Final Fantasy VII Remake Music Wishes

As long as nobody messes with electric de chocobo, I'm good.

Seriously, if they are going to update everything else, the music has to have a facelift too. I agree with Ite that if we hate it, which we almost certainly will (but since I'll be dead before it comes out the point is moot anyway), we always have the OG in all its pure glory to fall back on. A half-assed remake, in which certain things are untouchable, seems like the most pointless thing of all.


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I'll be dead too probably.

Yeah, the music needs 'touching up'. Rather than 'being raped by a baboon' if you get my meaning.

I also have to vent about the redone Turks theme in AC and CC, it wasn't exactly bad, just didn't have the impact! The original was so unusual compared to the other tunes in the game, all those offbeat drums and that. And then the redone version...well it was a bit spaghetti western wasn't it? :(

If I had any musical talent, I'd redo the original myself, but keep the same feel.
Hell yeah Turk's theme. I know what you mean. I can forgive AC's since it was really just a bridge in another song anyway, but I was hoping they'd a least have the snaps in CC.

But you're exactly right about that song, the way it goes: bass drum, snap, bass drum x2, snap, snare, hi-hat roll. It's just a really cool wonky tempo. And then the later part when all the parts are playing at once. Now I have to go listen to it...
*casts Life on thread*
I couldn't pass it up to share this with all of you.

Low pitch rendition of the orchestrated version of "One Winged Angel". Surprised I never heard of this one before.

I would approve of this in a remade version of the Safer Sephiroth fight. Possibly with the choir voices going more and more low pitch as the battle goes on, either when your party is close to death or when Sephiroth is.


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I think I prefer that to the original :lol:

Also maybe they could do an effect on the choir similar to Fithos lusec wecos vinosec.... 0.35 in this video:

Frankly I found it terrifying.


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I'm more in favor of a fully orchestrated soundtrack, although obviously some songs are better suited for synthesized electronic music. I think Advent Children struck a great tone as far as its music went, for the most part anyway (excluding a couple of the metaled up songs and that really cheesy synthesized song that plays when Cloud drops his phone into the water). I do think the metal music was justified in Advent Children, since it's supposed to be the "more hip" incarnation, for lack of a better phrase, of the world of FFVII. But as far as a remake goes, orchestrated with synthesizers and solo piano used sparingly and when appropriate.
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