FFXV lore master list; statement of purpose, suggestions and discussion thread

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—Chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development (mandatory and optional conversations)

—Radio broadcasts and newspaper articles

—Loading screen info

—Miscellaneous lore (Cosmogony entries, Oric's Culinary Chronicles, in-game documents, equipment and item menu descriptions, etc.)

—FFXV Scenario Ultimania translations


This thread is intended to serve as the point of reference for all the lore threads in this section, as well as the place to discuss their organization and presentation as they make their way into becoming actual articles for the front page.

It also bears taking a moment to define "lore" as the word is being used here. For the purposes of the work I've been doing, I define "lore" as "dialogue, documents or other information that speaks to, informs or generally develops the fictional world, its setting-specific terminology and the characters inhabiting it."

Obviously, with a definition like that, there will be things I chose to include that others wouldn't; and there will be things I didn't include that others would have. That's fine. Anyone and everyone else is welcome to make their own suggestions about this. I'd love the feedback.

Maybe there's something I haven't included that I should.
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The Twilight Mexican

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I've finally just about finished getting everything organized. I went ahead and posted a thread for the Ultimania translations I did a while back, and I now have everything in-game recorded that I intend to include.

It's been a crazy process, but it's finally winding down. I do still need to decide if "Chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development" should exist as two separate threads (one for mandatory dialogue, one for optional dialogue) or as a single combined thread as I currently intend it to be.

Any thoughts about that?

Also, should I include links to videos where the optional dialogue can be seen on YouTube? Some of it is rare -- even to people who actually own the game. :monster:
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Combined, but with optional dialogue either separated or callout. Remember the fun you had finding that chapt 5 radio broadcast. Edt: Separated as in after the Mandatory dialogue but on the same page, or else in ordwr but like italicize the optionals. Makes sense to keep them together!

This is awesome man.

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::drops mic::

For the most part anyway. I have darn near everything I wanted in here now. Enough that I feel satisfied to step back from it. There will be a few things here and there that I incorporate once I can play the game myself since I've not been able to find them in videos (what's said if you tell Ignis no when he wants to go see the Disc of Cauthess? what's said if you've already visited the waterfall tomb and received the Blades of the Wanderer when Talcott brings up the local legend? what's said if you have Gladio tell Cor no in Episode Gladiolus when he offers to explain why Clarus never undertook the Trial of Gilgamesh?), but these are things I can wait on.

The bigger question I now find myself presented with is ... do I go ahead and make a "complete" script out of the chapter-by-chapter section? Now that I'm at this juncture, I realize I have damn near all of the mandatory dialogue recorded.

I didn't record the dialogue from the opening (prior to the arrival at Hammerhead), nor the ending dialogue (after Ardyn is defeated), but aside from that, there's little else. I also didn't bother with anything said inside the Greyshire Glacial Grotto nor the negotiation between Noct and the first secretary of Altissia.

Other than that, though, I think I've unknowingly gathered basically all of it.

I also haven't recorded the dialogue associated with every last quest, but there's not many I didn't. I think there may be two or three for Cindy that I left out, several for Wiz, and I know I didn't record anything from Dave outside his first and last quests.

What to do here? It seems almost silly not to do this now. But it also wasn't what I intended to do.

To clarify one thing, by the way, I said "complete" above because this will never actually be a complete script simply because I do not have -- and will not try to acquire -- every last bit of dialogue. There's so much stuff said while running around exploring or in battle, I don't think I could get it all if I tried. Somebody else can if they want to build off what I've started.

Anyway, thoughts? What should I do?


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Personally, I think you should wait until you play the game. The amount of research you've been putting in is nothing short of crazy and admirable, but there won't be anything left to discover by the time you actually get to play it.

Those are just my thoughts anyway. :monster:

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Finally got the dialogue from the "Not really" option during the second campsite conversation in Episode Gladiolus (at 23:15 in this video that was uploaded yesterday).

I already had the dialogue for the other "Not really"-type options from this video (14:45, 38:10 and 47:30).
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