Final Fantasy IX [PC] SFX & Missing Enemy Death Sounds Fix


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Complete Version released:


I am happy to announce, the Music resetting glitch has been determined addressed and fixed! It has been updated in Sounds fix main archive.

I've only tested about halfway through the game and haven't experienced a bug with it yet; I beacon and encourage users (should you experience any bugs) to post them on the bug tracker on the Nexus.

Things to Note:


Currently, the Reset glitch fix is only compatible with the vanilla game, Hades Workshop, Alternate Fantasy and Moguri's Mod.

-From Moguri's Mod download; grab only the files p0data11.bin - p0data19.bin (these are the files containing the actual backgrounds ~ do not include any assets related to Memoria.
This fix uses a pure, vanilla AssemblyCSharp.dll; at the moment is not compatible with Memoria yet.

Version 2.1
Applied Music BGM Reset Glitch to HD backgrounds, original and HD backgrounds Alternate Fantasy AssemblyCSharp.dlls.

Link updated via Nexus.
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