Getting Western Fans a Voice with Square Enix.


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Hey, I just had a thought. Remember the Square Enix Members site? Do you think if we made enough noise over there someone would notice?


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So with all of the recent goings ons, I think it's time to start speaking up as loudly as possible, so I'm moving this thread into our Active Projects.

Does anybody out here have any ideas of Communities we might be able to chat with or and inside / gamer sources who might be willing to listen to us, and help us get in contact with SE? We've got some good momentum going on our little internal project so far, and I figured it'd be a good idea to reach out to the rest of the forum for ideas. We're pretty determined to make this happen, and we'd like to know what you guys have to say and let you contribute into making this happen.

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Trying to get some of them famous Youtube personalities (reviewers) wouldn't hurt.
They can get more traffic to wherever we decide to take this.

Fuckin hell, that LITERAL AssCreed trailer by Toby has as many views as the ACTUAL trailer released.
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Phillip DeFranco is a known FF7 fan, and he loves being sassy so I'm sure he'd get behind something like this. Hank Green enjoys both activism and gaming so who knows. I would expect a tweet from him at least, a shout-out in a video at the wildest-dream-level-most.

It would increase traffic to whatever this is exponentially, even if ten percent of their viewership cared the numbers would be in the thousands.


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Sounds like a good idea, I'm totally in support in whatever you guys do, come up with.
It would be nice to see a FF VI or a FF IX character in the next Dissidia and let SE know that the Western world actually exists. <.<


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Make a twitter and fb for your voice and spam the crap out of the G4 feeds. Its a shitty channel but theres enough people out there who watch it that you may get some followers and who knows maybe you can get a spot in the feed+ name drop for tls on tv.

Obviously i havent read the thread by the way.
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