Final Fantasy VII-R Cross Marketing Expectations?


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I'm probably gonna regret this thread, given the nature of the internet...

But I'm curious what people expect from the marketing tie-ins. Final Fantasy XV showed the largest push for cross-marketing, both in the game and out. I don't think I need to list them, but for a few ideas, we've seen things in the game like credit card brands, and a fashion line. But we've also had things like Noctis as a guest star in the latest Tekken game.

So of course they're going to try to cross-market the hell out of the remake. What do you guys think we'll get to see?

And no, you don't get any clever points for suggesting a Hooters restaurant tie in just because of Tifa.


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Probably do some sort of iOS App Store game like FFXV and KH3 have done. Heck maybe they’ll use it as an excuse to remake/reimagine Before Crisis for the current technological fidelity smart phones can run now.
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VII is a cult game, I could see them doing massive marketing for VII:R. I mean, all throughout the compilation there were a multitude of things... potion drinks is a fun one coming to mind. What WILL they do, I'm not sure. But it's their biggest cash cow to date.
I'm still amazed that Lightning Returns, of all games, is the only release to have received cross-promotion in FFXIV. I expected something for XV, and I would have expected something for VIIR, but when XV didn't get anything, I dunno.
Limited edition flip-phones for Advent Children, Cloud Strife in Smash, the Potion drinks ... I definitely think that the dial will be turned to 11 as soon as the Remake lands.

If anyone thought that the Louis Vuitton / XIII outfits was shocking, I'm expecting huge shocks to come with what they pull in cross-promotion for this.
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