, the empire, giving strict orders not to let any vessels leave the docks of Altissia. Real shame if you were late to your own wedding—right, Prince Noctis? Name's Dino, by the way. Pleasure. The crown prince of Lucis, bounty hunting in his fancy car... Surely you didn't think it'd go unnoticed—at least not by this reporter? Lucky for you, this reporter has integrity. If you wanna remain incognito, I'll respect your exchange for a favor.

[A prompt appears to select either "Listen to him" or "Stand my ground"]

Listen to him
Noctis: What do you want?
Dino: Hey, I knew you'd come around! Lemme see your map.

[Noctis hands it to him; Dino returns it a moment later following a short fade to black]

Dino; Marked where you need to go on your map. All you gotta do is find me some rough gemstones—like this one. Do this, and your ship'll come in. Don't, and the papers'll run you outta town. Capisce?
Stand my ground
Noctis: I don't owe you anything.
Ignis: Wait. We mustn't rub him the wrong way.
Dino: The sound of tacit agreement! Here.

[Noctis hands the map to him; Dino returns it a moment later following a short fade to black]

Dino; Marked where you need to go on your map. All you gotta do is find me some rough gemstones—like this one. Do this, and your ship'll come in. Don't, and the papers'll run you outta town. Capisce?

(after beginning the "A Gentleman's Agreement" quest and walking away)
Prompto: He's really got your number, Noct.
Gladiolus: Not like we made much effort to keep it secret.
Ignis: Even if we had, the press always finds a way. We needn't befriend him, but we'd best not make him our enemy.

(when departing Galdin Quay with "A Gentleman's Agreement" as the active quest)
Gladiolus: Maybe Cid was right about your lack of dignity.
Prompto: You're one step above delivery boy.
Ignis: Royal rank carries little weight outside the Crown City.
Noctis: Glad it's not weighing me down.

(completing the "A Gentleman's Agreement" quest)
Dino: Nice work, kid! Sorry for giving you such a hard time. I just had to get my hands on this, even if it meant blackmail. You understand, don't ya? Y'see, I'm a reporter by day, and an amateur jeweler by night. This elusive little beauty's gonna become a masterpiece. To make it up to you, I'll share a little scoop. That special coin you got—it commemorates the Oracle's ascension. That guy was tossing 'em out to everyone. Musta picked 'em up back in Niflheim. And speaking of freebies, here's one from me. Come back if you wanna buy more!

Garnet Bracelet x 1

Ignis: I doubt a souvenir like that could make its way into the hands of an ordinary citizen.
Prompto: Well, it's our pocket change now!
Gladiolus: Let's learn from history and book a place this time.

(when speaking to Dino again about passage aboard a ship)
Dino: As promised, I'm in the process of securing your ferry tickets right now. Told ya, I'm a man of integrity. Should be smooth sailing from here, so lemme know when you're ready to ship out.
Ignis: I admit I didn't expect Dino to secure us a ship.
Gladio: Well, must be pretty connected if he can pull some strings around an imperial embargo.
Prompto: Yeah, that guy's one artful artisan.

(beginning the "Kitty Catering" quest)
[Noctis comes across a cat on the boardwalk leading to the main venue at Galdin Quay]
Noctis: Hey, buddy. What's up? Taking a little stroll? How come you're all alone? You must be hungry. Gotta come up with some cat food.
Gladiolus: Could always buy some.
Prompto: Or we could fish for some.
Ignis: Excellent idea. Let's go.

Noctis can fish at docks around Lucis.
Try angling from a fishing spot along the Vannath Coast.

(after catching a fish and return with it to the cat)
Noctis: Here you go—caught fresh.

[Noctis gives the fish to the cat; the cat shows no interest]
Noctis: What? You don't like fish? Oh. You only like cooked fish. Alright.

(speaking to the chef at Mother of Pearl, Galdin Quay's signature restaurant)
Noctis: Hey, do you serve anything a cat might like?
Coctura: That the best pick-up line you've got?
Noctis: What? No, I—there's this cat over there.
Coctura: I'm only teasing. I have a feeling I know the feline you've got in mind. Let me whip something up. Paying customers come first, though, and someone just ordered the last fish on hand. Would you mind catching another one of these while I make their meal?

(upon returning to Coctura with another fish)
Coctura: Great! I'll start on it right away. Y'know, this is really thoughtful of you, but be warned: cats are clingy, and they're notoriously picky eaters, too.
Noctis: Picky don't say.
Coctura: When it comes to food, felines are quite finicky—so you were wise to entrust the cooking to me. Here.

Coctura's Cat Food x 1

(upon delivering the special-made dish to the cat)
Noctis: Alright, here you go.

[The cat begins eating this time]
Noctis: You're one spoiled cat.
Prompto: Aww, I think he likes you!
Noctis: I guess.
Ignis: Clawed his way into your heart.
Gladio: Might keep on clinging fur-ever.

(when speaking to Dino once more)
Dino: You guys ready to set sail?

[A prompt appears saying "Once you proceed, you will be unable to return for some time. Are you certain you wish to continue?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

Dino: Already!? The ship won't arrive 'til tomorrow! How 'bout you find a place to spend the night?

[After the royal retinue chooses to spend the night in Galdin Quay, footage from "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" plays, depicting the fall of Insomnia and the death of King Regis]

(as Noct awakens the next morning)
Prompto: Heya, morning.
Noctis: Where's Specs?
Gladiolus: Should be back any minute now.

[Ignis returns holding a newspaper a moment later; he stares at Noct with a dejected expression]

Noctis: What's that look for?

[Ignis hands the newspaper to Gladiolus]
Ignis: It's in all the papers.
Noctis: What is?

[Prompto leans in to read from the paper]
Prompto: "Insomnia...falls"?

[Noctis's jaw drops]
Noctis: This your idea of a joke?
Ignis: I need you to calm down so I can explain.
Noctis: I'm as calm as I'm gonna get!
Ignis: There was an attack. The imperial army has taken the Crown City.
Gladiolus: "As treaty room tempers flared, blasts lit the night sky. When the smoke about the Citadel had cleared, the king was found...dead."
Noctis: No, wait, hold on...
Ignis: We had no way of knowing.
Noctis: What? Knowing what?
Ignis: That the signing was last night, that Insomnia—
Noctis: But the wedding! Altissia!
Ignis: I know, that was the plan. Yet the reports of the invasion are all the same. How could every headline in the kingdom be wrong?
Noctis: ...Lies.
Prompto: ...If only.

[Gladiolus looks at Ignis]
Gladiolus: What else do we know?

[Ignis shakes his head]
Gladiolus: Then we can't be sure until we see it with our own eyes.
Prompto: And that means we go back to Insomnia.
Ignis: Might not be safe for us there.
Prompto: Might not be safe for us here.

[Gladiolus looks at Noctis]
Gladiolus: Turn back?

[Noctis casts his eyes downward]
Noctis: Yeah.

While waiting for the boats to go out, ill tidings arrive. The headlines say Insomnia has fallen and King Regis is dead, but the four cannot be sure until they see it with their own eyes. In search of truth, they make their way back to the Crown City.

(as the four make their way back toward Insomnia under rainy skies in the Regalia)
Prompto: I hope everyone's okay...
Noctis: Lotta good hoping's gonna do.
Ignis: You mustn't lose faith.
Noctis: Really? Can faith stop a fleet of imperial dreadnoughts?
Gladiolus: Give it a rest.
Noctis: My old man had plenty of faith—
Gladiolus: Enough.
Prompto: The empire lied. They betrayed us.
Ignis: Conjecture gets us nowhere. We're searching for truth.
Noctis: All you'll find are lies—like that ceasefire.

(as the royal retinue nears Insomnia, imperial ships fly overhead)
Gladiolus: Look at the size of those things.
Ignis: Imperial dreadnoughts, they transport soldiers—namely, the magitek infantry.
Gladiolus: The robots?
Ignis: Mass-produced humanoid weapons of warfare, to be more precise.
Prompto: Doesn't look like they'll be signing that peace treaty.

(as the royal retinue approaches the bridge leading into Insomnia)
Prompto: Up ahead!

[Ignis brings the Regalia to a halt; down the highway before them is a blockade of imperial troops preventing numerous civilians from entering the city]
Ignis: They've set up an inspection point.
Gladiolus: If the road ahead's blocked, then we find a way around.

[Ignis takes the Regalia past the blockade down a dirt road that ends at a set of cement stairs leading to some ruined buildings]
Ignis: Let's make a detour. There ought to be a decent vantage point up ahead.

[Noct and the others get out of the car and ascend the steps; at the top, they find several imperial troops patrolling the area]
Gladiolus: There they are. Wanna take 'em out?
Noctis: Oh, yeah. Those scrapheaps are gonna wish they had a treaty to protect them.

(after Noctis and the others fight their way through the ruins and enter a small valley leading to a seaside cliff)
Ignis: We should seek a vantage point—the hill.

[As the four friends fight through the troops inside the valley, an imperial dropship descends and releases magitek troopers]
Gladiolus: So these are MTs.
Ignis: Empty humanoid soldiers, soulless and merciless.

(after defeating all the MTs)
Drain Lance x 1

Weapons marked with + can be remodeled.
Take your arms to Hammerhead and ask Cid to upgrade them.

(as Noctis and the others reach the hill overlooking Insomnia)
[Insomnia is visible in the distance, across the inlet, smoke rising from many places within the Crown City's walls; a newsfeed comes through Prompto's phone]
As to ceasefire discussions between the two nations, all provisional terms have been suspended in light of recent developments. Moreover, in the wake of the news of King Regis's death, we've now received word that Crown Prince Noctis and the Oracle Lunafreya have also been pronounced dead.

[Prompto starts to turn the newsfeed off]
Gladiolus: Keep it on!

[Prompto fumbles and drops his phone; he reaches to pick it up]
Noctis: Don't bother!

[Ignis bends down, picks up Prompto's phone, and hands it back to him; Noctis answers a call on his own phone]
Noctis: H-Hello? Cor?
Cor: So, you made it.
Noctis: The hell's going on?
Cor: Where are you?
Noctis: Outside the city, with no way back in.
Cor: Makes sense.
Noctis: "Makes sense"? Are you serious? What about any of this makes sense!? The news just told me I'm dead—along with my father and Luna.
Cor: Listen. I'm heading out to Hammerhead. About the's true.

[Noctis eye's widen; he looks at Insomnia]
Cor: If you're looking for the whole truth, you know where to find me. Get moving.

[Noct is silent for a moment]
Noctis: Right.

[Noct lowers his phone]
Ignis: What did the marshal...have to say?
Noctis: Said he'd be in Hammerhead.
Gladiolus: And the king?

[Noctis doesn't respond; the four of them just stare in the direction of Insomnia]


In a single night, the promise of peace has been broken, the Crown City along with it. Putting their home behind them, the four friends set forth to find answers in Hammerhead.

[The cutscene plays in which Luna reunites with Umbra, Pryna and Gentiana]

The Power of Kings

[The royal retinue makes for Hammerhead in the Regalia]
Gladiolus: Don't suppose the Crownsguard is still active.
Ignis: Wouldn't count on it, not with the marshal out here.
Prompto: I wonder how things are in the city...
Ignis: There should be reports before long.
Gladiolus: Yeah, something this big can't go ignored.
Prompto: And what about us? What do we do?
Gladiolus: We make for Hammerhead now, and figure the rest out later.

(as the four continue making their way to Hammerhead)
Gladiolus: Got a message from my sister: she's with refugees bound for Lestallum.
Prompto: Well, at least Iris is okay.
Gladiolus: Yeah. Doesn't sound like everyone else was so lucky, though.
Ignis: We'd best make haste. Noct won't be dead forever.
Prompto: No going back—only way's forward.
Noctis: "No going back." Let's go.

[When Noct and the others arrive at Hammerhead, Cindy is waiting to greet them]
Gladiolus: Hey.
Cindy: Glad y'all made it. No weather for drivin', that's for sure.
Ignis: Our thanks.
Noctis: Where's Cor?
Cindy: Left to see to business, and left y'all a message with Paw-paw.
Noctis: Yeah?
Cindy: Boss ain't sat still one second since he heard y'all were comin'.

(speaking with Cindy again)
Cindy: Y'all keep on keepin' on, now.

(speaking with Cindy yet again)
Cindy: Ain't never seen Paw-paw like this before. The pep's gone out of him like air from a tire.

(overhearing a conversation at Hammerhead)
Woman (1): So much for "everlasting peace."
Woman (2): Is war our only option?
Woman (1): Probably. I wonder why they bothered with the treaty in the first place.

(overhearing a conversation at Hammerhead)
Man (1): Don't know what all those flying things were, but they looked like a whole lotta trouble.
Man (2): Whole lotta trouble headed straight for the Crown City.

(overhearing another conversation at Hammerhead)
Girlfriend: Now that Insomnia fell, are things gonna change around here?
Boyfriend: Not at all. We may be Lucian in name, but we've always lived under the empire's thumb.

(overhearing yet another conversation at Hammerhead)
Man (1): Still can't believe they took Insomnia.
Man (2): Was only a matter of time. Walls are made to fall.

(overhearing yet one more conversation at Hammerhead)
Man (1): Man, I swear, if they close off any more roads...
Man (2): Ain't like there's anythin' for 'em here.

(speaking with Cid in the garage at Hammerhead)
Cid: Crystal and the king's ring—what they been after all along...
Ignis: So all talk of peace was merely a pretext.
Noctis: They played my father for a fool.
Cid: Don't kid yourself. Reggie wasn't born yesterday. Lucis got dealt a losin' hand, and your old man played it the best he could. He saw this comin' a mile away, and he wasn't gonna go down without a fight. In the end, though... Well, it just wasn't enough.

[Everyone remains silent for a moment]
Cid: You need something else, you talk to Cor. I can't even remember the last time I saw Reggie. Feels like a lifetime ago.

[Cid gets up and walks outside]

(when following Cid out of the garage)
Cid: Cor left a message, said he'll wait for ya in the tombs. They're to the northwest of here, just a short ways past the outpost. Find that first.

(beginning the "Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic" quest)
Cid: Interestin' toy you got there.

[Noctis holds up a Drain Lance]
Noctis: This? Just something we picked up after taking out some imperials.

[Cid leans in and eyes it]
Cid: Well, I'll be, Crown City-made. If ya like, I can make this puppy better, give it more oomph.
Noctis: How?
Cid: I can mod it for you.
Noctis: "Mod" it?
Cid: Look, I got diddly-squat to do, what with Cindy takin' care of the garage. If you can find the parts, I can do the work for ya.

(progressing the "Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic" quest)
[A prompt appears asking "Hand over the metal scrap to upgrade the Drain Lance?"; the player can select "Yes" or "No"]

(when selecting "Yes")
Received with thanks. Y'all jus' leave the rest to me.

(when handing Cid a Niflheimian weapon to be upgraded; e.g. the Auto Crossbow, Circular Saw or Noiseblaster)
Cid: Whoa, Niff-make this time? Is there nothin' you lot won't pick up? Anyhoo, show me the parts, an' I'll show you serious firepower.

(when speaking to Cid again while he's waiting for you to find the upgrade parts for Niflheimian weapons, or when selecting not to hand him the parts after they have been acquired)
Cid: Lemme tell ya, imperial hardware is a right pain to take apart. Ain't no mystery I can't unravel, though.

(beginning the "Scenic Delivery" quest)
Takka: Well, if it ain't the boys with the fancy automobile.
Noctis: That's us.
Takka: Y'all wanna fetch some edibles for me?
Noctis: Why are you asking us?
Takka: Well, it's just that ol' Cid...
Noctis: Cid?
Takka: Yep. Said I should give y'all some work, don't matter what kind. Seein' as you boys can't go home for the time bein'.
Noctis: Got us there.
Takka: So y'all gotta learn about the wider world. If y'all can't find the stuff I need, it ain't no big deal.'d surely help me out if you could.

(speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Scenic Delivery")
Takka: Cid's, uh... He's worried about you boys, y'know.

(speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Scenic Delivery")
Takka: I'll cook you up somethin' good. That'll make you feel better.

(after beginning the "Scenic Delivery" quest and walking away)
Noctis: Another test from the old man.
Prompto: He sure is hard on us.
Ignis: I think he's worried about us.
Gladiolus: He wants us to prove that we can make it out here.

(acquiring the Lucian Tomato that Takka requested)
Prompto: Just what Takka ordered!
Noctis: Yeah. Took care of that pretty quickly.
Gladiolus: Not much of a job, after all.
Ignis: He went easy on us. Let's deliver this as a show of thanks.

(completing the "Scenic Delivery" quest)
Takka: Oh-ho. Y'all went an' got what I asked for.
Noct: Too easily. I thought Cid told you to give us work.
Takka: Yeah, well. Guess I went a little soft on you. I'l be sure to give you more of a challenge next time. How's about that? Anyhoo, I appreciate yer help. Here's a little care package. Should make fer good eatin'.

Gighee Ham x 2
Leiden Potato x 2
Sheep Milk x 2
Funguar x 2

(after completing the "Scenic Delivery" quest and walking away)
Prompto: Did he give you some food?
Noctis: He said it makes "good eatin'."
Ignis: Alright. I'll cook it up at our next camp.
Gladiolus: Now that's a plan.

(beginning the "Hunters and Gatherers" quest)
Takka: Oh! Hey, boys. You got time to lend a fella a helpin' hand?
Noct: Long as it's not a simple shopping trip this time.
Takka: Nope, this one's gonna take some effort. I'm sendin' y'all straight to the source this time. In other words, it's huntin' time. The stuff I want y'all to collect, I'm fixin' to use in a new dish. Hope you can help me out.

(speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Hunters and Gatherers")
Takka: I got the new recipe all set, right here in my noggin. Just need the ingredients.

(speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Hunters and Gatherers")
Takka: If anythin' bad happens, Cid'll be madder than a shaved possum. So y'all take care.

(after beginning the "Hunters and Gatherers" quest and walking away)
Ignis: So he's creating a new dish.
Noctis: That's what he says, anyway.
Prompto: Cool. Wonder what he's cookin' up!
Gladiolus: Let's do this hunt and find out.

(completing the "Hunters and Gatherers" quest)
Takka: How was the hunt, boys?
Noctis: Good. What are you gonna make with this stuff?
Takka: Somethin' I know you'll like.
Noctis: You mean...
Takka: Yep. So y'all make sure you drop by and order some. In the meantime, this here'll put some meat on yer bones.

Cleigne Wheat x 5
Dualhorn Steak x 5
Leiden Pepper x 5

(after completing the "Hunters and Gatherers" quest and walking away)
Prompto: I can't believe we helped bring a new dish into the world!
Ignis: Yes. I hope it sells alright.
Gladiolus: No way it won't. It looks great.
Noctis: Even to me.

(when Noctis and his retinue run into Monica at the Prairie Outpost)
Monica: Your Highness. I'm glad your safe.
Gladio: Monica! Where're all the others?
Monica: Most of the Crownsguard didn't make it. It was all we could do to escort Lady Iris out of the city. Dustin is with her as we speak, seeing her the rest of the way to Lestallum.
Gladio: I owe you guys big time.
Monica: Head for the royal tomb. The marshal awaits.

(speaking with Monica again)
Monica: I'm here on the marshal's orders. He's tasked me with keeping an eye on the empire.

(speaking with Monica once again)
Monica: If you're weary from the road, you can rest here.

(overhearing a conversation between Hunters at the Prairie Outpost)
Woman (1): Heard some folks callin' him "Marshal." Interesting nickname. Guess it's because he's strong.
Woman (2): Or, because he's marshal of the Crownsguard?
Woman (1): Oh, well that explains everything! His fancy city clothes, his no nonsense way of fighting.

(as the royal retinue make for the Tomb of the Wise)
Prompto: So who is this Monica person?
Ignis: A servant of the Crownsguard, like Gladio and myself.
Gladio: She's one of my father's best. Along with Dustin—who's guarding my sister.
Noctis: Good to know we still have people we can count on outside the city.

(as the royal retinue continue making their way for the Tomb of the Wise)
Gladiolus: Can't keep up with this guy.
Prompto: First the Crown City, then Hammerhead, then the royal tomb?
Ignis: His nickname should have been "Cor the Restless."
Gladio: Somehow not as catchy as "Cor the Immortal."
Prompto: Making it out of Insomnia only adds to his legend.
Noctis: Well, fortune favors the bold.
Ignis: The wise make their own luck.
Gladio: You think it's a coincidence he's made it out of all those battles alive?

(as the royal retinue arrive at the Tomb of the Wise)
Ignis: We're here.
Prompto: A tomb fit for royalty.
Gladiolus: Let's go in and find the marshal.

(as the royal retinue enter the Tomb of the Wise)
[Cor is waiting for them, standing beside a sarcophagus that bears a sword in its hands]
Ignis: Marshal.
Cor: At last, Your Highness.
Noct: Yeah, wanna tell me what I'm here for?
Cor: The power of kings, passed from the old to the new through the bonding of souls. One such soul lies before you. To claim your forebears' power is your birthright and duty as king.
Noct: My duty as king of what?
Cor: Now is not the time to question your calling. A king is sworn to protect his people.
Noct: And yet he chose to protect only one prince. Was that his calling? Forsake the masses to spare his own son?
Cor: How long will you remain the protected? The king entrusted the role of protector to you.
Noct: "Entrusted" it to me? Then why didn't he tell me that? Why did he stand there smiling as I left? Why— Why did he lie to me?
Cor: That day, he didn't want you to remember him as the king. In what time you had left, he wanted to be your father. He always had faith in you, that when the time came, you would ascend for the sake of your people.
Noct: Guess he left me no choice.

[Noct holds out his hand; the sword on the sarcophagus phases through the casket's hands, floats into the air, hangs there briefly, and then flies into Noctis, imbuing him with his ancestor's power]

Sword of the Wise x 1

(once Noct has obtained the Sword of the Wise)
Cor: That's not the only power your forebears left you. Your journey's just begun. Another tomb lies close by. I suggest you head there next. There are tombs scattered across the land. All are on dangerous ground. I'll go with you, for the time being. Not only to help, but to get a measure of your strength.
Noct: So just how many of these "powers" are out there?
Cor: There are thirteen known royal arms, each enshrined at a royal tomb, though we know the location of only a few. I've enlisted the Hunters. They comb the land in search of the lost tombs.
Noct: Where's the one nearby you mentioned?
Cor: Keycatrich Trench. We know there to be a crypt deep inside the tunnels.

(as Noct and his retinue make for Keycatrich Trench)
Cor: Long years ago, we waged a fierce battle here against the empire. It all went to ruin, and after that, the empire moved in like it owned the place.

(following a battle in which Cor assists Noct and his retinue on their way to Keycatrich Trench)
Cor: That wasn't a bad effort, Prompto.
Prompto: Whoa. I just got the Immortal!
Cor: Don't take that as leave to slack off. You're only as good as your last battle.
Prompto: Er, yes, sir. I'll keep at it, sir.

(once Noct obtains the Axe of the Conquerer in Keycatrich Trench)
Prompto: So, Noct borrows the old kings' powers?
Ignis: More or less. At this rate, he'll soon rival his father's legacy.
Gladio: "The Copycat King."
Noct: Out of line.
Prompto: Well? What's it like?
Noct: Hmm... Like I've got some tricks up my sleeve.
Gladio: No need to put on a magic show for us.
Ignis: But it never hurt to practice.

(when the royal retinue pass the sealed door to the Menace Dungeon in Keycatrich Trench)
Prompto: What's this?
Gladio: What's what?
Prompto: This supposed to keep us out?
Ignis: Or keep something far more dangerous in.
Noctis: No dice, won't budge.
Ignis: For every lock, there exists a key.
Prompto: Or like a magical key that can unlock any door—like from the video games!
Gladio: Or that.

(as the royal retinue exits Keycatrich Trench)
[Noct's cell phone rings; he answers]
Noctis: Yeah?
Cor: Finally picked up. Thought I'd lost another king.
Noct: Just busy building my arsenal.
Cor: Good to hear. I have a task for you. The empire's begun construction of a new base, along the road west to Duscae. I need you to put it out of commission. If left unchecked, it will cost us access to the west—and all the royal tombs that lie beyond. I believe you've met Monica. She can fill you in on the details. Go see her.
Prompto: What's up?
Noct: People to see, bases to burn. Let's go see Monica at the outpost.
Ignis: Come to think of it, we did spy a large structure.
Noct: Yeah, hard to miss an ominous thing like that.
Gladiolus: Ain't gonna be easy takin' down a whole stronghold.
Prompto: Can we really do this?
Ignis: The marshal believes we can, or he wouldn't have asked us. But first things first.
Noct: Right. Let's head back to the outpost.

(after leaving Keycatrich Trench)
Prompto: Man, who knew Cor was such a badass?
Noctis: I'm just glad he's on our side.

(overhearing a conversation between Hunters back at the Prairie Outpost)
Man: You were talking to Dave earlier. What's he got us hunting next?
Woman: Royal tombs, that's what. Marshal's orders.
Man: Again? Is that prince paying a visit to every one of his ancestors?

(overhearing another conversation between Hunters back at the Prairie Outpost)
Man: You know that daemons' nest west of the Weaverwilds? Used to be a tunnel across Leide. They say the royal family had it dug out.
Woman: Wonder if they hid any royal treasure inside?
Man: We oughta do some diggin', too.

(while exploring now that Noctis has some Royal Arms)
Prompto: Doesn't the power of kings wear you out?
Noctis: Kinda. I feel groggy when I wake up in the morning.
Gladio: You could try going to bed at a decent hour.

(while exploring now that Noctis has some Royal Arms)
Noct: Ignis, how many royal arms are there?
Ignis: As many as there have been kings, though not all will have survived to this day.
Prompto: It's like a treasure hunt!

(beginning the "The Ever Regal Regalia" quest)
Cindy: Oh! Hey there! Prince! Howdy, y'all! Howdy there, Prince! Are y'all on break?
Noctis: More or less. Did you need help with something?
Cindy: Don't you worry. This girl ain't got nothin' up her sleeves this time.
Noctis: Work got you busy?
Cindy: Most days that's true, but today's a little different. I was just about to step away from the garage for a spell. One of our regulars told me they found somethin' real special lyin' around: a rare can of car wax. Reckon y'all could use it on the Regalia, so I'm on my way to pick it up.
Noctis: For us? Let us do the leg work.
Cindy: Y'sure?
Noctis: It is our car.
Cindy: I tell you what, you got a point there. Well, if y'all insist, who am I to argue? Might take a little while to find it though.
Noctis: "Find"?
Cindy: Fella found it, but didn't have the foresight to grab it.

(after beginning the "The Ever Regal Regalia" quest and walking away)
Prompto: So we're supposed to venture out into the wild, find the wax, and bring it back.
Noctis: That's the plan.
Prompto: Unbelievable. Cindy was willing to go out of her way and risk life and limb for us. She's the best.

(quest description for "The Ever Regal Regalia")
Cindy has received a tip-off about a rare Insomnian car wax, which she thinks would be perfect for the Regalia. Noctis and his friends head into the wilderness in her stead to find the precious product.

(completing the "The Ever Regal Regalia" quest)
Cindy: Ya found it! Well, I'll be. And it's still in purdy good condition, too. Slap some of this wax on your car, and y'all'll be glidin' down the road and saving gas, too.
Noctis: Nice.
Cindy: Don't go believin' it outta hand, though. That's just what the rumors say, among a bunch of other things. Still, in every rumor, there's a grain of truth. After all, when it comes to cars, Crown City folk know their business. It's a right shame they put up the Wall thirty years ago. Lotta goods became the stuff of legend—including this wax.
Noctis: That's too bad.
Cindy: Paw paw left the city and never looked back, so I've only ever come across what he had lyin' around the garage. But now that we got ourselves a can, why don't we crack 'er open and put those rumors to the test? Let me know if ya want me to give ya a hand with the waxin'.

(after completing the "The Ever Regal Regalia" quest and walking away)
Prompto: Never thought about how people viewed the Crown City from the outside.
Gladiolus: Neither have I, but she said it's the place where legends were made.
Ignis: And goods produced in the purlieus have yet to match that caliber, even after thirty years.
Noctis: Pretty impressive.

(beginning the "The Ever Elegant Regalia" quest)
Cindy: Look who it is. Y'all takin' the day off?
Noctis: Kinda, but if you need a favor, we'd be happy to help out.
Cindy: Aw, ain't y'all sweet. Don't you worry about li'l ol' me. I got a lot to do, but I can fend for myself.
Noctis: Well, I think we owe it to you.
Cindy: Hmmm... Alright. If y'all wouldn't mind fetchin' me some ore, I'll fix ya up with somethin' real nice like!

(after beginning the "The Ever Elegant Regalia" quest and walking away)
Prompto: I'd do just about anything Cindy asked me.
Gladiolus: Desperate much?
Prompto: I'm not desperate. I just want to serve milady.
Noctis: "His lady."
Ignis: Presumptuous.

(quest description for "The Ever Elegant Regalia")
Taking care of a complex vehicle like the Regalia is no easy task. To express his gratitude to Cindy, Noctis offers to find her the ore she desires.

(completing the "The Ever Elegant Regalia" quest)
Cindy: Thanks for the help, Prince! Have y'all considered becomin' hunters full-time? Let's see. This here's for paint, that one's goin' for treatment... Oh, shoot—I gotta phone Holly. Welp, looks like another sleepless night!
Noctis: Seriously?
Cindy: Got a few folks waitin' on repairs, so duty calls. Anyhoo, as promised, here's your reward! You can slap that decal right on the Regalia. Try 'er out!

Hammerhead x 1
Racing Stripes I x 1
Basic Color Samples x 1

(after completing the "The Ever Elegant Regalia" quest and walking away)
Prompto: I can't believe Cindy is slaving away all night.
Ignis: She certainly didn't seem to mind.
Gladiolus: Sounds like sleep comes second to her work.
Noctis: Helps it's her dream job.

(beginning the "The Ever Gleaming Regalia" quest)
Cindy: Hey, Prince. Could I borrow you for a sec?
Noctis: Lemme guess: another favor?
Cindy: You're gonna ask me that every time, ain't ya? But as it were, I was hopin' you might find somethin' for me.
Noctis: No problem. One of us'll do anything for you.
Cindy: And which of y'all would that be? Anyhoo, I need y'all to fetch me some fiberglass coating. I asked a hunter to bring some back, but wouldn't ya know it? Fella took a break somewhere an' left it behind. Funny thing is, I ordered it with you boys in mind. If y'all go fetch it for me, I'll throw it on the Regalia for ya.

(speaking with Cindy after beginning the "The Ever Gleaming Regalia" quest)
Cindy: Hunters lead a busy life. These days, they're so swamped with takin' care of varmints and daemons that they sometimes forget the little requests.

(after beginning the "The Ever Gleaming Regalia" quest and walking away)
Noctis: Who knew the Hunters made deliveries?
Gladiolus: In addition to kicking ass and keeping the peace.
Ignis: With all their duties, it's no wonder they lose track.
Prompto: And traveling around in the middle of the night can't be fun, either.

(quest description for "The Ever Gleaming Regalia")
The glossy coating Cindy ordered for the Regalia got left behind on its way to the garage. Noctis and his friends agree to find the missing material and finish the delivery.

(completing the "The Ever Gleaming Regalia" quest)
Cindy: Welcome back! Ya find the place alright?
Noctis: Yep, sure did.
Cindy: No surprise there. Y'all can hang onto that—that's your reward. Spray your car with a coat of that stuff, and it'll keep 'er lookin' spic-an'-span! Y'all wanna treat the old girl right, don't ya? And nothing feels better than driving around in a clean car.

(after completing the "The Ever Gleaming Regalia" quest and walking away)
Prompto: Man, I love how passionate Cindy gets when she talks about cars.
Gladiolus: Yeah. It's actually pretty cute.
Prompto: What? Dude, could you not?
Gladiolus: Not what?

(beginning the "The Ever Valorous Regalia" quest)
Cindy: Well, hey there, Prince!
Noctis: Another favor?
Cindy: You guessed it. Must be written all over my face. Y'see, one of our regulars tipped me off to somethin' real special. Little thing called a "supercharger"—and a purdy powerful one, at that. You boys wouldn't happen to be innerested in one, would ya? Fella snatched it from a scrap car, but didn't know what to do with it, so he left it. If y'all want it, it's yours for the taking.

(after beginning the "The Ever Valorous Regalia" quest and walking away)
Ignis: The supercharger comes with Cindy's seal of approval. I bet it's worth the search.
Prompto: And if we find the supercharger, maybe we'll earn her seal of approval, too!
Noctis: You hear this? As if he actually has a chance.
Gladiolus: Let the kid dream.

(quest description for "The Ever Valourous Regalia")
One of Cindy's regulars informs her of a discarded supercharger they managed to find. Hoping to install it in the Regalia and improve the old girl's performance, she asks Noctis and his friends to retrieve the compressor.

(completing the "The Ever Valorous Regalia" quest)
Cindy: How'd it go? Did y'all find it?
Noctis: Yeah, somehow.
Cindy: That's swell! I already checked with Paw-paw. We can install that baby whenever you like. Can't wait to soup 'er up and get 'er runnin'. I bet y'all're really gonna feel a difference! Just gimme a holler when you're ready to go.

(after completing the "The Ever Valorous Regalia" quest and walking away)
Prompto: Did you see the twinkle in her eyes?
Ignis: She sounded eager to get to work as soon as possible.
Prompto: How 'bout now!?
Gladiolus: Again—desperate much?
Prompto: Again—I'm not desperate!

(beginning the "The Ever Illustrious Regalia" quest)
Cindy: Hey, Prince. Got a little favor.
Noctis: Sure.
Cindy: I was hopin' to fix the older girl up with a new set of eyes. Y'know, headlight bulbs.
Noctis: Go for it.
Cindy: Might not sound like much, but believe you me, these babies'll brighten up your road trip. Woulda been nice if they were mass-produced. Crown City-made's hard to come by. Ain't barely none left out here.
Noctis: And they won't be making any more.
Cindy: Ah, I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject. All I mean is it's a shame there ain't more around 'cause they really are gonna change the way you drive. Now I ain't gonna lie, going to fetch 'em will be a bit of a hassle. But I swear, you and your car will be better off with 'em. The old girl's designed to keep y'all safe, and these lights'll help 'er keep you even safer. Do it for me?
Noctis: You got it.

(after beginning the "The Ever Illustrious Regalia" quest and walking away)
Prompto: Was it just me, or did something feel off?
Noctis: About?
Prompto: Uh, Cindy?
Gladiolus: Thought I was the only one who noticed.
Prompto: Oh, I noticed. It wasn't her usual "I got a favor, y'all." It was more, "Y'all need to do this."

(quest description for "The Ever Illustrious Regalia")
A hunter tips Cindy off to the location of some Crown City-made headlamps. Assuring Noctis of their quality and utility, Cindy asks the prince to retrieve the lights so she can install them in the Regalia and make the prince's journey a little safer.

(completing the "The Ever Illustrious Regalia" quest)
Cindy: There y'all are! Well—did ya find 'em?
Noctis: Yep. Got 'em right here.
Cindy: Ya do? Oh, thank the Stars. Now, whether you keep usin' em is up to you, but humor me an' give 'em a test run first, won't ya?
Noctis: What's so special about 'em anyway?
Cindy: The bulbs pack a punch. The light they shine's so bright, it'll have the daemons headin' for the hills!
Noctis: Whoa, that's awesome.
Cindy: Sure is. Woulda been nice if everybody had 'em before the city got walled off. Was about twenty years ago... Car runnin' through these parts one night...all of a sudden the daemons jumped it... Saw it with my own eyes. Can't never forget it. And I can't help thinkin', if they had these lights, they'd still be alive. Y'know?
Noctis: Yeah, I get it.
Cindy: Anyhoo, lemme know when you wanna give 'em a try. And thanks for all your hard work, y'all.

(after completing the "The Ever Illustrious Regalia" quest and walking away)
Prompto: Being able to fend off the daemons is huge. These could save lives!
Gladiolus: Especially since not everyone can fend for themselves.
Ignis: Life out here will improve once we reclaim the capital.
Prompto: Yeah. People living out here will have access to all the benefits the Crown City has to offer.
Noctis: We'll make this right—for everyone.

(beginning the "A Treasure Beyond Measure" quest)
Dino: Hey. Lookin' good, Your Majesty. You'd a—You'd do me a favor, right?
Noct: You'd still ask even if I said "no."
Dino: You know it. But this time's different: it's real important.
Noct: So everything we've done up until now wasn't?
Dino: Okay, take it easy there, wise guy. Listen, this is big. If you get me this ore, I'll be able to do this jeweler gig full-time.
Noct: Well, whatever makes you happy.
Dino: C'mon, show me some love! If I get my hands on this stuff, I'll be unstoppable. I ain't just talkin' Galdin here. I'm talkin' global Dino domination! I'm gonna be rollin' in so much gil, the Hunters'll be askin' me to help search for stones! So what I'm tryin' to say is, this could be a turning point for your pal Dino—hence, "real important." Unfortunately, this soon-to-be ex-reporter ain't got much of a scoop. So, don't beat yourselves up if you come back empty-handed. But hey, here's hopin' against hope you come through. Good luck out there, pal!

(on approach to Costlemark Tower)
Prompto: Weird building, eh guys?
Ignis: It's like no architecture I've ever seen.
Gladiolus: Wouldn't want to meet the weirdo who built this.

(when walking across the causeway above the pit at the entrance)
Prompto: It keeps going down, down, down...
Ignis: Wonder how deep it goes.

(if arriving during the day, with the entrance sealed)
Prompto: Something feels off.
Ignis: They don't appear to be your ordinary, run-of-the-mill ruins.
Prompto: I was thinking more "there's no entrance."
Noctis: At least not in plain sight.
Gladiolus: Well it doesn't look we should probably go in.

(while waiting for nightfall)
Ignis: Getting dark.
Gladiolus: Better brighten things up.

(once nightfall reveals the entrance)
Prompto: Check it out, guys—glow in the dark!

(now that they know there's an entrance)
Prompto: Knew there was a way in.
Gladiolus: No red carpet, but a stone staircase is the next best thing.

(as the Chocobros descend the stairs into the ruins)
Gladio: Well, I guess they're only closed during the day.
Ignis: Huh? What manner of mechanism is this?

(as the Chocobros descend the stairs into the ruins)
Prompto: I'm not scared. My hands are just shaky. Well, that was fun!
Gladio: The fun's just getting started. You wanna turn back now?

(as the Chocobros descend the stairs into the ruins)
Noctis: Let's head in.
Gladiolus: Try not to get lost.
Noctis: You get lost.

(as the Chocobros enter the ruins)
Noctis: Let's move.
Prompto: Alright, let's go!
Gladio: Hmm. Out of character, but I'm not complaining.

(as the first battle with daemons inside begins)
Prompto: Let's get fracking! Please, sir! I want some ore!
Gladio: I'm sure our boss Dino would appreciate your enthusiasm.

(as the Chocobros begin to explore the ruins)
Gladio: Well, this place is seriously ancient.
Ignis: Indeed. These walls have well withstood the test of time. A stark contrast to the ruins that lie above.

(upon approaching a narrow ledge)
Gladio: I can make out something over there.
Prompto: I can make out a ledge ready to give if you breathe funny.
Ignis: The risk outweighs the reward.

(while crossing the ledge)
Prompto: How sure are we about this?
Ignis: Take it one step at a time.

(while examining a balcony)
Prompto: Hey, think we'd make it if we jump down from here?
Ignis: I can guarantee you'll make it down. Whether or not you survive the fall, however, is a separate matter.
Noctis: Let's get down there in one piece.

(while exploring the ruins)
Prompto: We'll go through there. But quietly. Quietly.
Ignis: Best to proceed with caution.
Prompto: I think that applies to you there, big guy.
Gladio: I'm pretty sure you're the klutz.

(still exploring the ruins)
Gladio: I got a feeling there's something below. Give it a quick looksee?
Prompto: If there's something there, but no one looks, is it really there?

(coming to a bridge inside the ruins)
Prompto: And what have we here?
Gladio: Dunno, but it's huge.
Prompto: I'm too tired to walk all the way across.
Gladio: We'll call it a night here, then.
Prompto: Actually not too tired!

(preparing to cross the bridge)
Prompto: We gonna cross?
Noct: Um, yeah?
Prompto: Knew you'd say that. Why do I bother asking?
Noct: Dunno. Let's go.

(still exploring)
Gladio: Whoa.

(coming to a large, open room at the apparent bottom of the tower)
Noctis: Really opens up back here.
Prompto: Welp, guess that's the end of the road, so...
Gladio: Not so fast. There might be a way.
Prompto: Or there might not.
Ignis: Well it can't hurt to look now, can it?

(as it becomes apparent that some of the large cubes in the floor aren't just decoration)
Prompto: Whoa, Noct—check this out!

(as the cube block they're standing on begins to sink into the floor)
Prompto: The floor!
Gladio: It's moving.
Prompto: Whoa, whoa, whoa—what's going on!?
Noctis: Hell if I know!

(as the Chocobros make their way through the tower's cube puzzle)
Ignis: This doesn't bode well.
Gladiolus: So, the floor is sliding out that way...
Noctis: We're going down.
Prompto: We're going down!?
Gladio: Goin' down!

(as the Chocobros return to the large, open room from before)
Prompto: Wait, we made it? We're really out? We're freeeeee!
Noctis: That's overdoing it a bit.

(upon finding the door to the Menace Dungeon that resides here)
Noctis: No luck. Guess we'll need another key.
Ignis: The key question is, "Where do we look?"

(as yet another cube block Noct and co. stand on sinks)
Prompto: Oh no, oh no! Ah, we're trapped down here!
Ignis: The exit's sealed off.
Prompto: But we can unseal it, right? Noct? Noct!?
Noctis: How should I know? We'll think of something—just chill.
Prompto: Do I seem like the "chill" type to you?

(as they reach the end of the tower's cube puzzle)
Prompto: Oh wait—definitely never been here before!
Ignis: Amazed we made it out.
Prompto: Alright! Take that, labyrinth!
Gladiolus: Wouldn't start celebrating yet. We're not done here.
Prompto: You have got to be kidding me.

(as Noct and co. descend toward the room with Jabberwock)
Prompto: Uh, guys?
Noctis: So freakin' creepy.
Prompto: You guys hear that?
Ignis: Now we know what makes this place run.

(as they reach the room with Jabberwock)
Ignis: Yet another grand hall before us.
Gladiolus: Wonder what's ahead.

(upon returning to the surface)
Prompto: Smell that fresh air—makes you feel alive!
Noct: Yeah, don't get used to it.
Gladiolus: Why is everything such a big deal with you?
Ignis: Let him have his fun, while he's still alive.

(after defeating Jabberwock, then stepping on the floor switch along the stairway near the entrance)
Prompto: Whoa. Wait. Hold on. Ah, my eyes!
Noctis: Are we back outside?

(completing the "A Treasure Beyond Measure" quest)
Dino: You did it. You really did it.
Noct: So, you all ready to open up shop?
Dino: Well, I'm an artisan first and foremost, not a salesman. You know the Ring of the Lucii, right?
Noct: I do.
Dino: That little baby put up a wall strong enough to keep out the daemons and the whole mother-lovin' empire. How cool is that?
Noct: Pretty cool, I guess.
Dino: Yeah, yeah. See, that's the level I'm aimin' for. Not this second, of course. I got my sights set a little lower for now, but it's only a matter of time.
Noct: Wow.
Dino: Ya probably heard on the news how the nights are growin' longer and the daemon population's gettin' bigger. People need protection. And if I really give it my all, I think I can provide that for 'em. Here. You ain't gonna find anything better in all of Eos, and she's all yours. Well, I guess I got my work cut out for me!

Emerald Bracelet x 1

(speaking with Monica once again back at the Prairie Outpost)
Monica: Your Highness. The marshal has apprised me of the plan. We've found a back door into the imperial base. I'll mark the route on your map. The way is secure. You should be able to gain entry relatively easily.

(speaking with Monica again)
Monica: Please see to your preparations and proceed when you are ready. I will join you within.

(speaking to Monica yet again)
Monica: The base is unfinished. If we are to strike, now is the time.

(speaking with Monica once more]
Monica: Be warned: Commander Loqi has been sighted at the base. Take all care.

(meeting up with Monica near the Norduscaean Blockade)
Monica: From here we will split into two groups. Prince Noctis, please join the marshal up ahead. The rest of you will assist me in the diversionary effort.
Noct: (So it's me and Cor, huh?)

[A prompt appears to select either "Proceed" or "Turn back"]

(upon selecting "Proceed")
[Noctis turns to the other Chocobros]
Noct: I'll see you guys later.
Gladio: You go give 'em hell. We'll do the same on our end.

[Noct squeezes through a narrow crevasse to join up with Cor]
Cor: Once we're in, we launch our ambush, pushing out while support pushes in, crushing the enemy from both sides.

(when entering a battle at the Norduscaean Blockade alongside Cor)
Cor: Oughta be easy for you.
Noctis: You bet.

(when entering another battle alongside Cor)
Cor: Remember, a king fights with dignity.
Noctis: I'll get right on that.

(when Noct and Cor reach the front gate of the Norduscaean Blockade from inside)
[Cor and Noctis open the gate]
Prompto: Noct!
Ignis: Marshal. It's good to see you again.
Noctis: Alright on your end?
Gladiolus: Right as rain. The Niffs couldn't take their eyes off us.
Cor: Thanks to you we were spared their attention.

[An imperial drop ship suddenly flies in; the imperial officer aboard addresses Noct and the others]
Loqi: Stay right where you are. Well, well, if it isn't Cor the Immortal. So you survived the Citadel. But you won't survive what I have in store for you. It's past time your legend came to an end.

[Loqi enters the cockpit of his MA-X Cuirass magitek armor, then deploys to the ground]
Prompto: Say, Marshal, how 'bout you show us how it's done?
Cor: No wimping out. Let's move.

[After Noctis and the others defeat Loqi]
Cor: Impressive. Seeing you in action puts my mind at ease. It's clear I don't need to worry any more. I'll return to watching the Niffs. 'Til next time, take care.

[Cor and Monica leave; a moment later, Noct and his retinue move toward the open gate of the blockade, Ignis slowly driving the Regalia alongside the other three, who are on foot; Gladio's sword is resting on his shoulder]
Gladiolus: Ain't so bad out here once you get used to it.
Prompto: Still a lot we haven't seen, though.
Ignis: And a lot for us to do.
Prompto: Yeah.
Gladiolus: Buck up. We're just getting started.

[Noctis smiles]


The empire is a powerful foe, and Noctis has far to travel before he can hope to reclaim the Crystal. He sets out across new lands in search of the power of his forebears.

(first cutscene of chapter)
Gralea, Niflheim

[Numerous imperial soldiers and commanders stand before the emperor]

Iedolas: So, the prince eludes death. And what of the elusive ring?
Ravus: Lunafreya has absconded with it.
Iedolas: Find and kill her. The ring is the final piece.
Verstael: We may do well to take her alive. The Six wield power beyond our imagination. The Oracle holds the key for the King. She could unlock many secrets, nay High Commander?

[Verstael looks at Ravus; Ravus says nothing]
Verstael: Lord Ravus, the imperial army is now at your disposal.
Ravus: A moot point while the fugitives remain at large. My men and I will continue our search for the prince and the Oracle.
Iedolas: So Crystal...

(as the Chocobros ride into the Cleigne region in the Regalia)
Prompto: Look out world, here we come!
Gladio: We can finally leave this dust bowl behind.
Ignis: The lands beyond are vast by comparison to Leide.
Prompto: Bigger's better! More stuff to see and do.
Ignis: First comes Duscae, a region known for its wetlands.
Noctis: Really? Wetlands?
Ignis: There's also a chocobo forest.
Prompto: Now we're talking!
Ignis: Further west lies the Cleigne region, wherein we'll find the town of Lestallum.
Prompto: Oh. Isn't that where Iris is headed?
Gladiolus: Barring delays, she should've arrived by now. Maybe even had herself a look at the Meteor.
Noctis: The Meteor of the Six?
Ignis: The same. Its heat is harnessed to power Lestallum.
Prompto: Whoa. That sounds way cool.
Gladio: I'm actually looking forward to this.

[Soon thereafter, they begin drawing near the Alstor Coernix Station; Ignis slows down]
Ignis: It will be a long drive. Best fill up the tank before we set out.

[He pulls the car over at the station]
Ignis: I believe we have a solid lay of the land now. The driver's seat is yours, Noct—if you so desire it.

Noctis can now drive the car whenever he wants.

(after everyone gets out of the car at the Alstor Coernix Station)
[Noctis's phone rings]
Noct: Who could this be?

[He answers]
Noctis: Hello?
Iris: Um, Noct?
Noctis: Iris?
Iris: It's really you! So good to hear your voice! Everything's fine over here. We managed to make it to Lestallum. We just settled into our new digs. So, yeah. Let me know when you're coming so we can meet up.
Noctis: Yeah, will do.
Iris: You better!

[Noctis hangs up]
Gladiolus: Was that Iris? Hmph. Can't even call her own brother.
Ignis: In all fairness, yours wasn't the obituary broadcast all over Lucis.
Prompto: What about me? She say anything about me?

(beginning the "Friends of a Feather" quest)
[After the Chocobros discuss Iris, Prompto taps Noct on the shoulder]
Prompto: Did you see that sign? Chocobos! ...CHOCOBOS!
Gladio: No time for that. Need to get to Lestallum.
Prompto: It's still ages away. C'mon, just a quick visit?

[A prompt appears to select either "Go to the Chocobo Post" or "Go to Lestallum first"]

Go to the Chocobo Post
Noct: Sure. Let's check it out.
Prompto: Yes! Gonna be awesome!
Go to Lestallum first
Noct: First things first: Lestallum.
Prompto: Alright, but next time we check out the chocobos!

(examining a shelf in the Alstor Coernix Station Shop & Café)
Due to road closures,
we are SOLD OUT of Ebony Coffee
for the foreseeable future.

Noctis: Oh, crap. They're out.
Gladio: Can't let him see this.
Noct: He'd be crushed.

(approaching Sania Yeagre at the Alstor Coernix Station)
Gladiolus: Well, if it isn't Sania.
Prompto: Hmm? Somebody you know?
Gladiolus: Spoke with her just the once, back at Hammerhead.
Noctis: Now that you mention it, you were chatting someone up.
Gladiolus: She's real knowledgeable about wildlife, could teach us a thing or two. Go on and introduce yourself.

(dialogue after receiving Sania's first quest at the Alstor Coernix Station)
Prompto: That was...overwhelming.
Ignis: Let's hope it'll be edifying as well.
Noctis: How did you manage to talk to her?
Gladiolus: Oh, you know me.

(dialogue after completing Sania's first quest)
Ignis: Sania...last name Yeagre, if I'm not mistaken.
Gladio: Took you long enough to make the connection.
Noctis: Sania who?
Ignis: Sania Yeagre, famed professor of biology. Her works have been published the world over.
Prompto: Whoa, she's a big deal? You sure don't get that impression.

(overhearing a conversation in the Alstor Crow's Nest)
Man (1): Where're you off to today?
Man (2): Thought I'd haul the old girl up to Hammerhead, have 'em take a look under the hood.
Man (1): If you're takin' her all the way out there, it ain't under the hood you're lookin' to look.

(arriving at the Wiz Chocobo Post)
Prompto: Now this is what I'm talkin' about!
Gladiolus: The kid's got it bad.
Ignis: There are worse vices, I suppose.

(when walking near one of the signs at the Wiz Chocobo Post that say "Chocobo Racing")
Prompto: Oh em gee, guys. They've got chocobo races here.
Gladiolus: Your point being?
Prompto: We have to stay and watch.
Ignis: We have to continue our journey.
Prompto: C'mon, just a little longer!

(beginning the "A Behemoth Undertaking" quest)
Prompto: 'Scuse me. We'd like to ride the chocobos.
Wiz: The chocobos, huh? I hate to break this to y'all, but we can't permit our birds to leave the post. Not while Deadeye's still about. He's an uncommonly ferocious behemoth that's taken to prowlin' these parts of late. His scent makes our birds nervous, an' to prevent accidents an' tragedies, we have no choice but to suspend rentals. But hold on, now—ain't you lads the hunters that've been makin' a mark? You reckon you could handle the likes of Deadeye? If you could bring the beast down, there'd be a reward in it for ya. But knowin' the danger, I wouldn't blame ya for sayin' no.

(completing the "A Behemoth Undertaking" and "Friends of a Feather" quests)
Wiz: You boys did it—you took down Deadeye! The area's safe again, an' we owe it all to you. On behalf of the locals, I give you my heartfelt thanks.
Prompto: So, about the chocobos...
Wiz: Our birds're at your disposal. You can rent them any time you like.

Hunt Complete!
• 3.020 gil
• Amethyst Bracelet x 1

Prompto: Woohoo! C'mon, Noct, let's go for a ride!

(after completing the "A Behemoth Undertaking" and "Friends of a Feather" quests, then walking away)
Gladio: So that's the reward...
Ignis: One of us is pleased. That's good enough in my book.
Prompto: So, Noct. How do we divvy it up?
Noctis: I'll let you guys decide.

(examining an advertisement at the Wiz Chocobo Post)
Beautify Your Bird!
Reserve Your Pro
Preening Session
Noctis: Whaddaya say, Prompto?
Prompto: My hair does NOT look like a chocobo butt!!!

(when examining Gysahl Greens at the Wiz Chocobo Post)
Gysahl Greens
Vegetable Snack
Noctis: Hold up—don't the chocobos eat this stuff?
Ignis: It's also suitable for human consumption.
Noctis: I'll leave the consuming to other humans.

(beginning the "A Feathery Feast" quest)
Wiz: Say, y'all gettin' bored of my chow? I mean, I do serve the same thing all the time. I'm thinkin' I gotta spice up the ol' menu. I wanna be more particular 'bout vegetables. Y'all see somethin' nice, you bring 'round a bushel, alright?
Noctis: Okay. If we see anything.

(speaking with Wiz about the quest after beginning "A Feathery Feast")
Wiz: Fact o' the matter is, gysahl greens are divisive. There's folks who love 'em, and there's folks who hate 'em.

(completing the "A Feathery Feast" quest)
Wiz: So y'all reckon this veg can spice up my menu?
Noctis: Maybe. Can't hurt, right?
Wiz: Well what's it taste like?
Noctis: Like...something good?
Wiz: Yeah? Well, if y'all say so. Now I'll get myself in the kitchen and start cookin'. Y'all be sure to give the new dish a try!

(beginning the "Pilgrimage" quest)
Man: Whoa... The Disc really is on fire. I-Is it safe to go near it?

[Ignis nudges Noct's shoulder; Noctis turns around]
Ignis: Seeing as we're near, why don't we make a stop at the Disc of Cauthess?

[A prompt appears to select either "Go to the Disc of Cauthess" or "Head on to Lestallum"]

Go to the Disc of Cauthess
Noctis: Yeah, that sounds good.
Ignis: Wonderful. I've always wanted to see the Meteor of legend.

(quest description for the "Pilgrimage" quest)
Ignis proposes going to the Disc of Cauthess in central Duscae, where Titan is said to slumber.

(while approaching the Disc of Cauthess area)
Prompto: So, what's with the sweltering heat around here?
Gladiolus: Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.
Ignis: The rise in temperature is likely attributable to the astral shard. We're close.

(completing the "Pilgrimage" quest)
[The royal retinue arrives at the entrance to the Disc of Cauthess to find an imperial barricade in place]
Prompto: Um, guys. Check that out.
Ignis: The empire... What are they doing here?
Gladiolus: Playing king of the castle.

[The gate of the barricade opens; a magitek armor emerges, accompanied by eight imperial soldiers]
Prompto: What do we do?
Noctis: Show 'em the real king.

[After the imperials are defeated]
Noctis: That takes care of 'em.
Gladiolus: It does for the time being, at least.
Ignis: Reinforcements may be on their way. We should leave.

[Note: If the player has not yet met up with Iris in Lestallum by this point, Gladio will place his hand on Noct's shoulder and turn him around]
Gladiolus: So, we hitting Lestallum soon?

[A prompt appears to select either "Go to Lestallum" or "Wander around some more"]

Go to Lestallum
Noctis: Lestallum works for me.
Gladio: Good. We've kept Iris waiting long enough.

[Gladio smiles and gives Noct a thumbs up]
Wander around some more
Noctis: Got some stuff I wanna do first.
Gladio: Serious? ...Well, I suppose Iris is already safe in town. Alright then, you do what you gotta.

(after completing the "Pilgrimage" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: Was pretty cool seeing the Meteor for ourselves.
Prompto: Yeah, it was on FIRE!
Noctis: Surprised Titan's hands don't burn up.
Prompto: Wait. I thought that was just a fairy tale.
Ignis: Tales of the Six fighting alongside Lucian kings date back to the age of gods.
Prompto: For real?
Noctis: For real.
Gladio: And yet somehow I find it hard to believe.
Ignis: Not all kings are created equal.
Noctis: Yeah, laugh it up.

(reading a note left on the sarcophagus in the Tomb of the Tall)
Greatsword remains unaccounted for, likely taken by daemons to Costlemark. Investigation continues.
- Hunter HQ

(beginning the "Fishing Buddies" quest)
[Noct and the others come across a man fishing at Neeglyss Pond]
Navyth: If you're here for the huntin', do it someplace else. I don't want you boys scarin' the fish.
Noctis: You're—into fishing?
Navyth: Indeed I am. You, too?
Noctis: Yeah, I fish whenever I can.
Navyth: Well then, a fellow fish nut! C'mon. Let me show you a good spot.

[The scene transitions to a small pier nearby]
Navyth: Haven't seen you around these parts before. First time here?
Noctis: Somethin' like that.
Navyth: Well. The name's Navyth. I've traveled the whole world, just about, lookin' for new fishin'. If you're as keen as you say, what d'ya say to a challenge?
Noctis: A challenge?
Navyth: The crag barramundi. Lurks in these waters. Catch 'im, and I'll make it worth your while.
Noctis: Okay. I'll do it.
Navyth: I like your spirit, my boy.

(speaking to Navyth after beginning the "Fishing Buddies" quest)
Navyth: If you're talkin' grillin', nothin' beats barramundi. Try it.

(speaking to Navyth a second time after beginning the "Fishing Buddies" quest)
Navyth: Take your time, my boy. Nice an' easy, that's the name of the game.

(completing the "Fishing Buddies" quest after catching the crag barramundi and going back to talk to Navyth)
Navyth: Well, I'll be darned. Well, a promise is a promise. Here's your prize.

[Navyth holds out a lure to Noctis]
Noctis: You sure?
Navyth: Sure I'm sure. With that lure, you'll be able to diversify—reel in more kinds of fish. And catchin' things you ain't caught before—end of the day, that's what bein' an angler's all about. You're still wet behind the ears, but you got potential.

Knife T. Tonberry x 1

(after completing the "Fishing Buddies" quest and walking away)
Prompto: You're gonna try out that lure, right?
Gladiolus: Of course he is.
Noctis: Well, if you guys insist.
Ignis: In that case, you're in charge of finding dinner tonight.

(beginning the "Fishing, Naturally" quest)
[Noct and the others come across Navyth fishing along the River Wennath near Mynbrum Haven]
Navyth: Now ain't this a coincidence, us meetin' up again. You're here for the fishin'? Because there's a fine prize skulkin' in these waters.
Noctis: What prize?
Navyth: The cherrycomb trout. You need more than a good lure to take that wily beggar.
Noctis: Like what?
Navyth: Timing. He only bites at dawn and at dusk. If you wanna catch him, you gotta play the waiting game. You wanna have a go? There's another prize in it for you.
Noctis: Sure. I'm in.
Navyth: That's the spirit. You ain't afraid of a challenge. That attitude'll take you far.

(completing the "Fishing, Naturally" quest after catching the cherrycomb trout and going back to talk to Navyth)
Noctis: I got the trout.
Navyth: So you did, so you did. Here then. This is for you.

[Navyth hands Noctis a fishing rod]
Noctis: You' me a rod?
Navyth: Not just any rod, either. Your fishin' world just got bigger, my boy. Good luck with it. You got real talent, so keep up the practicin' and keep on improvin'.

Bufferfly Edge x 1

(after completing the "Fishing, Naturally" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: That old man's one generous guy.
Prompto: Yeah. Who gives away rods like that?
Noctis: Guess I have no choice but to use it.
Ignis: The joy of meeting a fellow enthusiast can't be underestimated.

(completing the "A Better Engine Blade III" quest)
Cid: Here she is, yer weapon reborn.
Noctis: Great, 'preciate it.
Cid: Gotta say, that's a right old piece you managed to find. Musta been thirty-odd years ago when they was in service over in Crown City.

[Cid gets up]
Cid: Findin' the right tools for these relics took it outta me.
Noct: Sorry to hear.
Cid: Ah, but while rummagin' through my stuff, an interestin' item turned up. Go on, take it.
Noct: What is it?
Cid: A lil' somethin' I had loaned to yer old man, during our trip way back when. Reggie loved it so much, he'd find every chance he could to help me out with it. But when it came time for him to give it back, he scratched some nonsense into it.
Noct: Nonsense?
Cid: Always irked me, so it's fittin' I dump it on the son.

Cid's Old Hammer x 1

Prompto: So, like, you got a hammer.
Gladio: And a story to go with it. Not a bad deal if you ask me.
Ignis: An unexpected side of His Majesty.
Noct: Yeah, it is.

(beginning the "Emergency Delivery" quest)
Takka: There ya are. So, uh, you wanna do me a favor?
Noctis: Sure. What is it this time?
Takka: Another hunt. My cupboard's darn near empty.
Noctis: Okay. We're on it.
Takka: Knew I could count on y'all. Good huntin'!

(speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Emergency Delivery")
Takka: Well, I got careless an' ran out 'fore I even noticed.

(again speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Emergency Delivery")
Takka: Fact is, I know I can count on you boys.

(after beginning the "Emergency Delivery" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: Seems to me Takka could do his own hunting.
Prompto: Take his chef's knife and DOINK!
Ignis: He's no doubt aware of the proper points of separate. Would be quite the carver.
Noctis: Not creepy at all.

(completing the "Emergency Delivery" quest)
Takka: Y'all really came through. Now I've got enough stock for weeks.
Noctis: How come you don't do your own hunting?
Takka: Did a little when I was a young'un. Chased down folks, beggin' 'em for food with nothin' but my knife. But that was no life. Ever since Cid came and bailed me out... I only ever use my knife in the kitchen. This here's for y'all. It'll fill ya up, and taste good goin' down.

Cleigne Wheat x 5
Killer Tomato x 5
Saxham Rice x 5

(after completing the "Emergency Delivery" quest and walking away)
Prompto: So he did hunt with the knife!
Ignis: Desperate measures for desperate times.
Gladiolus: That must have been thirty years ago, give or take.
Noctis: Yeah. Right in the middle of the war.

(beginning the "Everyone Loves Beans" quest)
Takka: Got a job for y'all, if you've got time.
Noctis: Sure. What's up?
Takka: Somethin' nasty's holdin' up my supplier, so now I'm runnin' low on beans.
Noctis: Beeeans?
Takka: Don't like 'em?
Noctis: Not so much.
Takka: That's 'cause you ain't never had 'em cooked right. I simmer 'em long an' slow. Leastways, when I have 'em. I'd be real grateful if y'all would help.

(speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Everyone Loves Beans")
It ain't easy, tryin' to please everyone.

(again speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Everyone Loves Beans")
Takka: What about greens? You hate them, too?

(once more speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Everyone Loves Beans")
Takka: Hmm... You say ya hate beans, son, but I reckon a batch of mine'll change your mind.

(after beginning the "Everyone Loves Beans" quest and walking away)
Gladio: What's up? What's with the long face?
Ignis: Perhaps procuring beans isn't a princely venture.
Prompto: Like, it doesn't amount to a hill of beans?
Noctis: I'm glad you think this is funny.

(completing the "Everyone Loves Beans" quest)
Takka: Good news: all my deliveries finally came in.
Noctis: That's great.
Takka: Beans are healthy and nutritious. What's not to like?
Noctis: I guess I could eat 'em if I had to.
Takka: You wanna hear a tip from an ol' pro? Forget they're beans... Pretend they're little meatballs!
Noctis: "Little meatballs"... I'll give it a try.
Takka: I reckon y'all earned this reward. It'll make a fine meal. An' be sure to kiss the cook for me.

Leiden Pepper x 5
Hulldagh Nutmeg x 5
Killer Tomato x 5

(after completing the "Everyone Loves Beans" quest and walking away)
Ignis: Might be able to dig up some recipes for you...old bean!
Prompto: More than happy to be your taste tester.
Gladiolus: We know where to find what we need.
Noctis: Don't go looking for me.

(arriving at the central plaza of Lestallum)
Prompto: One hell of a crowd.
Ignis: This must be the main thoroughfare.

[Gladio is putting his phone away, presumably having just spoken with Iris]
Gladiolus: She's at the Leville. Let's go.

(beginning the "Lestallum's Finest" quest)
Takka: Good to see ya, son.
Noctis: Hey.
Takka: Y'all happen to be headed for Lestallum?
Noctis: At some point, I guess.
Takka: 'Cause it'd be mighty helpful if y'all could do some shoppin'.
Noctis: Alright.
Takka: Much obliged t'ya.

(speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Lestallum's Finest")
Takka: Lestallum ain't exactly a stone's throw away.

(again speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "Lestallum's Finest")
Takka: If y'all bring back enough of the stuff, I oughta be set for quite some time.

(after beginning the "Lestallum's Finest" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: The man just assumes we'll do his errands for him.
Ignis: We're indebted to Takka and his diner. Anything we can do, we should.
Noctis: Yeah. It's just shopping. No biggie.
Prompto: What could be easier? Let's get to it!

(completing the "Lestallum's Finest" quest)
Takka: Well, look at all that. You boys brought back a whole truckload!
Noctis: I took as much as I could carry.
Takka: How much?
Noctis: Nothing.
Takka: Whoa. Now, y'all didn't pull a heist, did ya?
Noctis: No. You think I'm a thief?
Takka: Forgive me, son. Just reminded me of my own past is all. Musta been thirty years ago. Once tried to steal food from here—'til ol' Cid done caught me. Rapped me right on the noggin an' took me in. This here'll keep ya fed, so, uh, you won't have to steal.

Griffon Breast x 2
Saxham Rice x 5
Schier Turmeric x 5

(after completing the "Lestallum's Finest" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: It was the seasonings he wanted?
Ignis: Yes. Less discerning chefs might settle for comparable local flavors.
Prompto: But not Takka. Maybe they're for a new dish?

(beginning the "A Meat Most Magnificent" quest)
Takka: Hey there.
Noctis: Hey.
Takka: Y'all got spare time?
Noctis: A hunt?
Takka: Yep. An' it's a dangerous one.
Noctis: Do you need it?
Takka: Sure do.
Noctis: Then we'll do it.
Takka: Thanks, son.

(speaking with Takka about the quest after beginning "A Meat Most Magnificent")
Takka: Always wanted to try whippin' up a dish with this.

(after beginning the "A Meat Most Magnificent" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: You two are like old buddies now.
Prompto: It's like you've got a bond that doesn't need words.
Ignis: I suspect you've built an unspoken trust.
Noctis: More of a "saying the same thing" trust.

(completing the "A Meat Most Magnificent" quest)
Takka: So y'all got what I asked for. Tell me now. Do you boys like steak?
Noct: You bet!
Takka: Good. Y'see, the last few jobs I gave you, they weren't from Cid—they were from me. And I reckon you deserve somethin' by way of thanks. So I'm fixin' to create a whole new recipe in your honor. A heartfelt token of my 'preciation.
Noctis: Well, I'm flattered.
Takka: So y'all make sure ya order it next time you're around.
Noctis: Guess it won't be on the house, then.
Takka: Any-hoo. This is yer pay for the hunt. It's good eatin'. Take it from me.

Allural Shallot x 5
Kettier Ginger x 5

(after completing the "A Meat Most Magnificent" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: A new recipe, in your honor, huh?
Prompto: Does it have beans in it?
Noctis: Better not.
Ignis: Still, it's a clever way to thank you at little expense. Food for thought.

(overhearing a random NPC in Lestallum)
Man: Been a lot of tremors lately. Hope the rocks around here haven't been shaken loose.

(overhearing a random NPC in Lestallum)
Man: People actually ride here all the way from the Chocobo Post. Must be tough.

(while exploring Lestallum)
Gladio: The women here are built.

(while exploring Lestallum)
Ignis: A charming town, if a little warm for my tastes.

(while exploring Lestallum)
Noctis: So many stalls here.
Prompto: All full of foods I've never eaten!
Ignis: The aroma is indeed tantalizing. I'm detecting a rather unique blend of spices.
Noctis: Your nose knows everything.

(while exploring Lestallum)
Prompto: Everyone here's so stylish, and we're stuck in drab old black.
Gladiolus: Why not try wearing your official Lucian battle gear with pride?
Ignis: You might even become a real trendsetter around here.

(when approaching the EXINERIS Power Plant in Lestallum for the first time)
Gladiolus: Never seen anything like that in the Crown City.
Prompto: Looks like a factory. What do you think they make?
Ignis: Energy. This plant produces enough power to serve the entire region.
Prompto: Wow.

(as Noct and the royal retinue reach the courtyard outside the Leville Hotel in Lestallum)
[The ground begins shaking]
Noctis: Whoa, do you feel that?
Gladio: You mean the earthquake?

[At the same time, Noct grabs his head and winces; he sees visions of Titan; after a moment, the visions abate and Noct shakes the experience off]
Gladio: What's wrong?
Noct: My head just started throbbing.
Prompto: You alright?
Noct: Yeah, I'm fine.

[Noct and his retinue arrive at the Leville Hotel in Lestallum; while they stand in the lobby, Iris comes down the stairs]
Iris: Gladdy!
Gladio: Iris.
Iris: Look at you guys, holding your own out there.
Prompto: What can I say? You look good.
Iris: All things considered. You guys are staying here, right?
Ignis: That's the plan.
Gladio: When you have time, we have catching up to do.
Iris: Sure.

[The scene transitions to a hotel room upstairs; an old man and a young boy are also with them there]
Gladio: Jared and Talcott! Is it good to see you.
Talcott: Prince Noctis! Iris is safe with me!
Jared: Please excuse my grandson. He has yet to learn his manners.
Noctis: I like it.
Jared: Your Highness is very kind, but we shan't impose. A very good night to you, Your Highness.

[Jared and Talcott leave; Iris closes the door; she and the Chocobros then all take a seat]
Noct: So Iris, what was it like inside the Crown City?
Iris: Not pretty. The Citadel took a beating. But a lot of outlying neighborhoods made it through in one piece.
Ignis: The empire had tactical targets in mind.
Iris: You know if there's anything else, you can ask me.
Noct: Yeah, uh, thanks.
Iris: So...about Lady Lunafreya. I keep hearing she was in town. Apparently she left right away, but at least it means she's okay.
Noct: Good to hear. Thanks.

[Iris stands]
Iris: Yeah, well, get a good night's rest.

The next morning...

[Iris is waiting for Noct when the lobby he gets up]
Iris: Morning, sleepyhead!
Noct: Mornin'. Where is everyone?
Iris: Oh, they're out walking with Talcott. They went to see the sights. We should, too!

[A prompt appears to select either "Accept" or "Decline"]

Noct: Sure, why not?
Iris: Great! I'll show you around!

Earned 200 EXP.

Jared: It seems your patience was rewarded. Enjoy your walk, and please take care.
Noct: I need some more shut-eye.
Iris: More!?

Earned 2 AP.

Jared: It may be a good idea to take in the sights while housekeeping cleans your room.
Iris: Yes, that's exactly right. C'mon, I'll show you around!

Iris: For our first stop, we'll check out the marketplace. Follow me, right this way.

(along the way)
Iris: It's even more beautiful out here at night.

(after following Iris to the marketplace)
Iris: This is the Partellum Market. You can get almost anything here. Isn't it great? I'd buy out the whole place if I could.

[A prompt appears to select either "Act uninterested" or "Act interested"]

Act uninterested
Noct: Really. That's nice.
Iris: Could you at least pretend to be excited?

Earned 2 AP.
Act interested
Noct: All these shops seem right up your alley.
Iris: You know me so well.

Earned 250 EXP.

(while following Iris around the marketplace)
Iris: Wow! Look at all this neat stuff! I'm gonna take a look, gimme just a sec.

[The screen briefly fades to black]
Iris: Done! Next, we're gonna see the power plant.

(outside the power plant)
Iris: That's the power plant, the driving force behind Lestallum's prosperity. But get this: only women work there. As a matter of fact, women are the ones who do all the work in this town.

Encourage her
Noct: Sounds like your kind of place. I can see you doing well here.
Iris: I think so, too! It's so different from home. I was surprised at first. But I like it!

Earned 250 EXP.
Express concern
Noct: Sounds like a hard life.
Iris: I think it's kinda cool, actually. Depends on how you look at it, I guess.

Earned 2 AP.

Iris: Alright! Next, we're going to the outlook!

(along the way)
Iris: I'm a city girl, but I dig the rustic charm.

(as they pass a restaurant near the main thoroughfare)
Iris: You would totally love the drinks in this place.
Noct: Would I?

(as they pass one of the older style cars parked in the area)
Iris: Imagine taking one for a spin?
Noct: Oh, yeah.

(when they arrive at the outlook)
Iris: Pegglar Outlook. Amazing view, right? Look! There's the Meteor!

[Iris suddenly bounds up close to Noctis and lays her head on his shoulder]
Iris: Y'know, Noct, this almost feels like a date.

Deny the suggestion
Noct: What? No. Not at all.

[Noctis waves his hand, as if waving the suggestion away]

Iris: Would it kill you to play along for once?

Earned 300 EXP.
Make light of the subject
Noct: If it were, your brother would kick my ass.
[Iris laughs]
Iris: We better keep it quiet then. And besides, you already have Lady Lunafreya.

Earned 2 AP.

[The two stand silently for a moment, looking at the Meteor]
Iris: The others are probably back at the hotel by now. Let's join them.

(back in the courtyard outside the Leville)
Iris: Let's see if the others are back. Haven't had fun like this since we were kids. Thanks, Noct.

[A prompt appears to select either "Agree with Iris," "Make light of the subject" or "Change the subject"]

Agree with Iris
Noct: No sweat. I had fun, too.
Iris: You did? I'm so happy to hear that.

Earned 500 EXP.
Make light of the subject
Noct: It's hard work, babysitting. Better bring the fellas next time.
Iris: What do you mean "babysitting"? Talk about ungrateful!

Earned 2 AP.
Change the subject
Noct: I was wondering, what was it you bought today?
Iris: You did always notice the little things. Been like that since you were little.

Elixir x 1

Iris: Anyway, the thing I bought today... It's for you. But! It's a surprise, so you're gonna have to wait.

(back in the lobby of the Leville)
Prompto: Hey, look who's back! Talcott, go on and tell 'em what you told me.
Talcott: You got it!
Jared: Oh, come now, show some respect.
Prompto: Whoa, no need to respect me—I'm not royalty.
Talcott: So, there's this legend about a sword. And the sword's supposed to be behind a waterfall nearby.
Ignis: It may well be one of the lost tombs.
Prompto: Check it out?
Noct: For sure. Thanks for the tip, Talcott.
Talcott: You're welcome!

(speaking to Jared before departing)
Jared: I shall pray for your safety and success.

(speaking to Jared again)
Jared: Talcott is ever outgoing, and he readily mingles with the locals.

(speaking to Jared once again)
Jared: Do take care out there.

(speaking to Talcott before departing)
Talcott: I'm sure the sword's there. I'm sorry if it isn't.

(speaking to Talcott again)
Talcott: Everybody here knows the legend, even grown-ups!

(speaking to Talcott once more)
Talcott: Maybe you'll find some cool treasure.

(speaking to Iris before leaving)
Iris: This sounds dangerous. Will the four of you be alright?

(speaking to Iris again)
Iris: Be on the lookout for daemons. They like dark places, after all.

(speaking to Iris once again)
Iris: If there's trouble, use Gladdy as a meat shield.

(discussing Talcott while walking about Lestallum after he tells the Chocobros of the local legend of a sword behind a waterfall)
Ignis: Certainly not your average little boy.
Gladiolus: A little bit too much brass for that.
Prompto: That's how I imagine you used to be, Iggy.
Ignis: I wasn't, I assure you.

(discussing Talcott further)
Prompto: You sure you weren't like that kid, Iggy?
Ignis: Very, positively sure.
Gladiolus: Hmm... What was he like?
Noctis: Can't seem to recall...
Gladiolus: Well, can't be too different from now.
Noctis: Sounds right.

(while exploring)
Ignis: Iris is truly a caring soul.
Noctis: Like you. No wonder you get along like wildfire.
Ignis: We do have much in common. Like our tales of picking up after the prince.
Noctis: Glad I could be of service.

(while exploring)
Noctis: Man, that hurts.
Ignis: Another headache?
Gladio: This is not normal.

(while exploring)
Gladio: So when the ground shakes, your brain aches?
Noctis: Yeah.
Ignis: A sort of seismic shock to the system. Curious.

(when the Chocobros locate the waterfall from the legend)
Prompto: The legend says to look behind the waterfall.
Ignis: What does the waterfall say?
Prompto: I think it says, "Come in."

(as the Chocobros advance past the waterfall)
Prompto: Wouldn't you know it—an entrance!
Gladio: Looks like the legend checks out.

[Inside the cave behind the waterfall, the Chocobros eventually find and enter the Tomb of the Wanderer, and Noctis acquires his ancestor's weapon]

Noctis can conjure the Armiger, his arsenal of royal arms, when the circular Armiger bar is full. The bar fills as Noctis attacks and defends, and all his abilities are strengthened while the royal arms are active.

L1 + R1 Armiger

The Armiger nexus has been added to Astralsphere. Spend AP to power up your arsenal of royal arms.

Main Menu → Ascension

Swords of the Wanderer x 1

[Noctis is suddenly wracked with pain and grabs at his head; he sees another vision of Titan, as well as the Disc of Cauthess]
Prompto: Noct, you okay!?
Noctis: What did I... Where was that?
Gladiolus: What is it?
Noctis: A hole in the ground...something burning... The Meteor?
Ignis: You saw the Disc of Cauthess?
Gladiolus: Let's make our way back to Lestallum.
Prompto: Yeah, gotta report to Talcott.

(as Noctis and his retinue return to the Leville in Lestallum after acquiring the Swords of the Wanderer)
Talcott: Prince Noctis! Welcome back!
Ignis: Your story came to a happy end.
Jared: Well, well!

(when speaking to Talcott and Jared again)
[Jared looks at Talcott]
Jared: Splendid. You've done well, my boy.
Ignis: Not unlike you and your father when you were little.
Noctis: Hmm. You think so?

[Trying to leave the Leville at this point (see 2:26:35 in this video) or speaking to Iris (see 4:05:35 in this video) will trigger the scene of Noctis's headache suddenly emerging once more]
Noctis: Not again...

[Iris rushes over to him]
Iris: What's the matter? You alright?

[Gladio puts one hand on Noct's shoulder and raises the other to dismiss Iris's concern]
Gladio: He'll be fine. Don't worry.

[Gladio addresses the others]
Gladio: We oughta take a closer look at this so-called "Disc."
Prompto: Then look no further than the outlook. We can use the viewer things!
Ignis: No substitute for being on site, but it would be a start. Let's see what we can glean of Noct's condition.

(beginning the "The Perfect Landscape" quest)
Vyv: Whoa-whoa-whoa! It's the Crown Pr—City's most famous hunters, right?
Noctis: Yeah.
Vyv: Got out while you could, huh? Bad stuff's goin' on down there. You need cash? 'Cause I need people. What d'ya say? The job's yours, if you're willin' and able.
[Note: The audio here has Vyv says "The job's yours, if you're willing and able."]
Noctis: That depends. What's the job?
Vyv: The easy kind. Just need a couple of photos, is all. The Disc of Cauthess. One from the south, one from the noth.
Noctis: I suppose we could manage that.
Vyv: Yeah? That's great, kid. Music to my ears, let me tell you. Now, you're gonna need a camera, so what I suggest...
Noctis: We've already got one.
[Vyv laughs]
Vyv: Came prepared, huh? Guess you're ready to roll. Come back as soon as you get the shots. I'll be right here waitin' to see what you do.

(after beginning the "The Perfect Landscape" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: Maybe we shoulda thought about this.
Prompto: How so?
Ignis: Something's suspect. There must be a catch.
Noct: Guess we'll find out.

(quest description for "The Perfect Landscape")
Noctis accepts a photography assignment from a mysterious man. Though he harbors suspicions about the stranger's true motives, Noct does as the man asks, and sets out to photograph the famous Disc of Cauthess in Duscae.

(completing the "The Perfect Landscape" quest)
Vyv: So? How'd it go? Did you get any good shots?
Noct: Does this work for ya?

[Noct shows him the shots Prompto took]
Vyv: Not bad, not bad. You got talent, that's for sure. My readers are gonna dig this.
Noct: What readers?
Vyv: Look, I'm in the print business, okay? Maybe you've heard of my company: Meteor Publishing?
Noct: Nope. Can't say I have. Not once.
[Vyv laughs]
Vyv: Well, you have now. So don't you forget it. Here's your pay. If you get stuck for cash again, drop on by. Maybe I'll have another job for you. The name's Vyv, by the way. I'll be seein' you around.

5,000 gil

(beginning the "An Eye for Islands" quest)
Vyv: Hey, you kids got a minute? I got a profitable proposition for ya. Another job to be precise.
Noctis: More photos, right?
Vyv: Correcto-mundo—on the first guess, too. I need shots of Angelgard. Ever seen it? The funny looking island off the coast of Galdin.
Noctis: Yeah, I know it.
Vyv: Figures you would. Famous place. Home of legends, and all that. Anyway, I need a good picture of it. Take a few shots, make it look impressive. I'll let you decide where to shoot from.

(after beginning the "An Eye for Islands" quest and walking away)
Prompto: You think he wants to publish my photos?
Gladiolus: Somehow, I'm thinking maybe not.
Ignis: Yet he must've turned to us for a reason.
Noct: 'Cause he knew we'd say "yeah."

(quest description for "An Eye for Islands")
Noctis accepts another photography assignment from Vyv, who works for a publishing company. Spurred on by the prospect of having their picture make the cover of a magazine, Noctis and his friends head to Galdin Quay to get a shot of the Umbral Isle of Angelgard.

(completing the "An Eye for Islands" quest)
Vyv: Well? Did you get the shots?
Noct: Yeah, sure. We took a few.

[Noct shows him the photos Prompto took]
Vyv: Oh yeah, these are good. Real good. You guys have a knack for this!
Noct: Are you seriously going to publish our photos?
Vyv: How could I not publish beauties like these?
Noct: Really?
Vyv: In fact, I got a feature upcomin' about the old legends. They'll be perfect for it! Your photos are good. They got...soul. Any time you need more work, you come to me.

7,500 gil

(beginning the "Aftermath of the Astral War" quest)
Vyv: Looky here, it's my new camera team. Seeing as you've dropped by, I can give you a new assignment. Yeah?
Noctis: Sure, I guess.
Vyv: Okay! What I need is more material for my big feature on the old legends.
Noctis: Yeah, sure. So, where do you need us to go?
Vyv: Taelpar Crag, the rift valley that separates Duscae and Cleigne was formed in the age of legends—or so they say. I need shots from two different angles. One shot from each should do it. Your photos are gonna be the highlight of the piece. So get some good ones. I know you can.

[Note by The Twilight Mexican: The "Aftermath of the Astral War" quest is called 神代の魔大戦 in Japanese. 神代 is "age of the gods," and 魔大戦 is what the English localization calls the "Great War of Old" (it's literal meaning is "Magical Great War"). For the Japanese title of the quest, think of it as something like "Great War of Old in the Age of the Gods" or "Great Magical War in the Age of the Gods."

Incidentally, 魔大戦 was also the name for the ancient war in Final Fantasy VI's setting that was remembered as the "War of the Magi" in the English localization.]

(after beginning the "Aftermath of the Astral War" quest and walking away)
Prompto: Okay, Noct! Let's go!
Noctis: Look at you, getting into this.
Gladiolus: He is living his dream, after all.

(quest description for the "Aftermath of the Astral War" quest)
Vyv of Meteor Publishing is putting together a new feature about ancient legends, and has asked the prince to provide the photos. Noctis obliges, and sets out to snap a shot of the gorge at Taelpar Crag.

(completing the "Aftermath of the Astral War" quest)
Vyv: So, how'd it go? Did ya get some good shots?
Noctis: How about these?

[Noct shows him the photos Prompto took]
Vyv: Yeah, yeah. Nice. Real nice. I should be good now. It's all goin' to work out. Y'see, I sort of shoved this feature down their throats, and now I'm on the hook for it. Couple of sloppy shots and I'd never hear the end of it!
Noctis: So, what are you? The editor or something?
Vyv: Editor? I'm the president.
Noctis: Huh?
Vyv: President and CEO, Meteor Publishing, Incorporated. What—surprised?
Noctis: Totally.
Vyv: Guess I don't act too presidential. Anyway, now you know who I am. Let's keep workin' together, okay?

10,000 gil

(beginning the "Of Gods and Kings" quest)
Vyv: There's my favorite camera team! I've got another job for ya. Interested?
Noctis: Yeah, sure.
Vyv: I'm still workin' on that feature about the old legends. This time, I need a photo of the royal tomb that lies in the Fallgrove.
Noctis: Um, why do you need that?
Vyv: Come on, you know why. There's a close link between the legends and the Lucian royal family. There's danger in them woods. You up for it?
Noctis: Sure.
Vyv: I was hopin' you'd say that. Try to get a picture of the nearby gate, as well. It's a good example of classic Lucian design and architecture.

(after beginning the "Of Gods and Kings" quest and walking away)
Prompto: You don't mind me taking pictures of the tombs?
Noctis: Why would I?

(quest description for "Of Gods and Kings" quest)
Vyv, president of Meteor Publishing, once again comes to Noctis with a photographic favor: he wants a picture of a royal tomb to illustrate his special feature about ancient legends. The prince heads for the tomb in the Fallgrove to snap a shot.

(completing the "Of Gods and Kings" quest)
Vyv: You made it back in one piece—but did you get the shots?
Noctis: You tell me. Take a look.

[Noct shows him the pictures Prompto took]
Vyv: Oh, baby! You got 'em, alright. These are perfect! But man, you guys are tough, surviving a place like that.
Noctis: Nothing we aren't used to.
Vyv: Used to it? What kind of journey are you kids on? Anyway, here's your reward. Next job I'm thinkin' is gonna be tricky. But I'll make it worth your while. You'll take a pay raise, I presume.

12,500 gil

(beginning the "Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration" quest)
Vyv: If you really want to impress folks, you've gotta show them something they've never seen before.
Noctis: Sounds like a new job.
Vyv: You got that right. I want a shot from atop the Rock of Ravatogh.
Noctis: Are you saying we're supposed to climb it?
Vyv: That's exactly what I'm sayin'. They say there's a cave near the summit that offers the finest view in all of creation. This job requires camera skills and fighting skills—and no one's more qualified than you kids! Pull this off, and it'll be the most talked about photo in the history of my magazine. Good luck.

(after beginning the "Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: Gotta say, these jobs are getting tougher.
Ignis: With the pay raise, it's worth our while, I'd say.
Noctis: Let's just make sure we get a good shot.
Prompto: Hey. I've got it covered.

(quest description for "Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration")
The distinctive form of the Rock of Ravatogh has long lured many a landscape photographer, yet few have succeeded in snapping its slopes. Eager to please his readers, Vyv asks Noctis and his friends to climb the volcanic crag and take a photo of the cave at its summit.

(completing the "Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration" quest)
Vyv: You're back—and alive. Did you get it?
Noctis: The photo? Yeah, we got what you wanted.

[Noct shows him the photo that Prompto took]
Vyv: Ah, now this is somethin' special. Lighting, framing, everything perfect—despite the hazards. You've got the right stuff. You're more than worthy of your title...Prince Noctis.
Noctis: What? I'm no prince.
Vyv: Hey, I was plannin' on makin' extra cash by sellin' info to the empire on a certain royal heir...
Noctis: Hey.
Vyv: But when I saw your photos... Well, I changed my mind. Here, take this—a token of my appreciation. I hope it'll prove of some value to you on your journey.

15,000 gil

(beginning the "A Place to Call Home" quest)
Vyv: Hey, Prince Noctis.
Noctis: What? You want more photos? You know I do. But this time... I want a photo of your hometown.
Noctis: You mean the Crown City?
Vyv: That's right. My readers are demandin' it. But if anyone's gonna take it, it has to be you. You can do it or not. It's up to you, but I just need the one shot from outside the city.

(after beginning the "A Place to Call Home" quest and walking away)
Prompto: This next picture's gonna be the best yet.
Gladiolus: You're pretty sure of yourself.
Prompto: You bet I am.

(quest description for "A Place to Call Home")
Many Crown City citizens have been forced to flee their homes, and more than a few of them yearn to see the land now barred to them. Vyv asks Noctis to head for the hill overlooking Insomnia and take a picture of the Lucian capital.

(completing the "A Place to Call Home" quest)
Vyv: Well? Did you get a good one?
Noctis: I don't know. Why don't you tell me?

[Noct shows him the photo that Prompto took]
Vyv: Black and white. Matches the mood of the scene. Powerful. Very powerful. Thank you for this. Damn if it ain't a real work of art. Here—your reward.
Noctis: Thanks as always.
Vyv: It's my pleasure, Prince. You know I want to help you. The media king, best pals with the Lucian prince... Seriously, though. Let's keep workin' together.

17,500 gil

(beginning the "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" quest)
Vyv: Hey, Prince Noctis. Can I ask another favor, one royal to another?
Noctis: Sure. What do you have for us?
Vyv: This is a juicy one. I need photographs of imperial bases.
Noctis: What's the catch?
Vyv: Me and my readers both, we're getting taxed half to death. I figure we've got a right to see what our hard-earned gil is being spent on. I've got a good idea what I'll write for the article. You don't have to worry about that. But I need the photo. I know it's a dangerous job, but you can pull it off.

(after beginning the "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" quest and walking away)
Prompto: This next picture's gonna be the best yet.
Gladiolus: You're pretty sure of yourself.
Prompto: You bet I am.

(quest description for "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword")
The empire has imposed crushing taxes on the territory it now rules, and Vyv intends to reveal just how that tax money is being spent to foster anti-imperial sentiment in the populace. Being of the same mind, Noctis offers to scout Formouth Garrison in Leide and bring back photographs.

(completing the "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" quest)
Vyv: Hey! Good to see you back in one piece.
Noctis: Yeah. We got the photos you wanted.

[Noct shows him the pictures that Prompto took]
Vyv: They came after you?
Noctis: They regretted it.
Vyv: Dammit, you kids are somethin' else. It's high time I started playin' my part. My company is going to war against the empire. And we're gonna keep fightin' until Lucis gets its rightful king back.
Noctis: What can I say? Appreciate it.
Vyv: Here, take this. It's my last donation to the cause. I hope you can use it on your journey.

20,000 gil

(beginning the "The Cursed Canvas" quest)
Vyv: Hey, Prince Noctis. I'm gonna cut to the chase. I have a new job. You ever thought about photographin' a spirit?
Noctis: You writing ghost stories now?
Vyv: No, no. Listen. I'm bein' serious here. You know the famous Accordo treasure, Lakshmi? The painting's haunted by a powerful evil spirit.
Noctis: An evil spirit?
Vyv: I know. Hard to believe. But if it is true, I want the scoop. You follow me? So, if you're going to Altissia, take a little detour. Find the paintin', and get a photo of that evil spirit.

(quest description for "The Cursed Canvas")
Startling news has reached the ears of Vyv the Media King. According to his source, a spirit haunts the national treasure of Accordo: the painting Lakshmi. His curiosity piqued, Noctis ventures to Altissia to see if the rumors are true.

[At the outlook in Lestallum, Noct and his friends run into a familiar face]
Suspicious Stranger: What a coincidence.
Gladiolus: I'm not so sure it is.
Suspicious Stranger: Aren't nursery rhymes curious things? Like this one: "From the deep, the Archaean calls..." "... Yet on deaf ears, the gods' tongue falls, The King made to kneel, in pain, he crawls."
Prompto: So how do we keep him on his feet?
Suspicious Stranger: You need only heed the call. Visit the Archaean and hear his plea. I can take you.
Prompto: We in?
Noctis: I don't know.
Prompto: We take a ride...
Gladiolus: ...but watch our backs.
Ignis: Fair enough.
Noctis: Let's do it.

[Ardyn smiles]
Ardyn: I'm not one to stand on ceremony, but such an occasion calls for an introduction. Please, call me "Ardyn." Come with me to the car park. That's where I left my automobile. She's a dear old thing. Pales next to your Regalia, but she's never let me down. So we take two vehicles—a convoy of sorts. Shall we?


As the land is rocked by tremors, Noctis is wracked with headaches. The self-styled 'Man of No Consequence' advises the would-be King to go and heed the Archaean's call. Though loath to believe a suspicious stranger, the four friends nevertheless find themselves with no recourse but to follow Ardyn to the Disc of Cauthess, where Titan is said to slumber.

The Blessing of the Gods

(beginning the pursuit of Ardyn's car)
Prompto: First Galdin, and then Lestallum... What a coincidence, huh?
Gladiolus: Way too convenient to be a coincidence. I reckon he's following us around.
Ignis: But to what end? That question bothers me deeply, as does his origin.
Prompto: It's hard for me to picture that guy in the empire.
Gladiolus: But it's even harder to imagine him as a Lucian.
Ignis: I'd sooner not rely on him.
Prompto: But he may be our only way into the Disc of Cauthess.
Gladiolus: What's His Highness's opinion of this "Ardyn"?
Noctis: Don't really have one—he's nothing more than a creepy old dude to me.
Prompto: You hit the nail on the head right there.
Gladiolus: Well, that's why we came up with a plan.
Noctis: Gotta "watch our backs" the whole way.

(continuing to follow Ardyn)
Ignis: Noct, how are the headaches?
Noctis: Fine for now, but they come without warning.
Gladiolus: Wouldn't want to have one behind the wheel.
Prompto: Stop if you need to, alright?

(continuing to follow Ardyn)
Gladiolus: So, any havens along the way?
Prompto: Oh, somebody wants to camp. Somebody else wants a proper bed.
Gladiolus: Nice firm ground's much better for your back.
Prompto: Can't we at least make it a caravan? I don't get why you like camping so much...
Gladiolus: Under the stars, at one with nature—what's not to like? Out in the wild, there's no rules to follow, no checkout time.
Ignis: I daresay you had Noct with "no checkout time."

(Ardyn stops at the Cauthess Coernix Station; the Chocobros do likewise)
Ardyn: What say we call it a day here?
Ignis: "What say" we continue on to Cauthess?
Ardyn: The Archaean's not going anywhere.
Ignis: Neither are we, under your stewardship.
Prompto: So we make camp...with Ardyn.
Noctis: Hell no.
Gladiolus: Might as well get the tent up.
Ardyn: Oh, I'm afraid I've never really been one for the outdoors. I shall foot the bill, so let us stay at the caravan over yonder.

(coming across a photo of Ardyn in Prompto's shots while camping with him at the Cauthess Coernix Station)
Ardyn: Well, well, if it isn't yours truly.
Prompto: Um, if you'd rather not be in photos...
Ardyn: Oh, I don't mind at all! Snap away—for His Highness's collection.
Noctis: Er, what?

(while continuing on behind Ardyn the next day)
Gladiolus: Whoever thought of tapping into the Meteor's power was a genius.
Prompto: Can you even go near that thing?
Ignis: They harvest fragments found nearby—pieces that broke off when the Meteor fell. Almost fell, I should say, for the Archaean caught it.
Gladiolus: And he's still there, holding the thing up.
Noctis: Guess he never misses leg day.
Prompto: Or any day for that matter.
Ignis: His unceasing toil and the Meteor's might form the tenets of worship for the locals of Duscae.
Gladiolus: Makes you wonder what it's like down there at his feet.

(still following Ardyn)
Ignis: So you know, it's hot where we're going. Will the camera fare alright?
Prompto: As long as I avoid open flames, it should be okay. I think.
Gladiolus: We don't have a spare if it breaks.
Noctis: Leave it in the car?
Prompto: Oh no, I'm taking it. Not every day you get up close and personal with the Archaean. I'd kick myself if I missed the photo op.
Gladiolus: Spoken like a true photographer.
Prompto: As they say, "Better to try and fail than never to try at all."
Noctis: Look at you.
Prompto: Well, they say that, not me.
Noctis: Well, you just do what you gotta.

(while still following Ardyn)
Prompto: Hey, Iggy. Can your glasses take the heat?
Ignis: Well, I don't see why they shouldn't.
Noctis: Even if they couldn't, he'd still be alright.
Gladiolus: Yeah, Iggy's eyes ain't that bad.
Prompto: Oh, really?
Ignis: My vision is passable without corrective lenses.
Prompto: Then why not take 'em off sometimes?
Ignis: Well...
Noctis: You don't get it, huh?
Gladiolus: Ignis likes his world to be crystal clear.
Ignis: Indeed. I've never been one for ambiguity.
Prompto: Ah. I think I'm getting the picture now.

(and still following Ardyn)
Prompto: Hey Ignis, how's it feel being away from the wheel?
Ignis: Positively frightening.
Noctis: What're you sayin'?
Ignis: That I'm no stranger to His Highness's driving habits.
Noctis: 'Preciate the confidence.
Gladiolus: Read a book. It'll take your mind off it.
Ignis: I'd rather keep my eyes on the road for now, thank you.
Prompto: I guess nothing can take your mind off Noct's driving.

(the cars arrive at the Cauthess barricade)
Ardyn: We're here.
Noctis: Better not be a setup.
Ardyn: Have I given you reason to doubt me?
Prompto: You don't exactly inspire confidence.
Gladiolus: Yeah, not very straightforward.

[Ardyn shouts over the wall]
Ardyn: Hello! It's me! Be so kind as to open up!

[The gate opens]
Prompto: Wow, that worked?
Ardyn: I may not look like much, but I do have some influence. Aren't you glad we came together? Your audience with divinity lies ahead.
Prompto: You're leaving?
Ardyn: I drop you at the Archaean's open door, and with that, bid you farewell.

[Noctis drives the Regalia onward]
Gladiolus: I've met some weirdos...
Ignis: I hope we never meet that one again.
Prompto: Whoa! Little harsh there, don't you think?

[Further down the path to Titan]
Prompto: Guy really knew his stuff about nursery rhymes.
Noctis: Yeah, nothing creepy about that!

(as the royal retinue gets out of the Regalia and proceeds down the more narrow path on foot)
Noctis: So we keep going this way.
Gladiolus: Then we'll find out what the empire's up to.

(along the path)
Ignis: These ruins...

(toward the end of the path)
Prompto: Is that what I think it is?
Ignis: Didn't expect to find a royal tomb here.
Gladiolus: Would be a shame not to grab that power, eh, Highness?
Noctis: Let's grab it and go.

Blade of the Mystic x 1

(as Noct and Gladio near the end of Titan's path following several close calls)
Noctis: I'm sick of this endless walking...

[Gladio suddenly grabs him by his shirt and pulls him close]
Gladiolus: And I'm sick of your endless whining. Calm the hell down.
Noctis: Get off my back.
Gladiolus: Are you a man of royal blood or aren't you?

[A prompt appears to select either "Yeah" or "Sort of"]

Noctis: Of course I am.

[Noct pushes Gladio's arm away]
Noctis: I couldn't forget it if I tried. What about it?
Gladio: I ain't saying that you've forgotten, but you gotta know something: You're not the only one who's having a tough time. We're all on edge. We Amicitia are the king's sworn shields. Guard the king with our lives—that's the way it's always been. I've embraced my duty. And I take pride in it. When you can't focus, I focus for you. It's my job, so let me do it, alright?
Noctis: Alright.

Gladio's words lit a fire in Noctis's heart. Now Riled, Noctis's strength has increased by 50%.
Sort of
Noctis: Above all else, I'm just a man.
Gladiolus: Just a man? The kingdom's fate is in your hands!

[Gladio shoves him]
Gladiolus: Your life ain't just yours alone! You have to live for others, not only yourself! We Amicitia are the king's sworn shields. Guard the king with our lives—that's the way it's always been. I've embraced my duty. And I take pride in it. When you can't focus, I focus for you. It's my job, so let me do it, alright?
Noctis: Alright.

Gladio's words spurred Noctis to self-reflection. Now roused, Noctis's vitality has increased by 50%.

[The two continue on]
Gladio: Sorry, but I had to get it out. C'mon. And remember, don't rush ahead on your own.
Noct: Hey, Gladio. Your dad...I'm grateful to him.
Gladiolus: Just doin' his job.

(as Titan is defeated)
[Gold lights begin to emanate from Titan's body, some of which coalesce around Noct, showing him a memory from Titan of Luna standing before the god]
Noct: That was... ...Luna. You spoke with her. That's why—

[Titan suddenly discorporates in a powerful flash that sends all the imperial ships in the vicinity crashing to the ground; lava spews from the earth as the Disc of Cauthess crumbles around Noctis and his retinue]
Gladiolus: Doesn't get much worse than this.

[The four find themselves trapped; suddenly, an imperial drop ship descends to their location]
Ignis: The empire! Now?

[The drop ship's door lowers; Ardyn is standing there]
Ardyn: Fancy meeting you here!

[Noctis and the others stare at him in stunned silence]
Ardyn: It occurs to me I never formally introduced myself. Izunia. Ardyn Izunia.
Ignis: Imperial Chancellor Izunia?
Ardyn: At your service. And more importantly, to your aid.

[None of the Chocobros move, instead offering only uncertain stares]
Ardyn: I guarantee your safe passage. Though you're always welcome to take your chances down there.

[Noct and the others continue staring back, clearly frustrated]
Ardyn: Buried among the rubble, is it?
Ignis: Dying here is not an option. We have no choice, Noct.
Noctis: I know.


As Cauthess crumbles, the imperial chancellor swoops in to usher the four friends to safety, but their reprieve is only temporary, as Duscae's skies tell of trouble on the horizon. With the Regalia missing and the roads closed, the four friends find themselves stranded.

Several days later...

[The scene of imperial soldiers conducting inspections of civilian vehicles at roadway blockades is shown]
High Commander Ravus Nox Fleuret issued the following statement regarding the imperial blockades across the region:

We believe the insurgents behind the Citadel attack have taken refuge in Duscae. The blockades shall help us root out the criminals. I realize the inconvenience imposed upon the citizenry, but we must each do our part for the good of all.

The high commander also stressed the imperial army would continue its recovery efforts in the Crown City.

[The scene of the Regalia being impounded by the empire is shown]
The frequent quakes which rocked the Duscae and Cleigne regions in recent days have finally quieted. In response, the empire provided the following comment:

The cause of the tremors was the Archaean, who had awakened in a fit of rage. The imperial army took swift action and laid the unruly giant to rest, thus averting disaster.

Eyewitness reports confirm Titan has disappeared from the Disc of Cauthess.

[The scene turns to the Chocobros]
Wiz Chocobo Post

Prompto: I still can't believe it. I mean, shouldn't the car have turned up by now?
Ignis: We should wait until Cindy's done asking around the local garages before we despair.
Gladio: Let's not fool ourselves. The empire has it.

The Regalia and all related features are unavailable until the car is found.

Prompto: Then maybe we could ask Ardyn to help us out again, right?
Gladiolus: The imperial chancellor.
Ignis: He represents a problem, not a solution.
Prompto: So where does that leave us?
Ignis: Stranded, awaiting word from Hammerhead.
Gladiolus: In the meantime, we'll have to hoof it.
Prompto: Look, it's Umbra!

[The others turn to see the canine Messenger a few feet away; as Noctis approaches him, the dog runs off]
Ignis: Someone's sending us a message.

[The Chocobros chase after Umbra and catch up to him in the tree line just outside the chocobo ranch; there, Gentiana is waiting for them]
Noctis: ...Gentiana.
Gentiana: Hear me, O King of the Stone. By the Stormsender's blessing will the path to the Stone be opened. The Oracle goes hence in her King's name.
Noctis: Luna—where is she now?
Gentiana: The eye of the Storm. When the covenant is forged, the Oracle and ring shall await their King at the Walls of Water. Stray not from the path.

[Gentiana is gone; Ignis explains to Prompto, who looks confused]
Ignis: She's a Messenger, a spirit faithful to the Oracle.
Prompto: For real?
Gladiolus: We're going beyond real now, pal.

[Noct checks the notebook with Umbra to find a message from Luna saying "My prayers are with you, Noctis"; after writing his reply in the book, Noct puts it back in Umbra's bag]
Noctis: Let Luna know... I'm okay, and she won't have to wait much longer—we'll be together soon.

[Noct has a flashback to when he and his father visited Tenebrae, when he and Luna were children; specifically, he recalls a time she was recounting details of the Cosmogony to him]
Luna: The Crystals was gifted to mankind that we might know lasting prosperity.
Noctis: If the Crystal belongs to everyone, how come only Lucis gets to use it?
Luna: The kings of Lucis do not simply use the Crystal; they also protect it.
Noctis: Wait, so my dad's guarding it?
Luna: Yes.
Noct: I had no idea.
Luna: To crown the King of Light is the calling of the Crystal. And keeping the Crystal safe until that day falls to the line of Lucis.
Noctis: And I'm the Chosen?
Luna: Yes. Only the True King, anointed by the Crystal, can purge our star of its scourge.
Noctis: You really think I can do that?
Luna: As Oracle, I will see to it. To aid the King is the Oracle's calling.
Noctis: Then...I guess I can do it. I won't let you down.
Luna: I know you won't.

[Note by The Twilight Mexican: When Luna says "Only the True King, anointed by the Crystal, can purge our star of its scourge," what she refers to as "star" is 星 (i.e. hoshi) in Japanese; the word used for celestial bodies in general. It can mean "star," but can also refer to planets -- and, indeed, is not only what everyone in FFVII refers to that game's planet by, but also what FFXV's Lore Guide from the game's opening tutorial explains the word to mean in this game.

In the Japanese version of FFXV, the segment of the Lore Guide entitled "The Six and the Oracle" ends with an additional line that says ちなみに、これらの話題でいう「星」は「世界」の意です -- "By the way, 'star' in these topics means 'world.'" This either became "star" in the official English localization due to an error in translation or, as is more likely, a deliberate choice on the part of the localization to give some linguistic flair to the game's dialogue.

Click here for a screenshot or here for a video showing this segment of the Lore Guide in the Japanese version, and for further reference, this is Luna's line above in Japanese: クリスタルから力を得た真の王だけが星を脅かす敵を 倒すことができるのです]

[Back in the present, Noct hears Gentiana speak to him]
Gentiana: Unto the King alone, this voice is heard.

[A storm begins across the entire Duscae region]
Gentiana: To follow the words is to follow the chosen path. Bridging heaven and earth it strikes, the Storm's ephemeral yet eternal light. To the Light must go the King.

Locate the three runestones of Ramuh hidden around Duscae.

Ignis: Lady Lunafreya has done well to keep the ring from falling into enemy hands.
Prompto: All we need to do is hit Altissia.
Ignis: That entails passage aboard a ship. Caem may serve us now as it did them then.
Gladiolus: The hidden harbor... Hmph, just might work. I'll have Iris set it up.
Prompto: So, in the meantime...
Noctis: We head into the Storm.
Prompto: Another day, another deity.

(overhearing a conversation outside the Wiz Chocobo Post)
Woman: What's the big idea, closing off our roads?
Man: Well, the empire says it's for our own protection.
Woman: From what? It's daytime. There aren't any daemons about right now.

(overhearing another conversation outside the Wiz Chocobo Post)
Man (1): Hey, the blockade's—they still there!?
Man (2): Yup, still there. Sure as sun up.
Man (1): How long's this gonna go on for?

(overhearing yet another conversation outside the Wiz Chocobo Post)
Woman (1): Not only that, food isn't comin' through either.
Woman (2): Ah, that explains why the shelves are so bare.
Woman (1): And they'll go empty unless the blockade's lifted. Wish the fugitives would just hurry and get caught.

(while making for the first runestone)
Gladiolus: First Titan, now Ramuh. Chasing down deities is hard work.
Prompto: Think how Lady Lunafreya must feel.
Ignis: If the strain of the rites is as Gentiana suggested, I fear she's far worse off than we are.

(while making for the first runestone)
Gladiolus: All this time, he was the chancellor.
Ignis: I've had suspicions, but that was well beyond them.
Prompto: He's awfully friendly for an enemy leader.

(while seeking out the first runestone)
Prompto: Oh, man, that was my first time being on a ship like that!
Gladiolus: One more item to cross off the bucket list.

(while still making for the first runestone)
Prompto: So Iris's story about Lady Lunafreya coming through town was true after all.
Ignis: Judging by the timing of her visit, she probably set course for the Archaean as soon as she fled the Crown City.
Gladiolus: You really owe her big time, Noct.
Noctis: Can't wait to thank her in person.

(while still making for the first runestone)
Prompto: How come that lady's helping you out anyway?
Noctis: Gentiana?
Prompto: Yeah. Is she like your fairy godmother or something?
Noctis: I think she's more a Messenger of the gods.
Prompto: Whoooaaa.

(while still seeking out the first runestone)
Prompto: So is Gentiana, y'know, human?
Ignis: Not quite. While not exactly gods, Messengers are divine entities. Noctis: Just like the Oracle speaks to the gods for the people, the Messengers speak to the people for the gods.
Prompto: So she's Lady Lunafreya's partner in divine.

(while still seeking out the first runestone)
Prompto: So if Gentiana's not mortal, then she doesn't ever grow older?
Noctis: Yeah.
Prompto: Ah, to be forever young...

(while still seeking out the first runestone)
Gladiolus: Amazing. The power of the gods in the palm of your hands.
Ignis: Never dreamt I'd see lore come to life before my very eyes.
Prompto: Leaving Insomnia was eye-opening, but this is mind-blowing.

(while still seeking out the first runestone)
Prompto: So Noct, right now you're still gathering your powers, but what'll you do once you've found 'em all?
Ignis: The calling is only a set of guiding principles.
Gladio: Well, hopefully it'll guide him into taking down the empire once and for all.
Noct: Yeah, like the sound of that.

(while still heading for the first runestone)
Prompto: What is the King's calling exactly?
Gladiolus: Well, become best buds with the gods, maybe?
Ignis: Legend has it the King once stood alongside the Six in the battle to banish the darkness.
Noctis: 'Darkness' seems awfully vague.

(while still at it)
Prompto: We're still gonna visit the other royal tombs, right?
Ignis: Of course. We've simply gone off-road for a spell.
Gladiolus: Noct could definitely use a hand from his ancestors.
Ignis: The dead can wait, but gods aren't always forgiving. Let us not keep the Fulgurian waiting.

(and still at it still)
Gladiolus: After Ramuh, we go see Leviathan, right?
Ignis: Indeed. I daresay Lady Lunafreya seeks the Hydraean as we speak.
Prompto: Which means another rite, and a heavier burden. I hope she can hold up.

(here too)
Prompto: Umbra's the only one making deliveries. Wonder what Pryna's up to?
Ignis: Haven't seen her.
Gladio: Probably because she's traveling around with her owner.
Prompto: Y'know, I really miss that dog.

(still on the way to the first runestone)
Prompto: Now where did that car of ours drive off to?
Gladiolus: We'd better find her before we set sail.
Noctis: Can't leave the old girl behind.

(still out exploring prior to reaching the first runestone)
Ignis: You don't appreciate what you have 'til it's gone.
Prompto: Man, in that car, we were unstoppable.
Gladiolus: She was our home away from home.
Noctis: Yeah...

(while still seeking out the first runestone)
Prompto: Cindy is the sweetest girl ever.
Gladiolus: Here we go again.
Prompto: Going out of her way to help us these past couple of days... I'm sure she's had better things to do.
Noctis: All for a lost cause. Now I feel bad for turning down the courtesy car.
Ignis: A courtesy car's no Regalia.
Prompto: Would've felt like cheating.
Gladiolus: Besides, Cindy's a big girl.
Prompto: think she'll call again soon?
Gladiolus: Soon, huh? Not soon enough for you, loverboy.

(still traveling prior to reaching the first runestone)
Gladiolus: If the ferry at Galdin were running, we'd probably be in Altissia by now.
Prompto: The port's still closed?
Ignis: Safe to assume until we hear news to the contrary.

(still before the first runestone)
Prompto: I've never heard of Caem before. Is it famous?
Ignis: Not among the masses, but its harbor was home to His Majesty's ship.
Gladiolus: Bet everything's just the way he left it thirty years ago.
Prompto: So we found a harbor. Do we have a ship?
Noctis: Maybe?
Gladiolus: If not, we'll find one of those, too.
Prompto: Uh, how?

(and still before the first runestone)
Gladiolus: The earthquakes—they've died down.
Prompto: Oh, yeah, forgot about those.

(and still before the first runestone)
Gladiolus: Where's the damn sun?
Noctis: Yeah.

(still not at that first runestone)
Prompto: Anyone else feel like stopping back home?
Noctis: Not before we take back what's ours.
Gladiolus: Alright, now that's what I like to hear!
Ignis: It's not merely taking back—it's payback as well.

(still not there yet)
Ignis: Our encounters with the chancellor seem more than mere chance.
Prompto: See that guy everywhere.
Noctis: I've seen enough of him.

(still running around before the first runestone)
Ignis: Noct, what are your plans for after reuniting with Lady Lunafreya?
Gladiolus: Not exactly like you can bring her along for the ride.
Prompto: Think you might still pull off a wedding?
Noctis: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

(as Noctis reaches the first runestone)
[He experiences another flashback to his time in Tenebrae as a child; Noct awakens from sleep in a wheelchair, the Cosmogony in his lap; Gentiana is sitting in a chair a few feet from him]
Gentiana: Ah, the young prince is recovering well.
Noctis: Who...?
Gentiana: Gentiana, a Messenger. The prince has read of our kind?

[Noct looks confused for a moment, then looks down at the Cosmogony in his hands]
Noctis: Oh! I tried to, but I only know what Luna told me.
Gentiana: Lady Lunafreya.
Noctis: Yeah, Lunarffr...Luna.

[Looking embarrassed, Noctis pulls the Cosmogony over most of his face; Gentiana smiles]
Gentiana: It is heartening to see the future King and the Oracle enjoy such familiarity. The fate of our world may depend on it.

[Noct's mind returns to the present]
Noctis: I remember... Back in Tenebrae with Gentiana...

[Noct hears Gentiana's voice once again]
Gentiana: The revelation of the Stormsender awaits the King... Hurry hence to the eye of the Storm. Foreign hordes fear the True King's ascension. The fearful seek to seal the path of what must come.
Prompto: What is it? Another headache?
Noctis: I heard her—Gentiana.
Gladiolus: Divine voices in your head again?
Ignis: Hopefully it won't amount to the same headache it did with the Archaean.

(on the way to the second runestone)
[Noct hears Gentiana's voice again]
Gentiana: The Oracle's call awakens the gods... ...that their blessings find the King.
Ignis: You alright? What did she say?
Noct: That Luna's awakening the Six.

(on the way to the second runestone)
[Noctis hears Gentiana's voice once again]
Gentiana: The covenant is forged, but the revelation awaits. Make now for the Stormsender and let judgment be passed.
Prompto: Noct! You okay?
Noctis: Yeah. Another reminder to receive the blessing.
Gladiolus: That divine power's just waiting for you.

(still on the way to the second runestone)
[Noct hears Gentiana's voice yet again]
Gentiana: By revelation is the power of the Six manifest. The Stone commands that the King receive it.
Gladiolus: What was it this time?
Noct: Said I'm the Chosen One. Lucky me.

[After Noct reaches the second runestone, he hears Gentiana's voice once more]
Gentiana: O King. Journey to Fociaugh, the eastern hollow. The seal has been lifted. Deep within the heart of rock lies the runestone, the portal to power. No other can be allowed to find it.
Noctis: The last one's in the cave.
Gladiolus: Let's hurry up and get this over with.
Prompto: Finally! Time to meet with the Stormsender!
Ignis: You'd better look your best.

(as the Chocobros make it to the last runestone)
Ignis: That's the last runestone.
Prompto: Finally.

[Noct touches it and sees a flash in his mind of Luna forging the covenant with Ramuh]

Mark of the Fulgurian x 1

Noctis: This is it...the power of the Storm.
Prompto: Eh, I expected more fire and brimstone.
Gladiolus: Some gods are friendlier than others, I guess.
Noctis: But not all of 'em. Poor Luna...
Ignis: Perhaps you had better console her in person.
Prompto: Just a boat ride away!
Gladiolus: Lose that scowl along the way.
Noct: Will do.

Noctis acquired the Mark of the Fulgurian, a symbol of Ramuh's favor!

(as Noct and his retinue return to the surface)
Prompto: Hey, it stopped raining!
Gladiolus: Guess Ramuh finally got sick of showers.

[An enormous winged ship flies overhead]
Gladiolus: Up there—it's huge!
Prompto: Way bigger than the last one we saw!

[Noctis's cell phone rings; he answers]
Noct: Yeah.
Cindy: Hey, Highness. About your car...
Noct: Yeah?
Cindy: Well, I found her, but she's at a base.
Noct: Ugh...
Cindy: Now, I can handle garage folk no problem, but sweet-talkin' the empire? That'll take some doing.
Noct: Don't worry about it.
Cindy: Yeah?
Noct: We'll figure it out.
Cindy: You sure about that?
Noct: Yeah, thanks for the heads up. Later.
Gladiolus: Who was that?
Noct: Cindy.
Prompto: What!? You can't talk to her like that.
Noct: Yeah, I can. I just did.
Ignis: And did she have any choice words for you?
Noct: Yeah—the Regalia's at an imperial base.
Prompto: Oh boy.
Gladiolus: Guess that just leaves one question:
Ignis: "When do we retrieve her?"
Noct: I'd say "now."
Ignis: This is nothing more than conjecture, but I suspect that ship was due to arrive far earlier. The thunder and lightning must've slowed it down. There's a chance they intend to transport the Regalia back to Niflheim.
Gladiolus: We oughta thank the thunder god for buying us some time.
Prompto: But that time is running out.
Noct: Yeah, let's run in and ride off.

(approaching Aracheole Stronghold)
Noctis: Some kind of fortress.
Gladio: Yeah, port-a-fortress. Those walls don't look so portable, though.
Ignis: They are remnants of the Old War, and the imperial army has availed itself of the added protection. Entry will not be easy.

Make camp at Sothmocke Haven and devise an infiltration strategy.

(as the royal retinue prepares to infiltrate Aracheole Stronghold to reclaim the Regalia)
Noct: So, any bright ideas, Ignis?
Ignis: A dark one, as it were. A frontal assault would leave us exposed. But, if we move under cover of night, we might be able to infiltrate the base unnoticed.
Noct: And until then?
Ignis: We learn all we can about the base's design and narrow down the Regalia's location. I'll analyze what intelligence we have available to find us a way in.
Noctis: Sounds good, Specs.
Prompto: Alright! We're gonna get our wheels back!

[A prompt appears saying "Noctis must retrieve the Regalia before dawn. Begin the operation?" and asking the player to select either "Yes" or "No"]

Undaunted by the empire's imposing technology, Noctis and his retinue risk everything to break inside Aracheole Stronghold and recover the stolen Regalia.

(while sneaking around Aracheole Stronghold)
Gladiolus: Take cover.
Noctis: It's gone.
Ignis: Magitek armor.
Gladio: Don't wanna mess with one of those.
Ignis: We shouldn't have to if we keep to the shadows.
Noctis: Right.

(as the battle in Aracheole Stronghold becomes drawn out)
Ignis: We're sorely overmatched, Noct. Let us retreat.

(gaining the option to summon Ramuh for the first time during the battle in Aracheole Stronghold)
Ramuh, the Fulgurian, has deigned to support the struggling king. Noctis can call upon the god's powers to defeat his foes.

(after summoning Ramuh for the first time inside Aracheole Stronghold)
Noctis: This is the might of the Six...
Prompto: Dude...that...was...hardcore!
Ignis: And it did the trick—the place is dead.
Gladiolus: Rest in pieces. C'mon, let's grab the Regalia and split.

(on the way to retake the Regalia inside the base)
Prompto: Piece of cake, huh?
Gladiolus: Hmph, this part is.
Ignis: Inadvertent though it was, we dealt the empire a crushing blow today. The marshal will be pleased to hear of this.

(still heading for the Regalia inside the base)
Prompto: Pretty sweet, busting up that base. "Bust-a-base"... I like the sound of that for this sort of thing. There's a base—we go in and bust it up. Bust-a-base! Whatever, I'm calling it that. You don't have to.
Noctis: I won't.
Ignis: It seems a bit flippant.
Gladio: Why not go for something a little more epic?
Prompto: Because I thought of it first, so that's the name. "Bust-a-base"—get used to it.
Noctis: Easier said than done.

(as the Chocobros reach the Regalia)
[Looking behind them, Prompto sees something]
Prompto: Guys?

[Ravus approaches, his sword drawn at the ready in his right hand]
Ravus: Long has it been, Noctis.
Noctis: Ravus.
Ravus: You receive the Storm's blessing. And yet, you know nothing of the consequences.

[Ravus raises the point of his sword to Noctis's throat]
Gladiolus: Watch it.

[Gladio moves to get between them; Ravus repositions the blade with its edge now along Gladio's throat; Ignis starts to move toward Ravus, but the other man raises his left hand]
Ravus: Be still. All of you.
Prompto: Not good.
Ravus: Heir to a crown befitting no other. Witness his splendor and glory. All hail the Chosen King.
Noctis: Awful high and mighty for an imperial rat, serving the enemy to hunt down Luna!

[Ravus suddenly grabs Noctis's throat with his left hand]
Ravus: I do not serve. I command!

[Ravus shoves Noctis backward; Gladio gets between them]
Ravus: The king's sworn shield.
Gladiolus: You better believe it.
Ravus: A weak shield protects naught.

[Ravus slowly raises his sword above his head, then brings it down fiercely; Gladio briefly blocks it with his own sword before Ravus parries the weapon away and slams the pommel of his sword into Gladio's chest, sending him flying into the side of the Regalia; Prompto runs to check on Gladio while Noct gets between them and Ravus]
Noctis: Wanna go? Let's do it.

[Noct's Royal Arms begin spinning around him]
Ravus: Should the Chosen fail, that too is fate.

[Ardyn suddenly appears]
Ardyn: I'd say that's far enough. A hand, Highness?
Noctis: Not from you.
Ardyn: Oh, but I'm here to help.
Ignis: And how is that?
Ardyn: By taking the army away.
Gladiolus: You expect us to believe that?
Ardyn: When next we meet, it'll be across the seas. Just so happens we have business of our own with the tutelary deity. Don't we?

[Ardyn looks at Ravus]
Ardyn: Fare thee well, Your Majesty, and safe travels.

[Ravus and Ardyn walk away]
Prompto: You guys know that guy?
Ignis: Ravus Nox Fleuret, first son of Tenebrae...and elder brother to Lady Lunafreya.

(as Noct and his retinue drive away from Aracheole Stronghold in the Regalia)
At long last imperial blockades of Duscaen roadways have been removed. The imperial army has also demolished all related facilities erected around the region. The provisional government of Insomnia anticipates increased traffic congestion along most local highways, and encourages all citizens to refrain from any unnecessary travel for the time being.

Prompto: So help me figure this out—that was Luna's brother?
Ignis: The high commander himself—wartime makes for quick promotions.
Gladiolus: Even a son of Tenebrae can rise to the top.
Prompto: But why would he want to lead their army?
Noctis: Who cares?
Ignis: Certainly formidable enough on his own.
Noctis: If Ravus wants power, I'll give him a taste.

(after summoning Titan the first time)
Gladiolus: You mind explaining what that was?
Prompto: My guess would be...Titan?
Noctis: That was...more than I expected.

(after summoning on another occasion)
Noctis: Takes a lot out of me.

(after summoning on yet another occasion)
Prompto: Why don't we just do that every time?
Noctis: Easy for you to say!
Prompto: Yes, yes it is.

(after summoning yet another time)
Prompto: I know now. I know why the tales are told.

(after summoning yet one other time)
Ignis: Is the storm ready to rage?
Noctis: Just say when.

(after yet another summoning)
Gladiolus: Y'know, at first it was weird, but I'm getting used to it.
Prompto: The whole "summoning help" thing?
Noctis: Be weirder if you weren't used to it by now.

(following another summoning)
Ignis: Thank heavens for that.
Prompto: Nothing like the divine to get you out of a bind.

(following yet another summoning)
Ignis: There, but by the grace of the gods, go we mortals.

(after another summoning)
Noctis: Weather cleared up.

[When the Chocobros return to the Leville Hotel in Lestallum, they find Iris waiting for them in the lobby]
Iris: Oh, Gladdy.
Gladio: What's wrong?
Iris: I let you down. I never made it to Caem. The empire came while you were gone.

[The scene transitions to their hotel room upstairs]
Iris: None of us said a word about Noct. They just showed up and then...poor Jared.
Gladio: What do you mean? What happened to Jared!?
Iris: There was nothing we could do!

[The door to the room slowly opens behind Noctis; Taloctt is there, crying; Noct gets down on one knee to speak with him]
Noctis: It's...not right. We should've been here.
Talcott: I... I couldn't stop them.
Noctis: But I won't let the empire get away with it. They'll pay for what they've done. I promise.
Talcott: I believe in you, Prince Noctis.

[Talcott walks away]
Iris: I'm taking Talcott, and we're going to Caem. We... We can't just stay here and do nothing.
Noctis: I understand.

[As he sleeps, Noct is troubled by visions of imagery from the FFXV "Omen" trailer]

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The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
Beneath the Cape Caem Light in the south of Cleigne lies an underground harbor. It has long served the Lucian royalty, and even now, a vessel once owned by King Regis lies at anchor there. Following in his father's footsteps, Noctis heads for the ship.

Several days later...

[Noctis leans on the rail of the balcony outside their hotel room; Gladio approaches]
Gladiolus: I can't let her go it alone after everything that went down. It'll be a squeeze in the car, but just for a while.

(as the royal retinue prepares to depart from the Leville in Lestallum and make for Cape Caem)
Ignis: Shall we, then?
Gladiolus: Yeah, I don't wanna keep Cid and Cindy waiting. They're fixin' up the boat as we speak.
Ignis: We ought to thank them.
Gladiolus: Actually, Jared's the one we oughta thank.
Prompto: Yeah... He really thought of everything.

(overhearing an NPC in Lestallum)
Man: Scary to think that fortresses can fly.

(as Noct and the others set out from Lestallum with Iris)
Iris: Looking at the Regalia really reminds me of home.
Prompto: It sure doesn't look like any of the cars you see around here.
Iris: And it's a lot roomier, too! I can't imagine trying to cram five people, including Gladdy, into one of those things. Have you ever ridden in one?
Noct: Can't say we have.
Iris: There was barely enough room for our luggage! Thank goodness you guys could give me a lift.
Gladio: Think the others made it to Caem alright?
Ignis: I suppose we'll find out when we get there.

(as the Rock of Ravatogh comes into view in the distance)
[Iris leans forward]
Iris: Whoa, check it out! See that? That's the Rock of Ravatogh. I'm, like, ninety percent sure.
Gladio: Not a hundred?
Prompto: You almost know your stuff!
Iris: All thanks to Jared.

(as the royal retinue continues to make their way down the highway toward Cape Caem)
Prompto: I got some bad news, guys.

[An enormous winged ship flies overhead toward Fort Vaullery]
Gladiolus: Oh, great. Another flying fortress.
Ignis: Let's pull over.
Iris: Noct...
Noctis: Relax. We've got this.

[The royal retinue soon comes upon Old Lestallum; Ignis pulls over and parks the Regalia in front of the motel]
Ignis: Taking matters into hand?
Noctis: Delivering justice for Jared.
Prompto: And for Talcott, too.
Gladiolus: Iris, I'll need you to wait here.
Iris: Alright.

(as Noctis begins to walk away from the Regalia)
Ignis: Careful, Noct—only fools rush in. I suggest we review our intelligence and devise a plan.

(upon reaching the observation level of the watchtower overlooking Fort Vaullery)
Noctis: So, what's our plan?
Ignis: Find the base commander and take him into custody. Targeting metal men will yield little in the way of reconnaissance, but bones bend easily. We'll split into two groups of two. Prompto and Gladio will generate a diversion.
Prompto: Aw, yeah—making a scene is what I do best.
Ignis: Noct, are you prepared?

[A prompt appears saying "Begin infiltration of Fort Vaullery?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(as the royal retinue prepares to infiltrate Fort Vaullerey)
Fort Vaullerey casts an imposing shadow over the Lucian countryside, making it an ideal target for Noctis and company as they seek to avenge Jared's death.

[An imperial officer is walking through the base escorted by an imperial trooper on either side]
Caligo: The insolence of that up-jumped mercenary... And there is still no word. This cannot be borne. Such behavior besmirches His Radiance's good name.

[Noct and Ignis are hidden behind some military vehicles, watching]
Ignis: That's our target. Let's follow him. Seize him on my signal. Stay hidden 'til then.

(as they all make their way through the base)
Caligo: What is that chancellor playing at? I'm no man's fool. He sent Highwind to watch me.

(further along)
Caligo: It's no mere coincidence she and I meet wherever I go. Claims to "trust her as a person." Hollow words from the mind behind the magitek movement.

(and even further along)
Caligo: I may have acted in haste with that impudent steward back in Lestallum, but my mission remains clear. And I'll be damned if that mercenary gets her grubby hands on the prince before Caligo Ulldor.

(and even further yet)
[Ulldor comes to a stop before a magitek-powered gate and gives orders to the magitek troopers]
Caligo: I'll give Highwind one last chance to respond. Stand guard here. If the commodore arrives, send her through.

[Ulldor continues on alone]
Ignis: Now's your chance, Noct. Close in from behind. And remember: we need him alive.

[Noct warp-strikes into position behind Ulldor and hits him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground, unconscious; Ignis approaches]
Ignis: You're in fine form. Keep it up.

[An explosion suddenly rocks the base]
Ignis: Looks like they've set to work. I'll escort him off the base. You regroup with the others.
Noctis: Guess it's time to let loose.

[Noct fights his way through several magitek troopers and a magitek armor to regroup with Prompto and Gladio; the three continue wreaking havoc among the base's personnel and equipment; once the fighting ends, Ignis rejoins them]
Ignis: Glad to see you lot were successful.
Noctis: Does that mean you weren't?
Ignis: I placed our captive into the Hunters' custody, but I've just been informed he's fled. He lives to die another day.
Noctis: And I'll gladly help him with that.

[As the four prepare to depart, an armored woman wielding a lance leaps down from a position high above to clash her weapon against Noct's sword as he raises it in tme to lock weapons with her]
Aranea: Hey, pretty boy.

[She flips backward away from him, then takes up a fighting stance]
Aranea: Let's see what you can do!

[Aranea begins battling Noctis and the other three all by herself]
Prompto: This doesn't look too good.
Ignis: Quite the formidable foe, indeed.

[Aranea eventually leaps away from them to a high position]
Aranea: Aw, is it that time already?
Noctis: What time?
Aranea: Quittin' time. Sorry, but this girl doesn't work after hours. I could, but there wouldn't be a single gil in it for me. We should play again sometime, pretty boy.

[She leaps out of sight]
Noctis: Who the hell was she?

(overhearing a conversation in Old Lestallum after infiltrating Fort Vaullerey)
Woman: You hear about the attack on the imperial base?
Man: Oh, yeah. Whoever they were, I wanna buy 'em all a drink.
Woman: You can't be serious! That kind of caper only makes things worse for all of us.

(as the royal retinue heads past Old Lestallum and resumes the journey toward Cape Caem)
Gladiolus: I coulda gone another round.
Ignis: Given her prowess, you should be glad you didn't.
Prompto: Yeah, that Loqi guy was nothing compared to her.
Ignis: Though we may not have fared so well without the marshal.
Prompto: Think things would've gone differently if he were here now?
Gladiolus: She offered to play again. Maybe we'll get the chance to find out.

(as the royal retinue nears Malmalam Thicket)
Prompto: Is it me, or is this place beggin' to be explored?
Noctis: Never been one to turn down an invitation.
Ignis: If what they say about the Malmalam Thicket is true...
Gladiolus: Then we might just find what we're looking for here.

[A prompt appears asking "Make a stop at the Malmalam Thicket?"; the player can choose "Yes" or "No"]

(when approaching Kellebram Haven in the Malmalam Thicket)
Prompto: Hey! I know those runes!
Gladiolus: It's a sign. We should set up camp.
Noctis: You a fortune-teller now?
Ignis: We can rest up or move on. It's your choice, Noct.

(back on the road to Cape Caem)
Iris: Are you guys excited to visit Altissia or what?
Noct: I guess.
Iris: I'm so jealous!
Gladio: We're not going on vacation.
Iris: Oh, yeah. You're right.
Ignis: Iris?
Prompto: Something wrong?
Iris: What? No, I'm fine. I-I'm not jealous. I just...had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys. But that'll all be in the past once we hit Caem.
Gladio: What're you talking about?
Prompto: We can hang out anytime! Right?
Noctis: Yeah.

(further down the road to Cape Caem)
Gladio: Let's pull over for a sec.
Iris: How come?
Gladio: Gotta give the driver a break every now and then.
Ignis: If you say so.
Prompto: Wonder why no one ever thought of that before?
Noct: Because no one ever had a little sister along for the ride.

[Ignis pulls over at the Leirity Seaside Parking Spot]

[A prompt appears asking "Pull over at Leirity Seaside?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(overhearing a conversation at Leirity Seaside)
Woman (1): Sounds like Lady Lunafreya is staying in Altissia.
Woman (2): Is it safe for her there? I mean, Accordo is imperial territory.

(overhearing another conversation at Leirity Seaside)
Man (1): Heard about the imperial base?
Man (2): Yeah, some Lucians went in and raised hell.
Man (1): They raised hell, alright. Put the base commander in the hospital.

(after passing Leirity Seaside)
Iris: Smells like there's...salt in the air.
Ignis: Sea breeze—we're on the water.
Iris: Wow, it's beautiful!
Ignis: Picture-perfect.

(as the royal retinue nears Cape Caem)
Iris: Wow! Look at that bridge up ahead!
Gladio: Hmph. Some piece of work right there.
Ignis: The rivers run wide out here, so the bridges run long.
Iris: Guess I'll see it when we cross.

[Iris is quiet for a few seconds]
Iris: Wanna get a closer look?
Noctis: At what?

[Ignis brings the car to a stop by some stairs on the other side of the bridge]

[A prompt appears asking "Make a stop at Spelcray Haven?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(as the royal retinue passes through the tunnel on the other side of the bridge)
Iris: So, you're the one doing all the cooking?
Ignis: More or less.
Iris: Gladdy, don't you help? Noct?
Noctis: Eh, on occasion.
Ignis: What occasion?
Prompto: I do my part! I always set the table.
Iris: That's some arrangement you guys have there.

(as the royal retinue comes out the other side of the tunnel, the parking area for Cape Caem comes into view)
Gladiolus: This the place?
Iris: Sure is! Thanks for the lift, Ignis.
Ignis: My pleasure.
Prompto: Can't wait to see my buddy Talcott!

[Ignis pulls in and parks; Cindy's tow truck is also here]

(along the path up to the lighthouse at Cape Caem)
Gladiolus: Whoa. Pretty impressive lighthouse.
Prompto: What say we head on up?
Ignis: Ought to be a nice view, if a bit blustery.

[Noct and the others run into Cindy, who is waiting for them along the path]
Gladiolus: What's up?
Cindy: Knew it was y'all! Recognize the purr of that engine anywhere!
Prompto: Whew! You know your stuff.

(when speaking to Cindy again)

[A prompt appears asking "Part with Iris's company?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(once the player has selected "Yes")
Iris: Thanks for the ride. It was fun!

[Iris continues on up the path quickly while the others walk more slowly, continuing to talk to Cindy]
Noctis: How's the boat?
Cindy: Paw-paw's tinkerin' away. Reckon he'll be tinkerin' for some time.
Ignis: Trouble at sea?
Cindy: Seen her share, by the looks of her. Some parts we can fix, others need replacin'.
Gladiolus: Huh, an overhaul.
Cindy: Don't y'all worry. Paw-paw ain't goin' nowhere 'til the job's done. Parts won't fetch 'emselves, though. Was kinda hopin' y'all wouldn't mind helpin' out with that?
Ignis: We're at your disposal.
Cindy: To tell the truth, we already got a couple hands on deck: Dustin an' Monica.
Ignis: You can depend on the Crownsguard.
Cindy: Trouble is, they ain't had much like findin' a certain somethin' by the name of "mythril." Apparently the stuff's hard to come by around these parts, least accordin' to the little fella from the city.
Prompto: Talcott?
Cindy: You betcha! Sharp as a tack, that one. Could tell y'all more about the stuff'n I could.
Noctis: We'll be sure to ask.

(speaking to Cindy when she comes to a stop at the top of the path)
Cindy: Paw-paw's down on the dock. Now, if y'all'd excuse me, I'm gonna grab my tools and skedaddle. Got a garage to look after.

[The screen briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Cindy has left and Talcott begins shouting from the porch of the nearby house]
Talcott: Prince Noctis! Hey! Our house is over here! Right this way!

(when visiting Jared's grave at Cape Caem)
Jared Hester
Gallant steward and loving grandfather
Noctis: I'm sorry... Thanks for everything.

Crownsguard x 1

(speaking with Iris at the porch before speaking with Talcott)
Iris: We've decided to start living here—pretty recently, too, which is why it's so empty.

(speaking with Talcott at the porch)
Talcott: I think Miss Cindy might've told you already, but she needs a very special kind of ore called mythril to fix the boat. Remember the waterfall? I read in Grandpa's notebook there's some ruins near a lake just north of there. It said you'll find mythril inside!

(speaking with Iris at the porch)
Iris: About that lake: preeetty sure he was talking about the Vesperpool. I asked Monica to look into it, and she told me the road leading there's under imperial lockdown. You'll want to be prepared for anything. So, how's that coming along?

[A prompt appears saying "Once you proceed, you will be unable to return for some time. Are you certain you wish to proceed?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(once the player has selected "Yes")
Gladiolus: Yeah, just...give us a second.
Iris: Uh, okay? I'll be inside, then.

[Iris goes inside]
Gladiolus: So yeah, gonna have to ask you to handle this boat business without me.
Prompto: Say wha?
Gladiolus: Got some business of my own to deal with.
Noctis: (Sounds like he wants to fly solo for a bit...)

[A prompt appears asking the player to select -- depending on the version update -- either "Let him go," "Ask how long" or "Defer to Ignis"/"Wish him well," "Hold him back" or "Ask my friends"]

Let him go/Wish him well
Noctis: Do your thing. Not like we could stop you anyway.
Gladio: You know me too well. See ya 'round, guys.

Earned 600 EXP.
Ask how long/Hold him back
Noctis: Gonna be long?
Gladiolus: Not long enough for you to miss me.

Earned 2 AP.
Defer to Ignis/Ask my friends
Ignis: A solo venture?
Gladiolus: Just a little hike to help me clear my head.

Ignis earned 1,500 EXP.

Gladiolus left the party.


To repair King Regis's old ship, Noctis and company require that rarest of ores—mythril. With only a vague clue to guide them, they head for empire-held ruins situated in the north of Cleigne.

Several days later...

[Noctis is driving the Regalia with Prompto in the passenger seat and Ignis in the back]
Ignis: The waterfall cave was right around here.
Prompto: That means the lake should be somewhere north of here.
Ignis: Be wary, though—where we go, the empire seems to follow.

[They pull up to a tunnel whose gate had previously been locked; it opens and allows them passage]
Prompto: Wait—what happened to "under imperial lockdown"?
Ignis: They all but turned the key and left the gates open for us—as if awaiting our arrival.
Prompto: And if anyone's waiting for us, I bet it's that guy.
Ignis: Chancellor Izunia.
Noctis: Can't complain as long as he lets us in.
Ignis: Who's to say he'll let us out? Not to mention we're a man down. Would that the marshal were with us.
Prompto: Oh, yeah. Whatever happened to that guy?
Ignis: As I understand it, he's put his tomb raiding on hold to help the Hunters take care of some troublesome beasts.
Noctis: No rest for "the immortal."

(entering the Myrlwood)
Prompto: Huh. This sure looks like it leads somewhere. You think there's something in there?
Ignis: I'd say it's all but guaranteed.
Noctis: Let's take a look around.
Prompto: Wow! This place is a jungle.
Ignis: Abundant in not only flora, but fauna as well.
Prompto: You really think we'll find anything of value in these old backwoods?

[Note: If the player enters the Myrlwood later, when Gladio is back in the party, he will respond to Prompto's last question with "Not with that attitude," as seen in this video; should the player instead investigate the area at first opportunity, when Gladio is away from the others, Prompto's question will go without response, as seen at 0:46 in this video. Be aware also that the Myrlwood can be explored with or without Aranea]

(upon locating the Tomb of the Rogue in the Myrlwood)
Gladiolus: Hey, check it out, Noct. Of all places...
Ignis: Here, too, rests the power of kings. I wonder how many more remain.

[Note: If the player discovers the Tomb of the King during Chapter 7 when Gladio isn't with the others, this dialogue will go unseen/unheard, as shown in this video from approximately 8:30-8:50]

[Noct and the others park the Regalia near the Vesperpool and head into the nearby swampland in search of the ruins they heard about; as they come near the ruins, they find Ardyn waiting for them]
Ardyn: Gentlemen, what a pleasant surprise.
Prompto: Ugh! Told you he'd be waiting!
Ardyn: With my imperial friends, no less.
Ignis: Splendid.
Ardyn: But fear not—I'll put in a good word. Well, come along, then.

[Ardyn turns and begins walking toward the ruins]
Ardyn: Don't stray too far, lest you get left behind. And surely you'd rather avoid unnecessary scuffles, seeing as you're now a trio. Oh, dear. Touchy subject?
Ignis: One we won't discuss with you.
Ardyn: Then let's discuss why you're here. Hmm.... It can't be archaeology... Mythril, perhaps?
Prompto: This guy's reading our thoughts!
Ardyn: Mythril—it's a precious resource. We can't just let anyone get their hands on it.
Noctis: But you'll help us get ours on it, right?
Ardyn: I never said that!
Prompto: Of course you didn't.
Ardyn: Where is the fun in that? I thought you'd rather dig it up yourselves.

[Outside the ruins, Aranea stands in wait with previously unseen imperial officers standing on either side of her; Ardyn turns to Noct and the others]
Ardyn: Fear not—I'll be but a moment.

[Ardyn walks over to Aranea and begins to speak with her]
Prompto: A moment doing what?
Noct: Beats me.

[Ardyn suddenly calls out to them]
Ardyn: All clear! Go ahead.

[Ardyn walks a few feet back toward Noct and his friends]

(speaking with Ardyn again)
Ardyn: Alas, the ever-wary military—they'll not abide visitors left unattended. I must prevail upon you to accept an escort. I've seen to everything.

(speaking with Ardyn once more)
Ardyn: Oh, did I ever tell you I'm the chancellor?
Noctis: We knew that.
Ardyn: But did you know the army and I are unaffiliated?
Prompto: Wha—?
Ardyn: It's true. I have no authority whatsoever. But what I lack in authority, I make up for in friends.

(speaking with Aranea)
Aranea: So, you're the "new recruits" they sent over for "special training." Nice cover, runaway prince.

[A prompt appears to select either "Remain silent" or "Ask my friends"]

Remain silent
Noctis: ...
Aranea: At ease, "recruits." There's nothing in it for this ex-mercenary to turn you in.

Earned 2 AP.
Ask my friends
Prompto: Thanks.
Noct: Oh, c'mon!
Aranea: At ease, "recruits." There's nothing in it for this ex-mercenary to turn you in.

Prompto and Ignis earned 1,500 EXP.

Aranea: Let's get this show on the road.
Prompto: "Show"?
Aranea: Forgot about your "training"? Well, I'm being paid to escort you... Just watch yourselves in there.

Aranea joined the party.
Some features will be unavailable while she is with you.

Ardyn: I trust you'll be civil. Commodore Aranea Highwind, I leave them to you.

[The screen briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Aranea is now wearing her battle helmet]
Aranea: Search until sundown. It won't do you any good. If you're lookin' to get inside, you're gonna have to wait.

(speaking to the imperial officer who had been standing on Aranea's right before nightfall)
[A prompt appears asking "Wait until nightfall?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(following making either selection)
Aranea: Hold down the fort.
Biggs: You got it, Lady A!

(speaking to the imperial officer who had been standing on Aranea's right after nightfall)
Aranea: Hold down the fort.
Biggs: You got it, Lady A!

(speaking to the imperial officer who had been standing on Aranea's left before nightfall)
[A prompt appears asking "Wait until nightfall?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(following making either selection)
Aranea: Hold down the fort.
Wedge: We will.

(speaking to the imperial officer who had been standing on Aranea's left after nightfall)
Aranea: Hold down the fort.
Wedge: We will.

(as Noct, Ignis, Prompto and Aranea make their way forward)
Prompto: What kind of place was this? Any idea, Ignis?
Ignis: None.
Prompto: Gee, I wonder what happened to the locals.
Aranea: Why not head inside and look for 'em?

(walking around the ruins)
Noctis: Not seein' a way in.
Ignis: Not at this time of day, at least.
Prompto: There's a way in. I can smell it.
Aranea: The empire sniffed it out ages ago. Wait 'til nightfall, shortcake.

(as the group makes their way into the entrance to Steyliff Grove after nightfall)
Prompto: Those guys your friends or something?
Ignis: You appeared to be on good terms.
Aranea: Who—Biggs and Wedge? They're more "subordinates" than they are "friends," but I trust 'em all the same.

(at the bottom of the long stairway leading into the ruins)
Prompto: Finally... I thought it'd never end. The people here, they must have been fit.

(as the group makes their way into the large open central area of Steyliff Grove)
Ignis: Beautiful beyond words...
Aranea: That is pretty neat.
Prompto: Look up!
Aranea: Whoa—If that's the water's surface...
Prompto: Wait, what? Does this mean we're underwater? Whoa. There's even fish.
Noctis: The hell is this place?
Ignis: Can we truly be submerged?
Prompto: It does seem harder to breathe.
Noctis: Like seeing a dream.
Prompto: Gladio is seriously missing out.
Noctis: Probably not his thing.
Ignis: Now, now, you can never tell.

(as Noct and the others encounter daemons within the ruins)
Aranea: Daemons. 'Til death do us part.
Ignis: Practicing your vows?
Aranea: The army swore their oaths a long time ago.

(while making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Ignis: What does the empire seek here?
Aranea: Specimens—and we're stuck harvesting them.
Prompto: Specimens?
Aranea: Daemons.

(while making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Prompto: So what's all this about the army and daemons?
Aranea: What do you think it is?
Prompto: Nice! I love guessing games!

(still making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Aranea: Turns out the empire makes weapons out of them.
Prompto: "Weapons"?
Aranea: Yeah. I'm sure you've seen your share by now.

(still making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Aranea: Something not quite right with the empire lately.
Noctis: It's not just lately.
Aranea: True. Maybe it's time I left.
Prompto: Really?

(still making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Prompto: What would you do if you left the army?
Aranea: Whatever I want. I was a mercenary once. Maybe I'll round up my men and hunt daemons for cash?
Prompto: That's a...heck of a plan.

(and still making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Ignis: What about the empire strikes you as "not quite right"?
Aranea: The emperor and new high commander, for starters. Then there's that charmer of a chancellor. I really can't stand that guy.

(after fighting some daemons)
Aranea: These bastards keep gettin' stronger.
Prompto: You don't say.
Aranea: Gotta nip the danger in the bud, The empire's no exception.
Prompto: Yeah, right on. Couldn't have said it better myself.

(upon killing the Quetzalcoatl and claiming the mythril Noct and the others came for)
Ignis: That concludes our business here.
Prompto: Say, Commodore.
Aranea: Aranea.
Prompto: You said the empire uses daemons to make "weapons"?
Aranea: Listen—you've seen magitek troopers, right?
Noctis: MTs.
Aranea: They're born from daemons, in a lab.
Prompto: "Born from daemons"...
Aranea: Darkness is coming. If I were you, I'd watch my princely ass. Uh—"kingly" ass.
Noctis: Will do.

(upon returning to the world above)
Aranea: Congrats. That concludes your "training." You've still got a hard path ahead, but don't let anyone tell you how to walk it.
Ignis: You may have been hired under false pretenses, but your assistance was invaluable all the same.
Aranea: Hmph. Tell me something I don't know. You can spare the pleasantries.
Ignis: Take care walking your path, Aranea.
Aranea: Oh, right. Thanks—I will. And I'll "train" you some more if our paths cross again. Oh, and before I forget—His Excellency instructed me to give you boys a ride back. If you need a lift, feel free to hop on.

[Aranea walks off; Ignis pulls out his phone and checks it]
Prompto: Well, glad that's over with!
Ignis: Noct, I have just received word from Cindy.
Noctis: And?
Ignis: We're to return to Lestallum. Her friend works as an engineer at the power plant. She'll take care of the mythril.
Prompto: And that'll take care of our boat problem! Ah, fresh air!
Noct: Made it out in one piece.
Ignis: Once you're rested and ready, I suggest we hasten back to Lestallum. Make sure you're prepared.

(speaking with Aranea again)
Aranea: You're headed to Lestallum, right? I'll take you there, but no further.
Noctis: Got it.
Aranea: So, ready to ship out?

[A prompt appears saying "Once you proceed, you will be unable to return for some time. Are you certain you wish to continue?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]


With the help of Imperial Commodore Aranea Highwind, the makeshift miners hit pay dirt—only to learn raw ore won't suffice. Cindy refers them to Holly, an engineer in Lestallum who knows how to treat mythril.

[The screen is black; Aranea's voice cuts in]
Aranea: Rise and shine, Prince Charming. We're here.

[Noct awakens and stands; he, Ignis, Prompto and Aranea are in the cargo hold of Aranea's drop ship along with the Regalia; the drop ship's door opens on a nighttime view of the EXINERIS Power Plant in Lestallum]
Aranea: Sounds like a spot of trouble's popped up at the power plant. Wish I could help, but I'm powerless to do anything I'm not ordered to. I'll leave the keeping of the peace to you.
Ignis: Of course.
Prompto: We got this.
Aranea: Good luck, boys.

Several hours later...

[The scene opens on Prompto and Ignis standing with the engineer Holly outside the gate to the bridge leading into the power plant; Noctis is inside the gate wearing a safety suit]
Prompto: Lovin' that outfit, Noct!
Noctis: Why don't you wear one?
Ignis: Well, that's the only one. And if anyone stands a fighting chance in there, it's you. Forget about fashion and go.

(if Noctis steps back toward the gate)
Ignis: We'll be waiting at the entrance.
Prompto: If any daemons escape, we'll get 'em!

(as Noctis proceeds on toward the power plant)
Holly: Testing! Do you read me? Just wanted to thank you for offering to clear out those daemons! That'll give me time to treat this mythril for you. There's a hunter who went in right ahead of you. I imagine there're too many for one to handle... ...but two of you should be fine! And a little heads-up: we're getting some unstable readings from the generators inside. Too much power and the whole place could blow, so be quick!
Noct: Will do.

[Note: If Noct didn't step back toward the gate before proceeding across the bridge, at this point, Ignis and Noct will say their respective "We'll be waiting at the entrance" and "If any daemons escape, we'll get 'em" lines that were optional a moment earlier]

(on the other side of the bridge, near the entrance)
[The Hunter Holly spoke of is standing here waiting in another safety suit]
Hunter: So, you my backup?
Noct: I thought we were partners.
Hunter: Anyway, place is crawling with daemons.
Noct: Wait a sec. You sound familiar.

[The Hunter heads on over to the entrance]
Hunter: Save the talk. We got hunting to do. Now, if we're done with the introductions, follow me.

[Noct follows him and the two head inside; once there, they take notice of several daemons along catwalks]
Hunter: There they are. You ready to rumble?

[The Hunter conjures Gladio's sword]
Noct: Oh, yeah.

(as the two battle the daemons)
Hunter: Some pretty fancy moves you've got there. Reminds me of a certain king I know.
Noct: Fancy that. Not too shabby yourself. You'd make a good sparring partner.
Hunter: You think so?

[Holly addresses them over the comm link]
Holly: Red alert, you two! We're detecting a major power surge. She's gonna blow! Abort the mission and get outta there!
Hunter: I ain't one to leave unfinished business. Can't speak for him, though.
Noct: Then allow me: "I got this."
Hunter: Well, how 'bout you prove it?
Noct: Gladly!

(after the two of them kill all the daemons)
Noct: That all of 'em?
Hunter: Think so.
Noct: Nice job. You didn't disappoint.
Hunter: When have I ever?
Noct: Keep it up.
Hunter: Will do. Now, let's scram.

(back across the bridge)
Holly: Great work in there! As promised, here's your mythril. And thank you for your hard work.
Gladio: Sure.
Prompto: Hey, big guy!
Ignis: So the "hunter" who went on ahead—
Gladio: The one and only. How ya been, fellas?
Prompto: Not bad. Whoa...someone did a number on you, though.
Gladio: You should see the other guy. Anyway, I'm back and better than ever.

[Iris and Dustin suddenly arrive]
Iris: Noct? Gladdy!? I can't believe it!
Gladio: Hey. Thanks for looking after her, Dustin.
Iris: So, Gladdy, did you apologize to Noct for storming off like that?
Noct: He made it up to me in there.
Iris: The power plant? Oh, so you got your hands on some mythril! In that case, I'll go deliver it to Cid. You'll probably want to freshen up first anyway. Come and meet me in Caem when you're ready!

(speaking with Holly before walking away)
Holly: You guys don't owe me a gil! Cindy offered to take me out as thanks.

(speaking with Holly again before leaving)
Holly: Tell Cindy to give me a call!

(coming across Iris near the outlook in Lestallum)
[Iris faces Noct with her hands behind her back]
Iris: So, remember how I picked something up at the market the other day?
Noct. Ah... I think so?

[Iris pulls a large moogle plush doll out from behind her back]
Iris: Well, this is for you.
Noct: it?
Iris: You put your life on the line everyday, so I wanted you to have a little insurance—a lucky charm. It's called a "moogle." This one's gonna look for all you guys!

[Iris shoves the moogle into Noctis's hands]
Iris: Keep him by your side, and he'll take care of you. And if he gets roughed up, I'll take care of him—I'll be in Caem! Later!

[Iris waves as she walks away; Noct holds up the moogle and looks at it, still confused]

(while exploring)
Prompto: You know, we did struggle a bit without you.
Gladio: Oh yeah?
Noctis: Couldn't get the fire going.
Gladio: You coulda just cast a spell.
Noctis: Kinda overkill, don't you think?
Gladio: Hopeless. Next time I'll show you hacks how it's done.

(while exploring)
Prompto: How're your wounds treatin' ya, big guy?
Gladiolus: It's fine.

(while exploring)
Prompto: That Aranea, she's a little different.
Ignis: Certainly doesn't fit the imperial army profile.

(while exploring)
Prompto: Aranea's pretty badass, huh.
Ignis: And nice enough to lend us her lance.
Noctis: Assuming she's not our enemy, she'd make a great ally.
Prompto: "Ally." I like the sound of that!

(while exploring)
Prompto: I gotta say, Aranea really impressed me today.
Noctis: With her outfit?
Prompto: Well, yeah—that too. It's just, I always had this impression the empire was filled with nothing but jerks.
Ignis: She certainly doesn't fit the mold.
Prompto: Really makes you wonder. You think she was okay with the raid on the Citadel?
Noctis: Ask her yourself.

(while exploring)
Prompto: You reckon Aranea has a boyfriend?
Noctis: She is surrounded by guys, but who knows? Why? You fancy her?
Prompto: No! My interest is purely hypothetical.

(while exploring)
Prompto: I wonder. She really gonna leave the army?
Ignis: You seem quite smitten with her.
Noct: Which one is it?
Prompto: One is what?
Noct: Her or Cindy.
Prompto: Aranea or Cindy!? Wow. Okay. Um, let me think about this for a sec.
Ignis: I've no doubt both of them can wait.

(as night begins to fall by hour 15)
Noctis: Is it evening already?
Prompto: Time flies when you're having fun.

(while near Formouth Garrison)
Gladiolus: Hey, check that out.

[An enormous winged ship comes flying in to land inside the fort]
Ignis: The empire is everywhere now.
Prompto: Take a closer look?

(quest description for the "Formouth Garrison" quest)
Infiltrate the moving base.

(carrying out the "Formouth Garrison" quest)
[Noctis and the others reach the observation level of the watchtower overlooking Formouth Garrison]
Gladiolus: Ooh, this should be fun. What's the plan?
Ignis: Well, suffice it to say a frontal assault would be ill-advised. Again, stealth is our friend. We enter the base undetected, and cripple it one target at a time. Are you ready?

[A prompt appears saying "Begin infiltration of Formouth Garrison?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(upon selecting "Yes")
Ignis: We enter under cover of darkness, and withdraw by first light.

(as the royal retinue prepares to infiltrate Formouth Garrison)
Another imperial airbase looms over northern Leide. Determined to rid the region of imperial oppression, Noctis and his friends stage an infiltration of Formouth Garrison.

(as the infiltration begins)
Ignis: There are generators that fortify magitek troopers. Take them out, and the enemy won't be nearly as fearsome. Let's go.

(coming upon some dormant magitek troopers)
Noctis: So they're sleeping?
Ignis: Take care to avoid detection. If a trooper is alerted to our presence, it will awaken its fellows.

(if Noctis is detected or attacks any of the troops inside the base)
Ignis: Not unfolding quite as planned.
Noctis: Who came up with this plan, anyway?
Ignis: I've never made a mistake I myself couldn't remedy. I'll take point here.

(after destroying the magitek generator and wiping out the forces inside the base)
[An armada of imperial drop ships are inbound]
Gladiolus: Heads up, Noct. More incoming.

[A couple of familiar voices broadcast from the ships]
Loqi: Didn't expect to meet again so soon, Highness.
[Ulldor laughs]
Caligo: You were foolish to come here. Surrender now, or we will make you wish you had.
Gladiolus: Who the hell are these jerks?
Ignis: Loqi and Caligo, commanders of the imperial army.
Prompto: Noct, this is our chance to settle the score!
Noctis: Yeah, let's put an end to this.
Ignis: Guerilla tactics served their purpose, but now it's time for open warfare.

(after wiping out the battalion that drops in)
Caligo: You led us all on a merry chase, but your running days are over. Have at them! Take the prince alive!
Gladiolus: They just keep coming.
Noctis: And we'll keep mowing 'em down.
Prompto: If they don't mow us down.

(after destroying the MA Hoplomachus and MA Veles-Bis magitek armors that drop in next)
Ignis: Stay sharp. It isn't over yet.
Prompto: When will it end?
Gladiolus: Want it to end? Fight more, whine less.

(after eliminating the next battalion)
Loqi: You must be getting tired by now. Here, let me put you to sleep.
Caligo: You humiliated me before. This time the pleasure will be mine.

[Loqi and Ulldor drop onto the battlefield piloting MA-X Cuirass and MA-X Dux magitek armors respectively]

(after destroying Loqi and Ulldor's magitek armors)
Loqi: Impossible!
Caligo: An unexpected outcome.
Ignis: Noct, our business here is concluded. Let us go.

(arriving at Cape Caem again in the Regalia)
Prompto: Really looking forward to Iris's cooking!
Ignis: I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Prompto: Aw, don't be that way. It's different when a girl cooks for you.

(overhearing a conversation at Cape Caem)
Man (1): The imperial high commander? Heard he's been swaggering about with His Majesty's sword.
Man (2): Heard the same. That guy's got some nerve.

(overhearing a conversation between Hunters at Cape Caem)
Man (1): It seems some royal tombs aren't even found in Lucis.
Man (2): No way to cross the pond to hunt those down.
Man (1): Nope. That's why I been huntin' in books instead.
Man (2): The things we do, eh?

(overhearing a conversation between Hunters at Cape Caem)
Man: It's weird. Ravus has a sword, but doesn't use it.
Woman: He doesn't use it 'cause he can't. Who the hell's he think it belong to?
Man: Why does he bother carrying it at all?

(overhearing a conversation between Hunters at Cape Caem)
Woman (1): The Marshal is so amazing!
Woman (2): Sounds like somebody's in lurve.
Woman (1): Wouldn't go that far. Though I wouldn't mind talking. If only he'd stay still for a moment...

(speaking with Iris on the porch of the house at Cape Caem)
[A prompt appears asking "What would you like Iris to do?"; the player can select either "Tend to the garden," "Give me a status update" or "Nothing"]

Give me a status update
The air is so crisp and refreshing. Nothing like the city.

(beginning the "Living off the Land" quest by speaking with Iris on the porch of the house at Cape Caem and selecting "Tend to the garden")
Iris: Good news, Noct! Our garden is up and running! So Noct, you gonna put your green thumb to the test?
Noctis: And do what with it?
Iris: Uh, grow vegetables? You can eat them, or sell them if you want.
Noctis: Fine. So what do I do?
Iris: It all starts with a seed. Here—try these!

You can now grow crops in Iris's field, namely the rare Caem carrot. Due to Noctis's strong aversion, Ignis cannot use them in his cooking.

(completing the "Living off the Land" quest)
[In the garden at Cape Caem, Noct plants some of the seeds Iris gave him]

The seeds are in place. Check on them after resting overnight.

[Upon returning to the garden after resting, Noct is able to harvest some Caem carrots; a man in a greyish-blue suddenly approaches]
Tony: Say, are you the ones working this garden?
Noctis: Yeah. Who are you?
Tony: Oh, sorry. The name's Tony. I run a restaurant not too far from here. On the hunt for some high-quality produce. You have a great plot, perfect for growing all sorts of produce. Any chance you'd be willing to part with some? I pay good gil!

Tony, a local restaurant proprietor, is partial to Caem carrots, and he will offer you various items in exchange for them.

(beginning the "A Feline Feast" quest upon examining the cat behind the lighthouse at Cape Caem)
[Noctis comes across a cat laying on a crate]
Noctis: Hey, you're the cat we saw in Galdin. Your paws sure brought you a long way from home, little guy. You must be hungry after that walking. No restaurants around, though. Wonder if anyone around here knows a thing or two about cat food.
Gladio: Why don't you try asking Monica?
Ignis: She mentioned have kept several cats back home.
Prompto: Wow, and she never gave off a "crazy cat lady" vibe! I hope we don't have to go all the way back to Galdin.
Gladio: 'Specially after the cat came all the way to Caem.
Noct: What drew him here anyway?
Ignis: His dear friend, Noct, of course.

(quest description for "A Feline Feast")
Fate reunites Noctis with the cat he chanced upon in Galdin, and the feline appears to be more famished than before. Having a soft spot for animals, the prince once again sets out to fix a dish suitable for this kitty gourmand.

(speaking with Monica during the "A Feline Feast" quest)
Monica: May I help you with something, Prince Noctis?
Noctis: I was hoping you could fix some food for me.
Monica: Gladly. Although I should warn you our pantry is primarily stocked with vegetables right now.
Noctis: Oh, not for me—for a cat.
Monica: Forgive my misunderstanding. I can prepare something provided I have the ingredients, but I'm afraid we're all out at the moment.
Noctis: If you need fish, I can go catch one.
Monica: I would be most appreciative. I am loath to admit fishing has never come very naturally to me.
Noctis: Lucky for you, I'm a pro.
Monica: Fortunate, indeed. Should the tide prove too troublesome, you might also stop by the stand. I recall seeing some cat food on sale.

(acquiring the expensive Luxury Cat Food for the cat instead of fishing)
Gladiolus: That can sure put us back.
Ignis: We'll be eating tinned food, too.

(catching a dark Allural sea bass for the cat instead of buying the cat food)
Noct: A fish fit for a feline.
Gladio: Sure is. Let's haul 'er back to Monica.

[Noct lifts the fish up from the water]
Noctis: Whoa, check it out!

Sea Bass Fillet x 1

(upon returning to Monica with the fish)
Monica: Excellent catch, Prince Noctis. I'll start cooking straight away.
Noctis: Thanks for the help.
Monica: It's no trouble at all. I love cats. I used to keep three back in the Crown City.
Noctis: Wow, that's a lot of cats.
Monica: Yes, I enjoyed many fond memories with them. Making this food reminds me of the time we spent together. Sorry to keep you waiting. I hope your furry friend finds this to his liking.

Monica's Cat Food x 1

(completing the "A Feline Feast" quest using the Luxury Cat Food)
Noctis: You'd better savor every last morsel, buddy. That cat food there cost us a fortune!
Prompto: You've really got a soft spot for animals, don't you?
Ignis: They bring out a nicer Noct.
Gladiolus: Could try being nicer to us.
Noct: Could, but I won't.

Sky Gemstone x 1

(completing the "A Feline Feast" quest using Monica's Cat Food)
Noctis: Alright, dinner is served.

[The cat begins to chow down]
Noctis: You're really eating it up. Don't forget to thank the chef.
Prompto: You've really got a soft spot for animals, don't you?
Ignis: They bring out a nicer Noct.
Gladiolus: Could try being nicer to us.
Noct: Could, but I won't.

Sky Gemstone x 1

(beginning the "Steam Valve Inspection" quest)
Holly: Hey, if it isn't my favorite hunter.
Noctis: Who, me?
Holly: Who else? The name's Holly, by the way—forgot to tell you earlier. Thanks for taking care of those daemons! I tell ya, that was a real shock, having them show up at the plant. I was so shocked, as a matter of fact, I went and did my back in.
Noctis: Your back?
Holly: Yep. It's giving me all kinds of grief. I can barely shuffle ten feet. But wouldn't you know it, the girl in charge of the valves is off today. And her job is to go through town and check they're all shut down.
Noctis: Want me to go for you?
Holly: What, you? I don't know... Sure. Why not? If it's no trouble, that is.

(speaking with Holly again after beginning the "Steam Valve Inspection" quest)
Holly: The valves might be hard to find. I wish I could help.

(speaking with Holly yet again)
Holly: I was wringing my hands, wondering what to do about the valves. When you get to my age, you'll understand.

(after beginning the "Steam Valve Inspection" quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: Gotta say, the women here have it rough.
Noctis: Yeah. Everyone's got their hands full.
Prompto: They're in charge of the inspections and everything.
Ignis: Indeed. They know their way around the machinery like no other.

(quest description for "Steam Valve Inspection")
Holly of EXINERIS Industries asks the prince for help inspecting the company's steam valves. To protect people from the scalding steam, Noctis and his friends agree to check that all the valves around Lestallum are firmly shut.

(completing the "Steam Valve Inspection" quest)
Holly: You checked them all? Every one?
Noct: Yeah. All working no problem.
Holly: Thank you! While you checked valves, I had my back checked out. But the doctor—he just said it was a bad case of the nerves.
Noctis: Oh, yeah?
Holly: I heard the word daemon, I stiffen up like a corpse. Anyway, here's a little something. Buy yourselves a meal.

2,500 gil

(after completing the "Steam Valve Inspection" quest and walking away)
Prompto: So...she hears the word "daemon" and that throws her back out?
Noctis: Yep, that's pretty much what it sounds like.
Gladiolus: Gotta be careful what we say around people, in case we give 'em a hernia or something.
Ignis: Ordinary folks have much to fear in uncertain times as these.

(beginning the "Power to the Pylons" quest)
Holly: Ah, there's my favorite hunter. Hey, can you do a girl a favor?
Noct: Sure. What is it?
Holly: We're in charge of operating the ropeway, and it's acting up. We need to figure out the problem. First thing is fact gathering. Can you go and take a look at the pylons that are outside? There's no way I can send any of the regular staff out there. It's just too much for them to handle. I'd go myself, except the plant workers are having a massive dispute. I'm the only one who can sort it all out.

(speaking with Holly again after beginning the "Power to the Pylons" quest)
Holly: Be careful of the daemons. If it starts to get dark, hurry up and find a safe place to spend the night.

(speaking with Holly yet again)
Holly: The fight among the workers is serious. To be honest, I don't know which of us has the more dangerous job!

(speaking with Holly once more)
Holly: It takes a real tough sort to go outside. No one on my roster's cut out for it.

(after beginning the "Power to the Pylons" quest and walking away)
Ignis: I don't envy being caught in that dispute.
Gladiolus: Nope. The folk working here are tough as nails.
Prompto: You think it's as dangerous as she says?
Noctis: I don't know, but I don't wanna find out.

(quest description for the "Power to the Pylons" quest)
Trouble is brewing among the employees of EXINERIS. As floor chief, Holly has to mediate between the two warring factions, which means no one is available to check the power lines. It is up to Noctis and his friends to inspect the pylons and make sure the power keeps flowing.

(completing the "Power to the Pylons" quest)
Holly: Welcome back. So, you checked things out?
Noct: Yeah. And we fixed the problem.
Holly: Seriously? Thanks. I guess that means I don't have to worry about it anymore.
Noct: Yeah. We found a damaged pylon.
Holly: Thought so. Thanks for the help. I can take care of the problem now that I know where it is. We can't afford to lose our power. Without it, we couldn't keep the lights on and the town safe at night. Thanks again. This is for you.

5,000 gil

(after completing the "Power to the Pylons" quest and walking away)
Prompto: Sheesh! She'll take any job they throw at her.
Gladiolus: If you're the only person someone can turn to, what else do you do?
Ignis: The equipment to be inspected is outside of town. Hardly safe for civilians.
Noctis: A job for hunters, in other words.

(beginning the "Holding Back the Dark" quest)
Holly: Hey, hunter. How're things with you?
Noct: Better than with you, it looks like.
Holly: That obvious? Company asked me to check on all the lights. Our regular hunters are booked on other jobs. So the company picked me. Promised extra danger pay.
Noct: Said you were the girl for the job, right?
Holly: Thing is, it's too far to get there and back in a day. And I can't stand daemons. But I said yes, dammit, and now it's my responsibility.
Noct: We can go for you.
Holly: You can? ...I don't want anyone thinking I'm shirking my duties. But who am I kidding? It's beyond me. So, yeah, would you help me out?

(speaking with Holly again after beginning the "Holding Back the Dark" quest)
Holly: When I get asked to do something, I just can't say no. Real bad habit.

(speaking with Holly yet again)
Holly: Even if a task is way over my head, I can't turn my back on it. Inspections are important, you know?

(speaking with Holly once more)
Holly: The lights are vital, and they need to be checked. But please, watch out for the daemons.

(after beginning the "Holding Back the Dark" quest and walking away)
Prompto: I'm guessing she managed to stop the fight.
Gladiolus: She's got a quiet sort of strength.
Ignis: Not the sort to throw her back at the mere mention of daemons.
Noct: Nobody's perfect.

(quest description for "Holding Back the Dark")
Holly has been ordered to check lighting structures in various locations across Lucis. It would be fantastically dangerous for her to venture outside without a hunter escort, so it falls to Noctis and his friends to check the lights on her behalf.

(completing the "Holding Back the Dark" quest)
Holly: He's back! How'd it go?
Noct: We went and we saw. The lights are fine.
Holly: I appreciate your help, but more than that I feel bad. I won't foist work on you again.
Noct: Oh? How come?
Holly: Fact is, I've been taking on too much. I only end up passing it on to other people. Kind people like you. That's not the way to do a job. It took a while, but I realize that now. I had a dear friend. She was daemons. That's why I joined this company. So I could bring more light into the world and prevent tragedy.
Noct: That's why daemons scare you so much.
Holly: Yeah... I can't change the past, but I can change my ways. From now on, I won't hesitate to say no. It's only the responsible thing to do, if I want to protect people like I mean to. You've done so much for me. I can't thank you enough. But here—please take this as a small token of my appreciation.

10,000 gil

(after completing the "Holding Back the Dark" quest and walking away)
Ignis: She's a woman who takes a lot of pride in her work.
Noctis: She doesn't cut herself any slack, that's for sure.
Prompto: I just hope she can take things easier from here on out.
Gladiolus: I'd say she can do anything she sets her mind to.

(beginning the "The Witch of the Woods" quest while speaking with the tipster at the Verinas Mart near the Rock of Ravatogh and selecting the "Talk" option]
Head Hunter Gone Rogue?
Head Hunter David Auburnbrie (a.k.a. "Hunter Dave") was sighted heading into the Malmalam Thicket, despite the woods being strictly off-limits to hunters except in case of emergency. No one has heard from him since.

(upon locating Dave outside the entrance to the Malmalam Thicket)
Dave: What in tarnation are you boys doin' here?
Noctis: Heard a hot tip sayin' you were in the area.
Dave: Worried about me?
Noctis: About you breaking the rules.
Dave: Ah. You got me there. The thicket's off-limits to official Hunters 'less it's a matter of life an' death. Reckon it's too late in this case. One of our hunters headed into the woods on a rescue mission and hasn't come back.
Noctis: If you want, we could take up the search for you.
Dave: Sorry for the trouble, boys. Oughta be a hut a little ways ahead. Lady there might know somethin' 'bout the hunter. I'd go myself, but regulations say collectin' tags ain't reason enough to head into the thicket. I'm headin' back. Y'all be safe. Hate to lose you boys in there, too.

(when the royal retinue reaches the House of Hexes inside the Malmalam Thicket and speaks with Kimya)
Kimya: Welcome, dearies. It is I, Kimya, you seek?
Noctis: Just...searching for a tag.
Kimya: Belonged to a fallen hunter, it did, yes? Deep inside the woods, it lies. Sent here by their leader, you were?
Noctis: More or less. How come the Hunters aren't allowed here anyway?
Kimya: Because a strong enmity toward me, they bear. Cast me out into the forest, they did. "A witch," they called me.
Noctis: Wha—?
Kimya: Brew potions, I do, so a witch I must be.
Noctis: Wait, so... Witch? You?
Kimya: Believe them, you do? Then explain, I shall. But first, go search, you must. Here, I wait.

(after walking away from Kimya)
Ignis: She claimed to be an apothecary, yet I didn't spy any curatives lying around her hut.
Prompto: She's really a witch?
Gladiolus: Can't imagine the Hunters would've banished her for nothing.

(returning to see Kimya after finding the Sullied Dog Tag)
Kimya: Find that which went missing, you did. Now, to the man, that tag you must deliver. And a message, I have: "Only one true path, there is not. Follow not others, but your own heart, you must."
Noctis: Got it. So, are you gonna explain?
Kimya: Brew potions, I do. But very special, they are. Understand them, some do not, so "witch," they call me.
Noctis: What kinda potions?
Kimya: Repel the daemons, they do. At havens, they are used. The Oracle's blessing, my potions strengthen. Long ago, healing potions, the Hunters wanted. Brewed them, I did, but very angry, their leader grew. Dangerous, my potions are, my sister said. Make them, if I must, but alone I shall be. Receive help, I shall not.
Noctis: So she made the woods off-limits.
Kimya: Terribly cruel, it was. But fault her, I cannot. Follow her heart, she did. Very important, that is. Learn to decide for himself, her son must. If he does, lead the Hunters, someday he will.

(completing the "The Witch of the Woods" quest upon going to see Dave at Meldacio Hunter HQ)
Dave: Y'all made it back. Did you get it?
Noctis: Yeah, and something extra—words of advice from the witch.
Dave: What'd she say?
Noctis: That there's more than one true path. That you should learn to trust yourself, or something.
Dave: Is that right? Thanks for lettin' me know. That's exactly what I needed to hear. Been beatin' myself up since I got back to HQ. Felt like I had to go find that tag—so why didn't I? I was followin' the rules, just like I should. But if I was doin' what's right, then how come it felt so wrong? Reckon I really don't got what it takes to lead the Hunters quite yet. Least now I know what I've been missin' this whole time, thanks to you boys. Y'all have done more for me than you'll ever know. May have a long way to go, but I can start by delivering this tag to the people who need it.

(after completing the "The Witch of the Woods" quest and walking away)
Ignis: "Do not follow. Trust yourself." Sound advice.
Gladiolus: Reasonable enough, if a bit obvious.
Prompto: Though you could say that's what led Kimya to start a family feud.
Noctis: How can you trust yourself to always be right?
Ignis: Not as sound as I thought, perhaps.

(beginning the "Navyth's Challenge" quest)
[Noct and the others find Navyth fishing at the Vesperpool]
Navyth: Now this is a funny place for you and me to meet.
Noctis: What're you after?
Navyth: Knew you'd ask. Vesper gar. But I'll be damned if the cagey devil ain't bitin'.
Noctis: Want me to have a go?
Navyth: You think you can do better than a man who's been fishin' since before you were knee-high to a guppy?
Noctis: Who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky.
Navyth: Alright, my boy. You're on. But don't wet your pants when he starts fightin' you.

(completing the "Navyth's Challenge" quest after catching a Vesper gar and going back to talk to Navyth)
Navyth: If you didn't go and land yourself a gar!
Noctis: Put up a hell of a fight, like you said.
Navyth: I ain't never met anyone that got so good so fast. Color me impressed. Hell, I reckon you could land the biggest prize of all.
Noctis: What's that?
Navyth: The legendary giant they call the Devil of the Cygilian. If a name like that doesn't daunt you, head to Galdin Quay. I'll be there too askin' around. Oh, and before I forget. If anyone can make good use of this, I reckon it's you.

Invincible Iron Giant x 1

(after completing "Navyth's Challenge" and walking away)
Ignis: I'd heard tall tales of this fish, but...does it truly exist?
Prompto: We could find out.
Noctis: Yeah, I guess we could.

(beginning the "Angler's Nightmare" quest)
[Noctis and the others go see Navyth along the shore at Galdin Quay]
Noctis: So. I'm here to talk about this giant fish of yours.
Navyth: Just talk? Or are you plannin' to do some fishin'?
Noctis: Maybe a bit of both.
[Navyth laughs]
Navyth: I knew I could count on you. But you gotta know, this one ain't like them other fish. It's a veritable giant. The folks have seen it, but no one's landed one—not in livin' memory. Every angler dreams of reelin' 'im in, but so far it's proven to be an unrealizable dream.
Noctis: Unrealizable, huh?
Navyth: Wanna back out?
Noctis: Nah, I don't think so. I'm still in.
Navyth: But of course you are! In that case, best of luck to you!

(when Noctis catches the murk grouper, a.k.a. the Devil of the Cygilian)
Noctis: Hey. Looks like I landed a dream.
Gladiolus: Ah, not bad.

[Gladiolus jumps into the water to help lift the fish]
Prompto: That's what a legend looks like.
Ignis: How shall we cook it?

[Prompto pushes Ignis into the water as well]
Noctis: Ready to grab it?
Gladiolus: Bring it closer.

[Noctis pushes Prompto into the water with his foot; once in the water, Gladio, Ignis and Noct hold the fish up while Prompto takes a picture]

(completing the "Angler's Nightmare" quest)
Noct: I caught it.
Navyth: I never thought I'd see the day. The Devil of the Cygilian, dragged out of the waves. You're the real deal, my boy. Though I shouldn't be callin' you boy no more. Come to think of it, I never did get your name.
Noct: Gar. Noct Gar.
Navyth: Well, Noct Gar, fisher of the Devil of the Cygilian, your name's goin' down in history. You're part of the legend now. A livin' legend, in point of fact. I look forward to your feats still to come. You showed me a miracle today, and that's worth somethin'. Here, this is for you, Noct Gar.

[Navyth hands Noct a fishing rod]

Tranquility x 1

(after completing the "Angler's Nightmare" quest and walking away)
Prompto: Ha! Noct Gar! Legend!
Gladiolus: I kinda like the sound of it.
Ignis: You were wise not to give him your real name.
Noct Gar: Maybe I'll change it officially.

(taking the "A Flower for Iris" tour with Gladiolus, triggered by camping at Lambath Haven)
[At camp, Noctis comes out of the tent and is immediately greeted by Gladio smacking him on the back to get his attention]
Gladio: Hey, uh, Noct. I have a favor to ask. I wanna do something for Iris, and I need your help.
Noct: What's this now?
Gladio: Well, my sis puts on a brave face, but...I know it's not easy for her. I just wanted to do something for her to show that I care. And that's where you come...I hope.

[A prompt appears to select either "Sure" or "No way"]

Noct: Yeah, sure thing. So, what do you need me to do?
Gladio: Pick a flower.
Noct: A flower.
Gladio: A particular flower that only blooms at dawn, indigenous to these parts. Iris has always had a soft spot for 'em.
Noct: An early morning. Well, at least it'll be easy pickings. You can count on me.

Your friend has invited you on a tour.
Join him at dawn tomorrow to undertake a special task.
You must remain in the vicinity of your destination.

[In the morning, Noct and Gladio stand near a series of small cliffs; the Rock of Ravatogh looms above]
Gladio: Okay, let's go pick that flower.
Noct: Just to check, you sure you know where to look?
Gladio: Yeah, should be just up ahead.
Noct: Alrighty.
Gladio: Here we are. Bound to be around here somewhere.
Noct: It's a pretty big "somewhere" to look.
Gladio: It'll feel great when you find it. C'mon!
Noct: If I find it.

[After searching for a little while, Gladio spots what they're looking for on a cliff above them]
Gladio: Noct, I see one! There!
Noct: Yeah... How am I supposed to reach it?
Gladio: Well, that's why I'm here—to give you a boost.
Noct: Alright, let's give it a shot.

[Gladio gives Noct a boost to the cliff where many of the flowers await, then leaps up to follow after]
Noct: Yeah, we got it!
Gladio: Great work, Noct. Couldn't have done it without you.

Volcanic Bouqet x 1

Noct: Mmm... Not really sure you needed me.
Gladio: Well, I— I'd like you to give her the flower. That'll mean even more to her.
Noct: Huh? Why? What's wrong with it being from us?
Gladio: How clueless can you be... Look, just hand it to her for me, okay?

[The generic scene that plays after completing any tour with Gladiolus follows]
Gladio: Good hustle out there.
Noct: Yeah, I know: I'm awesome.

(delivering the flowers to Iris at Cape Caem)
[Noct speaks with Iris inside the house, holding the bouqet of flowers behind his back; Gladio stands nearby, listening]
Noct: Hey, Iris.
Iris: Oh, hey Noct. What's up?
Noct: Oh, you know...nothing.
Gladio: Noct has a little something he wants to give you.
Noct: Wait, what? I do?

[Iris becomes visibly excited]
Iris: Something from Noct? For me?
Noct: Here.

[Noct hangs his head in resignation, pulls the flowers from behind his back and hands them to her; Iris's face lights up]
Iris: It's beautiful! I love it, Noct. You're so sweet!
Gladio: I'd say you made her day, buddy.
Noct: Yeah. All's well that ends well, I guess.

Moogle Charm x 1

(beginning the "Berried Memories" quest)
Coctura: My favorite hunters. You couldn't have come at a better time.
Noctis: Um, you need something?
Coctura: Indeed. And this time my request is as a purveyor of food, not info. I need an ingredient from Tenebrae.
Noctis: Tenebrae?
Coctura: It's for a new confection I'm adding to our menu. I had actually planned to do so a while ago, in honor of your marriage to Lady Lunafreya. But with all that's happened, I held off on it.
Noctis: I see.
Coctura: The ingredient's quite rare in Lucis, but I'm hopeful that you can track it down.

(quest description for "Berried Memories")
Coctura has whipped up an idea for a new dessert: a confection originally intended to honor Noctis's marriage to Lady Luna. Touched by the sweet gesture, the four friends decide to help the chef by finding the rare ingredient she requires.

(upon acquiring Ulwaat Berries by trading some Caem carrots to Tony)
Noctis: This it? The thing Coctura needs?
Ignis: I believe so. Let's hurry back with it.

(completing the "Berried Memories" quest upon selecting "Yes" when the prompt appears asking whether to hand the Ulwaat Berries over to Coctura)
Coctura: Thank you! With this, I can finally make the sweet.
Noctis: So, when can we try it?
Coctura: Right now. The prep is done. All that's left is the berry on the cake. You'll find the fragrance quite sublime. Why, I still remember the first time I smelled it. Let me know when you're ready to dine. And here, take this as a small token of my gratitude.

Leiden Sweet Potato x 1
Fine Cleigne Wheat x 1
Ulwaat Berries x 1
3,000 gil

Prompto: Now that you mention it, it did give off a pretty unique smell.
Noctis: And familiar. I'm sure I've had it before.
Ignis: Could it be the confection you received from...Lady Lunafreya?
Noctis: Yeah, that's the one.
Gladiolus: So it comes full circle. The perfect sweet to honor your marriage, indeed.

(examining the elevator in the lighthouse at Cape Caem)
[A prompt appears saying "Once you depart, you will lose access to the open world for a while, and rental chocobos will automatically return to the post. Set sail for Altissia?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(upon selecting "Yes")
[Umbra comes running up the lighthouse steps to Noctis; after patting the dog's head, Noct checks the notebook he carries to find a message from Lunafreya saying "Waiting for you in Altissia"; after writing his reply in the book, Noct puts it back in Umbra's bag, and the Chocobros take the lighthouse elevator down to a basement area in a seaside cave; there's a hidden harbor here and a makeshift living room area; this is where the boat they intend to use to reach Altissia is docked; Talcott, Iris, Cid and Cor are here]
Talcott: Look, Prince Noctis! Even the marshal came to say goodbye!

(speaking with Talcott at the top of the stairs)
Talcott: I heard the Regalia's going on the boat with you!

(speaking with Talcott again)
Talcott: You didn't forget to pack anything, did you?

(speaking with Talcott yet again)
Talcott: Have a safe trip, Prince Noctis.

(speaking with Talcott once more)
Talcott: Don't you worry. I'm gonna be strong and keep everyone safe while you're gone!

(speaking with Iris on the stairs)
Iris: I guess it's goodbye for now.

(speaking with Iris again)
Iris: The Regalia's already waiting below deck.

(speaking with Iris yet again)
Iris: Hopefully she'll serve you as well across the ocean as she did here.

(speaking with Iris once more)
Iris: Just don't break her or Cid'll have your head.

(at the bottom of the stairs)
Cor: Something I gotta get off my chest.
Noctis: What's that?
Cor: I'm sorry. Sorry I wasn't there for your father. I swore an oath to protect the king, but I wasn't strong enough to uphold it.
Cid: Ain't nothin' nobody could've done to stop what happened.
Noctis: Yeah, I realize that.
Cid: But you need to realize just what you mean to the boys by your side.
Noctis: I do.
Cid: Even if they can't solve your problems, you can't hide what's goin' on from 'em. It hurts like hell. Remember—those ain't your bodyguards, they're your brothers. Trust in 'em. Always.

(speaking with Cor)
Cor: You can never have too many tools. Here—learn to wield not only weapons, but magic as well.

Magic Flask x 1

(speaking with Cor again)
Cor: Just remember: it's a destructive force that doesn't discriminate. I suggest putting someone in charge of it.

(speaking with Cid at the boat)
Cid: Waitin' for an invitation? Get your asses on board!

(as the boat pulls away from the dock)
[Talcott and Iris are watching the boat leave; Talcott suddenly shouts out to Noctis]
Talcott: Hey! Your Majesty!
Noctis: What's up?
Talcott: Please come back soon! We need our king!
Noctis: Yeah. Count on it.

[Talcott and Iris wave goodbye; Noctis waves back]


Noctis receives a warm send-off as he sets sail for Altissia in high spirits. The prince goes forth ostensibly to seek the blessings of the Hydraean, which will enable him to challenge the empire's might, but his true heart's desire is to find Lunafreya, his betrothed.

(first scene of chapter)
Yureil Plaza, Altissia

[Ravus stands in the rain staring at the church here; Ardyn approaches him from behind holding an umbrella, which he holds out to cover Ravus]
Ardyn: The wedding day arrives, but alas, without the bride.

[Ravus says nothing, and turns to walk away; Ardyn walks along a few steps behind him]
Ardyn: Of course, we've come for the Hydraean, and you've gone to such lengths to prepare.

[Ravus stops, as does Ardyn]
Ravus: Merely my duty.
Ardyn: Ah, but for an outsider to lead the imperial army must be a battle in and of itself.

[Ravus begins to walk away again]
Ardyn: You've spoken to Lady Lunafreya?

[Ravus stops once more, then slowly turns to face Ardyn]
Ravus: No.

[Ardyn takes a few steps whimsically)
Ardyn: That obstinate secretary, standing in the way. While you rush off to slay the Hydraean for your poor sister's sake.

[Ardyn stops, lowers the umbrella to cover his face, then slowly raises it to look at Ravus knowingly]
Ardyn: I know the price of the covenant.

(Noct and his retinue make their way to Altissia by boat, with Cid driving)
Prompto: Y'know, I've always wanted to go sailing like this.
Gladiolus: Not many opportunities living in Insomnia.
Prompto: Out here, it's just us and the horizon! It's amazing—it's life changing!
Ignis: We've quite a ways to go until we reach Altissia, so keep gushing to your heart's content.
Prompto: When we step off the boat, we'll be in a foreign country.
Ignis: The anticipation alone is a foreign sensation.
Gladio: And to think this is where we were headed to begin with.
Noctis: We've been through a lot.
Ignis: And there's still more to come.
Prompto: So next on the docket is Leviathan.
Gladiolus: What sort of deity are we dealing with?
Ignis: A serpent said to embody the roar and rage of the sea.
Noctis: We'll have to "sea" for ourselves.
Prompto: Can't let Lady Lunafreya do all the heavy lifting. You must be so psyched to see her.
Noctis: Luna?
Prompto: Yeah!
Noctis: Well, we need to make sure she's alright before anything else.
Ignis: Indeed. Her well-being is top priority.
Gladio: Don't like this going down on imperial turf.
Prompto: You think Lady Lunafreya's in danger there?
Ignis: The empire did invade Lucis for the ring. I have no faith their ruthless ambitions will stop short of harming the Oracle.
Gladio: Without the ring, the Crystal's no more than a rock.
Prompto: Hmm... I suppose... Does anyone know how Lady Lunafreya came to have the ring?
Ignis: It seems likely His Majesty entrusted it to her safekeeping back at the Crown City.
Gladio: So she's held onto it this whole time, all the way to Altissia.
Noctis: The ring is important, and so is Leviathan—but Luna comes first.
Ignis: You know, I was thinking back to our encounter with Ravus.
Noctis: Hmm?
Ignis: Do you recall an apparatus in place of his arm?
Gladio: Yeah, I remember.
Ignis: Seems he lost his old one in the invasion. But in its place, he seems to have acquired new power.
Noctis: Power?
Gladio: That would help explain how a son of Tenebrae suddenly came to command Niflheim's army.
Prompto: Now that you mention it, his strength did seems sorta...supernatural. I just chalked it up to the Oracle lineage.
Gladio: His ancestry may be part of it, but that alone wouldn't account for his freakish strength.
Noctis: I wonder what could've happened to him?
Ignis: There's a disturbing rumor about. Lord Ravus has taken to brandishing His Majesty's sword.
Noctis: My dad's?
Gladio: And what's the big idea behind that?
Prompto: That his power's the same as the power of kings?
Ignis: I cannot say for sure, but I have my doubts. Ravus wears the sword, yet does not wield it.
Gladio: For all his newfound powers, he's still the chancellor's lapdog... ...holding on to the enemy king's sword like some badge of honor.
Prompto: It might help if we knew what he was after.
Noctis: Who can say?
Prompto: What are the odds the empire will crash the pool party with Leviathan?
Ignis: Consider it a guarantee. They felled a god to prevent Noct from receiving his blessing, and they'll do so again.
Prompto: But we beat 'em to the big guy...thanks to our friendly "guide."
Gladio: Never know which way that one's gonna move next.
Ignis: The chancellor has an agenda all his own.
Prompto: Sometimes it helps—like when he called off his army and let us escape.
Noctis: But he was still a creep about it.
Gladio: Well, it feels like he's only helping us because he wants something... I just don't know what.
Prompto: Reckon we'll see him again?
Ignis: Certainly hope not.
Prompto: Not your type?
Gladio: No love lost for phonies.
Ignis: As Gladio said, his actions are motivated not by altruism, but by self-interest. And when he does come to our aid, I see only condescension in his eyes.
Noctis: Yeah, can't argue with that.
Prompto: Ever think you think too much?
Ignis: Sometimes, but it's always preferable to the alternative.
Prompto: Are we there yet?
Gladio: Didn't you just say you always wanted to go sailing?
Prompto: Yeah, but all this ocean gets kinda bland after a while.
Gladio: Last time I checked it was "amazing" and "life-changing."
Cid: So, soon you'll have yer old man's ring back.
Noctis: Yeah. When we arrive in Altissia.
Cid: Good thing. To him, it was his heritage.
Noctis: Is that what my dad said?
Cid: Carrying a royal line ain't a task to be taken lightly. For a small thing, that ring can sure weigh heavy. After he became king, I only ever saw his face in the paper.
Gladio: Wait—weren't you at the coronation?
Cid: Nah, I was long gone from the city.
Noctis: Must've been invited at least.
Cid: Had a fallin' out o' sorts with your old man. Right at the end of the trip.
Prompto: You did?
Ignis: I was given to understand you stayed in touch.
Cid: We buried the hatchet years later, but never talked face to face again. Shoulda paid a visit while I had the chance. Well, no use dwellin' on it now. Got the Regalia in the hold, but y'all gonna stay in Altissia for a good while, right?
Ignis: Yes, we believe so.
Cid: In that case, I'll tune her up for y'all. Not that I'll have much to do, though, what with Cindy lookin' after the old girl.
Prompto: If you say she's good, she must be great.
Cid: She was never afraid o' hard work. Heaven knows she had a hard childhood.
Prompto: "A hard childhood"?
Gladio: He means her parents.
Cid: Lost 'em both when she was little. Was big enough to understand,' to hurt. But ya wouldn't guess that, seein' her now.
Prompto: Not at all. She's always so cheerful.
Cid: Well, that oughta tell ya how far she's come.
Gladio: Man, you must have seen your fair share of Altissia by now.
Cid: Yeah... Only done been the once. Stayed a good while, though.
Prompto: What's it like?
Cid: Big ol' city.
Noctis: "Big." Okay.
Cid: Well, it ain't the Crown City.
Noctis: "Different." Got it.
Ignis: You'll see for yourself: foreign lands seldom lend themselves to trite explanations.
Cid: Change o' scenery oughta do you good.
Gladio: Well, I'm all talked out. Can't be far to Altissia now, right?
Cid: We'll be there in no time. Nice having the wind at our backs.
Ignis: Lodgings are our first order of business.
Prompto: All work and no play.
Noctis: Makes Ignis a dull boy.
Gladio: Someone has to babysit you two.
Ignis: And you're welcome to sleep in the wild.
Cid: Ain't no hotel, but I know a fella has a place.
Gladio: Hey now.
Cid: Weskham—ran with Reggie and me way back when.
Prompto: Oh, was he the other one in that photo at the garage?
Cid: Yep. Runs himself a diner or café or somethin'. Go and see for yourselves.
Noctis: Sure.
Gladio: Does the place have a name?
Cid: "Magee"? Or "Magoo"? Or—"Maagho," that's the one.
Noctis: Nice.
Cid: You can count on ol' Wes. He'll chew your ears off.

[the radio comes on as the boat enters the waterway leading into the city]
The government issued a statement promising that the reasons behind awakening the Hydraean would be clarified in the ceremonial address.

Prompto: Got a signal!

Delivering the address will be Lady Lunafreya, who was previously reported dead. This will mark her first public appearance since the violence that befell the signing ceremony.

Prompto: Lady Lunafreya's gonna give a speech?
Gladio: Sounds like it.
Cid: Lord knows—this world could use some wisdom.
Ignis: Won't be much longer now, Noct.
Noctis: Yeah.

[The boat pulls up to a guard who stands along the waterway]
Altissian Guard: Does this vessel have an entry permit?
Prompto: Uh, entry permit?
Cid: Relax. I got one.

[Cid holds it up for the guard]
Cid: Here.
Altissian Guard: That's as old as they get. Seems in order. You may pass.

[Cid drives the boat on ahead]
Ignis: Prepared in advance?
Cid: You could say that. Thirty-odd years ago.
Gladio: That's what the guy meant by "old."
Cid: Lucky us, eh?
Noctis: That could've ended badly.

[Cid slowly brings the boat into dock; everyone makes their way off the boat and toward the city]
Prompto: What's next? Immigration?
Noctis: What do you mean? There's still more?

[Noct walks up to a customs cue where some gatekeepers await]
Gatekeeper: Sir! What is the purpose of your visit?
Noctis: Purpose? Uh...

[A prompt to choose either "Ask Ignis" or "Leave it to Cid" appears]

Ask Ignis
Noctis: Ignis, a little help.
Ignis: We are scholars of the culinary arts, and we've come to study the renowned cuisine of your fair nation.
Gatekeeper: Is that so? I wish you an enlightening stay.
Ignis: Another one you owe me.
Leave it to Cid
Noctis: Cid, it's all yours.
Cid: Hey, didn't we just— Well, we're here to visit a...a joint. Maagho. Maagho's the name. Yeah.
Gatekeepr: Never heard of it. Unless you're referring to the "alternate entry program." In which case, you may pay the "levy" directly to me. This amount should suffice.
Cid: Ugh, what a racket. This is your trip—you cough up the cash.

Cid reimburses himself 3,000 gil from the party's funds.

[They now make their way into Altissia]
Gladio: You wanna check Weskham's place out?
Prompto: Yeah. "Let's all go to Maagho!"
Ignis: Perhaps we'll even make it in time for tea.
Noctis: Then we better start looking now.

(as Noct and his retinue begin moving about the harbor area)
Prompto: So, we're looking for the guy from the picture.
Ignis: An estranged friend of the king.
Prompto: Noct, you ever meet him?
Noctis: Nope.

(speaking to Cid at the harbor)
Noctis: You're not staying at a hotel?
Cid: Fancy rooms were never my style.
Noctis: Need food?
Cid: Managed to stay fed all these years. Not gonna starve to death now. An' ol' Wes'll see that I don't go thirsty either.

(speaking with Cid again)
Cid: Why're you dawdlin' here? Go on, git!

(speaking with Cid once again)
Cid: What/ Already done your business?

(and speaking with Cid once more)
Cid: Don't ya have better things to do?

(advertisement at the harbor)
Leide League
"The scorched earth comes to Altissia!"

Dual Horns, Sabertusks, Anaks, and more!

Prompto: Whoa! Pretty cool, huh?

(while walking around near the Leville)
Gladiolus: Are we staying here? Just so you know, I'm cool with camping.

(overhearing a conversation at the harbor)
Man (1): I-I'm so glad Lady Luna's safe, I-I could cry.
Man (2): Yeah, man. Me, too.

(overhearing a conversation at the harbor)
Man (1): So someone caught the secretary at Maagho again?
Man (2): She and the barkeep sure are friendly.
Man (1): There's gotta be something going on. She wouldn't spend so much time at that place if there wasn't!

(while exploring Altissia)
Noctis: The entire city's built like a maze.
Ignis: Take care not to get lost.

(while exploring Altissia)
Noctis: So, what's your plan if your glasses break?
Ignis: I've got another pair, just in case.
[Prompto laughs]
Prompto: The man always has a plan.

(beginning the "A Symbol of the Peace" quest)
Woman (1): They're extend the exhibit for Lady Lunafreya's wedding dress.
Woman (2): The Vivienne Westwood? But wasn't that a memorial for her passing?
Woman (1): Well, now it's a memorial for her safe return. Let's go see it while we still can!

Prompto: Could that be the dress we read about in the papers?
Ignis: Doubtless. The designer's name is the same.
Prompto: Wanna check it out?
Gladiolus: That depends on the groom. Might still be a sore spot, what with his wedding getting called off.
Prompto: Who says we can't call it back on? It can still happen.
Ignis: True enough. Let's keep an eye out for it.

(drawing near a stairway that leads to the Vivienne Westwood store)
Woman (1): The Vivienne Westwood store should be up these stairs.
Woman (2): It's farther than I thought.

Ignis: Seems everyone is making for the shop.

(continuing up the stairs)
Man (1): They spared no expense on the dress. I'm glad I caught it when I did.
Man (2): If the prince is still alive, they should go ahead with the wedding.
Man (1): Yeah, they just need him to show up. Doesn't he know it's rude to keep a lady waiting?

[Prompto laughs]
Prompto: The people have spoken.
Ignis: Good to know the prince isn't completely forgotten.

(drawing closer to the Vivienne Westwood store)
Girlfriend: Oh, the dress is so beautiful. I want mine to be like that.
Boyfriend: And it shall be, my love—as surely as I am your Prince Noctis!

Gladiolus: Looks like the prince has a following as well.
Prompto: Not bad, for a "Symbol of the Peace."

(overhearing another conversation about the dress)
Woman: Excuse me, could you point us to the shop with Lady Lunafreya's dress?
Man: Just follow this road toward the secretary's estate, and brace yourself for the insane crowds.
Woman: Oh, well, I guess that's to be expected. Thank you.

Gladiolus: She's a big deal.
Prompto: Big? Think you mean huge!
Ignis: You truly get the sense.

(overhearing yet another conversation about the dress)
Man (1): Nest stop, Lady Lunafreya's wedding dress.
Man (2): Let's take the gondola back.

Prompto: Hmm. Sounds like we've gone off track.

(overhearing a conversation in the small fountain plaza below Port West Station)
Woman (1): This way to the dress?
Woman (2): Yep, same street as the estate.

Ignis: Seems we're on the right track.

(completing the "A Symbol of the Peace" quest)
Prompto: One helluva crowd.
Ignis: And that's the dress. My word.
Prompto: Everyone looks so happy. And it's all because of this one dress.
Noctis: Yeah.
Prompto: Real glad for you that Lady Lunafreya is safe and sound.
Gladiolus: That settles it. You gotta make it happen—become a symbol of the peace. After we tie up all the loose ends, let's think about the ceremony.
Ignis: A fine idea.
Noctis: Yeah, I'll think about it.

(reading a sign near the Vivienne Westwood store)
We serve a full selection of
popular Accordo wines.
Ask one of our certified sommeliers
to help you choose.

Gladiolus: I wanna get me a glass of this.
Noct: Then why don't you?
Gladiolus: Yeah. Let's hit up Maagho later.

(overhearing a conversation about Lunafreya)
Woman (1): She doesn't rub shoulders with the empire by choice. Everybody knows she wants independence.
Woman (2): Maybe she can ally herself with the prince now that he's "come back to life." Wait—is that why she went to Maagho!?
Woman (1): Oh my gosh—that Weskham guy's from Insomnia, too. You don't think the prince is here, do you!?

(overhearing a conversation about Ravus)
Woman (1): He just stood there, staring at the church and looking all sad.
Woman (2): Can you blame him? His sister was supposed to get married there...
Woman (1): But he knew what was going to happen that day. He could've at least warned her.
Woman (2): Well, what if he wanted to but couldn't? It must be eating him up inside.

(overhearing another conversation about Ravus)
Man (1): His arm's so cool! I mean, not like I actually want one of my own or anything.
Man (2): No, dude, I totally feel the same way. They say that thing's got, like, superpowers!
Man (1): The empire makes some sick stuff.

(overhearing yet another conversation about Ravus)
Man (1): I thought that guy was from Tenebrae.
Man (2): He is—so it must have been a hard pill to swallow, being forced to lead his enemy's army.
Man (1): Poor souls, he and his sister.

(coming near and examining the plaque on the monument in the small fountain plaza below Port West Station)
Ignis: Do you see that, Noct?
Noctis: What is it?

A goddess as merciful as the sea is wide.
May Leviathan long protect this land.
Peace be unto the Province of Accordo.

Iedolas Aldercapt, Emperor of Niflheim

Ignis: "Peace be unto the province"...

(sign in front of the statue of Leviathan)
Wish Birds
Write a wish on the paper bird.
Throw the wish bird toward the mouth of the Tidemother.
If the wish bird flies into the sea goddess's mouth, she will grant you your wish.

Prompto: Makin' wishes? Throwin' stuff? Count me in!

(speaking to a vendor near the statue of Leviathan)
Prompto: What do you think they're doing, Noct?
Proprietor: They're launching wishing birds. Would you boys like to give it a try?
Noctis: "Wishing birds"?
Proprietor: They're an old Altissian tradition. You write your wish on a paper bird, and you throw it at the statue. If it lands in the mouth, your wish will come true.
Prompto: You hear that? Our wishes are waiting in the wings.

(arriving at Maagho)
Weskham: Welcome to Accordo, lads. Cid mentioned you'd be dropping in. Weskham Armaugh, as you've gathered. My word, you've grown, little Prince. Ah, but of course—you were only a babe at the time.

(walking about for a moment after arriving at Maagho)
Ignis: After the journey with His Majesty, he settled here and opened shop. He's an odd specimen.

(continuing to walk about for a moment at Maagho)
Ignis: The Archaean's awakening resulted in the destruction of the Disc, yet the government proceeds with the rite. There's more to this than we understand.

(continuing to walk around Maagho further)
Ignis: Based on the government's actions, it would seem Accordo is supportive of the Oracle.
Noctis: Despite being under the empire's thumb.
Ignis: Therein lies the riddle: is Lady Lunafreya truly safe?

(walking around Maagho more)
Gladiolus: If Ravus is in town, seems it's only a matter of time before that chancellor shows up. Another unknown we don't need.

(still walking around Maagho)
Prompto: Your dad's friend seems like a cool guy. Just wonder how he ended up here.

(speaking with Weskham)
Weskham: So, this is your maiden visit. Enjoying it so far? You doubtless have many questions, so ask away.
Noctis: This country is a part of the empire, isn't it?
Weskham: You're wary, I understand. But there's no need to jump at every shadow. Just be aware that the terms of our independence grant the empire free reign to come and go as they please.
Ignis: We'll bear that in mind.
Weskham: It's admittedly a one-sided arrangement. Most everything we do requires Niflheim's permission, and they wouldn't knowingly permit the Oracle to appear before the public. How our government spun that is quite a mystery. Is there anything else?

Ask about the Oracle
Noctis: You really think Luna will make an address?
Weskham: If every recent radio broadcast is to be trusted, absolutely.
Ignis: Where is Lady Lunafreya?
Weskham: In the city somewhere, but no one has caught so much as a glimpse of her. The media has been conspicuous in its silence on the matter, which speaks volumes of government intervention. That'd certainly explain the rumors of disgruntled imperial officers leaving the city.

Ask about the empire
Noctis: So you see lots of Niffs around here?
Weskham: We do. Sometimes even at my place. Theirs is a familiar presence, and the citizens don't think much of it. Though, the high commander did cause a stir when he showed up the other day.
Noctis: Ravus.
Weskham: So soon after they felled the Archaean in Lucis, his arrival fuels rumors that they will next come to Altissia. The empire's not content ruling all the land—they want the heavens as well.

Ask about Leviathan
Noctis: Is anything changed with Leviathan?
Weskham: For now, it's business as usual at port, but word is the government will soon open the Altar of the Tidemother.
Gladiolus: In preparation for the rite.
Weskham: Ah, but on the other hand, they're scrambling to stockpile emergency provisions. This begs the question: if they're anticipating that the Hydraean will wreak havoc, why would they allow the rite to proceed?

Weskham: Well, if you need anything else, you know where to find me.
Noctis: Thanks, 'preciate it.

(after speaking with Weskham, Camelia Claustra enters)
Weskham: My dear Camelia, it's been a while.
Camelia: I heard about your distinguished guests.
Weskham: Ah, you've an ear for gossip.

(speaking with Camelia)
Camelia: Gentlemen, I won't waste your time. My name is Camelia Claustra.
Ignis: First secretary of the Accordo Protectorate.
Camelia: You should know we have Lady Lunafreya in our care. And the empire demands we surrender her.
Noctis: What?
Camelia: Yet I am loath to acquiesce unless we stand to profit. Hence I've come to discuss terms...with the King of Lucis. If you've a mind to talk, come to my estate.

[Camelia leaves]
Weskham: She can be oblique at the best of times, but I assure you her heart is in the right place.
Prompto: Oh. Okay.
Weskham: At any rate, you must be weary from your journey. Might I suggest you seek your beds for now and ponder matters anew in the morning?
Noctis: Yeah, think we'll do just that.

(speaking to Weskham once more)
Weskham: Remember, your heart is yours to follow. Just see to it that you proceed with caution. Should you ever need it, Maagho is at your disposal.

(encountering Gentiana at the Leville)
Noct: ...Gentiana.
Gentiana: Ahead lies a future uncertain, yet sure is the astral memory, wherein the King may walk.

Through Umbra's power, you can now revisit past memories.
Summon him when you rest at lodgings.
•Characters will retain their current levels and abilities.
•Rental chocobos will automatically return to the post.
•The place you called Umbra will be set as your last rest point.

Messengers' Amulet x 1

(when discovering the Ronin from the "Bewitched Blade Stains the Waters" hunt)
Prompto: But how?
Gladiolus: Doesn't matter how they got here. What matters is we make 'em gone.

(when discovering the Master Tonberry from the "The Tragic Facts" hunt)
Ignis: A kitchen knife... Wonder if it's a culinary battle he wants.
Noctis: I somehow doubt that.

(progressing the "The Cursed Canvas" quest)
[The Chocobros descend the steps leading to where the Lakshmi is on display]
Noctis: So here we are, about to see the famous painting.
Gladiolus: Infamous, more like.
[Prompto shudders]
Prompto: Anyone else got goose bumps?

[The four walk up to the painting]
Ignis: So there's the Lakshmi.
Prompto: Whoa! It's big.

[Mist begins emanating from the painting]
Ignis: What's that?
Noctis: Is it fog?

[Hands begin to take shape in the fog and emerge from the painting followed by an apparition with the form of a naked young woman]
Prompto: Whoa. No. Friggin'. Way.
Gladiolus: Pretty bold of 'er.
[The apparition laughs]
Ignis: Prompto. Camera.
Prompto: Um, this isn't what I signed up for.
Noctis: Just do it, okay?
Prompto: I got it, you guys!
Gladiolus: Time to take 'er down!

(completing the "The Cursed Canvas" quest)
Vyv: Don't tell me...
Noctis: Yeah. We got the photo alright.

[Noct shows him the picture that Prompto took]
Vyv: Whoo-ee. You could knock me down with a chocobo plume right now.
Noctis: This is the scoop you wanted.
Vyv: I can't print this! Kids read my magazine. Wouldn't want their parents suing me! Plus, this thing was hauntin' the painting, right? So, who's to say it's not hauntin' this photo, too? This shot could come back to haunt me—I better hide it.
Noctis: After all that trouble?
Vyv: Look, I'll still pay you. You did what I asked. Heck, I'll sweeten the prize for you.

25,000 gil

(speaking with Vyv after completing all of his quests)
Vyv: I'm on the hunt for my next big scoop. What're you boys up to?

(beginning the "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie" quest by traveling to "past" Lucis via Umbra for the first time)
[Noctis's cell phone rings; he answers]
Cindy: Howdy, Prince. D'you mind swingin' by the garage for a hot minute? We been experiencin' some awful strange shakes back here in Leide. The Hunters're already lookin' into it, but I reckon they could use a couple more hands.
Noctis: Got it. On our way.

[Note: The "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie" quest can be begun and completed during Chapter 9, but one possible NPC who can show up will be missing if the player progresses to the last stage of the quest prior to completing certain tasks that will be unavailable until Chapter 15; as such, the remainder of the quest will be chronicled here under the section for Chapter 15]

[After the negotiations between Noctis and Camelia, she watches from a window as he and his friends leave her residence]
Camelia: I can't promise something I can't help.

[Weskham is revealed to be in the room with her]
Weskham: Of course. You certainly opened up to them, though.
Camelia: What can I say? I have a soft spot for the young and tragic. They've lost Regis, they've lost the Crystal... Was it so long ago the last Oracle was taken from them? We've seen the empire go mad these ten-odd years.

The day of the rite...

[The Chocobros are riding a gondola around Altissia's waterways]
Ignis: During the rite, we must see to it the empire does not harass Leviathan.
Gladiolus: Gonna be tough to pull off, before the king receives her power.
Prompto: And with three of us on evacuation detail.
Ignis: Indeed. The best we can realistically do is to help the Hydraean help herself.
Gladiolus: What kind of help you talkin' about?
Ignis: Just like Titan, the empire will seek to immobilize Leviathan.
Prompto: Ah, with the harpoon things?
Ignis: If we can dislodge them from the goddess, she will have a fighting chance.
Gladiolus: Sounds good in theory, but don't push it. It's pointless unless you can get that blessing.
Ignis: Stay flexible, stay alert.
Noctis: Alright, will do.

[In the first secretary's estate, Camelia is having a conversation with Lunafreya]
Camelia: If worse comes to worst, you can threaten to throw the trident into the sea. Then they'll listen. In the meantime, it will be well guarded. Better than the Oracle herself.
Lunafreya: Understood... I shall reclaim it at the altar.
Camelia: Remember: you'll be under imperial watch.
Lunafreya: Right.
Camelia: Think of it as a necessary evil in order to forge the covenant.
Lunafreya: I am in your debt.
Camelia: Once it's over, you may go as you please. But you do so without our protection.
Lunafreya: So be it.
Camelia: You had better get going.

[Camelia stands and leaves the room; a moment later, several imperial troopers rush into the room and point their guns at Lunafreya; she sits in silence for a moment under their weapons, then stands, brushes one of the guns out of her face with the back of her hand, and leaves the room]

[Noct stands among the throngs in Yureil Plaza before the church here, where Lunafreya is to make her speech; he's on the phone with his friends]
Prompto: Noct, you in position?
Noctis: Yep.
Gladiolus: Don't forget the plan.
Noctis: You guys, too.
Ignis: Of course.

[Noctis hangs up and begins making his way through the crowd to get close to the podium where Lunafreya will speak]
Noct: Talk about a crowd... Like the whole city's come to watch.

[While Noctis is making his way toward the front, Lunafreya emerges and walks to the podium; many in the crowd shout out to her with adoration; at the podium, she momentarily places her hands before her, as if in prayer, and the crowd quietens to hear her speak]
Lunafreya: Dear friends, I stand before you today with little hope the words I speak shall reach beyond these walls.

[Noct reaches the front and stops to listen]
Lunafreya: For slowly, but surely, the Light fades from our world. And as it does, the shadows shall loom ever longer until all succumbs to the darkness. Darkness that evokes terror, hatred, and sorrow in the hearts of men. The ashes of Lucis... A dream of peace twisted into a nightmare of death and destruction, claiming innumberable lives and leaving myriad souls to suffer.

[Cor is shown listening to Lunafreya's speech in the makeshift living room area beneath the lighthouse at Cape Caem; Iris and Talcott are shown listening in Lestallum; Noct looks on at her with sadness in his eyes]
Noctis: Luna...
Lunafreya: Yet I beg you, do not surrender to despair. Have faith, for our gods watch over us. By their blessings, by the Stars that light the heavens above, our world will be delivered from the perils of the dark. I stand before you here, in Altissia, to call upon Leviathan, Goddess of the Seas, spirit of the deep. By the sacred rite, I will commune with the Hydraean. But first, I offer you my solemn vow. On my honor as Oracle, I will not rest until the darkness is banished from our world and the Light is restored.

[Many people in the crowd clap and cheer]
Lunafreya: Bless you all.

[Noct and Luna make eye contact; she smiles and nods at him; he returns her smile and nod; Lunafreya walks away from the podium; the screen briefly fades to black; as it fades back in, Noct's phone is ringing; he answers]
Ignis: Noct, the empire's here.

[From his spot at the front of the crowd, Noctis looks to the sky; many imperial dreadnoughts and drop ships are apparoaching]
Noct: I can see 'em.
Ignis: Drop ships are closing in on the port. Look for a vantage point to approach them.
Noct: Okay. Look after the citizens.
Gladiolus: We got 'em covered.
Prompto: begins...

[The screen fades to black]

[As imperial dreadnoughts loom above Altissia, Lunafreya stands on an altar overlooking the sea; she now wields her trident as she vocalizes an eerie melody]
Leviathan: What fool mortal dares break the slumber of the Tide!?
Lunafreya: It is I, Lunafreya, blood of the Oracle! Goddess of the Seas, I beseech you: enter into this covenant that the King might reclaim the Stone!

[After a moment, the enormous serpentine water goddess rises from the waters and hovers before Lunafreya; the creature then unleashes an angered threatening roar at the Oracle]
Leviathan: This wretched pile of bone and flesh, ignore of that which governs All, comes to requisition the might of a goddess?
Lunafreya: I do.

[The camera pans back to show the imperial dreadnoughts all around Leviathan and Lunafreya; Ignis contacts Noctis by phone]
Ignis: Noct. The Hydraean has awoken.
Noctis: The civilians?
Gladiolus: Almost there. We'll join you when we're done.
Ignis: The empire has the Hydraean surrounded. Hurry, Noct!
Noctis: I'm on it.
Gladiolus: Then the rite's already begun?
Noctis: Most likely.
Prompto: Time to lend the Hydraean a hand.

[Noctis fights his way through a couple of magitek troopers; afterward, he sees a coil of water in the shape of Leviathan fly through the air and destroy an imperial drop ship]
Noctis: What's this water...?

[After Noctis fights his way through several more magitek troopers, he sees Leviathan looming above, speaking to Lunafreya]
Leviathan: What does a lowly, ephemeral speck know of All Creation!?

[Leviathan swings her body into the upper portion of the altar Lunafreya stands upon, breaking the upper stonework off and sending it into the sea in pieces]
Lunafreya: I know what you must know—that the King of Kings is to drive the darkness from our star.

[Note by The Twilight Mexican: When Luna says "I know what you must know—that the King of Kings is to drive the darkness from our star," what she refers to as "star" is 星 (i.e. hoshi) in Japanese; the word used for celestial bodies in general. It can mean "star," but can also refer to planets -- and, indeed, is not only what everyone in FFVII refers to that game's planet by, but also what FFXV's Lore Guide from the game's opening tutorial explains the word to mean in this game.

In the Japanese version of FFXV, the segment of the Lore Guide entitled "The Six and the Oracle" ends with an additional line that says ちなみに、これらの話題でいう「星」は「世界」の意です -- "By the way, 'star' in these topics means 'world.'" This either became "star" in the official English localization due to an error in translation or, as is more likely, a deliberate choice on the part of the localization to give some linguistic flair to the game's dialogue.

Click here for a screenshot or here for a video showing this segment of the Lore Guide in the Japanese version, and for further reference, this is Luna's line above in Japanese: 聖石に選ばれし王は それはおまえも承知であろう]

[Leviathan roars and launches one of her water coil copies at Lunafreya, knocking the Oracle to her knees, leaving her bruised and her dress torn; Lunafreya uses her trident to remain propped up; she coughs, then stands once more]
Leviathan: Blasphemous ingrates, all men, quick to forget the ages their goddess stood watch!
Lunafreya: It is in receiving mercy than men offer praise, and in shedding grace that the gods solicit worship.
Leviathan: Yet this profane speck speaks her "King" heresies before a goddess! Insufferable sacrilege!

[Leviathan clamps her jaws down over the altar Lunafreya stands upon; from within her mouth, Lunafreya raises her trident]
Lunafreya: Leviathan!

[A yellow column of light emits from Lunafreya's trident and Leviathan recoils]
Lunafreya: I vow the King will prove himself worthy!
Leviathan: If not, then the Feeding shall begin, and it shall not end until every last speck is devoured! So let the covenant be forged. Heaven and Earth, High and Deep, Birth and Return...

[Leviathan raises a large wall of water enclosing herself and all those in her vicinity; the scene transitions back to Noctis]
Ignis: Noct! Prompto is headed your way.
Noctis: But, what about you guys?
Ignis: We'll wait below—there's only room for two.

[As Noctis reaches a balcony, Leviathan destroys a couple more imperial drop ships not far from him; he suddenly hears Prompto]
Prompto: Noct, jump!
Noctis: What!?
Prompto: No time for questions!

[Noctis prepares to jump]
Noctis: Man...

[He jumps over the balcony and lands on a small flying imperial machine commandeered by Prompto]
Noctis: The hell is this?
Prompto: Ha! New ride we borrowed from the Niffs. This'll get us in close.
Noctis: Serious?
Prompto: Here she comes!
Noctis: I got this.

[Leviathan begins sending water coil copies at them, which Noctis deflects]
Prompto: I'll get as close as I can. Then it's up to you.
Noctis: Alright. I won't be long. Hey, nice job finding this baby.
Prompto: Moment I saw her, I knew we'd go places.

[More of Leviathan's coils close in]
Prompto: Not again!
Noctis: Not making this easy.
Prompto: Noct, hold on tight!

[Noctis deflects them again before slipping and almost falling; Prompto grabs his hand and pulls him back up]
Prompto: Dude! Don't let go!

[Noctis notices that Leviathan herself is turning toward them]
Noctis: Hey! Heads up!

[Leviathan opens her jaws and prepares to snap them on Prompto and Noctis; Prompto steers them out of harm's way]
Prompto: Noct, can you reach? Now!

[Noctis point-warps to Leviathan's face]
Noctis: Leviathan.

[Her eye turns toward him]

[A prompt appears to select either "Request her power" or "Demand her power"]

Request her power
Noctis: I need your power.
Demand her power
Noctis: Hey! Your power, give it up!

[A prompt appears to select either "Adopt a reasonable tone" or "Maintain a commanding tone"]

Adopt a reasonable tone
Noctis: I need your power.
Maintain a commanding tone
Noctis: Don't you understand!? I'm the King!

[A prompt appears to select either "Adopt a reasonable tone" or "Maintain a commanding tone"]

Adopt a reasonable tone
Noctis: I need your power.
Maintain a commanding tone
Noctis: So, you wanna do this the hard way? Fine.

Leviathan grows stronger!

Earned 10 AP.

[Leviathan roars and violently shifts side to side, throwing Noctis off to the ground far below; he gets back up as she kicks up a cyclone that begins destroying the area]
Noctis: So the only way you'll help me is if I take you down?

[Noctis manages to land a flurry of warp-strikes against her, but she doesn't fall]
Noctis: Son of a bitch!

[After Noctis attacks her some more, Leviathan lands a blow against him that sends him to the ground; he doesn't get back up this time; Lunafreya attempts to run to him, but falls down herself, hacking, the toil of her duty catching up to her; suddenly, Ardyn walks into view beside of her]
Ardyn: Now, about that ring...

[He kneels in front of her]
Ardyn: On second thought... You let him have it.

[Ardyn suddenly stabs Lunafreya in her stomach; both she and Noctis gasp; Ardyn looks into Lunafreya's eyes]
Ardyn: And do remind him about the Crystal.

[Ardyn jerks the blade out of Lunafreya and wipes it off; he then turns to Noctis]
Ardyn: Oh, Prince! Your bride awaits!
Lunafreya: I will pass the the rightful King...

[Ardyn grabs her by her jaw and smiles at her; she places her hands on his arm and a yellow light appears where she touches him; he releases her jaw]
Lunafreya: When the prophecy is fulfilled, all in thrall to darkness shall know peace.

[Ardyn's expression briefly turns from his mocking smile to a calm expression before turning to anger; he jerks his hand back and then backhands her with it; he quickly stands and begins walking away; he stops for a moment, looking down at his hand as his personal drop ship approaches]
Ardyn: How sweet... But please, Lady Lunafreya, you first.

[Ardyn gives her a mocking half bow before departing into his ship; it flies away; Lunafreya looks over to Noctis, who still hasn't moved; she grabs her trident, raises it, and begins channeling a yellow column of light from it; a similar column descends on Noctis as other such columns arise from the royal tombs across Eos; Noctis slowly rises into the air as spectral currents of blue and yellow energy swirl around him; he and Lunafreya briefly make eye contact as her trident turns to one of the energy swirls and flies to Noctis; all the swirls of energy suddenly converge on him and leave him flying in the air, surrounded by spectral images of the royal arms; he faces off against Leviathan once again, now fully empowered by his ancestors; he unleashes a devastating salvo of energy weapons on her before severing one of her fins with the Oracle's trident; Noctis lands one powerful blow after another, even breaking off two of the sea goddess's three horns; finally, he delivers an explosive attack with energy forms of his ancestors' weapons before conjuring the trident once more and jamming it into Leviathan's neck, then using it to cut her open from neck to where her body touches the surface of the sea; water sprays from her massive wound; the screen briefly fades to black before transitioning to an exhausted Noctis slowly falling to the ground near Lunafreya]
Noctis: It's done...

[He gently lands on his back a few feet from her; he's unconscious; she crawls over to him and puts her forehead against his; yellow light begins to emanate from them]
Lunafreya: Blessed Stars of light and life...

[Leviathan roars in pain and fury; seeing this, Lunafreya cradles Noctis in her arms; suddenly, Titan emerges from the sea in front of the serpentine deity; Titan punches his fist into the sea directly in front of Leviathan, sending up columns of earth that engulf the other god; the wall of water Leviathan had raised begins to collapse, along with the pillars of earth Titan caused to emerge; all around Lunafreya and Noctis is falling water and crumbling rock; the screen fades to white; when it fades in again, Noctis as a child is laying asleep in a field of sylleblossoms; there is no proper sky; it is just a white void; Lunafreya calls to him]
Lunafreya: Noctis.

[Noct awakens and sees Lunafreya, as he knew when she was a child, striding toward him]
Noctis: Luna?

[Noct rises to his knees]
Lunafreya: So, you found your way here.
Noctis: And you found me.
Lunafreya: A chance to see you once more... Who would have thought?

[She turns away; Noctis gets to his feet]
Noctis: What do you mean? Why wouldn't you see me?

[She turns back to him]
Lunafreya: Because my prayers have been answered. My calling fulfilled.
Noctis: But...that doesn't have to come between us.

[Luna steps closer to him and bends down to look him in the eyes]
Lunafreya: You are the One, Noctis. The Stars shine for you now. That which is yours by right shall be restored to you.

[She walks a few steps away, then turns back to look at him]
Lunafreya: Do you remember the flowers of Tenebrae? It seems so long ago. You'll find they await you still, blooming from hill to vale.
Noctis: Will you be there?

[She is silent for a long moment, then solemnly shakes her head; a strong wind suddenly picks up, blowing sylleblossoms about; Luna now looks as she did moments ago while Noctis still appears as a child]
Lunafreya: Would that I could join you... but this moment will have to be enough.

[The field around Noctis begins discorporating into dark wisps]
Noctis: It's not right... All I... All I wanted...was to save you.

[As the dark wisps begin enveloping them, and what wasn't a sky begins to look like the sea, Lunafreya reaches down and plucks a sylleblossom]
Lunafreya: When the world falls down around you, and hope is lost, when you find yourself alone, amid a lightless place, look to the distance. Know that I am there, and that I watch over you always.

[Lunafreya holds out the sylleblossom and releases it toward Noctis as she sinks into the mirk]
Lunafreya: Farewell, dear Noctis.

[Noctis's face is wracked with pain as he begins clawing at the sea to try to reach her; he shifts into his adult appearance as he does this; failing, he reaches his hands out to her as she disappears from view and the sylleblossom released to him suddenly disperses, revealing the Ring of the Lucii floating toward Noctis; his face still twisted with heartbreak, he closes his hands around the ring; the scene briefly fades to white before transitioning to Noctis awakening with a groan in a bed in Altissia; he slowly sits up to see Ignis sitting across the room from him in a chair facing the other way; Ignis turns his head as if looking at Noctis over his shoulder; he isn't, however]
Ignis: Back with us?

[Ignis clumsily finds a grip on the arm of the chair before standing]
Ignis: I'll tell the others...though it may take a bit.

[Around the edges of the sunglasses Ignis is wearing, Noct can now see the scars framing his eyes; Noctis is startled]
Noctis: You're hurt...
Ignis: A small sacrifice in the greater battle.

[Noctis is quiet for a moment]
Noctis: And Luna?

[Ignis turns away and is silent for an equally long moment]
Ignis: She has passed.

[Noctis grips his left hand before realizing something is there; he opens it to see the Ring of the Lucii; he gasps and begins to shake; Ignis gestures toward the notebook on the bed]
Ignis: Umbra left that for you.

[Ignis leaves; Noctis opens the notebook and flips to the page with the sylleblossom; he grits his teeth and clenches his fist around the ring as he begins sobbing; the scene fades to black before transitioning to Noctis leaning along a railing by the docks; Prompto, Gladio and Ignis walk past him, Gladio helping guide Ignis; he stops, though, and turns to look at Noctis, who turned his head to watch them; Prompto puts his hands on Ignis to continue guiding him while Gladio stares at Noct; after a moment, Noctis follows them]


Across the water and onto the rails, the royal retinue makes for Gralea, the imperial capital. Their objective: reclaiming the Crystal, that they might reclaim their homeland. However, the ring's weight proves too much for Noctis to bear.

The Scourge of the Stars

Several weeks later...

[Noctis and the others are riding a train past a savannah-like landscape dotted with the occasional tree; Prompto and Ignis are sitting together in one seat; Noctis sits alone across the aisle from them, hanging his head]
Prompto: So...we're gonna roll through Tenebrae.
Ignis: Not before visiting the royal tomb in Cartanica.
Prompto: You're sure you're up to that?
Ignis: The wounds have mended. Eyesight's a matter of time.

[Gladio suddenly walks up to them and stares at Noctis]
Gladiolus: The hell is wrong with you?

[Noctis slowly raises his head]
Noctis: What?
Gladiolus: We're not stopping in Tenebrae. You need to grow up and get over it.

[Noctis stands and confronts his friend]
Noctis: I am over it. I'm here, aren't I!?

[Gladiolus grabs Noctis by his jacket and pulls him close]
Gladiolus: Maybe when you're not too busy moping, you can look around and give a shit about someone worse off than you.
Noctis: Let go of me.
Gladiolus: How's that ring fit ya? You'd rather carry it around than wear it? She gave her life so you could do your duty, not so you could sit around feeling sorry for yourself.
Noctis: You don't think I know that!?
Gladiolus: You don't! Ignis took one for you too, and for what!?
Ignis: Enough, Gladio!
Gladiolus: You think you're a king, but you're a coward.
Noctis: Shut up!

[Noctis shoves Gladiolus and grabs him by his jacket as well; Prompto stands and addresses Gladio]
Prompto: Don't do this—!

[Gladio puts his hand on Prompto's face and shoves him back]
Noctis: I get it, alright!? I get it!

[Noct shoves Gladio away]
Gladiolus: Then get a grip! Pull your head outta your ass already!

[Noctis turns and walks away; Prompto calls after him]
Prompto: Noct!
Gladiolus: Leave him.

[Gladio turns and walks away in the other direction; Noctis walks to the other end of the train car and takes another seat; after a moment, he holds his closed hand up and slowly opens it to reveal the Ring of the Lucii; his hand is shaking; Noct closes his fist tight around the ring and grits his teeth; he's also grunting, as though in pain; after a long moment, he stands]

Noctis is free to roam about the train until it pulls into the station.

(when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: If there's a tomb here, you bet we'll be raiding it.

(alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: I hope at least one ancestor of yours had the sense to build his tomb somewhere safe.

(another alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Ignis: We'll be on foot in Cartanica.

(yet another alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
[Prompto sighs]
Prompto: We're almost there.

(and yet another alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: Hey, we're almost at Cartanica.

(and still yet another alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: The tomb is just a station away. You think we'll be okay—all of us?

(conversation in dining car on the way to Cartanica)
Man (1): Still no sign of Lady Lunafreya anywhere.
Man (2): It's not looking good...
Man (1): What I wouldn't give to see her again.

(at Cartanica station after arriving)
Prompto: There's an elevator that should take us straight down to the mine. Wonder if the tomb's inside. Those two went to grab a bite in that glorified dining car they call a restaurant.

(overhearing a conversation at Cartanica Station)
Woman: It'll still be some time until we reach Tenebrae.
Man: Hopefully we hear some good news about Lady Lunafreya before then. I hope she's okay.
Woman: Me, too. I'm hoping for another miracle.

(overhearing a conversation at Cartanica Station)
Man (1): I'll bet you don't know why they closed Caestino off to the public.
Man (2): I'll bet you don't either.
Man (1): These spelunkers found something fierce down there.
Man (2): Don't believe everything you hear, buddy.

(when examining the elevator that will lead the Chocobros down from the train station)
[A prompt appears asking "Head down into the quarry?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(upon selecting "Yes")
[Ignis taps Noctis on his shoulder]
Ignis: Ready to set out?

[A prompt appears to select either "Take Ignis along" or "Leave Ignis behind"]

Take Ignis along
Ignis: I'll manage somehow.
Leave Ignis behind
Ignis: Don't worry about me.

Fodina Caestino
Once rich in resources, this mine fell out of use in recent years, and now serves as little more than a watering hole for wild beasts. According to Cor, however, a royal tomb lies in the quarry's depths, waiting to be uncovered.

(as the Chocobros begin to make their way through the Fodina Caestino mine)
Prompto: Feeling a little out of my element.
Ignis: We're a foreign species in this environment. Mind we don't end up prey.
Noctis: Right, good tip.

Ignis walks at a slower pace due to his eye injury.
Be sure not to leave him behind.

(shortly into their exploration)
Gladiolus: Footing's bad. Watch your step.
Ignis: As best I can.
Prompto: Go at your own pace. We'll wait.

(as a battle begins)
Ignis: Prompto... Where's the enemy?
Prompto: Don't worry, Ignis. We got this.

(following the battle)
Noctis: Hey, you should hang back.
Ignis: Was I in the way?
Noctis: No, you weren't. It's just—

(as night falls in the Fodina Caestino)
Ignis: Prompto, perhaps it's time for some light.
Prompto: Yeah. How did you...?
Ignis: The hour is late. That much I can tell.
Prompto: Oh, I see. That's...good.

(following another battle)
Prompto: Glad that's over!
Ignis: I only wish I could do more.
Gladiolus: You staying alive is enough.

(following another battle)
Ignis: It's proving a challenge.
Gladiolus: What did you expect?

(leaving camp in the morning)
Prompto: We should get moving. You okay, Ignis?
Ignis: I'm fine. Don't mind me.

(following yet another battle)
Gladiolus: Watch out, Iggy, they're on top of us.
Ignis: Ah, thank you.
Gladiolus: Don't thank me yet.

(if Noctis accidentally brings his weapons out near Ignis)
Prompto: Whoa, what'd Ignis do to you!?
Noctis: My bad.
Prompto: Not just bad, dude—really bad.

(if Noctis accidentally brings his weapons out near Ignis a second time)
Gladiolus: Hey! Don't you think you've hurt Iggy enough already?
Noctis: Sorry...

(following yet one more battle)
Prompto: These tombs are always in the darndest places.
Gladiolus: Glad you're taking this seriously.

(as the royal retinue makes their way through the mine)
Gladio: Hold up.

[Noct stops and turns to face Gladiolus]
Gladio: You sure you're ready for this? You got what it takes?
Noct: To do what?
Gladio: To face your ancestors and convince them to lend you their strength. Got a long road ahead. Can you see this through? To the end?

[A prompt appears to select either "Show frustration" or "Show resolve"]

Show frustration
Noct: As if I have a choice! You think I like the idea of people sacrificing themselves for me, one after the other?
Gladio: Enough. Forget it.

[Gladio takes a few steps past Noctis and stops]
Gladio: I thought you'd accepted your duty. I thought wrong.

Gladio's words lit a fire in Noctis's heart.
Now riled, Noctis's strength has increased by 50%.
Show resolve
Noct: Can and will. Whether I like it or not, I've got a duty to fulfill—as king.
Gladio: You're damn right, you do. Then that means you'd better start taking this seriously.

[Gladio walks on past Noctis]

Gladio's words spurred Noctis to self-reflection.
Now roused, Noctis's vitality has increased by 50%.

(in the swamp at the bottom of the mine, outside the entrance to the royal tomb)
[Noct and the others come across several large organic sacs hanging between some tree roots]
Prompto: What is this?
Gladiolus: I hate eggs.
Prompto: Do we really wanna know what's back there?

[Suddenly, large squirming tentacles come out of the swamp followed by the malboro they belong to]
Prompto: That looks like a mouth. Is that its face!?
Ignis: What? What is it?
Prompto: Something real bad!

(as the battle with the malboro becomes drawn out)
Gladiols: It's useless.
Prompto: What do we do!?
Noctis: This might be a good time to panic.
Ignis: No. There must be a way!

The malboro has gone berserk.
Keep your distance to avoid its Bad Breath.

(as the malboro sucks in air and prepares to unleash its Bad Breath)
[Inspiration dawns on Ignis's face]
Ignis: Noct, I have an idea.

[Ignis reaches into his jacket and pulls out a magic flask]
Ignis: If I may...

[Ignis hurls the magic flask down the malboro's gullet; a second later, flame erupts from the creature's throat]
Ignis: Ah, as I suspected!

Prompto: It really worked!
Gladiolus: Nice one, Iggy.
Ignis: Now, we've a fighting chance.

Ignis has rejoined the fray!
• Obtained technique: Libra Elementia

[Using Libra Elementia, Ignis torches the malboro to a crisp]
Ignis: Is it dead?
Prompto: It is—and it's all thanks to Iggy!
Gladiolus: Iggy, you saved us.
Prompto: Seriously. We'd be plant food if it wasn't for you.
Ignis: Happy to help.
Gladiolus: What, no royal commendation from His Majesty?
Noctis: None for you, at least.

(upon returning to where the eggs were hanging)
Gladiolus: Whisking them just makes a mess—better fry 'em.

[Noctis incinerates the eggs, revealing the door to the royal tomb in this area]
Prompto: I think we found it!
Noctis: Just wish they found a better place to build it.

[Inside the tomb, Noctis acquires the Katana of the Warrior]
Gladiolus: Alright, let's haul ass.
Noctis: Yeah, let's.

(as the royal retinue walks back out into the swamp)
Ignis: A moment?
Gladio: Is everything okay?
Ignis: It bloody well isn't. And I won't suffer this pointless bickering in silence any longer. Let's be frank. My vision hasn't improved, and probably won't. Yet in spite of this... I would remain with you all. Til the very end.
Gladio: Sorry, but I object. War is a matter of life and death.
Prompto: But, we'll be there!
Gladio: It's not about us looking out for him!
Prompto: Uh-huh. Well, then he should be free to choose.
Gladio: There's more to it than just what he wants!
Ignis: I know full well! I won't ask you to slow down. If I can't keep up, I will bow out.
Gladio: What says "His Majesty"?
Ignis: Noct, you are king. One cannot lead by standing still. A king pushes onward always, accepting the consequences and never looking back. Gladio, Noct will take his rightful place, but only once he's ready.

[Gladio is quiet for a moment before relenting and turning his back]
Gladio: Have it your way. We're still taking a big risk.

[Gladio turns to look at Noct]
Gladio: We better all be ready.

[Gladio walks off]

(as Noct and the others return to the train station)
Noctis: You guys mind if we stop in Tenebrae?
Prompto: Might as well hop off.
Gladiolus: If it helps him move on.

(as the royal retinue prepares to reboard the train)
[Noctis is addressing Ignis]
Noct: We're here for you.
Prompto: Yeah, let us help you.

[The boarding bell begins to ring]
Prompto: And we're off!

[Prompto makes for the train; Gladio comes along behind him, guiding Ignis]
Gladio: Are we clear?
Ignis: Crystal.
Noct: Hey, watch your step.
Gladio: You're not "pushing onward"?
Noct: Not at his expense.
Gladio: Fair enough.

[They all board the train; none of them notice Ardyn standing down the platform from them, watching them; Ardyn boards the train; the train departs from Cartanica Station]

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The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
Ignis's resolve forces a reconciliation between Noctis and Gladiolus and restores harmony to the group. With renewed vigor, the four friends reboard the train and head for Tenebrae, home of the late Lady Lunafreya.

(first scene of chapter)
[Noct and Ignis sit at a table in the dining car of the train]
Ignis: Feels good to ride the rails.
Noct: Sure does.
Ignis: Eager to drive once we're in Gralea?
Noct: If they'll let me.
Ignis: We're fortunate to have the Regalia at all. We owe the first secretary our thanks.
Noct: She'd get more thanks if she gave us a discount.
Ignis: Those transceivers are top-notch. I recall when the Hydraean raged— In the midst of the empire's retreat, one conspicuous craft remained behind: the chancellor's. The last thing I remember seeing was his ship, heading for the altar. I fell unconscious...and was powerless to stop him.
Noct: I'm just glad you're alive.

[Noct makes a startled sound and leans into the aisle slightly to look past Ignis]
Ignis: Is someone else there?
Noct: Gladio—he just came back. Where did he go anyway?
Ignis: On a brief reconnaissance. Something caught my ear.

[Gladio walks up to their table]
Gladio: Hey captain, mission complete.
Ignis: Splendid.
Noct: So what "caught your ear"?
Ignis: Rumors of longer nights.
Gladio: They've been growing longer, day by day.
Ignis: There was talk of it back in Lucis, but recent days have shown an unseasonably sharp change. Should this trend continue, before long...
Noct: There won't be daylight.
Gladio: Well, it's not out of the question. The empire's already slain half of the Six. No wonder the whole world's in disarray.
Noct: I...guess.
Ignis: And longer nights mean more daemons.
Gladio: Seen that with our own eyes.
Ignis: I happened to overhear a fellow passenger discussing this very same phenomenon.
Gladio: So he sent yours truly to seek 'em out.
Noct: Nice police work.
Gladio: Well, don't wanna keep 'em waiting.
Ignis: No, we don't. Back in a moment.
Noct: Sure.

[Noct sits in silence for a moment looking out the window; as the train begins to pass a snowy mountain range covered in mist, Prompto comes running by, then tries to stop and slips when he realizes he's passing Noctis]
Prompto: Whoa! There you are, buddy! Did you see this? It's unreal!
Noct: Yeah. Never seen anything like it. Doesn't make any sense.

[Noct looks around the dining car and suddenly realizes that no one else is moving; everything is blanketed in grey and everyone is frozen in place; Prompto is missing; Noctis stands]
Noctis: What's going on?

[Noctis suddenly hears Ardyn's voice behind him]
Ardyn: It's a real mystery.

[Noct turns to find Ardyn standing in the dining car]
Ardyn: I'm not liking that snow cloud. Kind of gives me the chills. Like, who comes up with this stuff? I couldn't dream something like this if I tried. It's a wondrous world.
Noctis: The hell are you doing here!?

[Noctis springs to punch Ardyn in the face, but he dodges]
Ardyn: Whoa, what's going on!? Easy there, buddy. Didn't see that coming. You alright?

[Noct conjures a sword and swings it at Ardyn, who steps back just out of range]
Noctis: Shut up!
Ardyn: Be careful there! Wait—is this for real?

["Ardyn" begins to run away; Noctis pursues him into the cabin car; Ardyn runs into one of the cabins and shuts the door; Noctis jerks the door open]
Noctis: Show yourself!

[Suddenly, Ardyn leaves over from behind Noctis]
Ardyn: Uh...Noct?

[Noctis swings around with his fist, hitting nothing but air; Ardyn has vanished again]
Noctis: That son of a bitch...

[Noctis runs to the next car, where he sees Ardyn backing away]
Ardyn: C'mon, Noct. You're scaring me! Seriously, man, cut it out!

[Ardyn passes to the next car, where Noctis continues to doggedly pursue him]
Ardyn: It's not safe. Plus, you're causing a scene. Quit playing around, okay?

[Noctis catches up to him and conjures a sword once again, which he immediately takes swing with, attempting to bisect Ardyn horizontally]
Noctis: You think this is funny!?

[Ardyn ducks the blade, then quickly scrambles to his feet, and runs toward the next car]
Ardyn: Dude, are you seriously trying to kill me!?

[Noctis follows him into the space between these two cars]
Noctis: Why wouldn't I!? I've got you now.

[Ardyn is barely able to stand, so out of breath is he; he's holding one hand out, trying to convince Noctis to stop]
Noctis: What're you after, following me around this whole time? It's all YOUR fault—

[Noctis puts his elbow against Ardyn's neck and shoves him against the door to the next car]
Ardyn: What are you talking about? Do you really mean that, Noct?

[A prompt appears to select either "Yeah" or "Maybe"]

Noctis: Of course I do! You can't talk your way out of this!
Ardyn: You won't even let me! Noct, please. Can't we talk for a sec?
Noctis: Never.
Noctis: What—are you saying it's not?
Ardyn: Yes! What good would it do me to hurt you!?
Noctis: Who cares!?
Ardyn: Noct, please. Can't we talk for a sec?
Noctis: Never.

[Suddenly, Noctis is thrown violently to the floor as the train's brakes bring it to a screeching halt]

[Note: The reason "Ardyn" is talking like Prompto throughout this scene is because the person Noct sees as Ardyn actually is Prompto; Ardyn is using his powers to swap appearances with Prompto, which continues into the next scene where Noctis thinks he's now talking to Prompto but is actually speaking with Ardyn]

The deserts of the western continent have long been littered with imperial armories and outposts. The slaying of the Glacian, however, gave birth to a paradoxical phenomenon: snow fields and sand dunes coexisting mere miles apart. Noctis and his friends would be wise to flee this treacherous terrain posthaste.

[Noct comes to on the floor with "Prompto" awakening him]
Prompto: Noct! Are you okay?
Noctis: No. Where's Ardyn?
Prompto: Wait—he's here? If he is, that would explain all this weird stuff happening. I bet he's behind the train stopping. Ignis and Gladio went up to inspect the engine room. I say the two of us go check out the rear.
Noctis: Yeah.

[Not runs back the way he had come while in pursuit of "Ardyn"; in the car before the cabin car, the train suddenly shakes and windows shatter all around; Noctis falls to the floor, but quickly gets back up]
Prompto: Did they bomb us!? Noct, we have to protect the people!

[Noctis runs onward into the cabin car, where a magitek trooper jumps through the glass and pursues several people; the civilians run past "Prompto" and Noctis]
Prompto: Head to the next car!
Noctis: Leave these guys to us!

[Noctis destroys the magitek trooper]
Prompto: So much for a safe ride. More of 'em might be on board. Let's check the rear!
Noctis: We need to get the train moving again.
Prompto: I'm sure Ignis and Gladio will come up with something.
Noctis: Hope so. Let's go.

[Noctis runs onward, moving through the dining car]
Prompto: How bad do you think it is? Hope nobody got hurt.

[Noctis continues on through another cabin car, where the glass all shatters as yet another violent shake rocks the train; when he reaches the car past the passenger car after that, he's thrown back by an explosion that takes out the side of the car;
Noctis: It blew up!
Prompto: Man, the MTs can self-destruct.

[A multitude of magitek troopers are visible through the twisted wreckage; they're either firing upon the train or trying to reach it]
Noctis: We can't let them inside.
Prompto: Well then! We take the fight to them!

Imperial shock troopers are attempting to blow up the train.
Take them down before they get too close.
If the train takes too much damage, the game is over.

[Noctis and Prompto head outside through the hole created when the side of the train car was blown open; visible in the distance is a massive pyramid-shaped flying fortress; many smaller imperial drop ships are emerging from the fortress and flying toward the train]
Prompto: That thing's huge! We've got company!
Noctis: Sure do.
Prompto: Let the party begin!

["Prompto" and Noctis begin dismantling the magitek troopers]
Noctis: It's us against an army...
Prompto: What're the odds we'll win?

(as the two continue fighting their way through the advancing horde)
Noctis: There's just too many of 'em.
Prompto: Oh, the fun never ends!

[After the two destroy a great number of the magitek troopers, a number of imperial tanks in the area begin firing on the train]
Prompto: Looks like they've rolled out the big guns!
Noctis: Prompto, stay back!

An imperial tank has also begun firing on the train.
Point-warp to the tank and destroy it before it shoots.
If the train takes too much damage, the game is over.

[Noctis point-warps to one of the tanks, rips open a hatch leading to some explosive cylinders, conjures a sword, shoves it through the cylinders, then point-warps to the safety of a water tower as the tank explodes; meanwhile, the train has begun moving again; Prompto's voice rings out]
Prompto: C'mon, we're leaving!

["Prompto" is back on board the train; Noctis point-warps to the top of the train]
Prompto: Look—they're hot on our tail! They're gonna blow us to bits!
Noctis: Not if we blow 'em up first!

[Noctis takes out two more magitek troopers that had gotten on board]
Prompto: How's that now?
Noctis: Shoot 'em.
Prompto: Oh, now there's an idea.

Imperial assault crafts have also begun firing on the train.
Point-warp to the ships and destroy them.

[Noctis point-warps to the inside of one of the ships, where he begins hacking the magitek troopers to bits]
Noctis: Every single one of 'em's a bomber!

Once inside, force the shock troopers to self-destruct, or use the turret to take down the four assault crafts. If the train takes too much damage, the game is over.

(after taking out the four ships carrying shock troops)
Noctis: That'll do it! Better head back down.

[Down below, on top of the train, stand "Ardyn" and "Prompto," the former holding one of the latter's own guns on him; Prompto's hands appear to be up; Noct point-warps down to the train near them]
Noctis: Prompto!

[Noct takes a swing at the gun "Ardyn" is holding, knocking it to the roof of the train, and then another swing at "Ardyn," causing him to fall backward off the train; at this point, Noctis becomes able to see that it is Prompto who is falling; so horrified is Noctis at the realization, he doesn't even look behind him to see Ardyn standing there, holding up one of Prompto's guns]
Ardyn: How long were you in the dark?

[Noctis turns to look at Ardyn but is left completely open to the blow to the back of his head that Ardyn administers with the butt of Prompto's gun; Noct falls to the roof of the train, unconscious]


Ardyn uses a stitch in time to switch appearances with PRompto, and tricks Noct into hurting his closest friend. Nevertheless, a king pushes ever onward, accepting the consequences, and never looking back.

[Noctis comes to, still laying on the roof of the train]
Noctis: Dammit.

[He pulls out his cell phone and calls Ignis]
Ignis: What's wrong?
Noctis: Ignis, you've gotta stop this thing! Prompto fell off the train. I pushed him—I mean, Ardyn made me. I don't know where he is, but we can't leave him!
Ignis: Stay calm, Noct. I'm as concerned for Prompto as you are, but stopping the train would endanger everyone onboard. We'd be sitting ducks for the daemons.
Noctis: What do we do!?
Ignis: First, we drop the passengers off at Tenebrae. We'll be arriving shortly.
Noctis: What about Prompto!?
Ardyn: Given the chancellor's involvement, it's probable he's no longer where we left him. In any case, he may try to contact us. Let us wait and hope for now.

[The train begins going through a mountain tunnel]
Ignis: Can you make your way here? Gladio is with me.
Noctis: Are the two of you okay at least?
Ignis: Yes.
Noctis: Okay, on my way. I'll be there as soon as I take care of these stowaways!

[The walls and ceiling of the tunnel are crawling with daemons, many of which begin converging on Noctis]
Noctis: And things just got worse.

[Noctis fights through daemon after daemon as he makes his way toward the front car of the train]
Noctis: Where do they keep coming from?

[Noctis reaches the front car and realizes it's no longer broad daylight; night has begun to fall suddenly and swiftly beyond the end of the tunnel; however, the air also begins to fill with the crystals of light that accompany the appearance of a summoned god]
Noctis: What!? No light at the end of the tunnel!?

[Noctis takes notice of many large spider-like daemons hanging from the ceiling ahead of the train]
Noctis: What in the world...?

[The daemons drop onto the train, which emerges into the rapidly disappearing daylight; the train is being swarmed as it reaches Tenebrae; Fenestala Manor looms in the distance, but Noctis is about to face a potentially overwhelming horde; suddenly, Leviathan emerges from the valley below and begins unleashing its water coil copies at the daemons, knocking them loose and shattering even more windows; a water cyclone the sea god has kicked up sucks in the daemons as they are knocked off the train; having saved the train, the great serpent departs, but is at that moment Noctis realizes Fenestala Manor is burning]

[Having arrived at Tenebrae, Noct sits on the train platform along with the many other beleaguered passengers; Gladio and Ignis stand beside him; from behind Noct, he suddenly hears a familiar voice]
Aranea: Well, look who's here.
Noctis: Aranea. Guess we've got you to thank for this mess?
Aranea: More to it than meets the eye. You wanna know who to thank? Come with me.

[Slowly, Noct gets to his feet]
Noct: Can't wait to hear this.

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Old Man: Curse those imperials.
Woman: Are you alright?
Old Man: Really did a number on me.
Woman: We ought to get you to a doctor. By the sound of it, we'll be departing for Altissia in a short while.
Old Man: Good. The sooner, the better.

[He and his two remaining companions walk along behind Aranea toward some imperial drop ships]
Aranea: What did you do to your eyes?
Ignis: Oh, uh... Just a flesh wound.
Aranea: Can you see?
Ignis: I'm...afraid not.
Aranea: Wow. That sucks. It's a cruel world.

[Aranea suddenly stops and looks at them]
Aranea: Uh, wasn't there one more of you guys?
Noctis: Yeah...there was.
Gladiolus: We...lost track of him.
Aranea: Is he dead?
Noct: I...I don't know.
Aranea: Then quit moping, keep hoping.

[Aranea resumes walking]
Aranea: And in the meantime, handle what's at hand.
Gladiolus: So if it's not you we thank...
Aranea: Thank the daemons, pawns of the imperial army.
Gladiolus: The army that you fight for.
Aranea: Fought for. My men and I are in the search and rescue business now.
Ignis: You mentioned being part of the relief effort. We have a favor to ask.
Aranea: Ask away.
Ignis: In light of what you've told us, we can't allow the other passengers to continue on.
Aranea: Sure, leave 'em to me...but, who's gonna drive the train?
Gladiolus: Now that you mention it, yeah. You know anyone?
Aranea: I do. In fact, I know two.

[Aranea walks the trio up to two other familiar faces]
Aranea: Your new engineers. Biggs and Wedge. No need to worry—they can take a lickin'.
Biggs: Only if we have to. What's all this about?
Aranea: Driving a train. To Gralea.
Biggs: That all?
Aranea: Well, who would you have me ask?
Biggs: You got us there.
Wedge: We'll do it.
Gladiolus: Hey, really appreciate you going out of your way.
Aranea: Yeah. No sweat.

(speaking with Biggs)
Noctis: Hey, thanks for the lift.
Biggs: We're happy to help. Can't say the climate will be as cooperative, though. Y'know?
Wedge: Right. 'Specially the gorge.
Biggs: The place is freezin'! Makes sense, what with the ice goddess's cold corpse lyin' around. It's a rather long ride, so I suggest you bundle up before we ship out. By the way, I bumped into a woman from the manor, used to serve House Fleuret. Must've gone off looking for ya. Said she had something important to discuss.
Noctis: With me? Guess I oughta find her, then.

(speaking with Biggs again)
Noctis: So, you've cut your ties with the empire?
Wedge: Yeah.
Biggs: The only way we could help the people was by leaving the army. Lady A'd about had it with them as it were.
Noct: "Lady A"?
Biggs: Aranea, the Commodore.
Noct: Ahhh.
Biggs: Nothing but daemons in the capital. Meanwhile, the Crystal's just sitting there. No one in the army signed up for this!
Noct: What about the civilians?
Wedge: Holed up in their homes.
Biggs: They're either lying quiet behind closed doors or lying dead. Your guess is as good as mine.

(speaking with Aranea)
Aranea: The chancellor is running some circus. The high commander got the axe—literally, and the emperor's no more than a husk at this point. Everyone in charge is gone now. It's total chaos—all hell broke loose in the daemon labs.
Ignis: Elaborate.
Aranea: Unprogrammed MTs left to run amok... Same for the daemons we caught. And now they're everywhere.
Ignis: They emanate from the empire?
Aranea: Yeah, the capital's crawlin' with 'em. As if that wasn't bad enough, the bastards are stronger than ever now. It's gotten too far out of hand for the army to deal with. There's not enough daylight anymore to keep the daemons in one place.
Gladiolus: And so that's how they got here.
Aranea: Then there's the Crystal they stole 'for the good of the people,' which never sees the light of day. A lot of good it's doing anyone now, locked away in the imperial fortress.

(speaking with Aranea again)
Aranea: The chancellor is running some circus. The high commander got the axe—literally, and the emperor's no more than a husk at this point. Everyone in charge is gone now. It's total chaos—all hell broke loose in the daemon labs.
Ignis: Elaborate.
Aranea: Unprogrammed MTs left to run amok... Same for the daemons we caught. And now they're everywhere.
Ignis: They emanate from the empire?
Aranea: Yeah, the capital's crawlin' with 'em. As if that wasn't bad enough, the bastards are stronger than ever now. It's gotten too far out of hand for the army to deal with. There's not enough daylight anymore to keep the daemons in one place.
Gladiolus: And so that's how they got here.
Aranea: Then there's the Crystal they stole 'for the good of the people,' which never sees the light of day. A lot of good it's doing anyone now, locked away in the imperial fortress.

(speaking with Ignis)
Ignis: If you intend to linger here a while, might I suggest you take a moment to speak with the people of the manor? I'm sure they'd relish the chance to share their tales of Lady Lunafreya.
Gladio: Better hear 'em while you can. We won't be coming back soon.

(upon locating the woman from Tenebrae Manor whom Biggs mentioned)
Maria: My word... Is that you, Prince Noctis?
Noctis: Uh, yeah...have we?
Maria: Oh, blessed be the Stars. Just look at what a fine young man you've grown into. I am Maria, a retainer in service to House Fleuret. I doubt you'll remember me after these long years.
Noctis: I...uh...can't say I do.
Maria: Don't worry. Who I am is of little import—in light of what I wish to discuss. Lady Lunafreya risked everything to spirit the Ring of the Lucii away from the Citadel. Did she deliver it to you?

[Noctis is silent for a moment]
Noctis: Yeah.
Maria: Stars above! My fears have been assuaged. Lord Ravus, too, will be overjoyed to hear this news.
Noctis: "Ravus, too?"

[Maria nods; the scene transitions to a flashback in Altissia of Lunafreya having difficulty sitting up straight in her chair due to the toll her toil is taking on her; Ravus's hands appear on her shoulders to help right her; she's trying to catch her breath; she opens her palm to look at the Ring of the Lucii; her hand is shaking; Ravus sees the ring and takes a step back]
Lunafreya: I beg of you...please...see the ring to Noctis on my behalf.

[Ravus turns and takes a few steps away]
Lunafreya: flesh has begun to fail me.
Ravus: No, I cannot accept it.

[Lunafreya's expression turns to surprise, then frustration; a tear falls down her face]
Ravus: By your hand it must be done.

[Ravus turns back to face her]
Ravus: To deliver the ring and inspire the king is your calling. You mustn't fall.
Lunafreya: But...I lack the strength to go on...

[Ravus kneels in front of her, and takes her hands into his own]
Ravus: Find it, Lunafreya. You have the will. Go to Noctis. Show him the truth of your heart.

[The scene transitions back to the present]
Maria: I understand you will go hence to the imperial capital.
Noctis: Yeah.
Maria: Lord Ravus has King Regis's glaive in his safekeeping, and it was his wish to return it to you, my Prince. Though I imagine it will not be easy for you to find each other.
Noctis: I'll get it from him somehow.
Maria: I pray it shall be so.

(speaking with Maria again)
Maria: I learned from Lord Ravus that poor Pryna also passed that tragic day, by Lady Lunafreya's side. Perhaps there is some solace that they could remain together to the end. Umbra must be distraught, having lost his mistress and dear friend.
Noctis: Yeah... Umbra's toughing it out.
Maria: May the stars watch over you, Prince Noctis.

(speaking with Aranea again after talking with Maria)
Aranea: About the Crystal... Remember how I said it was locked away?
Noctis: Uh, yeah?
Aranea: They really don't allow anyone near the thing. The emperor himself never got close to it. The lab rats had a theory that the Crystal posed some kind of...threat to the daemons. The way they see it, that's the reason the chancellor had the emperor go after it in the first place. Dunno, but that theory holds water in my book.

(speaking with Aranea one more time)
Aranea: Certainly explains why the kings have always guarded the Crystal, and how they kept the daemons at bay. Long story short, we're stuck in this rut until you go and take back what's yours.

(as Noctis returns to the train platform)
[A young girl comes running up to him]
Girl: Prince Noctis!
Noctis: Yeah?
Girl: Prince Noctis, were—were you excited to marry Lady Lunafreya? Because she was really excited to marry you! She looked so excited the day her dress arrived! She really loved you, Prince Noctis.
Noctis: I... Thank you.

[The scene transitions to a flashback of Lunafreya talking with Gentiana in Fenestala Manor]
Gentiana: At first, the father had mourned the fate of his chosen son. Yet in Tenebrae, the two found solace. It was not the Oracle who assuaged their fears. But the girl...she holds...the true power.
Lunafreya: I have little to offer a king, other than the voice afforded the Oracle. Nevertheless...

[Luna turns to look at the wedding dress]
Lunafreya: And—I'm afraid he might find this foolish... be together with Noctis again, even if only for a short while... It...would mean the world to me.

[Luna turns back to Gentiana]
Lunafreya: I do not seek to guide him, merely to stand beside him.

[Gentiana smiles and nods; the scene transitions back to the present]
Girl: Lady Lunafreya worried she was burdening you with the wedding. That's not true, is it?
Noctis: No, not at all.

(speaking with the young girl again)
Girl: Lady Lunafreya was lucky to find a nice guy like you.
Noctis: Thanks.

(overhearing an NPC on the train platform)
Man: Will we ever see the dawn again? What has become of our world?

(overhearing the same NPC again)
Man: It was such a beautiful place. If only Lady Lunafreya were still with us...

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Man: Let me go find you something to eat.
Old Man: No, it's fine. Don't worry about me. How could this happen?
Man: Took the words right out of my mouth.
[The elderly man sighs]
Man: You okay, Grandpa? They said we'll be leaving soon. Hang in there.
Old Man: Don't worry: I'll be fine as long as they get me back to Accordo.

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Woman: It's been dark for so long.
Old Man: Looks like the night will never end.

(overhearing a conversation between two elderly women on the train platform)
Old Woman (1): How in the world could something like this happen?
Old Woman (2): Perhaps this is the way it ends.

(overhearing another conversation between the two elderly women on the train platform)
Old Woman (1): That Aranea girl is an imperial, isn't she?
Old Woman (2): Yes, but she's not with the army. Not anymore, at least.

(overhearing yet another conversation between the two elderly women on the train platform)
Old Woman (1): Perhaps it's for the best Lord Ravus never made it back here.
Old Woman (2): Promoted to high commander one day, executed for high treason the next.

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Man (1): I swear I saw a giant serpent back there.
Man (2): You too, huh? Good to know I'm not goin' crazy.
Man (1): This has been one wild ride.
Man (2): We should hop off before it gets any wilder.
Man (1): I don't wanna keep going. Can't we go home?
Man (2): I'll go and have a word with the conductor.
Man (1): You don't think the soldiers here will hurt us, do you?
Man (2): I certainly hope not.

(speaking with a woman on the train platform)
Woman: I listened to Lady Lunafreya's address on the radio. To think she gave that speech in the very place she was to be wed... I can only imagine how she must have felt.

(overhearing an NPC on the train platform)
Woman: I can't believe my eyes. What do we do now? How could something like this happen? Is the capital okay?

(speaking with an elderly man beside the train)
Old Man: Lady Lunafreya once tended a garden filled with sylleblossoms, watering the flowers herself. Sadly, the whole field went up in flames. It's heartbreaking to see what's become of it.

(speaking with a young boy beside the train)
Boy: So you're Lady Lunafreya's "fee-on-say," right? Wanna know something?
Noctis: Okay, then?
Boy: Everyone knows she liked pretty flowers, but you know what else she liked? Cool stickers. It has to be true!

(speaking to Ignis/listening to Ignis and Gladio on the train platform)
Ignis: Is the manor badly damaged?
Gladio: It's seen better days. So have the civilians. They've been through a lot.
Ignis: And the chancellor's the one who put them through it.
Gladio: Put us through a hell of a lot, too. Never gets in our way, but he sure loves messing with us. Well, there's a good chance he got his hands on Prompto. Just hope he doesn't mess with him too bad.

(speaking to Gladio/listening to Gladio and Ignis on the train platform)
Gladio: Ravus didn't have it much better than Lady Lunafreya.
Ignis: Pity we never got the chance to talk things out. Hopefully His Majesty's glaive awaits us in the capital.
Gladio: Should be, as long as Ravus has it on his person. Just hope the chancellor isn't awaiting us, too. Still can't believe House Fleuret has reached the end of its family line.

(speaking with an elderly woman on the train platform)
Old Woman: It's rather strange. Lady Gentiana has not graced us with her presence as of late. Perhaps she has no reason to stay now that the Blood of the Oracle is no more. Like her, others will eventually leave, and the land of Tenebrae will be lost to memory.

(speaking with an elderly man beside the train)
Old Man: The empire has declared Lord Ravus a traitor and sentenced him to death. I believe the attack on the manor was further punishment.

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Man (1): I guess we should give up on the capital.
Man (2): Yeah, oughta find somewhere safer to hawk our wares.
Man (1): Sounds like the lab in Gralea's a real mess. Wouldn't surprise me if it really is haunted.
Man (2): Wonder where Emperor Iedolas went off to.
Man (1): Somewhere six feet under—like the high commander.

(overhearing a woman who is crying as she sits on a bench on the train platform)
Woman: Lady Lunafreya...

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Woman: Take heart, everything will be alright.
Man: I don't see what good it does me to come here. I never even got to thank her for all that she's done.
Woman: Then show your thanks by praying for her safety.
Man: I'm gonna ask an imperial about it again later.
Woman: And I'll go with you when you do.

(speaking to Biggs on the train platform)
Biggs: Ready to depart. Just swapped out the damaged cars for some new ones. Give one of us a holler when you're ready to shove off, then.
Wedge: Dining car's open. If you need a break.

(speaking with Biggs again)
Biggs: Shall we shove off, then?

[A prompt appears asking "Depart for Gralea?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(if the player selects "No")
Wedge: Fine. We'll wait.

(when the player selects "Yes")
Wedge: Climb aboard.

[The scene briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Aranea is standing in front of Noct, Ignis and Gladio]
Aranea: Don't worry about the civilians. They're in my good hands. Can't say the same for you. Watch yourselves in the capital.
Ignis: We will.
Noctis: Thanks, Aranea. We'll see you around.

[Gladio and Ignis turn and board the train; Noct turns and begins to follow, then stops, looking up as he takes notice of snow beginning to fall]
Noct: It's...snowing.
Gladiolus: Get your ass on board.
Noctis: Yes, sir.

[He, too, boards the train]

Ghorovas Rift
A frozen ravine where the fallen Shiva lies, a solitary railroad carved through its unforgiving snowscape. With Biggs and Wedge driving, the train makes its slow and steady way toward the imperial capital.

[The three remaining Chocobros are sitting in the dining car, Ignis and Gladio at a table, Noctis at the bar by himself; Biggs addresses them over the loudspeaker]
Biggs: Oi! Uh—attention all passengers! We're on our way to our final destination in the imperial capital. Enjoy the ride. I'll be in touch if anything comes up.

[Biggs ceases his address]
Gladiolus: Look at all that snow. No wonder it's so cold in here.
Ignis: We must be approaching the Glacian's cadaver.
Gladiolus: Won't be a blessing if all we got's a body.
Ignis: Let us hope we pass through the gorge without incident.
Gladiolus: It's what's after the gorge I'm worried about.

[Noctis stands]

Noctis is free to roam about until the train arrives.

[Before long, Noctis's cell phone begins to ring]
Noctis: Who could this be?

[He answers]
Noctis: Hey, what's up?

[He listens]
Noctis: Okay. Thanks for letting us know.

[He hangs up; not long after, the front of the train begins icing up as the locomotive begins having to barrel through large chunks of ice that have formed over the tracks; the train's brakes bring it screeching to a halt]
Gladiolus: I wonder what it could be this time.

[Biggs addresses them over the loudspeaker once more]
Biggs: Attention, eh!
Noctis: Yeah?
Biggs: You may have noticed we've stopped. As for the cause... Outside, ya think?
Noctis: We'll take a look.

[Noctis begins to head outside]
Biggs: Oh. Well.
Gladiolus: Hope it's just a quick snow-shoveling job.
Ignis: Indeed.

[Gladio and Ignis follow after Noct; outside, Noct has his arms wrapped around himself]
Noctis: It's freezing!
Gladiolus: Better keep moving to stay warm.
Ignis: The Glacian did this.
Noctis: I think I can see her.

[Indeed, Shiva's lifeless face can be seen in the snow beyond the tracks]
Gladiolus: It's a shame. She's lying dead. Damn, it's cold!
Noctis: Let's clean up out here, warm up in there.
Gladiolus: Better make this snappy.

[Suddenly, they're attacked by several daemons; after disposing of the creatures, Noct stands outside the train trying to catch his breath; from the doorway to get back onboard, Gladio is leaning out and calls to him]
Gladio: Hey, Noct! You'd better get in here. Something's not right.

[Gladio goes back inside]
Gladio: C'mon, Iggy.

[Noctis begins to follow them inside; just as he's about to walk up the steps to get inside, he sees Ardyn walk past him, already inside the train]
Noctis: No way.

[Noctis runs inside]
Noct: You! Hold it! That son of a bitch.

[Noct follows Ardyn into the train car where Gladiolus and Ignis were headed to find the car filled with mist and cold air]
Noctis: What the hell?

[Making his way into the next car, Noctis opens the door to be buffeted by snow and cold winds; he can make out Ardyn's silhouette at the other end of the car; wrapping his arms around himself, Noctis struggles through each step to keep advancing]
Noctis: Stop! Stop, dammit! Where is he? Where's Prompto?
Ardyn: Oh, there you are! I'm worried about your friends. They've fallen and they can't get up. Why not lend them a hand?

[Noctis manages to get a few feet from Ardyn. Beyond him, Noctis can see Ignis and Gladio on the floor being covered in ice]
Ardyn: A coldness that can only be hers.

[Noctis falls to his knees; as his vision begins to blur, he takes notice of a woman in the doorway past Ignis and Gladio; it's Gentiana; Ardyn turns and realizes she's there as well; his expression momentarily becomes one of surprise, then nonchalance; Gentiana begins walking toward them]
Ardyn: Ahh, the face you wore the day you—

[Gentiana touches her pointer finger to her lips, then touches Ardyn's lips with it, instantly turning his entire body to ice; she then walks up to Noctis]
Gentiana: Let it now be promised to the Oracle.

[Gentiana gestures widely with her arms and floats into the air before being obscured by a flash of blue and white light; as the light fades, the form of Shiva has taken Gentiana's place]
Noctis: Gentiana—it's you. You're the Glacian. Wha—
Gentiana O King of Kings, restore Light unto the world.

[She raises her hands and conjures Lunafreya's trident; she hands it to Noctis; he leans forward and grasps it; the two are enveloped in another flash of light; a flashback of Lunafreya and Ravus in the field of sylleblossoms at Tenebrae is now shown; her back is to him]
Ravus: Sister, cease this madness. That boy will never be King.
Lunafreya: Noctis is chosen. It is ordained. You of all people should know.
Ravus: I know that you are throwing your life away!

[Lunafreya turns and shouts back at her brother]
Lunafreya: That may be!'s my choice. If only...

[Lunafreya begins to cry]
Lunafreya: If only I could...hear his voice once more... If we could laugh together as we did as children...

[She grips her hands together and continues to cry as the flashback ends, fading back to Noctis on the train in the present; Gentiana is gone, as is the blizzard that was enveloping the train car]

Trident of the Oracle x 1
Mark of the Glacian x 1

[Noctis walks up to the frozen Ardyn, conjures the Trident of the Oracle, and shatters the imperial chancellor's frozen body with Lunafreya's weapon; he then stumbles to his downed friends]
Noct: Hey. Wake up.

[They begin to stir]
Gladiolus: The hell happened?
Noctis: Yeah. I saw the Glacian. It's okay, she's gone now. You guys check on our drivers.
Gladiolus: Got it.

[Gladio turns to Ignis and places his hand on his shoulder]
Gladiolus: You good?
Ignis: Yes, I'm fine. Let's go.

[Noctis remains on the floor as they leave; after they've left, he begins to see the spectral image of sylleblossom petals floating past his feet; as his eyes move up, he sees first her feet, then a spectral image of Lunafreya herself]
Noctis: Luna.

[Noct slowly rises to his feet and reaches out to Luna; she smiles at him; just as he's about to touch her, she vanishes; Noctis falls forward; as he sits back up, the last of the sylleblossom petals floats into his open palm; he clenches his fist around it and begins to cry]
Noctis: It's so hard. Guess it was hard for you, too. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.

[Noctis brushes his own tears away and rises back to his feet; as he walks through the next train car, he realizes he's not alone and turns to find Ardyn standing a few feet away]
Ardyn: I feel I've earned the right to call you Noct. For a moment I felt death's chill wind, such is the might of the gods. But then, I remembered I'm immortal. Such is my blessing and curse. Your attack hurt me, nevertheless...

[He suddenly scowls fiercely at Noct, and his voice becomes something of a growl]
Ardyn: My feelings at least.

[He's quite for a moment]
Ardyn: And after all the memories we've shared. Remember this?

[Ardyn raises one of Prompto's guns, pointing it at Noctis]
Ardyn: Ah, I should have asked if you remember him. Truly a blast from the past, nay?

[Ardyn casually walks up to Noctis and places the side of the gun against Noctis's chest; Noct tries to grab it, but Ardyn pulls it away and turns away]
Ardyn: Ah, ah, ah! You mustn't take what's not yours.
Noctis: Where is he!?
Ardyn: "He"?

[Ardyn turns back to face Noct]
Ardyn: The little gunman's a short shot away.

[Ardyn raises his finger and points]
Noctis: Where?
Ardyn: Where else but Gralea, the seat of the empire? I'm sure he'll be delighted to see you. And you might even find your Crystal. With all these daemons about, you could certainly use it.

[Ardyn walks past Noctis, deliberately pushing past him as he does so, then comes to a stop]
Ardyn: Off you go, then. I wouldn't want to keep you from your friend.

[Ardyn raises his rand hand, in which he is holding a small device; he presses a button on the device with his thumb, then leaves without another word; Noctis stares after Ardyn, gritting his teeth]


Having stolen Noctis's country, Crystal, and cherished companions, Ardyn waits implacably in Gralea.

(first scene of chapter)
[Noctis, Ignis and Gladio are sitting in the dining car of the train as it heads for Gralea]
Ignis: We should be drawing close to Gralea.
Noctis: Yeah.
Gladiolus: I can't imagine what it'll be like.
Noctis: Swarming with daemons, but you knew that.
Gladiolus: Don't remind me.
Ignis: Once we arrive, we'll make for the Keep.
Noctis: The Keep?
Ignis: Zegnautus. An imperial megafortress said to be impregnable.
Noctis: With Prompto and the Crystal inside it.
Gladiolus: What goes in, must come out.

[The three are silent for a moment]
Gladiolus: So, are we buying this story that the Crystal can purge daemons?
Ignis: The proof is in the purging, but it does stand to reason. We've observed that as the nights have grown longer, the daemon hordes have grown stronger. If they are in fact averse to the Crystal's Light, it could save not only Lucis, but the world.
Noctis: We'll find out once we take it back.

[Suddenly, the train comes screeching to a halt]
Gladiolus: The hell?
Ignis: What is it?
Gladiolus: My guess? Something to sidetrack us.

[The three get up and move into the cabin car; as they walk past the series of large windows here, they all suddenly crack and the train car shakes]
Gladiolus: What now?

[Biggs speaks to the three over the loudspeaker]
Biggs: City's trying to keep us out...with the daemons.

[Small Imp-like daemons begin swarming across the windows]
Gladiolus: Whoa-whoa.

[Biggs speaks over the loudspeaker again]
Biggs: Gotta run! Don't worry about us.

[One of the daemons busts through the glass and lands in front of Noctis and the others; he holds out his hand to tell Gladiolus to move back, then attempts to conjure a weapon into his hand]
Noctis: Let's get to work...

[Noctis looks at his hand, confused]
Gladiolus: What's wrong?
Noctis: The weapons...they're stuck!
Gladiolus: Get back!

[Gladiolus pulls Noctis away from the now charging daemon and kicks it in the face]
Ignis: Run!

[As Ignis retreats, Gladio pats Noct's shoulder]
Gladiolus: C'mon, move it!

Ardyn has stripped Noctis of his weapons.
Flee to the freight car at the back of the train.

The ability to call Umbra is also unavailable.

(as the three make their way through the train, pursued by the daemons)
Ignis: Only a matter of time before we run out of room to run!
Noctis: Got a better idea?
Ignis: We trade the train for the Regalia!
Gladiolus: C'mon!
Noctis: On my way!
Ignis: Noct! The freight car!
Noctis: Keep moving!

[The trio make it to the Regalia; Noct gets into the driver's seat while Gladio gets in the passenger's seat and Ignis in the back]
Noctis: Strap in.
Gladiolus: Gun it!

[Noct drives the Regalia out of the freight car and out onto the train tracks; an automated message then rings out]
Announcement: Threat upgraded. Activating level 4 security measures. Sealing all gates.

The city's defense system has begun sealing all entrances.
Make it into Gralea before the gate closes!

R2 Accelerate
L2 Brake/Reverse

Gladio: Put the pedal to the metal!
Noct: That's the idea!
Gladio: Don't crash!
Noct: Thanks for the tip.
Ignis: Where are we now!?
Noct: inside a tunnel—on the train tracks!
Gladio: Don't slow down, or they'll catch us up!
Noct: Going as fast as I can—hang on!

[Noct drives the car through the tunnel and onto a tracks bridge in the city proper; as the royal retinue races down the bridge, an artillery shell suddenly strikes near the car, causing a small explosion]
Ignis: What was that!?
Noct: They're trying to blow us off the tracks.

[Artillery continues striking around the Regalia]
Gladio: One clean hit and it's over.
Ignis: It'll take a bit more than that to stop His Majesty's trusty steed.

[The artillery strikes begin hitting their mark; an imperial drop ship can then be seen falling out of the sky]
Gladio: Dodging one thing to run into another.
Ignis: The Regalia can take the punishment. Just focus on your driving.

[More artillery strikes the Regalia; the vehicle is now on fire]
Noct: You can do it, girl. You can get through this.

[As the Regalia closes in on the gate, several more strikes land directly on the car]
Gladio: It's closing! Floor it!
Noct: C'mon, old girl...

[Just as the Regalia makes it through the rapidly closing gate, another strike lands square on the royal contraption, briefly engulfing it in flame; Noct brings the car to a screeching halt on the other side of the gate near the debris of a train car that stretches across the width of the bridge, one end propped up above the tracks; the Regalia now sits sizzling on the tracks, all its windows shattered; it has taken its final run]
Gladio: That's all she's got.
Noct: It'll do.

[Noct, Ignis and Gladio get out of the car and begin to walk away; Noct turns to look back at the car with a somber expression, recalling a memory from childhood of his father stepping out of the car and embracing him]
Noct: Dad... Thanks for everything.

[After a moment, Gladiolus speaks up]
Gladio: Are we seriously marching into the capital empty-handed?
Ignis: And with no assurances the Crystal can beat back the daemon hordes.
Gladio: Guess we'll find out the hard way. No turning back now, right?

(as the trio make their way toward the wreckage of the train car that sits propped across the bridge)
Gladio: This thing could come down at any time...
Ignis: Let's be quick.
Noct: C'mon, this way.

[Noctis makes his way under the wreckage, but before Gladio and Ignis can follow, the train car collapses, separating the latter two from their charge]
Noct: Hey! Ignis! Gladio!

[Ardyn begins broadcasting his voice to Noctis]
Ardyn: Look at you. All by your lonesome.
Noctis: You again. You know, for an imperial chancellor, you are one sick son of a bitch.

(as Noct makes his way through the wreckage of another train car)
[Daemons begin emerging and attempting to swarm Noctis]
Noctis: Daemons...

[Noct addresses Ardyn]
Noctis: The hell do you want? Leave me alone! This is getting out of hand.

[Noct manges to make it into a now derelict building where he stops to catch his breath; after a moment, he drops to one knee, reaches into his pocket and pulls out something clenched in his fist; he slowly opens his palm to reveal the Ring of the Lucii; Noct's hands begin to shake as he stares at it and he grunts rapidly, as though wracked with pain; continuing to shake and grunt, he unsteadily slides the ring onto his finger, roaring in pain and his eyes briefly glowing red as he succeeds in this struggle; catching his breath once again, Noctis stares at the ring of his ancestors, flexes his hand, and rises from his knees]
Noctis: The time has come.

Harbored within the Ring of the Lucii, arcana encompasses three powerful spells. The first of these is Death, which drains a foe's life force to restore your own.

(as Noctis makes his way through the abandoned buildings, fighting daemons while he seeks the entrance to Zegnautus Keep)
[Another arcana spell becomes available]

A spell of the arcana, Holy counters with a blast of sacred light when evading, making it effective against melee enemies.

(as Noctis continues to make for the Keep)
[The third arcana spell makes itself known]

A spell of the arcana, Alterna consigns entire hordes of enemies to the void at the cost of all MP.

(as Noctis reaches the building housing the elevator leading up to Zegnautus Keep)
Noctis: Dead quiet. Where did everybody go?

[When Noct approaches the elevator, its doors open, revealing more daemons]
Noctis: Not these bastards again.

(upon killing the daemons and entering the elevator)
[The doors close and the elevator begins to ascend toward Zegnautus Keep above]
Noct: This whole city gives me the chills.

(as Noctis steps out of the elevator into Zegnautus Keep)
Noct: Too quiet for comfort.

[Ardyn broadcasts his voice to Noctis once again]
Ardyn: How does it feel to be powerless? Can't help your friends if you can't help yourself.
Noctis: Gotta hurry and find them. Wherever they are.

(as Noct continues making his way through the halls of the Keep)
Ardyn: Can't you simply taste the air of foreboding?

(while rounding one corner)
[Ardyn can be seen at the other end of the hall, walking away from a downed magitek trooper that suddenly stands, taking a zombie-like posture]

Rogue axemen patrol along a set route.

Hiding from rogue axemen allows you to avoid conflict and recover MP.

Noctis: These don't look like typical MTs.

(as Noct walks past a gated-off hallway)
[One of the zombie-like magitek troopers reaches through the bars and grabs Noct; he manages to break the MT's group and it falls backward on the floor in a disheveled heap]
Noctis: Something different about them—something off.

(when Noctis approaches an elevator at one point in his navigation of Zegnautus Keep)
Ardyn: Tragedy could strike at any moment.

[While Noct waits for the elevator to arrive, a large bat-like daemon called "Foras" descends and begins attacking him]
Noct: Whatever the hell that is, I don't think I want to mess with it.

(after surviving against Foras long enough)
The elevator has arrived.

Noctis: I'll take a rain check.

[Noctis uses the opportunity to escape; the Foras daemon continues stalking him through the halls of the Keep, however, showing up on occasion to try kililng him]

(after restoring power to the Keep's central elevator)
[Noctis begins to walk across the catwalk from the power switch back to the platform the elevator rests on; suddenly, Ardyn broadcasts his voice again]
Ardyn: The higher you climb... ...the further you fall.

[A Gargantua daemon suddenly lands on the platform, just beyond the end of the catwalk]
Noct: The hell?

[The Gargantua raises its sword; Noct begins to retreat back across the catwalk, but the daemon brings its sword down, shattering the catwalk and sending Noct into the depths of the Keep]

Zegnautus Keep
The height of imperial might, this flying megafortress houses the Crystal of Lucis in its uppermost level. Yet for all its imposing vastness, it appears utterly devoid of human presence.

[Noctis comes to laying on his back at the bottom of the Keep's central shaft, surrounded by debris and the bodies of human imperial troopers; he slowly gets to his feet; as he takes a few steps, Noct comes upon Ravus's body, unceremoniously left here at the bottom level of Zegnautus Keep; as rumored, the last of the Oracle's bloodline is indeed deceased, his severed magitek arm still clinging to the haft of King Regis's glaive; the blade stands impaled in the floor beside Ravus's corpse; Noctis gazes at Luna's brother in silent sadness; after a moment, he reaches out toward the haft of his father's sword; at his touch, Ravus's severed arm falls to land on the first son of Tenebrae's chest; Noct pulls his hand back from the weapon, taking a moment to first kneel beside Ravus and look upon his face a final time; finally, Noctis stands, takes grasp of his father's royal arm, and pulls it free]

Sword of the Father x 1

(when examining Ravus's body)
Noctis: Rest easy. Your work is done.

(as Noctis begins to walk out of the room across the narrow catwalk that serves as the only way out)
[A magitek trooper sprawled out on the floor of the catwalk rises to attack Noctis]
Noct: Well Dad, let's see what your sword can do.

Noctis can now wield Regis's sword in combat.
Together with the Ring of the Lucii, it affords him a better chance of survival while his other abilities remain sealed.

(as Noct makes his way through the labs)
[Ardyn's voice once again gets broadcast to Noct]
Ardyn: The empire made considerable inroads into the science of daemons. Well, after I showed them the way, of course. We'd managed to make daemons...right here.
Noctis: Make?

(as Noct continues making his way through the labs)
Ardyn: Ever wonder where daemons come from? Once upon a time, they were children of nature—beasts and men. Aw, and you've killed so many

(as Noct continues on)
Ardyn: The infantry units you callously dub 'MTs' all began as babes in this very facility. Imprinted with serial codes and incubated until they were strong enough to fight. What a pity. Innocent souls fated to the hands of a foreign king. Well, not so 'MT' after all, are they?

(as Noct continues progressing through the lab areas)
Ardyn: The most fascinating tidbit about your dear Prompto...
Noctis: What—?
Ardyn: Turns out he's not empty either. He's got quite the "skeleton in his closet."

(as Noct enters a hallway littered with the bodies of magitek troopers)
Ardyn: In case there was any doubt: it's a trap.

[Translucent, electrified doors close at either end of the hallway and begin closing in on Noctis; the magitek troopers also rise and begin attacking]
Noctis: Didn't see that coming!
Ardyn: A little pain never hurt anyone. On you go. Hurry. While you dawdle, people are dying.
Noctis: I've really gone and done it now.

[Ignis's voice suddenly calls out from the other end of the hallway in the direction Noct had been going]
Ignis: Noct? Is that you?
Gladiolus: Hey! Noct! Can you hear us?
Noctis: Ignis, Gladio!
Ignis: Where are you?

[Gladio is able to see through the doors at the other end of the hallway and take stock of Noctis's situation; the doors have almost finished closing in on him now]
Gladiolus: Noct's in trouble!
Ignis: Gladio! There ought to be a kill switch nearby—find it!
Gladiolus: How do you know that?
Ignis: I believe it's the reason we were brought here.

[Gladio finds the switch and is able to open the doors for Noctis; he leaps into the room with them and lets himself fall backward on the floor]
Gladio: That was close.
Noct: The hell'd you get here?

[Gladio holds out his hand to Noct]
Gladio: You're welcome?
Noct: Thanks.

[Noct takes Gladio's hand, and Gladio pulls him to his feet]
Ignis: After we were separated, we received "help"—from the usual suspect.
Gladio: That bastard's playing with us. But at least we're together.
Ignis: All but one of us.
Ardyn: Reunited with your retainers at last. How very touching. Must be a fine feeling, having friends. Look how happy you are! I pray you find your dear Prompto soon.

(as Noct, Ignis and Gladio discover Prompto in his prison cell shortly after reuniting with one another)
[They free Prompto from the device he was being restrained to, and he falls to the floor; Noctis bends down to help him; Prompto has multiple bruises across his body; seemingly, he has undergone some degree of torture]
Gladio: Hey, you alright?
Ignis: Are you hurt? Do you need help?
Prompto: I'm fine. Thank you, Noct.

[Prompto manages to sit upright]
Prompto: Tell me. Were you worried about me?

[A prompt appears to select either "Yeah" or "Not really"]

Noct: Of course I was. What kind of question is that?
Prompto: Of course. That's why you came, like I believed you would.
Noctis: Prompto...
Prompto: That's why I told myself I couldn't die. Not until I could see you and hear you tell me I'm not a fake—that I'm the real me.
Noctis: I'm sorry.
Prompto: Don't be. Everything's alright now.
Not really
Noct: No. Why would I be?
Prompto: Don't tell me you still think that I'm Ardyn.
Noct: It's not like that. I knew the real you wouldn't kick the bucket so easily.
Prompto: I couldn't—at least not until I got to lay a guilt trip on you in person.

[Prompto gets to his feet; Noctis stands as well]
Noct: Yeah.
Prompto: The thought of that alone gave me the will to survive.
Noct: I'm sorry.
Prompto: Don't be. Everything's alright now.

(after Noct, Ignis and Gladio reunite with Prompto)
Prompto: So, where'd you guys park the Regalia?
Gladiolus: Outside. Though "park" ain't the right word.
Ignis: She's broken down, alas.
Noctis: Took one for us, saved our lives.

(as the Chocobros make their way back toward the central area of this level of Zegnautus Keep after rescuing Prompto)
Ignis: Noct, do you hear that?
Noctis: Hear what?
Ignis: I've heard this sound before—on the train, just before your weapons failed you. It's nearby, and it may hold the key to restoring your power.

(as the four of them make their way across the catwalk leading to the central area of this level of the Keep)
Ignis: It's here.

[Noctis stops at the large closed metal doors in the center of the enormous room]
Noctis: This thing?

[Noctis places his hand against the doors]
Noctis: Door's locked.
Ignis: It's coming from within. Is there no way through?
Prompto: There's a way.

[The others look at him; Prompto hesitantly steps up to the door's scanner and raises the back of his right wrist to it; the doors slide open; Prompto resumes speaking, staring off into the room, unable to make eye contact with the others]
Prompto: So, MTs... They've got those codeprints...just like I do.
Noctis: Do they? Never looked.
Prompto: Yeah... So, as it turns out...I'm one of them. Not exactly something I could tell people growing up in Lucis.

[Prompto is fighting back tears, but continues speaking]
Prompto: Still... You guys are like...the only friends I've ever known. I just hope that things can stay the way they were.
Noctis: Whatever. Who cares where you were born?
Ignis: I don't see you turning against us. Not now, or ever.
Prompto: Thanks, guys. Still...I can't change where I came from. What I am.
Noctis: Since when does where you come from matter to you? You never once treated me as a prince.

[Noct playfully punches Prompto's shoulder]
Gladiolus: He's got you there.
Ignis: Never so much as a "Highness."
Noct: We're done here. C'mon, crown citizen.

[Gladio steps over to Ignis to help guide him into the room; he gives Prompto's shoulder a friendly smack as they walk past]
Gladiolus: You're one of us, right?

[Ignis stops and turns back toward Prompto over his shoulder]
Ignis: Unless you'd rather not be.

[Prompto smiles, nods, and follows them]

[Inside the room Prompto opened, they find the emperor's abandoned clothing laying upon the throne; he, too, has become a daemon; they also find a large bank of computers, the cause of Noctis's lost powers; Noctis rams his father's sword through the machines]
Prompto: So...did it work?
Ignis: With the device down and out, Noct's power should be up and running.
Gladiolus: Go on, try it.
Noctis: Alright. Moment of truth.

[Noctis holds out his hand and conjures a sword; Prompto claps in celebration]
Gladiolus: We're back, baby.
Noctis: Let's roll.

With all his powers restored, Noctis can once again travel to the past by calling Umbra at dormitories.

(as the fully reunited and re-empowered Chocobros leave the emperor's throne room)
[The Gargantua daemon that caused Noct's earlier fall suddenly lands on the platform in front of them; it's quickly joined by other daemons materializing]
Noctis: Not you again.
Prompto: New friend?
Gladio: You really need to pick 'em better.

(as the bros battle Noctis's "new friend" and the other daemons)
Prompto: Iggy! Can you see again?
Ignis: 'Fraid not, but that doesn't mean I can't fight.
Prompto: Well, just don't overdo it, okay?

(during another battle after the four friends are reunited)
Gladiolus: You really can hold your own.
Ignis: At the very least, I must try.

(when the four are confronted by the Foras daemon)
???: The ring... It's mine...
Ignis: Truly be...the emperor?
Gladio: Does seem kinda keen on the ring.
Prompto: So we fight him?
Noctis: We take mercy.

(when the Foras daemon is killed)
Iedolas: The empire shall span...all the lands... By the Crystal's Light...we shall flourish... I shall ruler...of the world!

(as the royal retinue makes their way through the hangar area)
Gladio: One helluva hangar.
Prompto: Look at all this space.
Noctis: So, the central elevator's through here.
Gladio: And out of the loading bay.

[The large doors at the other end of the hangar begin opening]
Ardyn: Your Majesty, your precious Crystal awaits you. To liven things up I thought I'd take you on a stroll down memory lane. Of course, memories decay with time.

[Ravus's body walks through the doors, now grotesque and daemonic, transformed into a monster]
Ravus: Kill me... End it...
Gladiolus: Is that Ravus?
Prompto: Or what's left of him...
Noctis: Dammit...

(when Ravus's body has been defeated)
Gladiolus: A sorry end for the high commander—for anyone. He was a man with hopes and dreams.

[Ravus's body begins to discorporate]
Prompto: It's horrible.
Ignis: What kind of fiend makes daemons of men?

[Ravus's body finishes discorporating and is gone; Noct looks sadly at the floor where his body had been]
Gladio: Look alive—company!

[The room suddenly fills with daemons; they begin to attack]

(after the battle goes on for a moment)
Gladio: We're getting nowhere!
Prompto: And they just keep coming!
Ignis: Noct, you must go alone.
Noctis: What?
Ignis: If you can obtain the Crystal's power, we may yet turn the tide. Elsewise, we are all like to perish here.
Gladio: Iggy's right. It's our only chance.
Noctis: But what about you?
Prompto: We'll manage somehow! Just get moving!

[Ardyn broadcasts his voice to Noctis]
Ardyn: You could still get to the Crystal...if you went on your own. Your friends will have to stay behind.

[The elevator to the loading bay comes up to this level for Noct; he takes it down to the loading bay and begins running for the elevator on the other side]

Announcement: Hangar gate closing Please stand clear.

[The gate to the elevator begins to close]
Ardyn: You'd better think fast. I don't envy you your decision.

[Noctis continues to run as daemons begin manifesting and pursue him]
Noctis: So this is the way to the Crystal?
Ardyn: Betraying your friends for the greater good—the mark of a monarch! Step forth, Your Majesty!

(as Noct makes it through the hangar gate)
Ardyn: If you wish to obtain the Crystal's power, you must be prepared to lose all else.

[Noct stops and looks back, seeing his friends absolutely swarmed by daemons, but fighting on; he turns to face the elevator, allowing the hangar gate to close behind him, separating him from his friends once again; he runs toward the final elevator]
Announcement: Gate closed.
Noctis: Don't die on me.

(after Noctis enters the elevator and it begins to rise)
Ardyn: Do you suppose your dear friends are still alive? Those who died for you—do you ever wonder what went through their minds? Can you even recall their final words?
Noctis: I'll come back for you all. I swear.

(as Noctis exits the elevator and races down the final hall leading to the Crystal)
Noctis: How far's this go? The Crystal had better be here. Everyone's counting on it...counting on me.

[Noctis runs into the room housing the Crystal; Ardyn broadcasts his voice to him once more]
Ardyn: Your journey is over, Noct.

[Noctis stands before the Crystal and holds his hand out to it]
Noctis: Please... Help me stop the daemons.

[Suddenly, the Crystal becomes very bright and seizes Noctis's hand; it begins to slowly pull him inside itself; as Noctis struggles in futility to get free, Ardyn swaggers into the room]
Ardyn: Unharmed by the Light. The Chosen King, indeed. Allow me to regale you with a tale. In an age long past, an incurable scourge ravaged mankind. A tiny menace that twisted men into monsters, the likes of which you’ve seen. In Lucis lived a savior who could cure the afflicted. His body would come to host myriad daemons, that countless lives be spared. But a jealous king, one not yet chosen by the Crystal, ostracized and demonized this healer of the people. Making a true monster of him. I gave you my name earlier, but you should know that it was not the name given to me at birth. Ardyn Lucis Caelum is my proper name. You’ll never guess whose name Izunia was. Noct, killing you as a mortal will bring me scant satisfaction. Claim the Crystal’s power. Arise as its champion. Only once the Crystal and King are no more...can I know redemption. Come back soon. I shall keep your friends company until you are ready.

[Note by The Twilight Mexican: In the original Japanese script for what Ardyn says here, he reveals that the one named Izunia who betrayed him not only made a pariah of him, but also either executed him personally or caused his execution. The line that became "But a jealous king, one not yet chosen by the Crystal, ostracized and demonized this healer of the people" in the official English localization was が、まだクリスタルに選ばれていなかった王は
その 人々を救える 唯一の男を殺してしまった in Japanese.

A more direct translation of this would be "However, a king not yet chosen by the Crystal killed that only man who could save the people."]

[After Noctis has been completely pulled into the Crystal, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus arrive, but are unable to do anything to help him; Ardyn turns to them, gestures nonchalantly at the Crystal and begins to walk away; Gladiolus swings his sword through Ardyn's head, releasing a puff of dark smoke from where the blade strikes; Ardyn falls back a little, but maintains his balance and holds onto his hat to keep it from falling off his head; he then continues walking away; Prompto shoots Ardyn in the back before he can take more than a couple of steps, releasing another puff of dark smoke and hurling his body onto the floor; Ardyn's hat rolls away and lays still for several seconds before Ardyn's hand suddenly reaches down to collect it and place it back on his head; once more unharmed, Ardyn is again standing; he smiles at Ignis, revealing corrupted daemonic features as he does so, but they go unnoticed since Ignis is blind; Ardyn walks away, leaving Noctis's closest friends unharmed but devastated]

Believing this sacred stone would purge the world of daemons, Noctis reached out to it, only to be pulled inside.

[Noctis finds himself floating in an ethereal void resembling the Lifestream from Final Fantasy VII; he floats down into the palm of an enormous humanoid figure clad in dragon-like armor]
Bahamut: Gather strength, O Chosen. The fate of this world falls to the King of Kings, His Providence consecrated in the divine Light of the Crystal. So it is ordained—the revelation of Bahamut.

What is this place?
The heart of the Crystal, wherein lies the soul of the star, and it is in this place that the King will gain the power to fulfill his calling. By the covenants awakened, the Six have seen the coming of the prophesied hour—a time when the Crystal shall have shed the entirety of its Light unto the ring. Only then, once the sacred ring is replete, can the True King complete his ascension. And only by the True King’s hand can the immortal Accursed be banished and the Light restored to this world.

Where are my friends?
Bahamut: They stand against the darkness and abide in hope, sustained by faith unfaltering that their King shall arise and bring deliverance.

Who is "the Accursed"?
Bahamut: A man cursed with life eternal, whose immortality stems from the selfsame scourge that wrought the daemons. One so impure of body and soul was deemed unworthy of the Crystal’s Light, and forbidden to ascend. His mind twisted by spite and bent on revenge, the Usuper came to bring darkness down upon our world. Only the True King, chosen by the Crystal and guarded by his forebears, can end the Accursed’s madness.

What is "Providence"?
Bahamut: It is the sole means to ending the immortal Accursed. A power greater than even that of the Six, purifying all by the Light of the Crystal and the glaives of rulers past. Only at the throne can the Chosen receive it, and only at the cost of a life: his own. The King of Kings shall be granted the power to banish the darkness, but the blood price must be paid. To cast out the Usurper and usher in dawn’s light will cost the life of the Chosen. Many sacrificed all for the King; so must the King sacrifice himself for all.

[Bahamut suddenly pulls his hand away and Noctis descends into the ether]
Bahamut: Now enter into Reflection, that the Light of Providence shine within.

[Note by The Twilight Mexican: When Bahamut explains that the Lifestream-esque place Noctis finds himself in is "The heart of the Crystal, wherein lies the soul of the star," what he refers to as "the star" is 星 (i.e. hoshi) in Japanese; the word used for celestial bodies in general. It can mean "star," but can also refer to planets -- and, indeed, is not only what everyone in FFVII refers to that game's planet by, but also what FFXV's Lore Guide from the game's opening tutorial explains the word to mean in this game.

In the Japanese version of FFXV, the segment of the Lore Guide entitled "The Six and the Oracle" ends with an additional line that says ちなみに、これらの話題でいう「星」は「世界」の意です -- "By the way, 'star' in these topics means 'world.'" This either became "star" in the official English localization due to an error in translation or, as is more likely, a deliberate choice on the part of the localization to give some linguistic flair to the game's dialogue.

Click here for a screenshot or here for a video showing this segment of the Lore Guide in the Japanese version, and for further reference, this is Bahamut's line above in Japanese: 聖石の中 星の魂が宿そところ]

[Additional note by The Twilight Mexican: When Bahamut describes Ardyn with "One so impure of body and soul was deemed unworthy of the Crystal’s Light, and forbidden to ascend," by "ascend" he means "become king." This turn of phrasing for the English localization, while elegant, is confusing, coming as it does right after "A man cursed with life eternal, whose immortality stems from the selfsame scourge that wrought the daemons."

The reasonable implication to take from "deemed unworthy of the Crystal's light, and forbidden to ascend" is that it ties directly to Ardyn becoming "cursed with life eternal." In other words, that Ardyn cannot die and "ascend" because he became "one so impure of body and soul" that the Crystal rejects his soul returning to itself, the soul of the planet.

This understanding, while the reasonable conclusion to be drawn, is an unfortunate misunderstanding encouraged by the wording chosen here for the localization. What Bahamut actually says in Japanese is その汚れた身体を聖石に拒まれ王位に就くことなく葬られた愚かな男. A more direct translation of this would be "A foolish man who was rejected by the Holy Stone for that unclean body and was buried without ascending to the throne."

Ardyn's immortality, meanwhile, is a result of the Starscourge itself rather than due to the Crystal's rejection of him for absorbing the Starscourge.]

[The screen briefly fades to black before revealing Noctis floating about in a meditative position; as he recalls memories from throughout his journey and from his childhood, the white light in the Ring of the Lucii on his hand grows ever brighter before briefly engulfing the whole screen]
Bahamut: The Light waxes full. Go forth to the kingdom, where the Usurper awaits. Reclaim the throne, and fulfill the calling of the True King.

[When the screen fades back in to reveal Noctis, he has disheveled facial hair and his youthful features have hardened; he's sitting inside a small stone structure and appears to slowly become aware of his surroundings as the white light emanating from the Ring of the Lucii fades

Stone Prison

[Noctis slowly rises to his feet and walks down a short series of steps to a beach outside where he finds Umbra waiting for him, a note in the dog's mouth]
Noctis: Umbra...

[Noctis takes the note from Umbra and reads it]
Noctis: "Be Hammerhead."


Zegnautus Keep
At long last, the group infiltrates the imperial capital of Gralea, only to lose their king behind enemy lines. Gladiolus and Ignis storm Zegnautus Keep in pursuit of Noctis.

[As the chapter begins, Gladio is pulling Ignis up to stand beside him on top of the train car that collapsed and separated them from Noctis]
Gladiolus: Going up.

[Gladio places Ignis's cane back in his hand once they're both on top of the wreckage]
Ignis: Is there a way forward?
Gladiolus: There's a way, but I don't see us going forward without facing off with the daemons.
Ignis: But now Noct is facing them alone. There must be some way we can help him.

[Ardyn's voice suddenly rings out]
Ardyn: Perhaps I could be of service.

[Ardyn saunters out of the wreckage of another train car]
Gladio: What are you doing here?
Ardyn: Why, I come bearing gifts.

[Ardyn snaps his fingers; as he does so, Gladio's sword materializes in his hand and a dagger materializes in Ignis's]
Gladio: The hell?
Ardyn: See? Gifts! Now, I believe a "thank you" is in order.
Gladio: For what—another one of your stupid tricks?
Ardyn: Here I am, helping for a change, but I can see I'm not wanted.

[Ardyn gestures a farewell, turns, and walks away]
Ignis: I'm loath to trust him.
Gladio: Same...but at this point, we need all the help we can get.

[He looks at his sword for a moment before dispelling it; Ignis and Gladio begin to make their way down on the other side of the wrecked train car]

(as the duo makes their way through the train wreckage in the area)
Ignis: I ought to have been more cautious. If anything were to happen to Noct, I...
Gladio: Can't move forward if you're always looking backward. Quit thinking about what you could've done then and start thinking about what you can do now.
Ignis: You're right. What's done is done.

(after encountering their first wave of daemons and killing them)
Gladio: So if we can conjure our weapons again, does that mean Noct can, too?
Ignis: I have a feeling the chancellor isn't so generous.
Gladio: How come?
Ignis: He may have feigned friendship, but he's proven a foe before. We'd best be careful.

(playing a radio while passing through one of the same buildings Noctis did)
This is the Imperial Security Bureau. A situation has arisen in several research sectors. All civilians must relocate to their designated refuge stations immediately. Failure to evacuate will result in incarceration or other appropriate disciplinary procedures. This emergency broadcast will repeat until the situation has been resolved. The Imperial Security Bureau thanks you for your cooperation.

Gladiolus: You think that "situation" is us...or something else?
Ignis: The latter, I presume. Whatever it is must be a matter of considerable scale to warrant such a warning. Keep your ears open. These broadcasts may help us understand what's going on outside.

(as Gladio and Ignis enter Zegnautus Keep)
Ignis: It's dead silent.
Gladio: More like undead silent. Place is crawling with daemons.

[While they make their way through the Keep, Ardyn broadcasts his voice to Ignis and Gladio]
Ardyn: Right this way, gentlemen.
Ignis: Proceed with caution.

(as the two make their way in the direction Ardyn intends)
Ardyn: Keep going... A little closer... Yes, that's a good boy.

[A wall suddenly begins to slide open; Gladio holds his hand up to halt Ignis]
Gladio: Hold up.
Ignis: What is it?
Gladio: Found some kinda secret passage.
Ignis: Lead here by our "guide"
Gladio: Long as it's a step in the right direction, I'll take it.
Ignis: Where are we now?
Gladio: Whatever it is, it's a mess. Watch your step.

(as they begin to make their way through the labs, they find and play another radio)
This is a status report from the Imperial Defense Force. The daemon outbreak stemming from several research facilities has been suppressed in most areas. Magitek infantry units have been deployed to remaining sectors. The situation is under control. For your safety, a temporary curfew is imposed on all areas. Your cooperation is required to ensure the security of yourself and other civilians.

Gladiolus: They've got their hands full. Bet they never thought their little "pets" would bust outta their cages.
Ignis: I doubt even the daemons could simply escape from such a secure facility. It's more likely their "master" set them free.

(as Gladio and Ignis enter a control room)
Gladiolus: Hey, Iggy. Think we might've found the control room. Got lotsa...monitors and stuff.
Ignis: Which may help us monitor the rest of the keep. Does anything look operable?

[Gladio begins examining a control panel]
Gladiolus: I'm more of a low-tech kinda guy, but I'll see what I can do. What have we here? Huh. Looks like they wiped everything.
Ignis: All of it?
Gladiolus: Yep. Wait—I've got something. There's one surveillance tape they forgot to erase—almost like they wanted us to see it.
Ignis: Then we'd best have a look. Whatever's on that tape may help us locate Noct and Prompto.

[Gladiolus plays the tape; a static-filled screen appears]
Iedolas: What of the Hydraean's power? What of my precious ring?

[The picture on the tape comes into focus; Ravus stands before the emperor in the throne room, King Regis's sword in hand; dark energy like that which rises when the daemons appear is rising off the emperor's hands]
Ravus: By the hand of the Oracle, they are with the King now—their rightful owner. And someday soon, he shall use them to purge our star of its scourge.
Iedolas: But the Crystal is mine... I am the one True King!
Ravus: Nay, it is Noctis and none other.

[Note by The Twilight Mexican: When Ravus says "And someday soon, he shall use them to purge our star of its scourge," this line is a callback to earlier in the English localization when Lunafreya said "Only the true king, anointed by the Crystal, can purge our star of its scourge" -- and as gone over there, what she referred to as "our star" there actually means the planet Eos.

For the Japanese version of this line from Ravus, all he actually says is "As the True King, he will certainly cleanse this world of its darkness." Here is the line in Japanese for further reference: いずれ真の王として必ずや世の闇を晴らしましょう]

[Daemons begin coalescing behind Ravus; he turns his head slightly, taking notice of them]
Ravus: Certainly not a puppet of the darkness and the daemons it has borne.
Iedolas: You are the puppet...and you must die.

[The daemons begin to attack Ravus; he skillfully begins fending them off, wielding Regis's sword; a sudden blast of daemonic energy hits him from behind, though, pushing him out of the throne room and toward a railing; a second blast descends on him, but he is able to deflect it with the sword; a third blast, however, hits him squarely in the chest and launches him over the railing into the depths of the Keep; the picture on the tape descends into static again briefly before regaining focus, now with Ravus once more; he's pulling himself to his feet, holding to a railing and using King Regis's sword for support; he can barely stand; suddenly, what appears to be Noctis walks into the room; Ravus turns to him]
Ravus: At last you have arrived, Noctis. The gods have shown you their favor. As Blood of the Oracle, I present you your father's glaive.

[Ravus holds the haft of the sword out to him, gripping it with his magitek arm]
Ravus: Now go forth, my king. Shine your light unto the world.

[The one who appears to be Noctis begins to reach for the haft of the sword, then suddenly conjures a red-bladed facsimile of the Sword of the Father; he swings the sword at Ravus, cutting off his magitek arm just below the shoulder and seemingly injuring him elsewhere as well; Ravus takes a few clumsy steps forward, then collapses onto his back, dead; "Noctis" leans down and picks up the Sword of the Father, Ravus's severed arm still gripping it, then carries it over beside of Ravus's body; he shoves the blade into the ground, leaving it standing over Ravus]
Noctis: Spare me your sycophancy. I've indulged your false heroism for far too long.

["Noctis" kneels down over Ravus's body and begins speaking with his real voice: Ardyn's]
Ardyn: You tried to save the world in my stead, but it wasn't enough. The Crystal chose me—not you.

[Now appearing as himself again, Ardyn stands and places his hat on his head before reaching into his coat and pulling out the letters Ravus had written to Lunafreya, discovered by Noctis in Chapter 13; Ardyn dismissively tosses the papers on Ravus's body, then begins walking out of the room]
Ardyn: Rejection hurts, doesn't it?
[Note: The audio here has Ardyn say, "Aw, rejection hurts, doesn't it?"]

[The picture on the tape reverts to static; the scene reverts to Ignis and Gladio]
Ignis: Was that Noct?
Gladiolus: No. Just that scumbag chancellor posing as him.
Ignis: It sounded like Ravus tried to return His Majesty's sword.
Gladiolus: Yeah. Guess he finally got over his grudge. Even called Noct "[his] king."

[The two are silent for a moment]
Gladiolus: Let's move. If that's what he did to Ravus, there's no telling what he'll do to Noct.

(while making their way to an elevator beyond the Keep's loading bay area, Ignis and Gladio find another radio)
This is the Imperial Security Bureau. A state of emergency has been declared, effective immediately. Movement out of and around the city is restricted at this time. All civilians must relocate to their designated refuge stations and await further instruction. Civilians who fail to comply with official bureau directives will be subject to incarceration or other appropriate disciplinary procedures. This emergency broadcast will repeat until the situation has been resolved. The Imperial Security Bureau thanks you for your cooperation.

Gladiolus: They've got nowhere to run.
Ignis: And, at this point, no one left to protect them, either.

(as Ignis and Gladio enter the control room where the Crystal is displayed on the monitors)
Gladiolus: Hey, there it is.
Ignis: What is it?
Gladiolus: The Crystal—right here on the screen.
Ignis: Then we're close. Do you see any sort of control panel?

[Gladio examines the control panel]
Ignis: If it's anything like the Citadel, there should be a barrier barring access.
Gladiolus: Then we un-bar it. You just tell me what to do.
Ignis: Right.

[Gladio begins to touch some of the instruments; the screen briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Gladio is stepping back from the control panel, having just entered a command; he looks at the monitors in anticipation; the barrier blocking access to the Crystal turns off; suddenly, the foot of a daemon lands heavily on the floor behind Ignis and Gladio; they turn to face the creature; it's the Foras daemon from Chapter 13]
???: Thieves cannot escape the hand of justice. The Crystal is mine... Never shall I lose my grip! The Crystal, the Light, the power... All of it... Mine!

[As the daemon shouts that last word, the emperor's face is briefly superimposed over that of the creature; the daemon roars, preparing to attack; Ignis and Gladio conjure their weapons and fight back; after sustaining enough damage, the daemon growls, folds its wings over itself and vanishes in a puff of dark smoke; Gladiolus is breathing heavily]
Ignis: I can't hear it anymore. Is it dead?
Gladiolus: Not yet—thing just disappeared. Ain't never seen one that talked like that before.
Ignis: Nor one so fixated on the Crystal.
Gladiolus: I thought Aranea said the daemons were afraid of the Crystal.
Ignis: It may be like moths to a flame—or it may be one of the empire's "alternative facts."
Gladiolus: Whichever it is, that monster's still on the loose.
Ignis: And we need to find it before it finds Noct and Prompto.

(inside a dormitory, they find another radio)
Imperial soldier
Calling all frequencies—hey. Hey! Is anybody out there? ...Anybody who hasn't turned yet? Anybody? This is—no, forget it. What does it matter? Only a matter of time until I turn just like everyone else did. He was right. "Ain't long until the empire falls—and when she does, it'll hit like a ton of bricks." Should've taken his advice and got out when I had the chance. Y'hear that, Callux? You were right. Go on—tell me, "I told you so." Sorry I won't be able to pick up my tab.

Gladiolus: Think anyone else heard that?
Ignis: If they did, I suspect they're no longer human enough to sympathize.
Gladiolus: Whole place has gone to hell... All the rest is probably just fake news.
Ignis: Assuming all of what we heard is true.

(as Gladio and Ignis make their way past a hallway, a door at the other end slides open)
Gladio: If that son of a bitch even—
Ignis: Wait. Can't you hear that?
Gladio: Hear what?
Ignis: Noct's voice. I heard it clear as day. This way—follow me!

[Ignis quickly sets out down the hall]
Gladio: Hey, wait up!

[Gladio takes off after him]


Noctis leaves his prison to find himself on Angelgard. His father's ship is moored at shore, none the worse for wear. It now carries him back to Galdin Quay—back to his kingdom.

(as Noctis drives the boat toward Galdin Quay)
Noctis: Man... How long was I out?

(upon arrival at the dock)
[Noct and Umbra stand on the dock; even from here, Noct can already see that Galdin Quay is deserted and in shambles]
Noctis: Where'd everybody go?

[As Noctis takes a few steps forward, Daemons begin pouring out of the main venue at Galdin Quay and rush the dock]
Noctis: Daemons everywhere. The hell happened?

(upon making it to the main highway)
[Umbra begins barking]
Noct: What is it, boy? Something's coming.

[After a few secondss, a truck pulls into view around the bend and approaches; it pulls over and comes to a stop when it reaches Noct; he walks up to the driver's side door vehicle; the driver is a young man]
???: Uh...
Noct: Yeah?
Talcott: It's me, Talcott. My grandpa served the Amicitia family?
Noct: Talcott?
Talcott: Yeah.
Noct: No way.
Talcott: Yes way. Welcome back, Your Majesty.

[Talcott smiles; the scene transitions to inside the truck; Noctis and Umbra are now Talcott's passengers; Talcott is on the phone]
Talcott: Yes, sir, that's right. Hm? Just a second.
[Note: The audio here has Talcott say "Yes, sir, that's—that's right. Hm? Oh. Just a second."]

[Talcott hands the phone to Noct]
Talcott: Said he wants to have a word with you?
Noct: He can have it in person.

[Talcott puts the phone back up to his own ear]
Talcott: He said you can have it in person. Okay. We should be there shortly, sir.

[Talcott begins to drive them all to Hammerhead; along the way, they pass a number of daemons prowling the land]
Talcott: Wow. I can't tell you how good it is to see you again.
Noct: Yeah. You sure look different, though.
Talcott: You think so? Guess I've grown some these ten years.
Noctis: Ten years?
Talcott: The guys must be pinching themselves right now.
Noct: Where are they anyway?
Talcott: Lestallum, more often than not, but they take a lot of trips to Hammerhead.
Noct: For...?
Talcott: For Miss Cindy—y'know, back at the garage. She's a tough one, but when she needs a little extra muscle out on the road, she gives 'em a call.
Noct: Huh.
Talcott: Ah—speaking of which, the guys said they're near Hammerhead right now, so we'll be meeting them there. Y'know, ever since you disappeared, Your Majesty, it's been nothing but nighttime nonstop. Lestallum still has light—thanks to the power plant—so just about everyone's taken refuge there.
Noct: Only there?
Talcott: Everywhere else's been abandoned. Daemons moved in, forcing the people to move out. People still swing by the garage at Hammerhead from time to time, but it usually isn't for repairs. These days, it's less of a service station and more of a "slayer station"—a base for daemon-hunting. The garage's still open, of the few places that is.
Noct: So, um...Cid. Is he still alive and kicking?
Talcott: He's kicking alright, just not as hard as before. He hasn't really been himself lately. At lesat, not since he moved out to Lestallum. Someone suggested he move the garage there, too... ...but old man Cid wasn't having it. He called it "a big, fat chocobo turd of an idea." Said it just wouldn't be the same anywhere else.
Noct: That sounds like Cid alright.
Talcott: Miss Cindy said she didn't mind either way, so the garage will probably stay put for a while. And without any tinkering to do, Ignig's gourmet seafood is about all Cid has left to look forward to. With all the daemons prowling around, more folk were getting hurt...or worse. So Iris talked the marshal into taking out the daemons themselves. "Iris the Daemon Slayer," they call her. Gladio and the others, they lend 'em a hand whenever they can. Prompto spends most of his time hunting around Hammerhead. He tries to impress Miss Cindy...but she's already married to her work.
Noct: And Ignis?
Talcott: He hunts, too. We tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen. He said, if anything, he's more used to the darkness than we are.
Noct: Never did get his vision back...
Talcott: I'm afraid not. But, that being said, he gets by pretty well on his own. Gladio and Prompto usually hunt on their own as well. It isn't often you see the three of them together nowadays. They still work as a team every once in a while, but each has his own set of tasks to keep him busy.
Noct: Is that so?
Talcott: We've arrived, Your Majesty. Everyone'll be so happy to see you. Don't worry—I won't be going anywhere. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

[Talcott drives through the new perimeter gate at Hammerhead, then parks near Takka's Pit Stop; Ignis, Prompto and Gladio are standing there, waiting; Noct gets out and walks over to them]
Noctis: Hey.
Gladiolus: "Hey"? That's all you have to say for yourself—after all this time?

[Gladio puts his hand on Noct's shoulder and playfully shoves him]
Prompto: Noct, it's you! It's really you!
Noctis: Is it? I hadn't realized?
Ignis: Well, well. You kept us waiting.

[Noct walks up to Ignis and places his hand on his shoulder; Ignis smiles]
Noct: Not like I wanted to. We've got catching up to do.
Ignis: Let's head inside.

[The four friends walk toward Takka's Pit Stop]

The final battle will commence once you leave Hammerhead.
Be sure to spare no preparation.

(speaking with Talcott beside his truck)
Talcott: I'm more than happy to tell you everything I know.

What will you talk about?
The imperial army
The empire

The imperial army
Talcott: We've even got some former imperials fighting for us. The toughest of 'em said she used to lead a band of mercenaries.
Noctis: Aranea?
Talcott: So you do know her. I'm not surprised; the marshal said she used to be feared far and wide back in the day. But now she's revered among the Lucian masses—same with her men, Biggs and Wedge. Each of them leads their own small army.
Noctis: That's great.

The empire
Talcott: Oh, right—about the empire.
Noctis: Huh.
Talcott: Gladio brought back word that both the emperor and high commander were dead. With those two gone, Niflheim pretty much fell apart.
Noctis: Yeah, figured.

Talcott: The chancellor's still around, Insomnia. Nobody who saw him had any clue what he might have been up to, but their stories piqued Ignis's curiosity. I ended up helping Ignis look into the matter—digging through old records, even joining him on trips to the royal tombs.
Noctis: Royally roped into it.
Talcott: It's cool—I'm a bit of a history buff myself. But we did discover something pretty weird.
Noctis: Hm?
Talcott: While we were poring over all those ancient texts, one name caught our eye: Ardyn's. Apparently he was hailed as a savior, healing all those who were ravaged by daemons... ...only to end up branded a daemon himself—a dubious charge, I'd say. By all accounts, he was just as human as you and me.

Talcott: On the bright side, we've come a little closer to understanding the daemons. Y'see, I'd always thought they were animals, only more hideous and savage. turns out they're just ordinary people... ...unlucky folk infected by something or other that transformed them into monsters. There's no known cure as of yet, so death is the only mercy.

We've got a lot of survivors pouring in from Accordo, too, what with all the daemon attacks there as of late. Not like it's much better here. Lestallum's practically overflowing with refugees from Insomnia. The empire's "recovery assistance" fell by the wayside, and daemons overran the city. Thankfully, Iris and the marshal managed to evacuate the civilians. Now there's no one left...except the daemons. I spent my childhood in the Crown City. It's sad knowing it's gone, y'know?
Noctis: Not for long. I became the king to reclaim our home, and now I'm back—as promised.
Talcott: All these years, and you remembered.
Noctis: You bet.

Talcott: Your you remember my grandfather?
Noctis: Yeah.
Talcott: There's something I wasn't able to tell you back then. Grandpa died because of me... It was my fault. An imperial officer approached me in town, asked if I was from the Crown City. And that was just the beginning: "What brings you here, young man? You didn't come here by yourself, did you?" "Your grandfather is a butler at a manor? How very grand!" "He rubs shoulders with the royal family? You must be ever so proud!" I answered him without thinking. A little after that, the man showed up at our hotel.
Noctis: Talcott...
Talcott: Think what you will of me, but please know that Grandpa didn't give you away.
Noctis: Listen.
Talcott: Yeah?
Noctis: You're not a kid anymore. You should know by now what happened that day wasn't your fault—none of it. Y'know, it's hard to ask someone about their pain, but it's just as hard to share your own with someone else. I appreciate you opening up to me, and I swear I'll make things right. But believe me when I say nobody blames you. Not me, not your grandpa. Trust me: you have the king's word.
Talcott: I suppose you're right, Your Majesty. Thank you.

(after resting at the caravan)
Noctis: So Ignis, you're really cooking like you used to.
Ignis: More or less. I can manage with far less help than I required before.
Prompto: Y'know, it's okay to ask for help. You don't need to prove anything to us.
Gladio: Probably more about proving it to himself. I say we leave him to it.
Prompto: Yeah, I guess that's how he got so good. Even better than before, if you can believe it.
Noctis: My taste buds sure do.
Ignis: Perhaps I've developed a culinary sixth sense.
Gladio: Hey, Iggy. You oughta follow Weskham's example, open up a restaurant.
Ignis: I'll give the matter some thought—assuming such demand still exists in a post-apocalyptic world.

(alternate conversation after resting at the caravan)
Ignis: Prompto's even capable of hunting alone these days. He really has come a long way.
Prompto: Had to become a functioning adult sooner or later.
Noctis: Doesn't feel like you've changed, though.
Gladio: Not nearly as much as he claims.
Prompto: You gonna spoil my moment?
Gladio: What's there to spoil?
Noctis: Y'know, even after all this time, you guys haven't changed.
Ignis: Not as individuals, perhaps, but we no longer need to ask one another for help in times of need. We've reached the point where that sort of synergy is second nature.
Prompto: Yeah, and it only took us ten years to get here.

(another alternate conversation after resting at the caravan)
Gladio: So yeah, no wedding just yet.
Prompto: No wedding ever.
Noctis: Go figure.
Gladio: Hey, don't hate me.
Prompto: "Hate the game." Yeah, yeah.
Ignis: So we can't expect a formal introduction for some while, then.
Gladio: Yeah. At least not 'til all of this is over. Can't in good conscience leave a girl to worry while I rush headlong into danger.
Noctis: Right.
Prompto: Gee, you oughta teach a master class in romance.
Ignis: Or acting.
Gladio: No acting here. I keep it real with the ladies.

(when examining the perimeter gate)
[A prompt appears asking "Return to Insomnia?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(when selecting "Yes")
[The four have now walked outside the gate]
Gladiolus: Well, fellas, we're homeward bound at last. Time to suit up.
Prompto: Finally get to rock these threads.
Ignis: Wear them with pride.
Noctis: Yeah, just hope they still fit.

[The four make camp on the same hill overlooking Insomnia where they once bore witness to the imperial invasion; Ignis cooks their dinner, just as he did in the old days]

After ten long years of solitude, Noctis is reunited with his friends. Breaking camp for the final time, they return to the Crown City of Insomnia, where the Chosen King will make his stand and restore the Light to the world.

[Noct and his retinue walk into view, prepared to fight their way to the Citadel in the heart of Insomnia; he now wears the Kingly Raiment, as he did in the game's opening sequence during the battle with Ifrit; likewise, the others wear the uniform of the Kingsglaive]
Gladiolus: Home, sweet home.
Prompto: Yeah, at long last.
Ignis: What we've been waiting for...
Prompto: Sure is.
Gladio: Next stop: the Citadel.
Noctis: Yeah.

[Noct puts on the Ring of the Lucii]

(as the first battle begins in the streets of Insomnia)
Noct: This is it—give it your all, guys!
Gladiolus: Yeah.
Prompto: You got it!
Ignis: With pleasure.

(after winning that first battle)
Gladio: We haven't fought together like this in ages.
Noctis: Really takes you back, doesn't it?
Prompto: We may have struggled before, but now nothing can stand in our way!

(quest description for "The Cure for Insomnia")
The King and his retinue return to Insomnia after ten years. Now, the time has come to return the Crystal's power to the planet, to purge the scourge of the stars and restore the dawn. With the gods and the kings of yore at his side, Noctis must go to the throne and reclaim it from Ardyn.

(taking notice of a dormitory in a subway station)
Prompto: Could catch some Z's here.
Ignis: Certainly! It's a spot worth taking note of.

(when entering the dormitory in the subway station)
Gladio: Still think back to the all good times we had at camp.
Prompto: Staying up all night, sleeping in all morning.
Ignis: We certainly lived at our own pace.
Noctis: Those were the days.

(if Noct begins randomly swinging his weapons around his friends)
Gladiolus: Ten years and you're still acting like a kid?
Prompto: C'mon, Noct.

(drawing near a daemon)
Ignis: I sense trouble.
Prompto: You sense right. Nice, Iggy!
Ignis: No time for compliments.
Noctis: Yeah, I got work to do.

(drawing near a daemon)
Prompto: I'm sensing a powerful aura...and some anger.

(during a battle)
Ignis: That's the way!
Prompto: Better snap some shots while I've got the chance!

(during a battle)
Noctis: You've got this.
Ignis: Of course.

(during a battle)
Noct: You're a pretty good shot in the dark. Prompto: Glad to see my ten years of practice is finally paying off. Noctis: Well, keep it up.

(during a battle)
Ignis: Sullied garments are ill-fitting for a king.

(after winning a battle)
Gladio: Guess we've still got a little fight left in us.
Noctis: You say that like we've already peaked.
Prompto: Yeah, we haven't even reached our prime!
Gladio: Huh. Guess you're right.

(while exploring near all the wreckage and debris blocking direct access to the Citadel)
Prompto: Not makin' it through here.
Gladio: Think there's any other way around?
Prompto: We might want to head...under.
Noctis: Wow—it's one hell of a battle they waged here.

(when Noct and co. enter the Citadel Station area of the subway)
Prompto: It's worn down, but still the same. Gladio: Just like I remember. Ignis: Always came in handy.
Noctis: Used to be filled with people. Let's see that it is again.

(during a battle in the subway station)
Gladio: We got a good thing going here.
Ignis: Perfect synergy!
Prompto: Let's show 'em the power of teamwork.

(during a battle in the subway station)
Noctis: Y'know, you don't seem as jumpy as before.
Prompto: Maybe I'm just better at hiding it?
Noct: Maybe.

(during a battle in the subway station)
Noctis: You doin' okay?
Ignis: I don't need sight to sense what's around me.

(while making their way through the subway station)
Noct: Follow me.
Ignis: What kingly confidence you've acquired.
Gladiolus: And, it only took you ten years.

(on the other side of the Citadel Station)
Gladio: Only a little bit further from here. I think my heart might be slowing my legs down.
Noct: Fight through it—can't make it without you.
Gladio: Ah—yes, sir, Your Majesty.

(while exploring)
Prompto: We've really upped our game as hunters, haven't we? Cor sure ran us through the ringer!
Ignis: Even Aranea's been taught a thing or two.
Gladiolus: It won't be for naught. There's still gonna be cleanup when all is said and done.
Noctis: Yeah, I'm sure you can handle it.

(while exploring)
Ignis: Once this is all over...
Noct: One thing at a time.
Ignis: Fair enough.

(while exploring)
Gladiolus: Might be able to salvage the buildings without structural damage.
Prompto: Yeah—with a cleaning.
Gladio: Lestallum's packed to the gills now.
Ignis: Many would return, given the chance.
Noctis: Then let's bring 'em home.

(while exploring)
Prompto: Hah! Remember when we used to hang out here?
Noctis: Yeah, like every day?
Ignis: And the prince worked part-time nearby.
Gladiolus: Wearin' a scowl on his face the whole time.
Noctis: Hey, I smiled as much as I could!

(while exploring)
Gladiolus: Used to frequent a joint around here, but those days are over.
Prompto: So there was fighting in the streets.
Ignis: And if we'd been at the signing, we'd not be here now.
Noctis: It's because my father sent us away that we can come home.

(while exploring)
Ignis: We left here that day, knowing nothing of what lie ahead.
Gladio: We were too focused on the road trip.
Prompto: I was so pumped to go outside the city.
Noctis: It was gonna be the best day.

(while exploring)
Noctis: Ignis, can you...sense light?
Ignis: To a degree, yes.
Noct: So when dawn breaks, you'll know it.
Ignis: I should.
Noct: Good to know.

(when entering the courtyard in front of the Citadel)
Ardyn: Ifrit, the Infernian. He doesn't share the Glacian's fondness for mankind. But you can expect a...warm welcome. I shall await you...above.

(after Bahamut and Noctis perform a joint strike against Ifrit)
Gladio: So even that wasn't enough?
Ignis: It's taken a turn for the worse.
Prompto: Out of the frying pan, dot, dot, dot?
Noctis: We need to put this thing out!

(still fighting Ifrit)
Noctis: Feels like I'm just hitting air!
Gladiolus: What can we do to kill it?
Prompto: Stay back so it doesn't kill us!

(still fighting Ifrit)
Gladio: The flames never stop.
Prompto: Burning super hot now!
Ignis: Going out in a blaze.
Noctis: Can't fight fire with fire.

(still fighting Ifrit)
Gladio: Someone got a little rusty.
Noct: Ten years without a sparring partner will do that to you.

(as the fight with Ifrit nears its end, if it's been going on for a while)
Shiva: Pyreburner. That heart of flame was turned to ash once... A dead fire must burn no more. Taste again the chill wind of death.

(after Shiva kills Ifrit)
Shiva: O Chosen King of the Stone, restore the Light to this world.
Prompto: What did she say?
Noct: Told me to bring back the Light.
Gladio: That's our next stop.
Ignis: On we go.

(when the royal retinue enters the Citadel)
Ignis: At long last, the Citadel.
Noctis: The throne is just up ahead.
Prompto: It's all lit up.
Gladio: Guess he's expecting company.
Noct: He wants this as bad as we do.
Gladio: Think the elevator's workin'?
Prompto: Huh... Sure looks like it.
Ignis: He is really taking us by the hand.
Noct: It'll save our legs the walk up.

(in the elevator)
Gladio: The throne room...waits outside.
Prompto: Yeah... And so does Ardyn.
Gladio: Acting like he owns the place.
Ignis: It's time to take it all back.
Noct: It ends here. Tonight.

(when Noct and his retinue enter the hall outside the throne room)
Gladiolus: Remember how nervous we were in front of King Regis the day we left?
Ignis: That was the last time we were in here.
Prompto: Yeah. They even let me in that day.
Noctis: Feels like forever ago.

(when examining one of the large wall murals in the hall outside the throne room)
Ignis: Do the paintings of the prophecy still adorn the walls?
Prompto: Yeah. Intact...and amazing.
Gladiolus: We'll witness firsthand whether their story comes true.
Noctis: Oh, I'll make sure it does.

(when examining one of the large wall murals in the hall outside the throne room)
Noctis: Hmm. Guessing Ardyn was meant to appear in these, too.
Gladio: Hmph. Never would have guessed that guy for royalty.
Noctis: He's been living a long time. In a world he could share with no one.

(while lingering in the hall outside the throne room)
Noctis: I always hated this room as a kid.
Prompto: Yeah? And why's that?
Noctis: Coming here always made my dad all serious and sad.
Ignis: It no doubt reminded him of the fate his son would come to bear.

(while lingering in the hall outside the throne room)
Ignis: I recall a young prince leaving his mark on a painting. Is it still there?
Noctis: I don't think anyone could spot it. Had one of my attendants cover it up pretty good.

(when examining the painting at the far end of the room)
Prompto: So the darkness of the legends.
Ignis: Ironically, since he was to be the King of Light.
Noctis: And only I can deliver him from his own darkness.
Prompto: My buddy's gonna write the last chapter of the legend. So cool.

(as Noct and the others approach the doors to the throne room)
Prompto: Hmm, not much farther.
Ignis: Well, shall we, Noct?

[Not begins to put his hand out toward the doors, then suddenly stops and turns around]
Noctis: Yeah, but... Ah. Hold on a sec. Prompto. Can I see your photos?
Prompto: Um...yeah!
Noctis: I just need take with me.
Prompto: Oh... Yeah. I get it. Um... You can take whichever you like.

[The four huddle together to examine the photographs one last time]

(as the Chocobros begin to peruse the photos)
Prompto: Think of all the places we've been. All the shops along the way.
Ignis: Always something new around every corner.

(while passing a photo that includes the Regalia)
Ignis: Only befitting the Regalia be included in the shot.

(while passing a photo that includes the Regalia)
Gladiolus: No car like the Regalia...took us around the world and back.
Ignis: Ah, yes... It wouldn't have been a road trip without her.

(while passing a camping photo)
Prompto: Ignis sure cooked up a culinary cornucopia at camp.

(while passing a camping photo)
Gladiolus: We sure had good times around the campfire.

(while passing the large group photo taken at the end of Chapter 8)
Ignis: How about a shot of us as we set off from Caem?

(while passing a battle photo)
Gladiolus: A shot of us in combat might be cool.

(when selecting a battle photo)
Gladio: That was a real knock-down-drag-out rumble.
Ignis: We conquered insurmountable odds on many an occasion.

(while perusing the photos)
Ignis: Really brings back memories, doesn't it?

(while perusing the photos)
Noctis: Wish I had a photo of everywhere we went. But, this'll do.
Ignis: The camera can only hold so many pictures.

(while perusing the photos)
Prompto: What. Somethin' catch your eye there, bud?

(while perusing the photos)
Ignis: Really brings back memories, doesn't it?

Gladiolus: You thinkin' back to when we took that?

(while perusing the photos)
Prompto: Gotta take one from our zany adventures.

(when making some selections)
Gladio: So you're good with this? No regrets?

(when making some selections)
Prompto: That the one you want?
Ignis: This is it. Listen to your heart, Noct.

(when making some selections; e.g. a picture of Vyv, Ravus, Sania, Dave or Camelia)
Prompto: Huh. Well...not the one I would've picked, but it's your call.

(when selecting a photo lacking obvious significance)
Gladiolus: That really stuck with you, huh? Fair enough.

(when selecting a photo lacking obvious significance)
Prompto: Hmm, I'm sure it's really hard to settle on just one.

(when selecting a landscape shot or a non-stock photo that otherwise features no human, animal or daemon subjects)
Noctis: this one, even though no one's in it.
Ignis: You...chose a picture with nobody in it. Must have some significance to you.

(when selecting a photo of Cor)
Gladiolus: Oh man, Cor really showed us the ropes when we were starting out.
Ignis: Indeed. It was always reassuring to know that the marshal was in our corner.

(when selecting a non-stock photo that either features only Aranea, or one in which Aranea occupies most of the frame)
Prompto: Hohoho... I totally know where you're coming from, dude.

(when selecting a non-stock photo that either features Iris and Noctis together, only Iris, or one in which Iris occupies most of the frame)
Gladiolus: Uh, interesting choice there, Noct. Guess, uh, Big Brother's gotta turn a blind eye every now and again.

(when selecting a photo that either features Prompto and Noctis together, only Prompto, or one in which Prompto occupies most of the frame)
Prompto: Ah, uh, you sure you want a picture with just me, buddy? It's sweet and all, but a little bit creepy.

(when selecting a photo that either features Gladio and Noctis together, only Gladio, or one in which Gladio occupies most of the frame)
Gladiolus: Bah, it's just me in this picture. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm flattered and all, but—

(when selecting a photo that either features Ignis and Noctis together, only Ignis, or one in which Ignis occupies most of the frame)
Noctis: I'll take...this one. With Iggy in it.
Ignis: Was I not present in the majority of photographs?

(when selecting a non-stock photo that either features only Noctis, or one in which Noctis occupies most of the frame)
Prompto: This one!? Go figure. The guy who hated having his picture taken likes a shot of just himself.
Ignis: You can really see the change.

(when selecting a photo of Noct taken during Chapter 14, if he's wearing the Kingly Raiment in the picture)
Prompto: Yeah, I've added some swagger these 10 years. And Noct...looks a little bit more like his dad.
Ignis: Suppose you found your regality, Noct.

(when making some selections; e.g. of moments from cutscenes)
Prompto: Really takes you back, doesn't it? Makes you think about everything that came before, and after, too.
Ignis: The pictures of those days are still fresh in my mind.

(when making some selections; e.g. a shot with only two or three of the Chocobros in it)
Noctis: This one's a classic. It takes me back.
Ignis: Hmm. Easy to get lost in all the memories we've shared.

(when making some selections; e.g. a shot with only two or three of the Chocobros in it)
Gladiolus: The more I look at it, the better it looks.

(when selecting a photo that includes all four Chocobros)
Gladiolus: Now can't beat that... A shot of all four of us together.
Ignis: Through it all, we had each other.

[Noctis pushes open the doors to the throne room, flanked by Gladio, Prompto and Ignis; Noct grits his teeth as he looks ahead]
Prompto: What is that?

[Ardyn sits above, on the throne of Lucis; facsimiles of the corpses of the emperor, Regis, Lunafreya and Nyx Ulric hang from chains before the throne; Ardyn smirks as his guests walk to the center of the room to stare him down]
Ardyn: I'm afraid you're out of luck. The throne brings you here? It seats only one.
Noctis: Off my chair, jester. The king sits there.

[Ardyn stands and places one foot on the throne before scowling down at Noctis]
Ardyn: Oh, Noct... How I have waited for this. Longer than you could ever know.

[Ardyn slowly raises his hand into a fist]
Ardyn: Tonight, the dreams of the blood royal...come to an end.
Gladiolus: Spite's all that's kept him going.
Prompto: Talk about a grudge.
Ignis: Ardyn sits the throne?
Noctis: Not for long. This is my ascension.

[Ardyn suddenly fires three flaming purple energy blasts from his hand; each one finds a target in Noctis's brothers, rendering them unconscious]
Noctis: What did you do!?
Ardyn: They have no place in this, the battle of kings! Come, Noctis!

[Ardyn departs the Citadel through a large hole in the wall of the throne room; as Noctis goes up the stairs toward the throne, the bodies hanging from the ceiling, along with their chains, disappear in purple fire; Noctis stops to watch]
Noctis: It ends now.

[Noctis proceeds to the hole in the throne room wall and follows Ardyn to the ground outside]
Ardyn: The once helpless and hapless prince. Is he now ready to claim his crown? Don't let us down.

[The two kings warp-strike at one another before briefly clashing their swords, launching one another into buildings on opposite sides of the street; they then warp back to the ground to continue facing off as buildings crumble around them]

(very beginning of fight)
Ardyn: Let it be done. Until only one remains.

(very shortly into the battle)
Ardyn: So you are the Chosen King... ...but you are a second choice, at best.

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Do you like what I've done with the world? I twisted it all...just for you.

[Note: can also be a parry line]

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Does it hurt? The pain is proof you're mortal!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Cutting it close!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: How long must I wait!?

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Where is your head?

(during the battle)
[Ardyn laughs maniacally while performing an attack]

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Truly, a pity.

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Over here.

(during the battle)
Ardyn: The legend proved to be a myth.

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Really!?

(during the battle)
Ardyn: No more!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: One step behind!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: A gift for you!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: And so it ends!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Let it be done!

[Note: can also be a parry line]

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Ah, terribly disappointing!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Is that really the best you can do? Perhaps it's time you threw yourself on my mercy.

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Even were the dawn to break now... would only bring the horrors to light!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Behold, O King. This realm in darkness.

(while parrying with Ardyn)
Ardyn: Oh, yes, you'll be the very death of me.

(while parrying again)
Ardyn: Chosen, indeed. Chosen to die!

(another parry)
Ardyn: The ten years you spent accumulating your power... ...I spent assimilating daemons and accumulating mine.

Ardyn: Let me know when you're ready to begin.

Ardyn: Did I mention? I'm immortal.

[nothing said]

Ardyn: I was so close... very close to taking those friends of yours... ...and making them into daemons.

(beginning of the second round of the battle)
Ardyn: Ah... My revenge is soon at hand... How long have I waited...?
Noct: Don't worry. It's far from over.
Ardyn: Well, let's have it, then. You and your Crystal... ...against all I have become.
Noct: Power...of light!
Ardyn: Ahh, a king! At last!

(beginning of the last round of the battle)
Ardyn: A war...of attrition, then.

[The spirits of the Lucii appear around the courtyard]
Ardyn: The Kings of Yore are on hand. Calling you oblivion.

(during the final round of the battle)
Ardyn: Yet when your father died... were off playing with your friends! When your beloved died... lay watching, powerless to stop it! You think ten years is a long time!? It is nothing to me! I have lived in darkness for ages!

(when Noct delivers the killing strike)
Ardyn: So, that is how you would end it.


Call Umbra and tour the world at your leisure. You might even find some new treasures buried right under your nose.

(beginning the "Menace Beneath Lucis" series of quests)
Ezma: Well met, Prince Noctis. I've heard all about you. You and your exploits. I think it's time you took the next step. Don't you?
Noctis: Um... What next step?
Ezma: Well, my boy, let me explain. I look after eight seals. Seals that help protect this kingdom. Maybe you've seen them, in your to-ing and fro-ing. Strange doors, tucked away in caves and ruins. This here is the key that opens them all. Beyond each door lurks a terrible evil. One that not even our most seasoned hunters dare to take on. But you're more than that now. That's right—you have the power of kings flowing through your veins. You're the only one I'd trust this key to. No one else.

(speaking with Ezma again)
Ezma: Those seals are bound to break sooner or later. It's better to strike first, on our own terms.

(speaking with Ezma once again)
Ezma: Listen up. Death lurks behind every one of those doors. You must go prepared.

(quest description for "Menace Beneath Lucis" and all eight of it its "A Menace Sleeps in ..." sub-headings)
There are eight sealed doors located around the Lucian frontier, and behind each one slumbers a ferocious fiend that attacked the realm in ancient times. As the latter-day king, it is Noctis's royal duty to eliminate the menaces once and for all.

(completing the "Menace Beneath Lucis" series of quests)
Ezma: Good to see you back, boys. I heard what you did. You faced the threats, and defeated them all. With this, you fulfilled a promise that was made long ago by none other than your father.
Noctis: What?
Ezma: It was some thirty years ago. His Majesty came here, stood on that very spot, and took the vow.
Noctis: To chase out the threats?
Ezma: Mmm-hm. Exactly. As soon as the war was over, he said.
Noctis: The war.
Ezma: When the Crown City fell to the empire, I thought it spelt the end of Lucis. I truly did. But a light that burns so brightly, doesn't go out so easily. Thank you, Prince Noctis. For everything. So long as you're alive, I know that the kingdom is safe.

Hunter's Medal x 1

(speaking with Ezma again after completing the "Menace Beneath Lucis" series of quests)
Ezma: Ah, here to report a hunt, are ya?

(speaking with Ezma once more)
Ezma: You got a story you wanna share with old Ezma?

(beginning the "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie" quest by traveling to "past" Lucis via Umbra for the first time)
[Noctis's cell phone rings; he answers]
Cindy: Howdy, Prince. D'you mind swingin' by the garage for a hot minute? We been experiencin' some awful strange shakes back here in Leide. The Hunters're already lookin' into it, but I reckon they could use a couple more hands.
Noctis: Got it. On our way.

[Note: The "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie" quest can be begun and completed during Chapter 9, but one possible NPC who can show up will be missing if the player progresses to the last stage of the quest prior to completing certain tasks that will be unavailable until Chapter 15; as such, the totality of the quest is being chronicled here under the section for Chapter 15]

(quest description for "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie")
Noctis receives an emergency call from Cindy, who warns him about a sudden rash of earthquakes rocking the Leide region. The prince and his friends agree to investigate.

(progressing the "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie" quest by speaking with Cindy)
Cindy: Some sizable seismic activity down south near Longwythe. Dave an' his boys are on the beat as we speak. It's the darndest thing. Ain't never felt so much as a rumble 'round these parts. Got a lotta folks worried. Got me worried, too. Aint' easy tunin' up a shakin' chassis. Anyhoo, hope Dave and y'all can do somethin'.

(progressing the "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie" quest by speaking with Dave in Longwythe)
Dave: I see your hunter's instincts brought y'all back here. Mine're tellin' me there's somethin' real shady 'bout these shakes. Got all my hunters foragin' the field for clues as we speak. Even enlisted the help of a fella from Galdin. Name's Dino, real upright fella. Said he found himself a suspect spot. Y'all mind goin' to check it out for me?

[The scene transitions to the Longwythe Crow's Nest, where the Chocobros and a number of NPCs have gathered]

Friends made during the journey have caught wind of the incident and gathered at the Longwythe Rest Area. (14 of a possible 14.)

(a sign nailed to the door)
Meldacio Hunter HQ

(speaking with Cid)
Cid: How in tarnation's a man supposed to get any work done when his tools're flyin' off the shelves all will-nilly!?

Potion x 1

Cid: In all my years livin' on the outside, I ain't never felt anythin' like these earthquakes. Ain't good for nothin' but givin' me a backache!

(speaking with Takka)
Takka: All these recent quakes are givin' me the chills.

Mettle VX x 1

Takka: Can't even boil a pot of water without worryin' it's gonna spill all over the place! Only got a splash of stock left in the fridge. Like to run dry if these quakes don't quiet down soon.

(speaking with Iris)
Iris: We heard rumblings of an earthquake around here and came to check it out. It's a little too close to the capital for comfort.

Elixir x 1

Iris: Normally, Jared's notebook has the answer, but it came up blank this time—except for a weird legend about Longwythe. Something about the mountain "awakening" every few centuries and making the earth shake by its rousing. That's the best I've got.

(speaking with Talcott)
Talcott: Prince Noctis! Are you helping look for earthquakes? Well, guess what—I'm helping, too!

Phoenix Down x 1

Talcott: I started looking in Grandpa's notebook, and here's what I found. It said there's a legend about the mountain, and that's all he wrote. Oh! But y'know what else? He drew a picture of a turtle. Not only was Grandpa smart, but he was a good drawer.

(speaking with Holly)
Holly: If it isn't my favorite hunters! You looking into what's causing all these earthquakes?

Power EX x 1

Holly: Everyone at the power plant's up in arms. They're all wondering if the Meteor has got anything to do with 'em. The company's offering a bonus to anyone who can solve the mystery, so I figured I'd take up the cause and earn some extra gil.

(reading a note left on one of the tables)
Howdy, boys.

So, I heard you're investigating the recent tremors, and I wanted to wish y'all good luck. If you could shake us of these shakes, me and my birds would be most grateful. We're rooting for you, now.

Your friend,

Spirit ZX x 1

(speaking with Navyth)
Navyth: Noctis, m'boy! You seen it out there? These quakes have got the guppies scared outta their gills!

Flesh Fortifier x 1

Navyth: Wonder if there's a new fish done set 'em all astir. Whatever it is causin' these quakes, it's gotta be a real whopper! Either way, I'm gonna keep on fishin'. And don't worry: if I get any good bites, you boys'll be the first to know!

(speaking with Vyv)
Vyv: I see you boys are on the beat, too. Not surprising, given the scale of this "incident," if you will.

Mega-Potion x 1

Vyv: My buddy Dino's been searching for a scoop. Sounds pretty dangerous... Think of how many copies we'll sell! And apparently there are some old legends about Longwythe. "Past Myths Back to Haunt the Present?" People'll eat it up!

(speaking with Sania)
Sania: Well, look what the coeurl dragged in! You boys curious about these quakes, too?

Remedy x 1

Sania: As it were, I was going through some old biology docs, and I stumbled upon something that might pique your interest. Longwythe Peak! Ooh, baby, this is monumental. I've gotta check it out up close!

(speaking with Coctura)
Coctura: Well, I guess my cover's blown. I didn't come here to cook—I came here as an informant.

Ether x 1

Coctura: Thought about picking up some ingredients while I was in the area, but now's not really the time for grocery shopping. If the quakes shake the quay and our ships stop sailing, our restaurant's sunk. We need to solve this now.

(speaking with Dino)
Dino: Well, if it isn't ince-pray Octis-nay! Dave probably told you, but I'm out here reportin' on the earthquake.

Verve WX x 1

Dino: Since we're on good terms, let me share a little scoop: word on the street is that the crag itself is the key. That, uh, Crown City chick Monica? Yeah, well uh, she's followin' up on a lead in Longwythe for me.

(speaking with Kimya)
Kimya: O-ho-ho! Come to investigate these earthquakes, have you?

Muscle Stimulant x 1

Kimya: Very unsettling, they are. A great disturbance in the earth, I sense—something outside the purview of the Stars. Whence does all this energy flow? The answer, you and I must together seek.

(speaking with Ezma)
Ezma: Well met, boys. All this commotion had me curious, so I came down from HQ to check it out.

Hi-Elixir x 1

Ezma: I see they weren't making a mountain out of a molehill. This one might even be too much for the Hunters to surmount. Doesn't mean it isn't worth trying, though—and this old girl ain't about to let her boy Dave have all the fun.

(speaking with Dave)
[A prompt appears asking "Head out?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

(after leaving the Crow's Nest and speaking with Dustin and Monica near Longwythe Peak)
Dustin: The cause of the quakes? Ah, I'm afraid I must direct you to Monica. I'm simply here to look out for Lady Iris and young Talcott. And that's all I have to say. Apologies for not being of help.

(completing the "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie" quest by speaking with Dustin and Monica again)
Monica: Good to see you, Prince Noctis. Dustin and I have been investigating the recent tremors in the region. I believe we've discovered the source of the quakes: a long-dormant creature called the "adamantoise." The beast is far too dangerous for us to approach. If you decide to venture closer, do exercise caution.

[The mountain suddenly "awakens" as the adamantoise begins to move about]
Noctis: Whoa! What is THAT!?
Prompto: Whoa! Oh, no. No way. Dude. That's a turtle!
Gladiolus: Look at the size of it! It's freakin' huge!

(if Noctis keeps trying to fight the adamantoise rather than flee)
Prompto: Dude, you can't be serious. Oh crap, you are!
Gladiolus: That's not a beast, that's a mountain.
Ignis: Perhaps this is one hunt we should reconsider.

(if Noct persists further in trying to fight the adamantoise)
Ignis: Noct! Do you seriously mean to do this?
Prompto: Noct! C'mon, man, not cool!
Gladiolus: I've heard of moving mountains, but taking one down? That's a twist.

(after the Chocobros either flee or are unable to defeat the adamantoise within three minutes)
[The creature retreats into its shell]
Prompto: It's a mountain again...
Gladiolus: Reminds you just how tiny we are in the big picture.
Ignis: Tiny and short-lived, besides. Some mountains aren't meant to be climbed, though with time, we might conquer it.

Speak to Takka to join the hunt for the adamantoise.

[Note: Should the player actually kill the adamantoise during this quest rather than the "Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe" hunt, as seen in this video, a glitch that freezes the game will occur when speaking to tipsters due to turning in a hunt that doesn't exist yet]

(beginning the "Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe" hunt by speaking with Takka and asking to join the hunt)
The adamantoise will duck into its shell if you flee from battle. If you wish to rejoin the hunt, you will have to start from the beginning.

[The entire area around Hammerhead begins to shake]

The citizens have all gone into hiding in fear of the adamantoise.

Noctis: Whoa! What is THAT!?
Prompto: Whoa! Oh, no. No way. Dude. That's a turtle!
Gladiolus: Look at the size of it! It's freakin' huge!

(completing the "Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe" hunt by defeating the adamantoise)
Adamantite x 1

[Prompto tries catching his breath]
Prompto: We actually did it.
Gladiolus: Piece of cake, huh?
Ignis: After an infinite regression, we arrived at an answer: the turtle's all the way down.

The frightened citizens have come out of hiding.

(speaking with Dave in Longwythe after completing the "Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe" hunt)
Dave: Y'all oughta be proud of yourselves for takin' down that adamantoise. You boys made hunter history. Congratulations.

[The scene transitions to the Longwythe Crow's Nest once more, where the NPCs from before have assembled once again]

(speaking with Cid)
Cid: You boys took down the adamantoise!? Reggie wrassled with that ol' fella back in the day, an' now you've finished the job.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Takka)
Takka: Finally, I can cook in peace, an' it's thanks to y'all. Ah, the sounds of simmerin'—music to my ears!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Iris)
Iris: Hey, I heard about Longwythe. Seriously, that's amazing. You guys are gonna go down in history!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Talcott)
Talcott: You defeated an adamantoise!? Woah! I'm gonna write that down in Grandpa's notebook!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Holly)
Holly: Hey! So you know, I submitted my official report to the company, and I made sure to say what a great job you did!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(reading a note left behind on a table)
Howdy, boys.

You really did it. You put an end to the tremors—and by taking down a mountain, no less! You're nothing short of legends, and I'm mighty proud to know y'all. Come visit the birds again soon, y'hear?

Your friend,

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Navyth)
Navyth: Well, I'll be. Never thought I'd see a movin' mountain! I betcha there's a whopper like that out there just waitin' to be caught!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Vyv)
Vyv: Well, look-ee here: the Heroes of Legend! You guys are the talk of the town—no, the land!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Sania)
Sania: So, you made it out alive! Not bad. Thanks to you boys, my research of Longwythe is going swimmingly.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Coctura)
Coctura: Oh, hello there. Thanks to you, my kitchen's safe. But tell me, did the adamantoise seem...edible?

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Dino)
Dino: Whoa! 'Ey, congrats on taking that thing down, huh? I mean seriously, impressive stuff. I tell you it, uh, kinda makes me want to write articles again.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Kimya)
Kimya: Calmed the earth, have you? Into eternal slumber has the adamantoise fallen. Learn its secrets of long life, I must. Ohoho!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Ezma)
Ezma: So you boys came face-to-face with the adamantoise. Gotta admit I'm a little jealous. You'll have to tell me all about it sometime.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Dave)
[A prompt appears asking "Head out?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

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The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
After suffering a humbling defeat at the hands of Ravus, Gladiolus embarks on a journey of self-discovery. His destination: the Tempering Grounds, where he seeks to undertake a trial of body and mind that has heretofore afforded but a sole survivor.

[Shortly after Gladiolus reunites with the others in Chapter 8, the Chocobros sit around a campfire; Gladiolus and Ignis are each drinking a cup of coffee; Noct and Prompto are on their cellphones]
Gladiolus: I'm stuffed.

[Gladio raises his cup in Ignis's direction]
Gladio: My compliments to the chef.
Ignis: My pleasure. Did you enjoy your time with the marshal?

[Gladio nods]
Prompto: So, uh, what's that thing on your face?

[Gladio points to his new scar]
Gladio: This?
Noctis: Yeah—X marks the spot.
Gladio: Just a scratch. The other guy got off a lot worse.
Noctis: Worse than looking like some kind of thug?
Ignis: Speaking of which, who was this "other guy"?
Gladio: They call him... ..."The Blademaster."

[The screen fades to black as Gladio begins his flashback account of where he was and what he was doing during Chapter 7 of the main game]

[A prompt appears asking "Begin the combat tutorial?"; the player can select either "Yes" or "No"]

[Gladio sits in a field near the Talepar Rest Area with his legs crossed after taking out a voretooth pack; his cell phone begins to ring; he answers]
Cor: Gladio?
Gladiolus: Yeah—who do you think it is?
Cor: Catch you at a bad time?
Gladiolus: Are you here yet?
Cor: Yeah, I'm at the Crow's Nest.
Gladiolus: Good. Thanks for agreeing to meet with me.
Cor: Sure.
Gladiolus: So... Are you ready to move out?
Cor: What about you? Are you mentally prepared?

[Gladio is silent a moment]
Gladiolus: Of course. I'll be right over.

[The scene transitions to inside the Crow's Nest; Cor is sitting at the bar with a cup of coffee]
Cor: 'Bout time.

[Gladio takes a seat beside him; the restaurant server approaches]
Server: What'll it be?
Gladiolus: Just a water's fine. Thanks.

[The server walks away; as Cor and Gladio begin to talk, Cor just looks straight ahead]
Cor: Allow me to ask you once more: are you sure you're ready to take on the Blademaster?
Gladiolus: I went up against the high commander and got my ass handed to me. I didn't stand a chance. And I never will unless I get more power.
Cor: Then answer my question: are you ready or not?
Gladiolus: You think I would've called you here if I weren't?

[Cor now turns his head and looks Gladio directly in the eyes]
Cor: So you're ready to face death?

[Both men are silent for a moment]
Cor: Gilgamesh awaits challengers in the deepest recesses of those ruins. It's been thirty years since we uncovered the caves. We've sent countless expeditions, but all of our efforts have afforded us no rewards... ...and no survivors.
Gladiolus: Except for you. You undertook the trial, and you made it back alive.

[Cor says nothing for a long moment; finally, he casts his eyes down as he speaks]
Cor: Barely.

[Cor gets up from his seat]
Cor: Let's move.

[The scene transitions to Cor and Gladio standing along the path leading into the Tempering Grounds]
Cor: Did you tell your friends why you were taking off?
Gladiolus: Just said it was "business." Didn't want 'em getting all worried about me.
Cor: Or knowing your pride took a beating.

[Gladio and Cor proceed into the Tempering Grounds; almost immediately, they're greeted by the sight of corpses of long-dead warriors littering the gorge; and almost immediately after that, they witness smoke-like azure-colored energy float down into the corpses, followed by the cadavers rising to their feet]
Gladiolus: They're alive!?
Cor: Not for long!

(as Gladio and Cor battle the dead warriors)
[One of the spirits here in the ruins projects its voice to Gladio]
Soul: Have you come to prove your might?
Gladiolus: Who are you?
Soul: One of many who haunt these grounds, following our leader in death as in life. Naught but our souls remain, clinging to the vestiges of our past.
Gladiolus: Why?
Soul: To test those determined to become the King's Shield, and prepare them to inherit the power they pursue.
Cor: The Blademaster's men have sworn their loyalty both before and beyond the grave, scaring off the unworthy.
Gladiolus: Then they'd better prepare for disappointment. I don't scare easy.

[As Gladio and Cor proceed into the crevasse, they soon come to a cavern entrance requiring they crouch to gain entry; a short distance within, they come to a rapidly running brook running down a slope]
Gladiolus: Only way to go is down...

[Gladio gets into the water and lets it carry him down into the depths of the cavern, landing in an area filled with water slightly higher than ankle-deep; suddenly, an enormous snake called a brunnrsomr emerges from the water and begins to attack]
Gladiolus: He ain't going down without a fight.

(after Gladio and Cor kill the brunnrsomr)
[The cavern begins to take on an eerie green hue; Gladio looks around to find himself alone, Cor nowhere in sight; suddenly, a tall, hooded humanoid figure materializes from azure smoke; the figure holds a katana in its right hand; its left arm is missing]
Giglamesh: You come to prove yourself worthy of my mantle?
Gladiolus: I do. I am here to undertake the Trial of Gilgamesh.
Gilgamesh: And what is it you hope to glean?

[Gladio raises his hand and clenches it into a fist]
Gladiolus: Power—and you're gonna give it to me.

[Gilgamesh dispells his katana]
Gilgamesh: Is that so?

[Gilgamesh replaces the katana with a large broadsword, then quickly charges at Gladiolus]
Gladiolus: Ready or not!

(as the battle ends)
[Gladio finds his sword locked with Gilgamesh's in a recreation of the position he was in when he fought Ravus]
Gilgamesh: Brute force alone does little to impress. Only he who possesses both muscle and mettle of equal caliber deserves the honor of fighting beside the Chosen King as his sworn Shield.

[Gladio briefly flashes back to his confrontation with Ravus]
Gladiolus: You saying I don't?

[Gilgamesh breaks their sword lock, knocking Gladiolus to the ground]
Gilgamesh: A great evil threatens the people of your world. It is but the King of Kings and his Shield who can safeguard their lives. All those unworthy or unwilling to rise to the task meet their end here, by my blade.
Gladiolus: I ain't meeting mine any time soon. This "trial" hasn't even begun.
Gilgamesh: If you do not fear death, then go forth with reckless abandon and prove your worth.

[Gilgamesh turns and vanishes in more azure smoke; the lighting of the cave returns to normal; after a silent moment alone, Gladio speaks aloud to himself]
Gladiolus: You are ready for this.

[Cor suddenly returns at that moment]
Cor: In that case, let the trials begin.
Gladiolus: So, the Blademaster...
Cor: He's a master of blades. What—were you expecting something profound?

[The two continue on, scaling a small ledge and ascending a stone stairway that begins to lead them up out of the cavern; before long, they come to a campsite]
Gladiolus: Better rest here while I can.

(while resting by the fire at the campsite)
Cor: The Blademaster isn't here to train you; he's here to test you. He won't go easy on you just because you joined the Crownsguard.
Gladiolus: So, no mercy for newbies like me.

[A prompt appears to select either "Tell me more" or "That's enough"]

Tell me more
Gladiolus: So what—the weak aren't worthy of serving as Shield?
Cor: In his eyes, the weak aren't worthy of living. All of them are fools, punished for aspiring beyond their station. I was a fool back then, too—and I was punished.
Gladiolus: But you weren't killed. Maybe you weren't worthy of serving as Shield, but he must've seen you as worthy of living.
Cor: Maybe he did, maybe he didn't.
That's enough
Gladiolus: No point in overthinking it.
Cor: But don't forget it.

(as the two leave camp behind)
Cor: Keep your eyes and ears open.
Gladiolus: Done and done.

(as they continue making their way through the cavern)
[The spirit from before continues projecting its voice to Gladio]
Soul: Your skill is impressive. You may have the strength to defeat the darkness... ...but do you have the spirit to survive these trials?

(as Gladio and Cor run into yet another battle)
Gladiolus: Not good—they keep on coming!

(as this battle progresses)
Cor: Just like I taught you. Ready?
Gladiolus: And raring to go!

(as they progress a short way past the previous battle)
[Gladio and Cor come to a wall made of rock formations curved inward on one another; it is also seemingly sealed by a magical talisman consisting of a sword stuck in the ground with several ropes tied to it; the sword's blade glows with blue energy]
Gladiolus: What's this?
Cor: A trial chamber. The hand-holding stops here—good luck.

[Gladio grabs the grip of the sword, and the ropes vanish in a flash of light; he pulls the blade from the ground and the entire weapon then vanishes in a burst of light; the rock wall crumbles away, revealing a small cave; Gladiolus enters and is confronted by a host of skeletons and a wraith-like entity called a nergal as the cave wall behind him becomes sealed once again]
Soul: Prepare yourself, Young Warrior, for the trial that awaits. Prove your might, and our power shall be yours.

(after Gladio defeats the nergal)
[He approaches a small shrine made from rocks within the chamber; inside burns a blue flame; Gladio places his hand on the flame and endures the subsequent winds and energy that buffet him from within the shrine; he then pulls his hand out of the shrine; his hand now briefly burns with the blue flame]
Soul: Our power goes with you now, Young Warrior.

[The rocks the shrine is made from turn to light and vanish as the wall behind the shrine splits and slides open to allow Gladio further passage]

Gladiolus has completed the first of the souls' trials.
He can now perform blocks capable of withstanding the mightiest of blows—even those dealt by the Blademaster himself.

Soul: Stand tall, for the Shield of the King must kneel in subjugation before no man.

[Cor rejoins Gladio at this point]
Gladiolus: Thanks for the advice—and for the pick-me-up.

(as Gladio and Cor proceed through the next passageway)
Cor: Well, you made it out alive. Your first trial may have ended, but many more await you on your road to an audience with the Blademaster. Prepare yourself.

[Gladio and Cor soon emerge from the cavern onto a ledge along the cliffside within the Talepar Crag; there's a campsite here]

(while resting by the fire at the campsite)
Gladiolus: My father never undertook the Trial of Gilgamesh, did he?
Cor: No. You wanna know why?

[A prompt appears to select either "Yeah" or "Not really"]

Gladiolus: I do. I mean, it can't be because he was scared, right?
Cor: Not of the Trial. He was scared of failing as leader of the Crownsguard—and as Shield of the King. He couldn't leave His Majesty alone, weakened by the Wall as he was. After all, what good is a Shield with no one to protect? What about you? Worried about leaving Your Majesty alone?
Gladiolus: A little, but I'm gonna do what's right for me like my father did what was right for him.
Not really
Gladiolus: He never pried into my business, so I won't dig into his.
Cor: Like father, like son.

[From the ledge with the campsite, the path ahead is a ramp running up the face of the cliffside; the ramp appears to be made of wood that has long-since rotted, but it holds; it also leads to two other such ramps, which allow the two warriors to gradually ascend along the cliffside]

(as they proceed up the ramps)
Gladiolus: How long has it been since you undertook the Trial? Thirty years or so?
Cor: Give or take. I was a lot younger than you are—and far less experienced. It's a wonder I even made it out alive.
Gladiolus: This place look familiar to you?
Cor: Vaguely. The younger me had little mind for taking in the sights.

[Before long, Gladio and Cor reach additional wooden pathways, which they follow to an actual stone path along the cliffside; from there, they reach the entrance to another cavern within the cliff wall; after disposing of the creatures that attack them by the entrance, they proceed into the cavern]

(a short distance into the cave)
[Gladio and Cor come across a talisman and wall similar to the one from earlier]
Gladiolus: Another trial chamber.
Cor: And another chance for the warriors to impart their wisdom. It won't come easy, though—you'll have to earn it.

[Gladio proceeds to the new trial chamber in the same manner as the first, only this one is actually a stone bridge spanning the divide of the Taelpar Crag; as Gladio walks out onto the stone bridge, he looks up to find himself being targeted by a fiery winged creature called an enkidu]

(as Gladio's battle with the enkidu begins)
Soul (1): How many moons has it been?
Soul (2): Since our last visitor? Far more than I can count.
Soul (1): Let us see how our latest challenger will fare.

(once Gladio defeats the enkidu, he proceeds across the bridge and climbs through a fissure in the cliff wall to enter a stone chamber housing the next power shrine; akin in design to the first, Gladio proceeds in like manner]

(after acquiring the power within the second shrine)
Soul: Venture forth, Young Warrior, bearing our hopes and dreams.

[This shrine vanishes in the same fashion as the first, and the wall beyond it likewise splits and slides open as before]

Gladiolus has completed the second of the souls' trials.
He can now perform the Maelstrom Glaive Art when his valor is high.

Soul: Look ahead, for the Shield of the King must safeguard our future.
Gladiolus: Leave it to me.

[He's now rejoined by Cor]

(as the two proceed on ahead and battle more spirits dwelling here)
Soul: The skills shared by these souls have been passed down for generations. The Shield of the King would do well to put them to good use.

(while clearing another room of enemies)
Gladiolus: Gotta say, this place ain't like anywhere else in Lucis.

[After defeating all the enemies in this room, an exit back to the cliffside is revealed as part of the wall splits and slides open]

(as Gladio and Cor step out onto a ledge within the gorge)
Soul: Thousands set foot on these grounds, all of them fools unprepared for the dangers lurking within. They all meet with the same fate—as will you.
Gladiolus: I don't think so.
Soul: Think what you may, but I know otherwise. The Lucis you call home is nothing like the Lucis I once served. Your age has forgotten the horrors of war, coddled by the king and drunk off the complacency of peace. No Shield worthy of defending the True King could be born from such depravity.
Gladiolus: Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Cor: Look at the bright side: everyone loves an underdog.

[Gladio and Cor proceed across another wooden path, then down another series of wooden ramps, eventually coming to a second stone bridge spanning the chasm; several large creatures are on the bridge]

Gladiolus: Aww. A warm welcome, just for me.

(as Gladio and Cor make their way up the stone staircase on the other side of the bridge, then climb to a ledge above)
Soul: Will you stand tall, even when your flesh fails you, or will you fall to your knees?

[After reaching a higher ledge, battling some more large creatures, and then ascending more wooden ramps, Gladio and Cor find another campsite on a ledge]

Gladiolus: Time to take a load off.

(while resting by the fire at the campsite)
Cor: Never thought I'd make my way back to the Tempering Grounds.
Gladiolus: You said it's been thirty years. Were you as "immortal" then as you are now?
Cor: If you wanna know, I'll talk.

[A prompt appears to select either "Yeah" or "Not really"]

Gladiolus: The Blademaster—what was he like?
Cor: I don't remember much...except for those eyes. They pierced my heart and peered right into my soul. It was like he knew my every move even before I did. Try as you may, there's no fooling those eyes.
Gladiolus: We'll see about that.
Not really
Gladiolus: Nah, I'm fine not knowing.
Cor: Some stories are better left untold.

[From the campsite, Gladio and Cor enter another cavern passageway within the cliff face]

(as they continue on)
Soul: He who protects the king... ...must boast muscle and mettle, both finely tempered. Should he lack either, the Shield will shatter.

[Shortly thereafter, the two warriors come to a wall upon which a demonwall-like entity manifests; this being is called an inannaduru, and is accompanied by soul of fortitude enemies]

(after defeating the inannaduru)
[The creature discorporates and the wall it had been bonded to shatters]
Cor: The penultimate trial awaits. Prove to them you're prepared to serve as the Shield of the Chosen King.

[Soon thereafter, Gladio and Cor find the next trial chamber, one much like the first]

(as Gladio unseals the trial chamber)
Soul: Be true, for the Shield of the King must deceive none—not even himself.
Gladiolus: Yeah, easier said than done.

[Gladio enters the trial chamber, emerging into a short cavern passageway; after making his way down a couple of stone stairways, he finds himself in a room with another shrine; suddenly, a large creature resembling the red giant daemons begins to manifest; called a humbaba, it also manifests in the same manner as those daemons]
Soul: The Shield is bold, shrinking before none. Waste not the arsenal at your behest.

[When Gladio defeats the humbaba, it discorporates like a red giant daemon as well; Gladiolus then claims the power in the nearby shrine as he has during previous trials]
Soul: Now, naught but the final trial awaits you.

[As has been the case after claiming the power at previous shrines, the wall behind this one likewise splits and slides open]

Gladiolus has completed the third of the souls' trials.
An aura envelops his blade, allowing him to deal damage to Gilgamesh.

[Gladio is rejoined by Cor]
Cor: Nice work. Maybe you've got what it takes after all.
Gladiolus: Maybe, but it ain't for you or me to decide.
Cor: True—and the Blademaster is a more formidable foe than any you've faced thus far.

[Venturing through the new opening, Gladio and Cor find another campsite]

(while resting by the fire at the campsite)
Gladiolus: Well, what about you? I wanna know what was going through your head back then.
Cor: You that interested in me?

[A prompt appears to select either "Yeah" or "Not really"]

Gladiolus: I mean, you were a lot younger than I am.
Cor: And a lot brasher too, if you can believe it. Wouldn't listen to a single word anyone said. I thought I was invincible. No one could stop me...until he cut me down to size. I was cast out in defeat, my hubris laid bare for all to see. "You really are immortal," they said—and it stuck.
Gladiolus: That's rough... Still, you made it back alive—something no one else has ever done—and I respect that.
Not really
Gladiolus: Don't flatter yourself. Forget I even asked.
Cor: It would be my pleasure.

(as Gladio and Cor continue on down another series of wooden ramps)
Soul: Come here to die, have you?
Gladiolus: You looking to die again?
Soul: You amuse but do not impress. You lack his conviction.
Gladiolus: Whose?
Soul: He who traversed these caves some thirty years ago. Turning a deaf ear to our wails and wishes, he proceeded unfazed, eyes ever forward. Yet he proved powerless before the general, cast out in defeat. If even he could not succeed, I see no hope for you.
Cor: That guy must've left quite an impression... ...when he landed flat on his face.

[Making their way down to yet one more ledge, Gladio and Cor soon find themselves at a sealed wall in the cliff face; unlike previous trial chambers, this one is not sealed by a talisman, just rock growth; Cor stands before the wall, and raises his katana, still in its sheath; he unsheathes the blade a foot or so; the rock growth barring Gladio's entry dissipates; Cor sheathes his katana once more and lowers the weapon; he speaks to Gladio without turning to look at him]

Cor: Clarus would've tried to stop you, you know—just like he tried to stop me all those years ago.
Gladiolus: How come?
Cor: Because one aspiring to the role of King's Shield can stake his life for none but his liege—not even for himself.

[Cor looks at Gladio]
"Do you dare risk all for naught in return?" His words stayed with me. And he was right: I barely made it back with nothing to show for it.
Gladiolus: So, you gonna stop me?
Cor: No, I won't. But I will warn you one last time of the danger you're about to face—just like your father warned me. Once you set foot through that door, there's no turning back—and no one to help you if you fall. One false step, and it may prove your last.

[Gladio takes a couple of steps forward]
Gladiolus: I'll be fine. Maybe I'll come back with a souvenir.

[He smiles at Cor, then proceeds on ahead]

Cor: Just come back alive. Be safe, Gladio.

(as Gladio makes his way through the final passage)
Gladiolus: There's a chill in the air... I can feel his presence. He'd better be ready for me.

[He comes to a final stone bridge spanning the Talepar Crag; embedded in the stone bridge on either side along its full length are a great multitude of swords; Gilgamesh stands at the other end of the bridge, his back turned; Gladio approaches and announces himself]
Gladiolus: I'm here.

[Gilgamesh slowly turns his head]
Gilgamesh: Brandishing your brute force?
Gladiolus: Yeah. Let's see if you can handle it.

[Their battle begins; Gilgamesh wields a broadsword in the hand of his only remaining arm]

(as the battle continues)
Gilgamesh: You only delay the inevitable, O Unworthy One. Look how you tremble!
Gladiolus: I ain't afraid of you.
Gilgamesh: With every passing second, the fear in your heart grows greater still.
Gladiolus: So what do I do? Just roll over and die?
Gilgamesh: Yes. Why else would you have come here, if not to join the other lost souls?
Gladiolus: Because I've got what it takes—and I'm gonna prove it!

[At a certain point in the battle, Gilgamesh parries Gladio's sword, then simply stands and stares]
Gilgamesh: Blind reliance on strength alone reveals your weakness of will.

[As Gilgamesh utters his next line, Gladio turns to look across the many blades found here]
Gilgamesh: Countless disappointments met their end here, and so shall you!
Gladiolus; No. I didn't come here to die. I came here to prove to you I'm worthy!

[At a certain point, Gladio seemingly has Gilgamesh defeated and brings his blade down for a bisecting swing intended to finish him off; Gilgamesh forms a fiery left arm from his energy, however, and catches Gladio's blade]

Gilgamesh: You are strong—yet so long as fear binds your heart... ...the power you possess is wasted on you.

[Gilgamesh dispells the broadsword in his right hand and replaces it with a katana that he begins to wield in both hands]
Gladiolus: I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve, too. Ain't no way I'm back down now!
[Note: The audio here has Gladiolus say "I've still got some tricks up my sleeve, too."]

[After depleting half of Gilgamesh's remaining energy, Gladio will attempt a horizontal slash across Gilgamesh's midsection; Gilgamesh blocks the attack, however, and counters with a slash that cuts Gladio across his forehead; this is the origin of the new scar Gladio carries when he returns to Noctis and the others in Chapter 8 of the main game; eventually, Gladio is able to defeat Gilgamesh, delivering a strike that throws Gilgamesh off balance and down onto one knee; his fiery left arm dissipates as he falls]
Gladiolus: I kneel before no man!

[Gladio just stares at Gilgamesh for a moment, then seems to become aware of the pain in his forehead, grunting a couple of times and placing his hand there; he lets out a chuckle]
Gladiolus: Not exactly the "souvenir" I had in mind. It took me a while, but I realized something: you're right—I am afraid. Afraid of accepting the fact that maybe I'm not really cut out for the job I'm expected to do. But hey, at least I'm not walking away empty-handed. I'd better get going. I may be all muscle and no mettle, but I'm gonna keep protecting Noct the only way I know how.

[Gladio turns and starts walking away; Gilgamesh rises back to his feet and addresses him]
Gilgamesh: Spoken like a true Shield of the King.

[Gladio stops and turns back to face the undead warrior]
Gilgamesh: Fear and doubt beget death alone. He who averts his gaze from his own faults cannot himself a true Shield call, but you—having made peace with your inner self—have proven you are worthy. The Chosen King should be so fortunate as to have a man like yourself serving at his side.
Gladiolus: You mean...?

[Gilgamesh looks at his katana, then holds its grip out to Gladio]
Gilgamesh: And with this glaive, I entrust my power to you.

[Gladio stabs his own sword into the ground, then approaches Gilgamesh to receive his gift, the Genji Blade; as he takes the weapon into his hands, Gladio notices a medallion bearing the Crownsguard symbol hanging from the katana]
Gladiolus: Where did you...?
Gilgamesh: Taken from the young man who impressed me with his strength of will. It was with this very blade he stole from me my arm.
Gladiolus: But...I can't accept this.
Gilgamesh: If he still walks among the living, a man of his mettle will have doubtless transcended attachment to mere material possessions.
Gladiolus: You're probably right. In that case, don't mind if I do.
Gilgamesh: Now, hasten forth—with mind unclouded by doubt and will unmoved by fear. The Last King of Lucis is ill fit to fight without his Shield.

[Gladio nods and smiles]
Gladiolus: Thanks again.

[He turns and leaves, carrying the Genji Blade at his side]

(as Gladio exits from the final trial chamber)
Cor: You made it.
Gladiolus: Sure did.
Cor: And so quickly. I'm impressed.

[Gladio raises the Genji Blade, and shows it to Cor]
Gladiolus: Brought this back with me, too. Figured you might get a kick out of it.
Cor: I wondered where I put that thing.

[Cor stares at it for a moment, then realizes Gladio is presenting it to him]
Cor: Keep it. Makes for a better souvenir than that scar.

[Cor turns and begins to walk away; Gladio follows after; the scene transitions to the two walking back down the path they took into the Tempering Grounds]
Gladiolus: Y'know, he mentioned he lost his arm in battle with a real hot-headed young guy back in the day.
Cor: That so?
Gladiolus: Whoever it was left a lasting impression on him. Talked about how the guy had the strongest will he'd ever seen.
Cor: Takes more than will to complete the trial. You need to wield your weapon with a primal finesse. If you fail to prove your might, you get cast out empty-handed.
Gladiolus: I dunno. He didn't seem to think the guy would let it bother him. Said the guy's too old to care about material things anymore—if he's still alive.

[The scene transitions to the two walking back out into the wider world]
Cor: Gladio.

[Gladio comes to a stop, then turns back to Cor]
Gladiolus: Huh?
Cor: I hope you feel more confident in light of your success today. Few men can lay claim to such an accomplishment—not even Cor the Immortal.
Gladiolus: Yeah, but I didn't earn myself a badass nickname like he did. Still, I'm glad I went through with it.

[Gladio turns back to the outside world]
Gladiolus: I can finally say I'm truly ready to fulfill my duty.
Cor: Good.

[Gladio stretches his shoulders]
Gladiolus: Well, I guess this Shield better mosey on back to his King. Wouldn't want him to get scared without me.

[Gladio and Cor continue on; the screen fades to black for a long moment, then transitions back to the time of Chapter 8 in the main game, with Gladio finishing up his story]
Prompto: So that's how you got it.
Gladio: Whaddaya think?
Prompto: Very perpendicular. Really complements the one you got when you saved Noct from that bully.
Gladio: Yeah. Only difference is, this time, I ended up taking a pretty bad beating, too.
Ignis: Not unlike the licking the marshal received back when he was a lad.
Prompto: Musta had a lotta guts to go up against Gilgamesh back then.
Noctis: Yeah, Dad said he used to be a real firecracker.
Prompto: The more you know...

[Ignis looks down, as though pondering, and makes a "Hm" sound]
Ignis: If the Blademaster sequestered himself during the Founder King's reign, then he's haunted those halls for some two millenia.
Prompto: That's a long time.
Gladio: All those years waiting for the Chosen King to arise. You sure know how to take your sweet old time.
Noctis: What can I say? I'm worth the wait.
Prompto: Gimme a break.
Ignis: And I, as well.
Gladio: Just because you've got a Shield to protect you now doesn't mean you get to slack off.

[Gladio leans back in his chair, then looks at the Genji Blade propped up beside him and smiles]
Gladio: But if you do, I'll be ready.

[The screen fades to black]


(when beginning the Final Trial battle against Cor after completing the episode)
Cor: Congratulations, Gladio. You accomplished that which I couldn't. Care to show this failure how it's done?
Gladio: First the Blademaster and now the Immortal? I can't catch a break.
Cor: Not on my watch. Ready?

(upon winning)
Cor: At ease. Thus ends your final "trial." You did Clarus proud today. Now go. Walk tall as the Shield of the Chosen King.


A schism splits the royal retinue when Noctis inadvertently pushes Prompto from atop a speeding freight liner. Seemingly betrayed by his best friend, Prompto suppresses feelings of sadness and trudges through the snow in search of answers.

[The episode opens on Prompto slowly making his way across a snowfield during a blizzard, his left arm raised to shield him from the wind and snow; since being separated from his friends, he's also donned attire more appropriate for this environment, such as a fur-lined jacket and boots, as well as a skull cap; even with these measures at protecting himself from the cold, he grunts with each step, and ice has formed on his hair and face; a caption informs us that this is "Several days later..." following his fall from the train in Chapter 11 of the main game]
Prompto: It's freezing out here.

[After taking a few more steps, Prompto begins having great difficulty just remaining on his feet]
Prompto: No...

[After barely making it any further, Prompto gasps and collapses to his knees; after managing to get back up, he continues shuffling forward, more slowly than before]
Prompto: What a way to go.

[Prompto makes it no more than a couple of steps further before collapsing face first into the snow with a weak grunt; as the elements continue their relentless assault upon him and his vision begins to fade, Prompto looks up to see imperial soldiers jumping down onto the snowfield from drop ships above; the soldiers stand over Prompto, examining him as his body succumbs and his awareness fades to white]

[A vision plays of Prompto as a child walking across the courtyard outside the Citadel with his eyes cast down; Prompto's voice can be heard]
Prompto: My whole life, all I ever wanted was friends...

[The vision of Prompto as a child looks up to see Gladio, Ignis and Noct as adults coming down the steps of the Citadel, then walking past him across the courtyard; they seemingly don't even notice him]
Prompto: ...but no one ever wanted me back.

[Prompto watches them go, then hangs his head]
Prompto: So when I finally found people who did want me, I did everything I could to make them stay.

[Young Prompto starts to run after his friends, but they vanish; he hangs his head once more, and turns to walk back toward the Citadel steps once again]
Prompto: And ever since then, I've lived my life in fear:

[Young Prompto sits down on the steps]
Prompto: that, one day, they'd find out who I really was, and they wouldn't want me anymore.

[Young Prompto looks up as this vision fills with memories of Prompto's journey with Noct, Gladio and Ignis, culminating in his memory of Noctis attacking him atop the train from which he fell; after a fade to white, Prompto awakens laying face down on the floor in a research lab; he grunts, looks around him, and slowly gets up onto one knee; he also now realizes the bracelet he wore to hide the barcode on the back of his right wrist is missing]
Prompto: It's gone.

[He stands]
Prompto: What... What is this place?

(a newspaper Prompto can find on a desk while inspecting his surroundings)
A New Hope
Construction finished today on the First Magitek Production Facility. Rising military star and leading authority on magitek Verstael Besithia has been selected to oversee the plant's operation. Reports say Besithia will relinquish his field duties in order to serve at the compound full-time.

Date of Publication: M.E. 723-XI-26th

(a tape recording Prompto can find at another workstation while inspecting his surroundings)
Research Log: 722-VII-8th
Research log: Year 722, Day 189. I received a proposal regarding a way to improve the infantry's performance by leaps and bounds: outfit the troopers with magitek cores. Preliminary tests suggest sublimating daemons for fuel will result in an unstable infantry unfit for the field. If the calculations he provided are correct, though, this could solve all our problems. The Deathless Project marks the advent of a new age. No longer will our soldiers fall on the field of battle. The empire shall rise, and soon, all the world shall bask in our glory!

(upon inspecting a control panel beside a closed set of sliding metal doors)
[Prompto lays his right hand on the panel; a feminine automated voice begins speaking]
Announcement: Scanning production code.

[Prompto gasps and looks around him; he takes a step back as the automated voice continues]
Announcement: Unit 05953234 confirmed.

[The metal doors before him slide open; Prompto looks down at his barcode; the voice speaks once more]
Announcement: Warning: this unit has been compromised. Initiating retrieval of compromised unit.
Prompto: What's going on?

[Suddenly, Ardyn's voice mockingly chimes in from behind Prompto]
Ardyn: She still remembers you, after all these years.

[Prompto turns to face him]
Prompto: You...

[Prompto tries to conjure his weapon, but nothing appears; he looks down at his hand]
Prompto: What gives?

[As Ardyn walks toward Prompto, he pulls out the confused younger man's gun and waves it aloft]
Ardyn: We can't have you spilling blood here.

[Prompto takes a step back]
Ardyn: Although to most this compound is known only as the First Magitek Production Facility, birthplace of the myriad magitek troopers and daemons the empire holds dear, to you this place should have some sentimental value. After all, it is your home sweet home.

[Prompto's expression becomes intense]
Prompto: Shut up.
Ardyn: I'm not the one who almost killed you.
Prompto: You're wro—

[Ardyn suddenly lets Prompto's gun turn upside down over his finger, and shoves its handle against Prompto's chest; Prompto reaches up to grab it and Ardyn releases it into Prompto's hand; Ardyn then takes a step back]
Ardyn: You really ought to take a rest.

[Ardyn continues taking steps back]
Ardyn: Perhaps the estimable Chief Besithia will help heal that broken heart of yours.
Prompto: ...Who the hell is that?
Ardyn: Oh, how quickly they forget. But fear not: I've no doubt a reunion would refresh your memory.

[Ardyn turns and begins walking away; Prompto raises his gun and points it after Ardyn, but he's already vanished; Prompto lowers and holsters the gun]
Prompto: I'm gonna find 'em—wherever they are.

[Prompto leaves the room]

[After rounding the corner of the hallway outside the room, Prompto spots a magitek trooper at the other end of another hallway; a message appears]
Imperial soldiers are patrolling the area.
Equip the handgun with [up directional button], then shoot at them with R1.
The handgun will never run out of ammo, so fire away!

Land 3 shots with a handgun.

[After Prompto has landed the three shots, then disposed of the soldier, another message appears]
Switch from ranged to melee attacks with [left directional button].

[Upon proceeding through the sliding doors at the end of this hall into a shorter one, Prompto finds windows to his left overlooking a large, open room filled with many dormant magitek troopers]
Prompto: Shit... Was he telling the truth about this place?

(another tape recording, this one on a shelf at the end of this hall)
Research Log: 722-X-21st
Research log: Year 722, Day 294. I acted on the proposal mentioned in my log of Day 189. My attempts to infuse the troopers' magitek cores with daemonic energy proved successful. Only in the most basic sense, however. While the soldiers are indeed deathless, they are far from fit for fighting. Thus, I've decided to take a different approach: rather than relying on daemons to power the magitek infantry, why not use humans instead? Frankly, I had never considered employing my fellow man in any magitek related experiments. But countless men and women succumb to the plasmodia each day. Rather than let them die victims of an ignominious disease, why not help them ascend to nobler heights? I've lost many a comrade on the field of battle, and I've no intention of allowing any more of their deaths to go in vain.

Prompto: How could he even think of using those innocent people for his twisted experiments?

[Proceeding into an even shorter hallway, Prompto spots another magitek trooper at the end]
Prompto: I can't let them find me.

[Another strategy message appears]
Approach an enemy undetected to deliver a stealth-kill.

Land a stealth-kill.

[After Prompto has performed this stealth-kill, he takes the downed soldier's Rapidus SMG, and more messages appear]
Stealth-kill imperial soldiers to steal their weapons.

Press [right directional button] to equip your new submachine gun, the Rapidus SMG.

Ready your submachine gun by holding L1.
Tilt [right analog stick] to aim, then press R1 to fire.

The crosshairs will turn orange when an enemy is in your sights,
and turn green when you target an enemy's weak point.

(another research tape at the end of this hall)
Research Log: 722-XII-5th
Research log: Year 722, Day 339. Another day, another mental breakdown. All my tests so far have resulted in the former soldiers suffering ego deaths. Today, however, I developed a new hypothesis: I will continue to sublimate daemonified humans to harvest the miasma, but, if a sense of self is the source of these snags, why not inject infants with the plasmodia instead? We've little time. If we are to combat the Lucian threat, we must explore new options. I, too, will set aside my personal misgivings and do what I must for the empire.

Prompto: What kind of a maniac experiments on kids?

(upon approaching a staircase leading to the next area)
Prompto: Everything about this place gives me the creeps.

[Two magitek troopers come into sight at the top of the stairs, and another message appears]
Prompto has been spotted!
Use a stolen weapon to clear the area.

[After Prompto lands a few shots on one of the MTs, yet another message appears]
Vulnerable enemies are temporarily incapacitated.
Capitalize on this opportunity and land a powerful strike.

Press △ to deliver a devastating crackshot against a vulnerable enemy,
or approach and press x to deliver an overkill strike and steal their weapon.

[Proceeding further, Prompto is confronted by two more MTs, and a new message appears]
Press ⬜ to perform a roll-dodge and evade attacks.
Hold ⬜ to crouch down and take cover behind low objects.

Prompto: I can do this.

[Proceeding a short distance further toward a gun rack holding Rapidus SMGs, another strategy message appears before rounding a corner into the next long hallway]
Land 20 shots with the Rapidus SMG.

[As there are explosive barrels in this hallway, another message appears]
Detonate explosive objects to inflict massive damage on enemies.

[Yet another message appears shortly thereafter]
Steal stray weapons strewn about the facility for extra firepower.

[Entering a large room under patrol by several MTs, along with four dormant magitek trooper axemen in the center of the room, another message appears]
One of the enemies possesses a sniper rifle.
Steal the weapon and use it to turn the tables.

Land 2 shots with the Sagitta Rifle.

[Upon acquiring a Sagitta Rifle, another message appears]
Ready your sniper rifle by holding L1.
Tilt [right analog stick] to aim, then press R1 to fire.

Press [right directional button] to equip your new sniper rifle, the Sagitta Rifle.

[After clearing the active enemies in the room, then walking past a certain spot in the vicinity of a floating metal orb, a new set of messages appear]
If a defense node detects an intruder,
it will activate all dormant magitek troopers in the area.

Put all your skills to good use and clear the area.

[The automated voice from earlier makes another announcement]
Announcement: Target detected. Eliminate immediately.

[A new strategy message appears]
Wipe out the enemies.

[The automated voice continues speaking]
Announcement: Commence elimination of compromised unit.

[The four dormant magitek trooper axemen at the center of the room begin to move, and other additional magitek troopers enter the room as well]

(after eliminating the additional MTs)
Prompto: I've just gotta find my way out.

[Making his way out of this large room, Prompto travels a short way down a hall, passes through some sliding doors, then exits the facility onto a snowy cliffside overlooking a mountain range; after a brief walk down the path here, Prompto has to enter the facility once again through another pair of sliding doors; after making his way down a lengthy hall, Prompto finds himself in what appears to be a workplace lounge area]

(a document left on a bench)
Prototype Numbering Instructions
M.E. 746-VI-3rd

In order to better monitor the large number of new magitek models entering production, the Imperial Defense Council motions to reform the coding system as follows:

- Troopers: 5-digit model number + 8-digit production code
- Infants: 4-digit production year + 8-digit production code

Prompto: We... We've all got the same barcodes.

(another tape recording on a shelf near the bench)
Research Log: 723-III-11th
Research log: Year 723, Day 70. I pondered how I might find the necessary number of infants, and then it dawned on me: why not make them myself? If I clone them from my own genes, I can eliminate the pesky process of breeding them. Mass production remains a pipe dream for now, but I'm confident I can creative a massive infantry once the process picks up. If everything goes according to plan, the empire will boast a million-man army in no time at all.

Prompto: All this time, those things I've been fighting have been...

(yet another tape recording, this one sitting on a box against the wall on the other side of the room)
Research Log: 736-V-3rd
Research log: Year 736, Day 123. It seems my laboratory is not nearly as secure as I once believed. Some thief―likely a Lucian―made off with one of my experiments. Absconding with a single infant will do nothing to enlighten them of the grandeur of my research. That said, I will see to it such an incident never arises again. I've posted magitek troopers around the facility and instructed them to keep a vigilant watch. It is their home, after all.

Prompto: The kingdom kidnapped one of those infants? Does that mean, I...? No, it couldn't be. There's no way.

[When Prompto attempts to exit this room through the sliding doors opposite those he came in through, he's immediately greeted by a magitek trooper axeman crackling with leaking energy; the MT swings its weapon at Prompto, who catches it by its haft, sending him over backward with the MT on top of him; Prompto is able to shove the magitek trooper off him, at which point its physical deterioration reaches critical; the magitek trooper breaks down and dies while Prompto gets back to his feet; a moment later, the automated voice from before speaks once again]
Announcement: Target detected. Eliminate immediately.
Prompto: I can't take this anymore.

[As Prompto proceeds down the next hall, the automated voice speaks once again]
Announcement: Commence elimination of compromised unit.

[Prompto enters another large open room similar to the one he passed through before his exit onto the snowy cliffside from earlier; as he makes his way through this room, several MTs enter]
Prompto: Let's do this.

[After eliminating all the MTs in the room, Prompto reaches a circular passageway closed by five large metallic petals that originate from along the perimeter of the circle and meet at its center; a small control panel similar to the one Prompto activated after waking up earlier sits beside the entrance to the passageway; Prompto looks down at his barcode, grits his teeth and places his wrist over the control panel; the passageway opens]
Prompto: ...Lucky me.

[A moment later, Prompto speaks his thoughts again]
Prompto: ...What the hell am I?

[After making his way down the newly opened passageway, Prompto enters a room containing several large glass cylinders, each holding a human figure resembling Prompto]
Prompto: How could he do that? Who... What am I?

(a document laying on the floor in the corner of the room)
Termination Report
M.E. 755-VII-25th
ATTN: Research Chief Verstael Besithia

The following specimens have been eradicated:

0755-06000326 0755-06000327 0755-06000328
0755-06000329 0755-06000330 0755-06000331
0755-06000332 0755-06000334 0755-06000334
0755-06000335 0755-06000336 0755-06000337

0755-06000338 0755-06000339 0755-06000340
0755-06000341 0755-06000342 0755-06000343
0755-06000344 0755-06000345 0755-06000346
0755-06000347 0755-06000348

All 23 samples listed have been incinerated to avoid potential daemonification of personnel.

[After making his way up the stairs at the back of this room, Prompto finds himself looking through glass into another room filled with more glass cylinders containing figures that resemble him; there are also some MTs laying on the floor, seemingly dead, while a few others stand dormant along the perimeter of the room]
Prompto: Is somebody in there?

[Verstael Besithia and Ardyn are in that room]
Prompto: Deep breaths...

(upon sneaking up closer to the glass)
Ardyn: My friend, do you recall the child who was stolen from this facility?
Verstael: The one those Lucians absconded with?
Ardyn: Precisely. I thought you might like to see the fine young man he's become these twenty odd years later. So, as thanks for bringing your pets to Insomnia, I've brought the boy to you.

[Ardyn suddenly turns toward the glass where Promtpo is watching from]
Ardyn: The time has come to meet your maker. Any questions for daddy dearest? Father and son! Oh, how I love bringing families together.
Prompto: No... It's not true. You're wrong, dammit!

[Prompto makes his way through a doorway at the end of this room into another lounge area]
Prompto: I don't care what he says. This place will never be my home. My "home" is in Lucis—not here.

(another tape recording, this one on a coffee table)
Research Log: 756-IV-8th
Research log: Year 756, Day 98. Finally, my daemon-infused magitek armor is complete. I have christened my creation "Diamond Weapon." It has exhibited an extremely unstable psyche, immediately unleashing unmitigated horrors upon activation. Its destructive capabilities, however, are indeed beyond compare. Not even the "impenetrable" Insomnia could withstand its onslaught. Why, the Crown City would fall in a mere matter of minutes. The Stone of legend will soon be mine. To think that, in less than a month's time, the Crystal will be mine to play with as I please!

Prompto: So he's the one behind the attack on Insomnia... He planned the whole thing. Everything we lost that day is gone because of him.

(a document on another coffee table)
Diamond Weapon Report
M.E. 756-IV-8th

ATTN: His Imperial Majesty Iedolas Aldercapt

It is with great pride I inform Your Radiance that development has finished on the new daemon armor, Codename: Diamond Weapon. I encourage Your Radiance to visit the First Production Facility at Your Radiance's earliest convenience. I am most confident the final product will prove to Your Radiance's liking.

Verstael Besithia
Chief of Magitek Research

[Prompto enters the room where he saw Ardyn and Verstael with his weapon raised; only Verstael is here now, his back turned away from Prompto]
Verstael: What's the matter? Have you never seen a man turn before?

[Verstael turns to face Prompto; the right side of his face is becoming daemonified, and appears similar to the left side of Ravus's face near the end of Chapter 13 in the main game]
Verstael: If those Lucians hadn't intervened, you could have turned, too.
Prompto: Why me?
Verstael: Because you were cloned from this genius's genes, born of my own flesh and blood. You are but one of millions created to serve our great empire in the magitek infantry.
Prompto: serve you?
Verstael: Yes—and now you've finally come home to Niflheim, my son.

[Prompto fires his gun into the air]
Prompto: Shut up!

[Prompto hangs his head, his gun still pointed aloft for a moment before letting it hang by his side]
Prompto: You're wrong... I'm a Lucian!

[Tears begin to go down Prompto's face]
Prompto: I am not one of your experiments!

[Verstael begins slowly walking toward Prompto]
Verstael: Not anymore. Now, you're nothing but a failure. I ought to return you whence you came. Perhaps then you might serve some useful purpose.

[Verstael has nearly walked up to Prompto by now; he reaches out to grab him]
Prompto: Never!

[Prompto raises his gun and points it at Verstael, who laughs; he begins speaking with a daemonic echo; as he does, Prompto lowers his gun in horror]
Verstael: With your help, my ascension to divinity is now all but complete.

[He holds his right hand out and grabs Prompto's shoulder]
Verstael: Soon, neither the kings of Lucis nor the gods themselves will be able to challenge my reign!

[Verstael reaches out with his left hand and grabs Prompto's face; Prompto screams, raises his gun and fires; a cloud of dark smoke emerges from where Prompto's shot pierces Verstael's chest; Verstael groans and falls onto his back; Prompto looks down at Verstael in shock for a moment before dropping his gun and falling to his knees; after a moment of silence, Ardyn's voice can be heard gasping in faux horror]
Ardyn: Look what you've done. You've gone homicidal—no, patricidal!
Prompto: No...
Ardyn: You lose your friends and murder your family. Now you've no one left!

[Ardyn begins laughing]
Prompto: Shut up!

[Prompto begins beating the floor with each time he repeats himself]
Prompto: Shut up, shut up, shut up!

[The automated voice heard throughout the facility up to now begins speaking once again]
Announcement: Vital functions decreasing. Plasmodium index activity increasing.

[Prompto looks up at Verstael's body to see that it has now completely discorporated into the dark smoke that was rising from it, leaving empty clothing behind]
Announcement: Daemonification complete. Initiating transfer to Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis.

[The dark smoke from Verstael enters machinery at the center of the room; the lighting in the room turns red as the machinery begins to move; the room itself begins to shake; Prompto looks around him in confusion; suddenly, the roof caves in about twenty feet from Prompto, the body of an Iron Giant having fallen through from somewhere above; Aranea Highwind stands atop the daemon's body, her lance in hand and impaling the daemon]
Aranea: You always play hard to get like this?

[She hops down from the daemon's corpse and walks toward Prompto]
Prompto: Aranea...
Aranea: Save it, Blondie. On your feet!

[Prompto doesn't move; after a moment of waiting for him, Aranea puts her hands on her hips, then walks away from Prompto to a countertop with blueprints spread out upon it; she looks them over]
Aranea: So this is that new model they're working on.

[After another moment, she turns her attention back to Prompto]
Aranea: I dunno what's got you so shook, but you can deal with it later. Let's move.

[Prompto just looks at the floor; after a few seconds, Aranea walks over to him, grabs him by the collar of his jacket and pulls him up enough to straighten out his back; she looks him in the eye]
Aranea: I'm only gonna say this once:

[She jerks him to his feet]
Aranea: Lose your will to live, and you lose all hope of me helping your sorry ass. Got it?

[The facility's automated voice speaks again]
Announcement: Target detected. Capture and retrieve immediately.

[Aranea conjures her lance in preparation for battle; the dormant magitek troopers along the wall of the room awaken; several Ice Bomb daemons also appear]
Announcement: Commence capture and retrieval of compromised unit.

[Aranea rushes ahead to clear the way; following her out of the room and down a hall, Prompto finds himself on a platform overlooking a cargo bay; a snowmobile sits below by an exit out of the facility; a timer counting down from three minutes appears along with a message]
Escape the facility before the gate closes.

(usually said by Aranea right around this point)
Aranea: Move it.

[The platform becomes swarmed by Snaga and Alberich daemons in addition to whatever other assailants from before remain; Aranea works to help Prompto get past them]
(upon taking out several of the daemons, if Prompto hasn't yet reached the snowmobile)
Aranea: They're down. Now's your chance!

[Moving down the staircase at the end of the platform, Prompto still has to get past a cargo bay filled with magitek troopers wielding guns, an MA Veles magitek armor and any remaining daemons; when he reaches the snowmobile, Aranea shoves a map against his chest]
Aranea: Head there—I'll catch up later.

[Prompto takes the map; Aranea turns and heads back toward their enemies]
Prompto: But what about you?

[She conjures her lance as she's confronted by an Ice Bomb and a Snaga, with more daemons still manifesting]
Aranea: I said I'll catch up.
Prompto: But what if y—
Aranea: Just go!

[Prompto gets on the snowmobile; a message appears]
Prompto will take damage when hit while riding the snowmobile.
When HP is low, hop off and use a restorative to recover health.

Hop on or off the snowmobile with x.
Hold R2 to speed up, and hold L2 to slow down or back up.
Tilt [left analog stick] to steer, and press ○ to jump.

Press L1 to adjust your view.
Tilt [right analog stick] to look around.
Hold ⬜ or R1 to fire while driving.

[Prompto rides the snowmobile out of the facility]

[Initially, Prompto faces fire from magitek troopers wielding guns while he races across the snowscape, but he's soon under fire by missiles launched from drop ships as well, in addition to taking fire from three MA Hoplomachus magitek armors further along the path; after eventually going over a cliff, Prompto falls from the snowmobile and comes to a stop on his side; he slowly rolls onto his back and lay there looking up for a moment at the falling snow and his rising breath; he shuts his eyes]
Prompto: Catch ya later, Aranea...

[After a quiet moment passes, Prompto pushes himself to his feet and stands silently looking into the sky; he eventually returns to the snowmobile and makes his way to the rendezvous point marked on the map Aranea gave him]

[After nightfall at Decratom Haven, Prompto waits for Aranea by the campfire; he's eating food from a can]
Prompto: Almost as good as what Iggy used to make.

[He sets the can down]
Prompto: Well, at least it's quiet for a change.

[After a moment, he pulls the sleeve of his jacket back to reveal the barcode on the back of his wrist; he grunts and grits his teeth, then begins frantically trying to scratch the barcode away; it doesn't work]
Prompto: Damnit!

[He looks into the fire, reaches down and picks up a burning stick; he looks down at his barcode and begins lowering the stick toward it; he holds the burning wood above his barcode and begins breathing heavily; a prompt appears to select either "Burn wrist" or "Give up"]

Burn wrist
[Prompto places the stick onto his wrist and screams as the skin sizzles; he drops the stick after a moment and grips his burned wrist with his other hand; after a moment, he removes his hand and begins chuckling]
Prompto: ...Branded for life.

[He hangs his head; suddenly, Aranea speaks up]
Aranea: Don't tell me you thought that would work.

[He looks up at her]
Aranea: "Prompto," right?

[She walks over to him, takes his right hand and uses a potion on his burn; she then sits down by the fire with him]
Give up
[Prompto hesitates and drops the stick; it rolls away]
Prompto: What the hell am I thinking?

[He hangs his head; suddenly, Aranea speaks up]
Aranea: Don't tell me you thought that would work.

[She walks over and sits down by the fire with him]

Aranea: You could at least look happy to see me.

[Prompto just looks down, saying nothing]
Aranea: I ran into your buddies in Tenebrae.

[He looks up]
Aranea: You've got 'em worried sick.

[Prompto looks back down]
You gonna go see 'em or what?

[After a brief moment of silence, Prompto finally speaks]
Prompto: I... I can't.

[Aranea stares at him as he goes silent for another moment]
Prompto: I can't. ...I'm not like them. I was born here—in Niflheim. All this time and I've never told them. And that's not even the worst part. I wasn't born into a happy family. I was made—created in some laboratory. The entire reason I exist is to make Noct and all of them miserable. How could I possibly see them? They'd never accept the real me.

[Aranea smiles]
Aranea: You spent all that time driving around together and you still don't know what kinda guys they really are. In case you forgot, your princely pal and I weren't always on such friendly terms. But you know what? He put all that aside and asked me to make sure you were safe.
Prompto: ...He did?
Aranea: Think he'd do that for someone who "makes him miserable"?

[A prompt appears asking "What should I ask her?"; the player can select either "Ask about the guys," "Ask about me" or "Nothing"; choosing "Nothing" skips ahead to the next part of the conversation]

Ask about the guys
Prompto: Is everybody okay?
Aranea: All things considered, I guess. Sounds like they've been through a lot since you left, but they're still dead set on getting to the capital.
Prompto: ...Hope they make it.
Aranea: They'd have a better shot with you around.
Ask about me
Prompto: Did they say anything else about me?
Aranea: Not that I can recall.
Prompto: ...Right.
Aranea: His Highness was so worried about you he could barely speak, but don't worry—I whipped him into shape.
Prompto: So...he doesn't hate me after all.

[Aranea stands]
Aranea: Look—I can tell you want to get back together with them. So why not let them know?

[She begins walking away]
Prompto: You think they'd let me back? After all this?

[She stops and turns back toward him; after a brief silence, Prompto speaks again]
Prompto: And even if they did let me back, I'd probably cause them nothing but trouble. I don't know how I could live with myself...

[Aranea exclaims in frustration and begins walking back toward him]
Aranea: Because you're doing such a great job of living with yourself now.

[She kicks him onto his back and crouches down over him]
Aranea: What do you want then? You worry so much about what other people want from you that you don't even know what you want anymore! Your life isn't yours to live!

[Aranea grabs both sides of his hand in her hands]
Aranea: Forget about what everyone else thinks for a second and figure out what it is you're really after here.

[She stands and takes a few steps]
Aranea: I'm going after that new model in the morning. You're on your own now, kid.

[She leaves; Prompto remain on his back for a long moment before finally pushing himself back up into a huddle position]

[In the morning, Prompto hears barking; following it into a forest, he finds a magitek trooper axeman laying on its back in the snow; he sits down in front of it and closes his eyes; he seemingly falls asleep, and when he awakens, night has fallen and the magitek trooper has gone; realizing someone is behind him, Prompto leaps to his feet and turns, finding what seems to be Noctis conjuring his Engine Blade and walking toward him; Prompto begins stepping back and raises his hand to ask Noctis to stop; through Prompto's eyes, however, the hand he's holding up appears to be that of a magitek trooper; Prompto begins to run away while Noctis warp-strikes after him and swings his blade at him]
Noctis: This'll be quick.

[After getting away from "Noctis," Prompto looks down at his hands and sees that they appear to be his own again; suddenly, he hears more barking and turns to see what appears to be Pryna trotting away; he follows her until they emerge into an open snowfield with several magitek troopers scattered about, seemingly dead; one of them, laying on its back, is still somewhat functional, however; it raises its hand toward Prompto, as though pleading for help; Prompto stares into its eyes; suddenly, his eyes widen and he's seeing himself laying in the snow reaching out with his hand for help; Prompto shakes off the vision and looks back at the MT, seeing it for what it is once more; he then slowly, shakily raises his gun; briefly, he lowers his weapon and looks away; he then just as quickly finds his resolve, raises the gun once more as he sheds a tear, takes aim and pulls the trigger; the scene cuts to black briefly; when it fades back in, the figure of Prompto as a child is sitting huddled by the now dead magitek trooper; Prompto kneels behind him and places his hand on his child self's back; the scene fades to a vision of Prompto as a child sitting on the steps of the Citadel looking up at falling sylleblossom petals; as young Prompto traces a petal toward the ground, he discovers Pryna sitting in front of him with a letter in her mouth; he reaches out and takes the letter from the divine canine, unfolds it and reads it; it's from Lunafreya, and we hear her voice]
Lunafreya: All I ask is that you continue to support Noctis, and that you remain ever at his side.

[Young Prompto pulls a few photographs from among the pages of the letter; we then hear the voice of his child self speak his anxieties]
Prompto: How does she expect someone like me to support him? Am I good enough?

[We can now see that the first photograph in the child's hands is the photo Cindy took of Prompto, Noctis, Ignis and Gladio at Hammerhead early in their adventure]
Prompto: Does he want me around?

[Young Prompto pulls the top photo aside and the second we see is one of the royal retinue at the Wiz Chocobo Post]
Prompto: Is that really what Noct and everyone else want? For me to be with them?

[Young Prompto pulls this second photo aside, revealing the photo taken at Cape Caem before the royal retinue departed for Altissia; the child then speaks aloud]
Prompto: Wait—but what about me? What do I want?

[Young Prompto stands and becomes his adult self as he does so; adult Prompto also speaks out loud]
Prompto: It took me a while, but I finally found my answer.

[He bends down and picks his camera up off the steps, then looks up at the Citadel]
Prompto: It's time.

[Prompto runs up the steps and the scene fades to white; when it fades back in, Prompto opens his eyes; he's sitting on the ground with his camera in his hand; he stands and walks on]

[When the next scene begins, Aranea is walking to her snowmobile; Prompto suddenly speaks]
Prompto: Aranea.

[She turns]
Prompto: I'm ready.

[He walks up to her]
Prompto: I thought about what you said, and I've decided to face my fears once and for all. I can't choose where I came from, but I can choose where I'm going.
Aranea: Alright—but slow me down and you're going to get left behind.

[She smiles at him]

(document that can be found on a table in a shack)

So thanks to yesterday's fiasco, my boss made
me throw all the remaining plasmodium samples into
the incinerator. What a waste of resources!
My boss told the chief we used them in a
series of experiments, but the thought of lying
about what happened doesn't sit well with me
at all. The whole thing is eating me up inside.


So I ended up telling Chief Besithia the truth
about the other day. Here I was, ready for him to
tear me a new oneand he ended up praising my
loyalty instead!
Everyone made it sound like the chief was
some kind of hardass, but he seems to be a really
reasonable guy if you actually take the time to
sit down and talk with him.


Another one of the plasmodium samples started
leaking today. How does this keep happening!?
Clearly someone isn't doing their job. The worst
part is that some of the researchers seem to have
been infected. I need to get out of here ASAP.


There's a rumor going around the lab that
those "leaks" from before weren't accidents at
all. My buddy says he thinks the chief is actually
trying to expose us all to the virus. I don't
want to believe it, but...


The whole compound is crawling with daemons
these days... I shiver every time I turn the corner.
What the hell am I doing here? When can I go home?


We are all...
Together, we...Insomnia.
As the ultimate...we...
Thank you... Farewell...

[Aranea and Prompto make their way back to the research facility]
Prompto: Alright—this is it. I'm going in.

(occasionally said as the magitek troopers become aware that they're under attack and begin defending the facility en masse)
Prompto: Let's do this.

(alternate comment for this moment)
Prompto: Ready or not!

(alternate comment for this moment)
Aranea: Rise and shine, Shortcake!

[Prompto and Aranea fight their way through the imperial soldiers guarding the outside of the facility, then operate the main gate's controls to gain access to the inner courtyard; after taking down several more soldiers and an MA Veles magitek armor, they access the control panel to a large blast door, open it, and then head down a long, downward sloping corridor]
Aranea: According to my intel, they're housing the new model here.
Prompto: It's some kind of magitek armor, right? What's so "new" about it?
Aranea: This one's got a ghost in the machine: Chief Besithia himself. Managed to fuse his soul with the core.

[At the bottom of the corridor, they find an elevator, which they enter]
Aranea: The daemons this guy created destroyed Insomnia. If we don't take him out now... ...he's liable to destroy the whole world.

[The lift takes them further underground; they exit from it into a room with red lighting]

(a document on the floor in this room)
M.E. 745-XI-22nd
ATTN: Research Chief Verstael Besithia
It has come to my attention that the Glacian's recent assault was quelled by your magitek infantry. As commendation for your service to our great nation, I have approved your petition to increase funding for your research.
Your work is the centrifugal force that will propel the empire beyond our borders to greatness on the world stage. I eagerly await further reports of your progress.

Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt

(another document on the floor of this room)

I've been assigned to Chief Besithia's lab!
Not many people can say they've worked under the
supervision of a living legend. I mean, this
the guy who saved the empire from eternal winter.
He's practically our savior!


My boss pulled me aside today to issue me
a "special task." Said it's "highly confidential"
and that I'm the only one qualified for the job.
But how? I barely even know my way around the
compound. Well, whatever this "task" is, I'll
deal with it in the morning.


I found out what my "special task" is
today—and frankly I wish I hadn't. If only I
could unsee the things I saw today... I really
ought eat something before I go to bed, but
that shit totally killed my appetite.


I had the honor of seeing His Imperial Majesty
in person today. To think His Radiance would travel
all that way through the ice and snow just to observe
our progress... If the emperor is putting all his
faith in magitek, then so should I!


Just my luck. One of the plasmodium samples
started leaking, and yours truly was the one
blessed with the "privilege" of cleaning it up.
And then my boss had the nerve to yell at me—as if
the whole thing were my fault! If he wants to criticize
the real culprit, he oughta look in a mirror!

[As Aranea and Prompto enter the hallway leading out of this room, they hear an eerie sound somewhat like a mechanical howl]
Prompto: What was that sound?
Aranea: Our cue to go.

(a tape recording that can be found in this hall)
Research Log: 745-XI-21st
Research log: Year 745, Day 325. Today marks a momentous triumph for our great nation. The Glacian herself graced us with her presence in the Ghorovas Rift, and, through the combined efforts of the magitek infantry and my precious daemons, we killed her. The resulting casualties were great, but these sacrifices afforded us something far more valuable than a few units. With the data I collected, I intend to begin developing a new magitek weapon codenamed "Godslayer." Soon, all the Astrals shall bow before me and the might of my magitek. Soon, they shall know my wrath.

Prompto: What the hell is wrong with this guy?

(document found on a shelf in this hall)
Proposal for Operation: Countersign
M.E. 755-IX-18th

As Deputy High Commander, I hereby propose a large-scale assault on the Lucian capital of Insomnia. Preparations are to begin next month.

Our future is far too precious to entrust to our enemy. We must retrieve the Crystal and Ring of legend; only then shall our world know true peace.

Deputy High Commander Ravus Nox Fleuret

[Prompto and Aranea enter a large open room]
Announcement: Target detected. Eliminate immediately. Commence elimination of compromised unit.

[The two Niflheimer heroes wipe out numerous magitek troopers, defense nodes, attack nodes and an MA Hoplomachus magitek armor]

(a compliment Aranea may give Prompto during combat)
Aranea: Hey, you're not so worthless.

(another compliment Aranea may give Prompto)
Aranea: Not half bad.

(yet another compliment Prompto may receive from Aranea)
Aranea: You're a natural.

[Prompto and his dragoon companion enter the facility's final set of halls]

(a tape recording found on a shelf near a couple of Ebony vending machines)
Research Log: 724-X-24th
Research log: Year 724, Day 297. Mass production of the magitek infantry was a success. We've overwhelmed the Lucians with our numbers and surrounded Insomnia. But to rest on our laurels now would be unthinkable. On occasion, harvesting the plasmodic miasma produces some "side effects." The daemons born of this process have been disposed of on sight—until now. How foolish I was to let these sublime creatures go to waste! What they lack in adaptability, they make up for in sheer power. I realize now that I ought to channel my efforts into exploring the true potential of these daemons for the sake of the empire. Perhaps this has been my true calling all along.

Prompto: He's mad. This guy has completely lost his mind.

[Descending a short set of stairs, Prompto and Aranea enter into a short hallway illuminated by red light; it is the final hallway of their journey; they hear a loud roar]
Prompto: It must be close.

(final document, found on the floor in this hallway)
Report on Unit SAS-0822
M.E. 756-V-21st

After several years of experimentation, we have finally succeeded in fusing mammal and magitek. Although we are still conducting various tests on Codename: Barbarus, the unit should be functional enough to fend off would-be intruders until development finishes on Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis.

(final tape recording, found on a shelf in this hallway)
Research Log: 756-VII-9th
Research log: Year 756, Day 190. At long last, my life's work is complete. Not only have I found a way to preserve the ego, I've also managed to sustain that consciousness through the sublimation process and transfer it into my magitek troopers. The prototype has proven slightly less powerful than the Diamond Weapon, but this presents no real problem. After all, one's consciousness can be transmuted again and again and again. All that remains is to fully surrender myself to my research and become my own final test subject. I will conclude my mortal life by offering a word of thanks. Chancellor Ardyn Izunia, your assistance has proved invaluable. You have my eternal gratitude. It is through your aid that I have completed my work and begun my ascension to an existence beyond divinity.

Prompto: Of course it was Ardyn... Everywhere we go, his name just keeps coming up. Everything that's happened to us, it's all his fault.

[Prompto and Aranea enter one more room; here, they are greeted by a large half-mammal, half-magitek creature, the Unit SAS-0822: Barbarus spoken of in the final document found in the hallway outside this room; the remains of dead magitek troopers litter the room; the fusion of mammal and magitek immediately attacks the intruders]
Prompto: Bring it on!

[Aranea and Prompto manage to kill the creature; once they have, they stand a few feet from its crackling remains; Prompto is gasping to catch his breath while Aranea is composed]
Prompto: Made it out alive.

[The room suddenly begins to shake]
Prompto: What's going on?

[The facility's automated voice speaks one more time]
Announcement: Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis. Plasmodic miasma transfer complete. No psychic obstructions detected. All systems operational. Activating Immortalis.

[Prompto has a realization]
Prompto: It's outside!

[He and Aranea run back to the surface; once there, they see what Verstael's "life's work" has amounted to: an enormous magitek-powered worm; in place of a head, it features an enormous cannon with seven rotating components resembling drill bits spinning around the core]
Prompto: It's gigantic...

[Aranea runs off out of sight to acquire something]
Prompto: So that's the "new model"... And that means...he must be inside that thing.

[Aranea pulls up beside Prompto on another snowmobile, this one with a large machine gun mounted on the back]
Aranea: Hop on!

[Prompto hops on as Aranea drives them away from the research facility with the Godslayer in hot pursuit]
Aranea: Ready for round two?

[Prompto grabs hold of the gun's firing mechanism]
Prompto: You bet!

[Verstael speaks from within Immortalis as he pursues his "son" and Aranea]
Verstael: Long have I waited to smite the world that denied me the glory I rightly deserve—and now, all shall tremble before me, man and maker alike!

[A message appears]
Use the machine gun to take down Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis.
If Prompto is overtaken, the game will be over.

Tilt [left analog stick] or [right analog stick] to take aim.
Hold L1 or L2 to zoom in and out.
Press R1 or R2 to fire.

Prompto: If that's really him...
Aranea: That maniac's taken "biological warfare" to the next level.
Prompto: ...then I want to be the one to take him down.

[The Godslayer rises from hiding under the ground at one point during its pursuit]
Aranea: Down below!
Prompto: It's enormous!

[Verstael maintains his pursuit]
Verstael: Fall to your knees before me!

[Under Prompto's unrelenting barrage, a component around the head of Immortalis explodes; soon after, the worm burrows underground]
Aranea: It ain't over.

[The Godslayer emerges from the snow once more]
Aranea: Three o'clock!

[Energy begins building at the tips of the mighty worm's drill-like components]
Aranea: Incoming—look out!

[The machine begins firing energy at Prompto and Aranea; Prompto targets these components and begins dismantling them]
Aranea: Sharp shooting, kid. Keep it up!

[After Prompto has disabled all but the last of the Immortalis's drill-like components]
Prompto: This ends now.

[When Prompto delivers what appears to be the finishing blow to the last drill-like component, there's a violent explosion and the Godslayer lifts high into the air before crumpling across the snowy landscape in a mangled heap; as it lay in the snow, seemingly burnt out, the core of the worm's head begins to glow red from within; the drill-like components become illuminated as well; Verstael's voice drips out of the machine as Immortalis rises and takes up the pursuit once more]
Verstael: How can this be? I will not allow it!

[Prompto continues firing away at the Godslayer as it begins charging enormous energy to fire at he and Aranea; when half of the machine's remaining life has been depleted, it looms over the snowmobile carrying Verstael's "failure" with its cannon nearly fully charged]
Prompto: This is it!

[When the killing blow lands, explosions rock the Godslayer, and Verstael roars as his creation comes crashing to the ground in shambles; Aranea speeds herself and Prompto away from the machine's ruin; some time later, Prompto and Aranea stand in the snow looking out over the remains of the magitek colossus Verstael had fancied capable of challenging the gods]
Aranea: You alright?
Prompto: Yeah. This is what I wanted.
Aranea: Then say it like you mean it. You did good, kid.

[Prompto takes up a whimsical pose, and with an equally whimsical voice points at Aranea while saying his next line]
Prompto: Couldn't have done it without you, gurl!

[He takes back up a normal stance and sober voice]
Prompto: ...Seriously, though. Well, I'd better catch up with Noct and the guys. He's got a lot on his plate, and I figure he could probably use a hand taking back the Crystal and all that. And who knows? Maybe I'll take it back before he does!

[Prompto runs over to the snowmobile and leans down on it; Aranea walks over to him]
Aranea: Don't get ahead of yourself.
Prompto: Honestly, I don't know for sure if they're going to accept me for who I really am. But I'll never know if I don't speak up, so I'm gonna tell 'em.

[Prompto stands and turns back to Aranea]
Prompto: After all, it's my life to live.
Aranea: The boy has become a man. Anyway, Gralea's straight ahead.

[Prompto gets on the snowmobile and prepares to leave; he stops]
Prompto: Aranea!

[She smiles at him]
Aranea: Yeah?

[He smiles back]
Prompto: Thanks!

[Prompto speeds away; Aranea watches him as he goes; unbeknownst to him, from a nearby cliff, the imperial chancellor is also watching; Ardyn mimics Prompto vocalizing the Final Fantasy victory theme and grins; the scene fades to black; against this black screen, the sound of cell doors clanging shut can be heard; the scene eventually transitions to Prompto awakening in his cell in Zegnautus Keep, struggling vainly to pull his hands free of his manacles, and then giving up; the scene fades to black once more, then fades in again to show Prompto hanging unconscious from the contraption in his cell in the background of the frame while implements of torture occupy the foreground; the scene fades to black again, then fades in once more to Prompto awakening as he is rescued from his cell by Noct and the others during Chapter 13 of the main game; he awakens to see them run into his cell and begin frantically pulling at his manacles; the visuals from the scene of them freeing him in the main game are then shown; after another brief fade to black, the scene fades in to show Prompto sitting on a bed in one of the dormitories of Zegnautus Keep; Noctis approaches, hesitates, then sits down on the opposite side of the bed, leaving the two facing away from one another]
Noctis: Hey, I'm...sorry.
Prompto: For what?
Noct: For falling right into his trap...and for hurting you like that.

[Prompto takes up a wry tone]
Prompto: I know, right? How could you possibly do such a horrible thing—after everything we've been through!?

[Prompto returns to a normal tone]
Prompto: Nah, it's okay. You're not the only one who fell for it.
Noct: Once this is all over, I say we break down the borders—come together as one nation.

[Prompto turns to look at Noct; the young king crosses his arms and tries to seem nonchalant]
Noctis: I mean, what does it matter where you're from anyway?

[Prompto stands and turns to look at Noctis]
Prompto: Y'know, I never thought I'd say this, but you sounded like a real king for a second.

[Noct appears surprised by the comment and turns to look at his friend; Prompto grins]
Noct: Better late than never. I'm gonna make this world a better place. You with me?

[Noct smiles]
Prompto: Uh-huh. Ever at your side.

[Prompto smiles as well]


[Scheduled for release in December]


(as an imperial drop ship arrives)
Ignis: MTs.
Prompto: Why do you call 'em that?
Noctis: Magitek troops. Empty inside.


(after a random battle)
Prompto: It just occurred to me, but this is totally like King's Knight.
Noctis: Huh?
Prompto: There's four of us, just like in the game!
Noctis: Well, then I gotta be a five-star character.
Gladiolus: Hell no. If anyone here's a "Rare," it's me.

(after a random battle while Iris is a guest party member)
Iris: You guys kick ass.
Prompto: You mean it?
Iris: Yeah! You look cool doing it too.
Prompto: Yeah, we get that a lot.
Gladiolus: Don't take it to heart.

(Ignis bringing Gladiolus back from the brink during a battle)
Ignis: We've no one to protect the king with his shield out of commission.
Gladiolus: And since when is there a king worthy of my protection?
Noctis: You say something?

(while exploring)
Prompto: Oh, right—King's Knight! I bet my Zell tree's almost full.
Noctis: Damn, I forgot to harvest!
Prompto: Man, wouldn't it be great if money grew on trees in real life?
Noctis: Sure would be. Maybe there's one out there.

(overhearing a conversation in Takka's Pit Stop)
Man (1): If you're hankerin' to see the Disc, you can't beat the outlook at Lestallum.
Man (2): That's all well an' good, but first we need to get there. It ain't exactly up the road.

(some daemons emerging while driving at night)
Gladiolus: More daemons!
Noct: That time already?
Gladiolus: I'm not in the mood for these horror film rejects.

(while exploring)
Noctis: I might have asked before, but is Ebony really all that good?
Ignis: I might have answered before, but yes, it is.

(as Noctis casts his fishing line)
Prompto: I wonder if His Majesty fished as well.
Noctis: Don't think so, far as I know.

(getting out of the car at Galdin Quay)
Noctis: It's real pretty here at night.
Ignis: And yet, by all accounts, it pales in comparison to Altissia.
Noctis: Seriously?

(while perusing Prompto's photos at camp and passing one of Noctis getting hurt in battle)
Gladiolus: Roughed up pretty good there.
Ignis: You're lucky to survive that.
Noct: Yeah, what with Prompto busy with the camera.

(the first time Gentiana appears in one of Prompto's photos)
Noctis: Isn't this Gentiana?
Gladiolus: Yeah. She was here, huh?
Prompto: She was.
Ignis: The photo would suggest so.
Prompto: I guess. Memory must be playing tricks.

(the second time Gentiana appears in one of Prompto's photos)
Noctis: Huh, Gentiana again.
Gladio: What? When was she here?
Prompto: She wasn't. This time I'm sure of it.
Ignis: The plot thickens.

(as rain begins to fall while exploring)
Prompto: Starting to come down.
Noct: Ugh, perfect.
Gladio: A little rain never hurt anybody.
Prompto: Makes me feel like a kid again.
Noctis: You haven't changed much.

(as the rain ends)
Gladio: Finally cleared up?
Ignis: Familiar and fair is the scent of fresh rain.
Gladio: Yeah, I like it, too.








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