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Final Fantasy VII, IX, X, X-2, XII and WoFF coming to Nintendo Switch


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HOLY SHIT THANK GOD. Now all modern consoles are updated with the music loop fix. This gives me a sigh of relief as future ports of the original game are more likely now to have this fix included.

I wonder if this patch includes the music fix to the scene where Cloud throws Sephiroth into the mako pool, which the Switch and Xbox versions received. Gonna see what save files I have on the PS4...


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Maybe a dumb bump but the FFVII patch finally came to PS4- ver. 1.02

Does this also fix the broken fadeout for music tracks?

For example when the plate falls, the music is supposed to quickly fade out but in the PS4 version the fadeout is so slow so that the music still plays during the entirety of the scene (playing over President Shinra's classical music as well).

edit: Had a save file there so I just replayed that scene, the slow fadeout has indeed been fixed. :monster:
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