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Do you think Emperor Mateus is the Proto-Sephiroth?


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I know that people think that Sephiroth and Kelfka were the first main villians who differed from the usual evil conquerors/tin tyrants we used to see in the pre-FF 6. However, on their second game we are introduced to the Emperor, who looked like Jareth from the Labyrinth, but on the other hand fit the dark over lord archetype. While Mateus is a bishonen like Sephiroth, he still fits more of the conqueror mindset instead of Sephiroth who wants to just destroy everything in his path post-insanity. Also one thing that really differ from Mateaus is that unlike Sephiroth, he's very much someone who was always evil (to the point that even his light side is evil).


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Square is known for pushing ideas to the next main numbered entry's. I know what you're getting at, and maybe ideas morphed into Sepheroth over time from ideas from Mateaus but probably more of a coincidence.
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