Full Translations of Ultimania OMEGA?


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I'm wondering if there is a FULL translation of the Ultimania OMEGA and the 10th anniversary Ultimania.
If not, and if a translator is still interested, I'm willing to provide photos to translate it all.
And maybe later on, if the translation is completed I could create a full English version including scanned or photographed images.

Just let me know, I own the books :3

I also own the crisis core ultimania OMEGA.

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Neither book has been translated in full, but we have a decent bit of the 10th Anniversary Ultimania here on TheLifestream.net and a little from the Ultimania Omega.

I would say probably just as much of the Ultimania Omega has been tackled by different fans as has been done for the other book, but the content has never really been centralized. It just has bits and pieces scattered around the Web.
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