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Closed: The forum software that concerned these bugs is no longer used by us.

Central thread for all forum-software related bugs, which include funky characters in posts that shouldn't be there and stuffs like that. Post them here if you find 'em, so we can both check if they're fixxed in future releases of the forum software and/or so we can post them on the software's own site thingy.

* Clicking the 'new posts' button / link in the list 'o threads doesn't make your page go to the first unread post, but just the bottom of the page
* [\]-text appears randomly (or seems to appear randomly)
*  -text also appears (in a post I saw somewhere, I think one from Kuraudo or something) (also in quoted text sometimes, see here.

Edit: this post has loads of black color tags in it, dunno if that's intentional or not.

Edit: Most online ever today / ever mismatch, see screenshot.

Edit: Links to the Internet Archive are cut off by the automatic URL bbcode adder thingy, urls like */


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