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FFVII: MIDGAR v3.0 BACK ONLINE! (for now..)

Hello all!

Seems like i can bring FFVII:Midgar v3.0 back online for alittle while, apox 3 More months.

I recently Rented a Windows 2003 VPS Server for a potential client, but they decided not to use it, so I will use it to bring Midgar v3.0 back online for alittle while.

If my cash flow looks good in the coming months, i'll try to keep this online. we'll see how it goes...

so here is the IP ADDRESS,

if you have not had an opportunity to play Midgar v3.0 Online with other players, here is your chance.

if you enjoy it, and would like to help keep the server online, please visit the website http://ff7online.net and donate there. =)

Hope you Enjoy it!
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I'm sorry to hear this; and, while I'm sure it was talked about much, this is the first time I have heard of it.

Anyhow, I am sorry to see the game go. Hopefully it can come back in some form in the future. :)
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