FFVII Remake at Jump Festa 2020 (No new Trailer)

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I think - in fairness to SE - if they gave Red the same amount of attention and then he only showed up for the last couple of hours of the game, people would complain it was false advertising. Which I would agree with, tbh.
Except that they could have given him that attention while also moving up the point where you meet him so it wouldn't be so late in the game and he'd have more of a presence.

And Ite, just because this is FFVII doesn't mean he'll be in Part 1. They could still have pushed him back to Part 2 without telling us and technically, he'd still be in FFVII.


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Well, they should at least tell us so we know. He's one of the original playable cast, which makes him different from the other characters we haven't seen yet and creates certain expectations that don't come with the others.

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Except that they could have given him that attention while also moving up the point where you meet him so it wouldn't be so late in the game and he'd have more of a presence.
But if they didn't do that moving and still gave him that level of attention, then we're possibly right back where Lex said.

Regardless, Ite makes the most valid point of all about what a wasteful way to count down to release it would be to stress over this -- we don't know what they're planning or what their reasoning. They may be sitting on a disappointing answer to the Red question, and for crap reasons. Or they could be sitting on an exciting answer for good reasons. They could even be sitting on an exciting answer despite crap reasons.

Won't know until March, so just hope for the best.


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I just thought that a playable character should be recognized as a playable character, is all. Do they really want people to play the game, expecting him to be in it around where he was in the original, and get frustrated when he's not there and find out he's been pushed to Part 2 or that he doesn't have near the depth and development potential as the other four simply because of his late arrival?

I get what you're saying, though. I just wish they would say something about him, one way or another. People want to know, and they want to be sure it won't be a repeat of the Compilation as far as how he's being treated.


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It really is kind of ridiculous to think he wouldn't be in the game. I mean, if they are not ending the game with the crew leaving Midgar, then sure. But I think it's more likely they'll follow the original model and also make Red XIII seem incredibly fun to play to bolster player excitement to use him in the next installment. Plus, I'm sure they've added a not-insignificant bit of gameplay to the end so we can utilize his presence a bit more. Let's not get silly.


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Honestly, I feel like fans of Red should already be expecting to not see much of him in part 1 by default based on where he is found in the original. He is just an unfortunate victim of where one of the splits (assuming there is more than one) will occur and if they don't show him at all (still think we will get something), then I wouldn't be surprised.


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I guess I'm alright with him being a guest character in Part 1 given his likely late arrival, but they should at least confirm that so people don't worry. As I said, they have to know how people felt about his treatment in the Compilation, and they should say or do something to allay those concerns, is all.


OK, here are all the possible Red XIII scenarios:

1. He is fully playable, added earlier in the story. This is now highly unlikely because of the current marketing (though it could be a big surprise).
2. He is fully playable, added in at his normal time point - entirely possible. Square Enix will probably not market him as playable due to the false advertising concerns (as he's only available for a short time at the end of the game), we might see a glimpse of him in a trailer
3. He is a guest character for his normal story time period. They're under no obligation to disclose this, and while it would be mildly disappointing, I do feel like most fans would probably understand why they made this choice, given the expectation he'll be a fully fledged party member in part 2.
4. He has been removed from the story entirely - highly unlikely, as it would cause a serious negative backlash and is a massive deviation from the story. But still possible. While they wouldn't "market" this, I feel like something this important is something they would actually announce beforehand to temper expectations.

2 and 3 are the most likely, obviously. To reiterate, they're under no obligation to announce either of these prior to the games release. Having him in the game in either of these capacities and not telling us about it prior to release doesn't hurt or hinder opinion of the game tbh.

So the tl;dr is until they say anything different, assume he's in the game.


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The guest character scenario makes the most sense in my mind. Shinra HQ is presumably acting as the game's final dungeon, so for them to give you access to a completely new character with customisable abilities and gear at such a late stage in the game would be an extremely questionable choice. You'd barely have any time to level him or unlock any abilities.

It only makes sense to have him fully playable from the second game onward based on that. I suppose it's also possible they could hold him back to Cosmo Canyon but that's a hard call to make in terms of likelihood; we still don't really have any context on exactly if or how the story is being changed.

EDIT: Removed section about player character numbers because I forgot about Cait Sith :x


Ol Nanaki really is in an awkward spot for a remake that just focuses on the Midgar portion, isn't he? If there's extensive post game content, I expect he'll be fully playable. Even if he's only briefly in the story, there would still be ample time for the player to use him afterwards. That's still a little awkward, sure, but it could work I think.


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There are further possibilities. It is possible the party doesn't actually leave Midgar by the end of this part. Very much unlikely, but I would consider it a possibility. But kind of a stupid one.

And then there is the more likely scenario. That the end of the game has also been greatly expanded, and we get more freedom to play with Nanaki and experience him in gameplay and character. I think we've already sort of guessed that Roche is probably going to act as something of a final boss for this game (at the very least, a new and expanded sub-boss), so it stands to reason they will work in some sort of further dealings with our party.

I could see the party getting out of the Shinra Headquarters and moving about the city before actually escaping. Maybe even being hunted by Roche or whomever. We really don't know, but it is not an unlikely scenario.

I'm actually getting a little worried about the end of the game. I can't help but feel that there is no chance in hell that SE won't be preparing some kind of free or paid for DLC, or even some kind of GaS feature, to help bridge the gap between installments. But then, if they do escape Midgar, it would kind of go against the entire feel of that escape if the party could just sneak straight back in to play some games or hunts in Wall Market. (Not to mention robbing a great ending shot of the opening world standing before the player). I don't think I could personally create a strong enough suspension of belief to support the proposition of the group just sneaking back in to play games and such ... and it would make the transition to part 2 even weirder to begin from such a place.

But then, it is incredibly unlikely that they have been keeping a closely guarded secret and we will actually get even a small zoned world plain to set DLC / GaS within. Which could point to short DLC ... but that would feel weird to not just have it tied into the main game itself, and I think they've learnt their lessons hard on that from XV.

So how are they going to do it? Does the group not actually leave Midgar? Will we get a 'jump back' feature on your completed save file where you can start just before the escape sequence, allowing you to go into some areas to play new games or hunts, etc...? I dunno. I feel like they need to get this right - I just don't know how they are going to do it.
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