Final: Main Theme of VII vs. Not Alone

Which of these songs do you like best?

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This is it, folks! The 63rd and final poll of this event. 280 songs have been narrowed down to just two: Final Fantasy VII's Main Theme and Final Fantasy IX's (You're) Not Alone. In two days' time, one of these pieces will be crowned the Lifestream community's favourite Final Fantasy song - a great honour, I'm sure you'll agree.

Which will it be? It's all down to you! Please, even if you have done so before, make your case in writing when casting your vote, so we have a record of why these two songs are the best!


Pick your favourite, one last time!

This poll will be open for two days. The complete final 32 bracket can be found here.

For more information on this event, visit the discussion thread.


I'm leaving this thread open and I'm going to go to sleep. When I wake, I will have made my decision.

I'm pretty certain I'm going to be voting for Main Theme though.


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I thought I'd have a look at how these songs reached the final.

Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
Nominated by: Flintlock
Round 1: First in group 2 with 17 votes; second overall
Round 2: First in group 10 with 16 votes; fourth overall
Round of 32: Defeated Anxiety by 25 votes to 9
Round of 16: Defeated Terra by 19 votes to 6
Quarter-final: Defeated Zanarkand by 20 votes to 12
Semi-final: Defeated Liberi Fatali by 17 votes to 13

Not Alone
Nominated by: ForceStealer
Round 1: Joint first (with One-Winged Angel) in group 8 with 15 votes; joint sixth overall
Round 2: First in group 3 with 14 votes; seventh overall
Round of 32: Defeated Jenova Complete by 25 votes to 5
Round of 16: Defeated Cosmo Canyon by 17 votes to 6
Quarter-final: Defeated Fight On! by 17 votes to 11
Semi-final: Defeated J-E-N-O-V-A by 15 votes to 14

The Main Theme has had an interesting route through the knockout stages, facing songs from VII, VIII, IX and X, while Not Alone has done nothing but defeat songs from VII at every round. Can it do it once more? I think we have to make the Main Theme the favourite, as it's done at least as well, if not better, than Not Alone in every round of the contest, but Not Alone has a small early lead, so I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome.
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I don't know! I don't know! This is so hard!

... I think I'm gonna go with Not Alone. I sort of just enjoy listening to it more. But I love The Main Theme so, so much as well. :(


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Main Theme for me. I've got better memories from that song than I do from Not Alone, and I feel guilty for not voting for any VII songs since I joined up.


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I hope the Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII wins, because that's one of my favorites. I even listen to the Piano version from the Advent Children Complete movie.


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Thought about this for a while, and I've ended up voting for Main Theme of VII. I keep remembering the piano and AC versions of the song, and I really do enjoy how many stages it flows through.
Not Alone is more of the same all the way through with the emotion it conveys, and while I love it (obviously as I voted for it many times), I think good credit goes to Main Theme for the array of emotions and rhythm in the whole song.


I listened again. And some more. Deep down I think I knew all along. But I was still rather surprised when I unwaveringly voted for Not Alone. I really like Main Theme, and I find myself humming it a lot. But Not Alone has a splendour to it that just... I don't have words for it.
I thought somewhere near Round of 32, or even more likely at Round 2, that You're Not Alone might win the whole thing. Glad to see it has made it to the final, and though I adore the Main Theme, You're Not Alone is getting my vote.

Now that this is the final, many of us can relax (unless people have been placing some secret and shady bets) :P - fun has never been so stressful


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When I saw this post, and noticed that you had voted for the Main Theme, rather than the song you nominated, I almost decided to vote for Not Alone as a way of returning the high five. But that would be distorting the results of the contest, and as we know, this is srs bsns. :monster: I'm just going to assume you voted for the song you prefer, so I'll do the same.

Main Theme is not my #1 song, but it's up there somewhere. It was the first Final Fantasy song I really loved, the first one I ever looked up on the internet, downloaded, and sent to friends who hadn't even played the game (over MSN Messenger, of course :neo:). I have an emotional connection to it that Not Alone can't match. As much as it pains me to see another VII winner in one of our events, I just have to vote for it. :)
Yes, the high five was merely representing that you and I nominated what are apparently TLS' favorite songs. I think both songs are great but the Main Theme is a more impressive piece of music.


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I'm voting for Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII.

It begins with an atmosphere of trepidation, then moves into nostalgic longing. Around 2:40 the crashing cymbals and brass section bring hope and bravery in the face of fear. But soon, particularly from 4:15, it is apparent that there is still great danger to face. Finally, the song returns to that nostalgic musical section and a fragile balance is restored. I think that right there sums up not only the story of the planet – making it a perfect world map theme – but also each character's personal story. It may not be my personal number one, but Main Theme is the defining song of the one of the greatest games we have ever known, and, you know, the feels!


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This is the part where I'm supposed to break out the confetti and declare a winner, but for the second time in this event, things are a bit more complicated than that. Please read this post and weigh in with your opinion.

After some consideration, I've decided to leave the results as they are. That means Main Theme is our winner and Not Alone is our runner-up. :)
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