Final Fantasy VII New threat Mod Interview


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In roughly a week's time I'll be attempting my first of hopefully many interviews with people who have made a splash in the Final Fantasy community, to go up on either the news site or our youtube channel. The first person I'm interviewing is SegaChief, the creator of the Final Fantasy NT mod.

Please look into this, and play it if you can. If you have any questions about the mod you'd like to have answered, please post them here by (Insert date to be decided shortly) so I can include them in the interview.


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I don't really have any specific questions ... just a lot of gushing over how much enjoyment I've gotten from this mod in providing me with a new experience in replaying the original game.

Hhm. Perhaps a question inquiring about how difficult it was to implement party members idling about and doing their own things in town. It seems like such a small thing, but it makes such a massive impact on the game - really breathing more life into the characters and your overall immersion.

The new character 'Innate' system feels like something that has always been a part of the game. How did he come to deciding what each character's core ability would entail?

Balancing new and old content, including enemies, must have been a massive headache, and was certainly an on-going process requiring participation feedback. Is there a feature that he wanted to originally implement that he simply couldn't, because of balancing issues? Or had to massively adjust in order to make it feasible?

Also, if there are any plans in the pipeline for the mod's future. More new materia? New battle scenarios? Perhaps even a way to control Vincent's Limit Breaks?


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I mean I guess the motivation for certain dialogue changes could be interesting, though I would suspect it would come down to his personal interpretations of the story. The ones like I mentioned in the main thread, with the Neo Midgar Plan sounding more like a move of necessity rather than greed. Or Hojo trying to enhance Aerith's connection to the Planet through combat, rather than just straight-up trying to breed her and Red.
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