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The history of FFXV's world can be roughly divided into the "ancient calendar" era when the gods were active, and the "modern calendar" era centered around mankind. The story of this work begins shortly before the signing ceremony of a ceasefire agreement is to be carried out in the modern calendar year 756.

Main Events of the Ancient Calendar Era (A.E.)
Ancient Times/Age of Myth

•The ancient civilization Solheim thrives
•Its prosperity as a technological civilization includes airships and Magitek Armor.
•The Six reside in the world
•The gods' Great War of Old breaks out due to Ifrit's betrayal
•Solheim is destroyed
•As those chosen by divinity, some humans with unique attributes (special abilities) hold political authority
•Along with political power, the "King" has such powers as being able to summon weapons, and the "Oracle" has powers such as the Covenant and healing.

•In addition, the Oracle possesses the ability to converse with the gods, establishing a dialogue between The Six and mortals.
Approximately 2000 years ago
•A plague spreads due to a parasite; the population drops sharply
•The Crystal and the Ring of the Lucii are brought from the gods, who went to sleep; the King at that time founds the Kingdom of Lucis
•The gods forge the Ring of the Lucii, give it to the King of Lucis along with the Crystal produced by the planet, and command the royal family to protect the Crystal.
•The Kingdom of Lucis constructs 12 humanoid statues
•The 12 statues were made as caskets into which the souls of the dead kings come to reside. Within these caskets, the successive generations of kings continued awaiting the emergence of the "King chosen by the Crystal." In addition, these statues have the role of protecting the Crown City as the Old Wall (Knights of the Round).
•The plague is suppressed through the efforts of the Lucian king

Approximately 2000 years ago to 755 years ago
•The world stabilizes and several nations are founded
•In successive turn came Tenebrae, governed by the Fleuret Oracle family; the communal alliance of Accordo, with its parliamentary system and commercial prosperity; and the Niflheim Empire, where the Aldercapt family sought to reconstruct the ancient civilization.
Main Events of the Modern Calendar Era (M.E.)
First year of the Modern Era (755 years ago)
•The four nations of Lucis, Tenebrae, Accordo and Niflheim establish a common calendar

M.E. 358 (398 years ago)
•The Niflheim Empire initaties military aggressions

M.E. 359 (397 years ago)
•The Niflheim Empire conquers Tenebrae territory to within sight of Fenestala Manor, wherein reside the Fleuret family

M.E. 501 (255 years ago)
•The imperial army discovers daemons, mysterious creatures they treat as a new lifeform

M.E. 606 (150 years ago)
•The Niflheim Empire commences aggressions against both Lucis and Accordo
•The outcome of this war is that the allied forces of Lucis and Accordo are defeated. Lucis takes the measure of erecting a second Wall around the circumference of its Crown City, Insomnia. In addition, as the existence of the first Wall is generally a secret, the second Wall comes to be referred to simply as the Wall.
M.E. 722 (34 years ago)
•Ardyn Izunia enters the Niflheim Empire. He proposes the development of the Magitek Troopers

M.E. 723 (33 years ago)
•The Niflheim Empire begins mass producing Magitek Troopers

M.E. 725 (31 years ago)
•[2/22-4/1] The Kingdom of Lucis and the Niflheim Empire are at war
•Lucian King Morse (Noctis's grandfather) -- being pushed back and defeated by the imperial army, who introduced the Magitek Troopers to the battlefield -- is forced to take action in light of the Empire's troubling advance. He is able to resume resistance with renewed intensity by scaling back the Wall, which had enclosed the general Cavaugh region outside Insomnia, to just the city's ramparts. Regis, who was prince at that time, was fighting on the front lines alongside Cid, Clarus, and Weskham, but withdrew because the Lucian army was defeated.
M.E. 729 (27 years ago)
•Morse, Lucis's 112th king, dies. Regis, the 113th king, is coronated

M.E. 732 (24 years ago)
•Lunafreya is born in Tenebrae
•At the same time, Gentiana begins residing with the Fleuret family.
•Regis marries his childhood friend, Auraia

M.E. 736 (20 years ago)
•[8/30] Noctis is born in the Kingdom of Lucis

M.E. 741 (15 years ago)
•Regis is informed by the previous kings of Noctis's destiny
•Regis establishes a personal defense squad, the Kingsglaive

M.E. 744 (12 years ago)
•Noctis is attacked by the daemon Marilith and receives a severe injury
•Fenestala Manor is set ablaze in an attack by the Niflheim Empire. The Oracle Sylva dies
•The Niflheim army attacked the palace, targeting Regis, who was staying in Tenebrae for the purpose of Noctis's recovery. Amidst the tragic unfolding, Lunafreya's mother, Sylva, lost her life. Moreover, this event was publicly treated as a simple accidental fire.
M.E. 745 (11 years ago)
•Shiva, the Glacian, awakens in the Ghorovas Rift of the Vogliupe region, and attacks imperial territory
•The imperial army fought back and killed Shiva. The imperials lost the majority of their forces, and so began developing Magitek Troopers that would specialize in opposing gods.
M.E. 748 (8 years ago)
•Lunafreya, who was under imperial surveillance, is inaugurated as the youngest Oracle in history (16 years old)

M.E. 755-756 (one year ago to the present)
•The Kingdom of Lucis and the Niflheim Empire agree to a peace treaty signing. Noctis and Lunafreya are announced as engaged
•Shortly before the ceasefire signing, Noctis departs from the Crown City, Insomnia, along with Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto, and heads for Altissia in preparation for the wedding. Regis's intention is for this to allow Noctis to escape from the country. Regis, who recognizes that the Empire's intentions with the treaty are merely ostensible, secretly plans to counter them.
M.E. 756
•[5/16] The Niflheim army attacks Crown City Insomnia on the day of the peace treaty signing ceremony
•Regis entrusts the Ring of the Lucii to Lunafreya, and is then killed by General Glauca.
•[5/17] It is reported that the Crown City, Insomnia, has fallen
•At the same time, the deaths of King Regis, Prince Noctis, and Lady Lunafreya are reported.
Lucis and Niflheim ——A History of War
The Kingdom of Lucis and the Empire of Niflheim have repeatedly been at war with one another in the past. Here we look back on the history of war the two countries have waged.

Circa M.E. 358: Niflheim invades other countries
The Aldercapt family who govern Niflheim set their sights on world domination, utilizing the legacy of the ancient civilization of Solheim. To that end, their two primary targets become the Kingdom of Lucis, which possesses the Crystal, and Tenebrae, led by the Oracle. Although gaining control of Tenebrae's territory proceeds with relative ease, an invasion of Fenestala Manor -- wherein reside the Fleurets, the Oracle family -- isn't conducted due to the masses' faith in the Oracle.

Circa M.E. 606: Conflict between Niflheim and the Lucis-Accordo Allied Forces
With the Lucian army being overwhelmed by the weapons of the Empire, it is determined there is no hope for victory within the situation as it stands. The king at the time erects the Wall around the whole of the Cavaugh region that includes the Crown City of Insomnia, and takes up a siege position. At this time, the Lucian army is dissolved and reorganized into a countermeasure-only defense force, the Crownsguard.

Circa M.E 725: Lucis challenges Niflheim, and is defeated
Due to the defeat of the allied forces, the Niflheim army invaded the three regions of Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne, where they began establishing bases and the like -- yet even so, there was a period without war after that. Eventually, Lucis dispatches soldiers to challenge the Empire en masse, but they are pushed back by the Magitek Troopers and defeated. At this time, the Lucian prince -- who had traveled to Accordo with a select few to seek the restoration of an allied force -- is forced to reluctantly withdraw to the Crown City, Insomnia, due to the Lucian army's defeat. In addition, the range of the Wall is pulled back to Insomnia's ramparts in order to maintain the strength to resist the Empire's invasion efforts.

Circa M.E 744-756: Conflict between Lucis and Niflheim continues
Niflheim renews its offensive against Lucis with the attack on Fenestala Manor. Although the stalemate becomes prolonged due to the drastic reduction of Niflheim's military forces in the battle with the Glacian, Lucis remains in the unfavorable position, and the Niflheim army draws near to the Crown City's ramparts.


In the story of this work, many unique terms appear, including words related to the mythology of this world. Having knowledge of these will enable you to better understand the meaning of Noctis and his companions' journey.


——Beings who have watched over the world since ancient times

Six gods spoken of in myth all throughout Eos. The beings who blessed the King and the Oracle with their powers, the Six are strongly linked to the Lucian royal family, having, for example, crafted the Ring of the Lucii that is inherited by generation after generation as the proof of sovereignty. As ordinary humans cannot understand their language, only such people as their Messengers and the Oracles can have a direct dialogue with them. According to legend, the Taelpar Crag is related to the Great War of Old, the conflict of the gods said to have begun with the betrayal of the Infernian, Ifrit, but the full details are unknown.

[Caption on a screenshot of Noctis looking at Leviathan above Tenebrae]
The power possessed by the six gods is fierce enough to completely change the surrounding environment for a time.


——A holy woman bridging humankind and the divine
She who, like a shrine maiden, bears the duty of carrying the words of the gods to the people. It is said that a female bestowed with the power of the planet and a trident by the Draconian during the age of myth was ancestor to the Oracles. She devotes herself to those around the world, offering up prayers for those suffering and applying her blessing to havens so they will not be attacked by beasts or daemons. In addition, she has the mission of carrying out a ritual called the Covenant to awaken the Six.

[Caption on a screenshot of Luna healing a man afflicted with the Starscourge]
The prayers of the Oracle have the power to heal injury and disease.


Though the Six communicate with mortals through the Oracle, it is rare that the gods make an appearance themselves. The gods convey their will through their emisarries, called the 24 Messengers, who act as intermediaries to inform the Oracle of the gods' intentions.

[caption on a screenshot of Gentiana]
As one of the 24 Messengers, Gentiana resides with the Fleuret household, and has a close relationship with Lunafreya.


Referenced in books going back approximately 2000 years, Revelations are trials the gods impose before giving their power to mortals. The specific details of the trial depends on the personality of the gods involved. With some, their temperament is such that they attack in order to judge the ability of the other party, and it is said that such situations have brought with them great enough destruction to destroy towns.

[caption on screenshot of Noctis passing Ramuh's trial]
In the legend, it is said the Chosen King will undergo the Revelation of the gods and receive their power.


——Legends concerning the origins/structure of Eos
A book that speaks of the legends of the Six and the Oracle. In addition to the original, it has been republished in various forms, such as an annotated version and a picture book for children, and is familiar to many people living in Eos.

[caption on screenshot of Luna and Noctis reading the book as children]
While recuperating in Tenebrae during his childhood, Noctis listened to Lunafreya read from the Cosmogony.

Legend recorded in the original Cosmogony
O'er rotted Soil, under blighted sky,
A dread Plague the Wicked has wrought
In the Light of the Gods, Sword-Sworn at his side,
'Gainst the Dark the King's Battle is fought
From the Heavens high, to the Blessed below,
Shines the Beam of a Peace long besought
"Long live thy Line and this Stone divine,
For the Night when All comes to Naught." 15:2, "Nadir"

Loose interpretation: An evil that humans and gods once struggled to eliminate together will again bring Calamity to the world. The gods granted the King of humankind the Ring of the Lucii and a duty. To continue safeguarding the Holy Stone and bonding spirit to the Ring until the day the Crystal chooses its King to save the world from the Calamity.


——Vicious apparitions that stir in darkness
Brutal monsters dwelling in caves and other places that are mostly without sunlight. Openly taking form in the outdoors as well at night, they will abruptly manifest and attack people. Having a tendency to avoid strong light, they never enter bright urban areas. Some scholars believe the increase of daemons and extension in the length of nights in recent years are related.

[caption on a picture of the miasma that accompanies daemons]
When daemons die, they emit black smoke reminiscent of the night.

[caption on a picture of a Goblin]
An imp-like daemon that moves about quickly. Will steals Noctis and co.'s items.

[caption on a picture of a Flan]
Characterized by an elasticity to its soft body. There are many variations in different colors.

[caption on a picture of a Bomb]
A daemon reminiscent of a bomb. When its floating body has swelled enough, it will self-destruct.

[caption on a picture of a Ronin]
A daemon with the appearance of a samurai, it can deliver a fatal blow to its opponent with a single swipe of its blade.

[caption on a picture of an Iron Giant]
A daemon that looks like a suit of iron armor. Many of them appear on roads.


——Supernatural powers that can be used by members of the royal family
Power beyond human understanding wielded by royalty. Elemancy makes use of elements of the planet -- such as flame, cold and lightning -- refined from the elemental energy deposits that can be found in many places. Initially only able to be harnessed by members of the Lucian royal family, if refined and stored in a Magic Flask, the magic becomes available to others in a pseudo manner. Additionally, energy drinks such as Potions and Elixirs have a restorative effect due to their properties being altered by Noctis's magical powers.

[caption on a screenshot of Noctis using his Warp ability]
Teleporting to where one has thrown a weapon via Warp is also a form of magic. However, in order to master Warp, one must have not only credentials, but the appropriate training is also required.

Permitted for the king alone: Arcana
Those who wear the Ring of the Lucii can use its powerful magic. The nature of Arcana distinguishes itself from that of traditional magic that uses elemental energy in that, while both are powerful, Arcana consumes an enormous amount of magic power.

[caption on a screenshot of Noctis using Alterna]
Some Arcana may have a long casting time, but the effect is unparalleled might.


——The mighty ability bestowed to modern kings
The power of newer kings is derived from the spirits of the line of kings. Essentially, this refers to the Royal Arms (the Armiger) of the ancient kings enshrined in the Royal Tombs scattered throughout the world. Most of the Royal Tombs are located within Lucis, but they are occasionally, if rarely, found constructed in foreign lands. Weapons favored by those of the royal line house special abilities, and they once also had the function of sealing out daemons in the vicinity of the tombs. Still yet, if the combined Power of Kings and the Crystal are unleashed, they should exhibit power enough to eradicate even the scourge eroding the planet.

[caption on screenshot of Noctis acquiring one of the Royal Arms]
Obtaining the Power of Kings is also a duty assigned to a king. As he acquires the power within the various Royal Tombs, Noctis's fighting ability also dramatically increases.


――Elite soldiers who protect the kingdom
Organizations that handle Lucis's defense. The Crownsguard, whose roots lay in the Lucian army that was dissolved long ago, is responsible for the security of the city and Citadel. A unit founded 15 years ago, the Kingsglaive are a personal defense squad whose combat ability is enhanced by powers on loan from King Regis. Although few are able to master their magical powers, as Lucis's strongest soldiers, they're active in the war with the Empire.

Cor Leonis
The marshal who commands the Crownsguard. He grew up in an ordinary, humble home in the Crown City, Insomnia, and has accumulated abundant combat experience going back to his youth.

Titus Drautos
The captain who supervises the Kingsglaive. Originating from a small village in the northeastern archipelago of the Cavaugh Region, he lost his hometown in the war of 30 years ago, and has a past that is kept secret from Regis.


——Source of the magical power that sustains the kingdom
A crystalline object housing immense magic power. It emerged from the planet approximately 2000 years ago, and was gifted to the King in those days by the Six. The King of Lucis is charged with the all-important mission of protecting the Crystal rather than being able to freely use the power hidden within it. In addition, the Crystal carries the role of selecting the "Chosen King" when a calamity visits the world, and 15 years ago, it appointed 5-year-old Noctis to that position. Having sought the power of the Crystal for some time, the Niflheim Empire attacks the Crown City of Insomnia on the day of a peace treaty signing, and seizes the Crystal.

[caption on a screenshot of the Crystal in chains]
To recover the Crystal stolen by the Niflheim Empire is one of the objectives of the journey for Noctis and his retinue.


——The proof of sovereignty, which invokes mighty magic
The proof of the rightful successor to the throne, wherein dwell the souls of the line of kings. It is said in the event of someone who does not meet the requirements putting on the Ring, rather than coming to command the Crystal's magical power, they will be instantly consumed by flame. It is also said that the Ring was bestowed by the gods along with the Crystal, and that the Ring and Crystal function as a pair.

[caption on a screenshot of Luna holding the Ring]
During the fall of the Crown City, Regis entrusted the Ring to Lunafreya for delivery to Noctis.

[caption on a screenshot of King Regis]
The bearer of the Ring of the Lucii cuts their lifespan short in exchange for using its power. The reason Regis appeared older than his actual age is because he was constantly using the Crystal's power to maintain the Wall protecting the country.


——The defensive foundation that serves as the lifeline for the Kingdom of Lucis
An invisible barrier covering the Crown City, Insomnia, and protecting it from attack by invaders. It was erected 150 years ago when the war with the Niflheim Empire was lost. There is a limit to the magical energy the Lucian king can allocate to the Wall, and it is impossible to increase its size without decreasing its strength.

[caption on a screenshot of Niflheim warships flying toward Insomnia]
The Wall was only maintained while the king was drawing on the power of the Crystal, so it disappeared when the Empire stole the Crystal.

The nation's last line of defense: The Old Wall
Stone statues that protect the Crown City and also serve as caskets housing the souls of the kings who have died constitute the Old Wall. Twelve humanoid statues built in the Crown City of Insomnia approximately 2000 years, once activated, they will begin acting on their own and respond with overwhelming power to invaders. Although called a "wall," it is not a barrier, being instead more of a defense system.


——A meteorite that fell during the age of myth
An enormous meteorite that came down during ancient times. Even now, thousands of years after it fell, it continues to burn and give off intense heat. Part of the Meteor broke off and scattered when the Archaean caught it, and the EXINERIS Power Plant in Lestallum now converts the energy from the heat of those meteorite fragments into electricity. Therefore, people tend to see the Meteor positively despite it being a vestige of disaster.

[caption on a screenshot of the Disc of Cauthess]
The Meteor stands like a tall spire over the Disc of Cauthess. At night, it burns with a pure light, shimmering as it flickers like the haze from a fire.

[caption on a screenshot of a pond in the Duscae region]
The many craters in the Duscae region are believed to have formed when fragments of the Meteor fell, including those where water expanded to become ponds.


――Those who earn their living through battle
Mercenary-like professionals who take up such jobs as eliminating beasts. Centralized at Meldacio HQ, Hunters can be broadly categorized into those whose work involves investigating ruins or escorting civilians, and the bounty hunter type who receive rewards from clients after completing Hunts. In addition, in order to prevent novices from throwing their lives away, highly difficult Hunts cannot be accepted without approval from HQ.

[caption on a screenshot of Noctis and the bros fighting some wild animals]
In places where there is a threat of beasts, a Hunter's job may include delivering packages and harvesting vegetables.

      Hunters' main tasks
    Restaurant proprietors (tipsters)
      Unexplored ruins, etc.

Meldacio HQ officials
An elderly lady who serves as leader of Meldacio HQ. She seems to have had contact with King Regis in the past.

An experienced Hunter who travels everywhere. He recovers the dog tags of others in the profession who have lost their lives.


――Businesses that sustain the livelihoods of many people
A group of businesses providing services such as dining and lodging to the many people living in Eos. How they reach customers depends on the business, as some focus on larger towns and others develop chains in various places. Many businesses also broadcast commercials on the radio.

[caption on a screenshot of Noctis and the bros in a Crow's Nest]
The presence of each business is also a big help to Noctis and co. in their journey.

The major enterprises operating in the Kingdom of Lucis
Crow's Nest
A popular fast food restaurant where the lively crow character Kenny Crow serves as mascot. There are a number of locations along the roads in Lucis, and at the flagship restaurant in Old Lestallum, one can try Kenny's "Special" Salmon on the special menu.

Leville Hotel
A luxury hotel with a reputation for courteous hospitality that can be found not only in Lucis's Lestallum, but also in Altissia of Accordo. At the Altissia location, a Royal Suite can be prepared for the wealthy, and it is said one can experience the finest of times to forget everyday life.

Culless Munitions
Hunter-operated shops carrying the weapons that are essential to battling monsters. In actuality, only the Lestallum location is a store, and elsewhere they operate out of stalls on remodeled truck beds so that travel sales are possible. A logo featuring a chariot is on the signs.

Coernix Oil
A company dealing in the gasoline fundamental to travel by car. Refilling stations have been set up in many places along the road, abundant with gas pumps of a variety antiquated by comparison to those in the Crown City. In the shops attached to the refilling stations, goods such as car customization parts and repair kits are sold.

EXINERIS Industries
A company that uses fragments of the Meteor that fell in the age of myth as a power source, supplying the electricity within Lucis. Having established the enormous power plant in the crater in the northern part of Lestallum, they deliver electricity from there to many places. Only women work at the power plant, and inspecting the pylons outside Lestallum is one of their jobs.

Three Z's Motel
A chain of motels oriented toward accommodation for road trips. The three locations within Lucis are at the Longwythe Rest Area, the Taelpar Rest Area, and Old Lestallum.


――The scene where Lunafreya was sinking into the water is reminiscent of FFVII's Aerith ...

Tabata: I see that. I think the staff who worked on the production of that scene probably put that in as an homage to FFVII. For myself, I was more conscious of FFX's Yuna than Aerith. I wanted to make the heroine of FFXV a distinct character from Yuna. In FFX, there's a scene that's iconic of Yuna where she dances on water, and it's fantastic and mysterious, and so the result of exploring a different direction from that as a scene that would be appropriate for Lunafreya is the scene in Altissia where she's surrounded by soldiers of the imperial army and shows off her willpower with that resolute attitude.

――Is there an event scene during the game that you were deeply involved with?

Tabata: For at least the ending I gave instructions down to a fine detail, and my intentions are reflected.

——What is the meaning behind the scene in the ending where Noctis and Lunafreya are shown?

Tabata: That's up to the player's imagination. What I really wanted to do with the ending was set up the last cut superimposed with the title logo. Noctis's voice actor, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, saying "I want Noctis to be included in the logo" was the catalyst for the idea of adding both of them to the title logo's illustration. I thought "If it's only shown after the ending, it will be okay to add Noctis," and when I had Amano (Yoshitaka Amano) draw it, I was amazed at the content of the ending, and that direction came to life.

——It may be a bit of a story, but what was with the dead bodies hanging like puppets from the ceiling in the throne room scene just before the ending?

Tabata: You could say that's an expression of Ardyn waiting a long time for Noctis and co. in the throne room. Fashioning scenery like that and playfully desecrating the king's space in the ten years he waited for Noctis are nuances of Ardyn's twisted personality with its notions detached from normal sensibilities.

——Ardyn tries to complete his revenge by defeating Noctis, who had become king, but was his motivation entirely revenge?

Tabata: That's right. There's no profound reason behind it, as his actions were for the sake of reveling in the greatest possible pleasure for himself, to achieve revenge on Noctis at his strongest. Noctis's misery is his own happiness. When the Empire presented a marriage between Noctis and Lunafreya as part of a treaty agreement with the Kingdom of Lucis, it was arranged to make Noctis inherit the power of the king.

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I'm going to add these to the frontpage article:

0 years old
• [8/30] Born as heir to Regis, the 113th Lucian king

3 years old
• Ignis becomes his retainer
• Receives the Carbuncle totem from Regis

5 years old
• Regis is informed by his ancestors that the Crystal has chosen Noctis

8 years old
• Attacked by the daemon Marilith on the outskirts of the Crown City, Insomnia, and receives a grievous injury
• Visits Tenebrae with Regis, where he recuperates and meets Lunafreya and her family

10 years old
• Assists Iris when she is lost, leading to a mutually trusting relationship with Gladiolus

15 years old
• Enters high school and becomes friends with Prompto
• Begins to live alone

16 years old
• Receives the Engine Blade from Regis on his birthday, and begins practicing warping

20 years old
• His engagement to Lunafreya is decided in accordance with the ceasefire agreement
• Leaves Lucis along with Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto, heading for Accordo, where the wedding is to be held


0 years old
• [4/2] Born into the Amicitia family

8 years old
• His younger sister, Iris, is born

13 years old
• In addition to academics, he begins training in the duties of the Crownsguard at the Citadel
• Approves of Noctis, and aims to follow in his father's footsteps

18 years old
• Officially joins the Crownsguard

23 years old
• Sets out from Lucis for Accordo as part of Noctis's royal retinue, along with Ignis and Prompto


0 years old
• [4/2] Born into the Scientia family

6 years old
• Becomes retainer to Noctis

10 years old
• Hears the story of the pastry Noctis ate in Tenebrae, and becomes interested in cooking

15 years old
• Begins training in the duties of the Crownsguard

18 years old
• Officially joins the Crownsguard

22 years old
• Sets out from Lucis for Accordo as part of Noctis's royal retinue, along with Gladiolus and Prompto


1 year old
• Adopted into the Argentum family of the Crown City, Insomnia

12 years old
• Treated an injury Pryna had suffered, and received a letter from Lunafreya
• Begins a diet for the sake of befriending Noctis

15 years old
• Enters the same high school as Noctis, and becomes his friend

20 years old
• Sets out from Lucis for Accordo as part of Noctis's royal retinue, along with Gladiolus and Ignis


0 years old
• Born into the Oracle family, Fleuret, as its first daughter
• Gentiana begins residing with the Fleuret family

12 years old
• Meets Noctis, who was visiting Tenebrae for medical treatment
• Her mother, Sylva, is killed in an attack by the Niflheim Empire

13 years old
• Enters into covenant with the ice goddess, Shiva

16 years old
• Sends a letter of gratitude to Prompto for looking after Pryna
• Ascends to becoming the youngest Oracle in history

24 years old
• Her engagement to Noctis is decided in accordance with the ceasefire agreement
• Goes to the Crown City of Insomnia where the treaty is to be signed


34 years ago
• Entered the Niflheim Empire
• Proposed and promoted the development of the magitek troopers, and inaugurated as chancellor

31 years ago
• Introduced the magitek troopers into the war between the Niflheim Empire and the Kingdom of Lucis

About 10 years ago
• Got in contact with General Drautos of the Kingdom of Lucis

11 years ago
• Subjugated the ice goddess, Shiva, in the Ghorovas Rift

Just before the main events of the story
• Visited the Crown City, Insomnia, to propose the treaty


Many characters also appear in the "Kingsglaive FFXV" movie, that is mainly centered around Regis. Let's introduce some of them.

Nyx Ulric
A young man from the Galahd area, and a member of Regis's personal defense squad, the Kingsglaive. He has a high affinity with magic and a masterful command of warping.

Titus Drautos
The general of the Kingdom of Lucis, he commands the Kingsglaive. He has personally given Nyx combat training, and could be said to be a mentor to him.

Clarus Amicitia
An authority in the Kingdom of Lucis who shares a bond with Regis that goes beyond the role of childhood friends. He is the father of Gladiolus and Iris.

Clad in a liquid metal armor, the general of the Niflheim Empire. Participated in the attack on Tenebrae 12 years ago, and crossed blades with Regis.

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